Black mob brutally beats white Brooklyn couple

New York City SC

While the mainstream media continue to distort facts to portray whites as the primary perpetrators of racist attacks in America, endless evidence to the contrary goes widely unreported.

A couple in Brooklyn, N.Y., discovered firsthand the level of hatred displayed by some minorities. As a group of 10 young blacks crossed the street in front of Ronald and Alanna Russo’s car at an intersection, the light turned green and the mob remained in the roadway.

Ronald Russo honked the horn in an effort to disperse the crowd and, instead of allowing the car to pass, the mob began kicking and beating the vehicle while screaming racist epithets. In an effort to survey the damage, he ventured outside of the car and into an even more violent situation.

With children as young as 12 involved, members of the black gang seized the driver and viciously beat him as other hoodlums targeted the female passenger.

Yelling at each other to attack “those crackers” and “that white whore,” there seems to be little evidence that this attack was based on anything but an intrinsic hatred of an entire race.

The driver received the brunt of this attack as several monsters dragged him to the pavement while thoroughly punching and kicking him. Along with a number of broken bones, Ronald Russo suffered a blood clot and an abrasion in the beating. Adding insult to injury, the attackers also made off with his smartphone.

Alanna Russo was trying to contact authorities as the youngest criminal in the bunch grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head in to the roadway. Though she declined a trip to the hospital, she was reportedly left bloodied with a black eye and respiratory problems.

Authorities arrested some suspects — including an 18-year-old who claims he was picked up simply because he was dressed similarly to one of the attackers — and are still looking for six more individuals involved in the melee.

Though it appears at least one suspect will face elevated hate crime charges, others — such as a 17-year-old with a lengthy criminal history — will not. While conservatives have long opposed the idea of imposing harsher punishments on criminals based on their motivation, a further criticism is the perceived bias toward charging whites with such crimes.

Even if each of the 10 faced hate crime charges stemming from this incident, however, most Americans would never hear about this attack. Leftist journalists dutifully cover stories that reinforce their own worldview while covering up the rest.

–B. Christopher Agee

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