Black Leaders Claim NBA Team Too White

NBA SC Black leaders claim NBA team too white

Civil rights leaders in and around Minneapolis have recently expressed vocal criticism of their professional basketball team because it doesn’t contain enough black players.

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ roster does contain a smaller proportion — 33 percent — of black players than other teams in the league. Considering blacks make up just over 13 percent of the general population, though, the Wolves have actually over-represented the race by more than 250 percent!

Such facts mean nothing to black leaders who see racial discrimination under every rock.

The chairman of St. Paul’s African American Leadership Council said that fewer-than-average black players is likely a ploy to satiate a white (and ostensibly racist) Minnesota fan base.

“I think everything is a strategy,” he said. “Nothing happens by happenstance.”

The leader went on to say that the current team “resembles the 1955 Lakers.”

Another area civil rights leader echoed those sentiments, insinuating “that it was calculated” and calling Minnesota “a pretty white state.”

Furthermore, he called the team “a nullification of diversity and a reversal of history.”

A team official defended the roster decisions and called the race-baiters’ accusations “patently false.”

He also explained that the team showed interest in two black free agents, though other teams were able to snatch them up.

Even though there are fewer blacks, the team spokesperson said, there’s plenty of diversity among this year’s Timberwolves. In fact, half of the white players on the team were born outside of America.

Still, to determine whether players feel discriminated against, one might want to hear directly from black members of the team.

The only black player set to start for the team said he doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

“It’s just basketball,” he said, explaining he “never really had to feel like … the only black guy out here.”

Affirmative action legislation has done enough harm to race relations in this nation already. When civil rights leaders, upset by the dearth of real racial injustice, levy such incomprehensible attacks as this, it further drives a wedge between citizens living in harmony with one another and those who see everyone with a different skin tone as an enemy.


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Photo credit: Paolo Rosa (Creative Commons)

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  1. Just because the skin is black isn't a given that you can play a certain sport. Talent is given by GOD and skin color doesn't play a part with HIM.

  2. What if someone complained that blacks are over represented on other sports teams? Would that person recieve death threats?
    I am so sick of the black mis-leaders seeing racism under every rock. When I was young there was real racism, but not the out-of-control hatemongering you see today. The civil rights movemnet was hi-jacked by race hustlers like Jackson, and Sharpton. The NAACP once had a sterling reputation for advancing black issues. Now it is just another 'racism is everywhere' group.
    I wonder if these 'pastors' ever start funds for black education, or just use the collection plate to buy new suits.

  3. I would say just the opposite.

  4. It is extremely sad to see how much damage O has done to America these almost four years.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I can't wait for affirmative action to be made null and void.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Me either and by the way has the civil rights so called leaders looked most teams look like the globetrotters.On football teams at any given time you have 22 men on a field and 17 to18 are blacker then the ace of spades.If the whites quit supporting these sports these guys would be on the welfare lines.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I always thought you built a sports team to WIN. Not to have the "proper balance" of color.
        Silly me….

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Are you trying to tell me the white people suck or there are no more Jim Thorpes in the Indian nation that aren't as good as these negroes,Seeks if you had all whites you'd still get packed stadiums and if the colored atheles depended on colored support they'd starve.

  6. Gee dont they make up the majority of all sports…Cry baby Cry

  7. disgusted says:

    The BLACK SPORTS players far outnumber the WHITE PLAYERS in BASKETBALL, and FOOTBALL! I have counted, COUNTED the NUMBER OF BLACK PLAYERS SEVEREL TIMES! In some teams, there are a few more white ones, but not by many. I am not a sports fan, but upon occasion, I have watched some games, and each time, it is amazing the number of blacks who play sports. It is as though sports is the only aspiration most black kids have. I know, it sounds “RACIST”! Gasp, gasp, how horrible of me, but it’s true. How many black kids has anyone really heard say “I want to be a doctor, I want to be a school teacher, or I want to be a nurse………?” How many have we heard say they want to be a FOOTBALL PLAYER, or A BASKETBALL PLAYER? 9 out of 10 will say SPORTS of some kind! Either sports, or a “rap star”, or a “hip hop” whatever……… is their way out of poverty, they feel. Those who want to be other than a sports hero are few and far between, from all I have seen or heard. Of course, there are a lot of black military, and to those young black people, I salute you all. And to those UNCivil “leaders”, you are nothing but TROUBLE MAKING RABBLE ROUSERS! Satisfied only when you are stirring up trouble, and causing unrest among the youth of your cities and states. You do not care about your youth, all you want is publicity, and the MONEY that you steal from those very people that you CLAIM TO CARE ABOUT! You CARE nothing about, or for your own race, you care only about your own dishonest, thieving hides. You are not leaders, you are the grave diggers of your own people, you cause the deaths of more than you save. You keep them in poverty, while blaming it on the white people, who have done more to help your own people, than you ever did, or ever intend to do. You are guilty of more than anyone can count, and you should all be deeply ashamed of yourselves, but you do not know the meaning of shame. It is not within your hearts to feel anything but hatred for others based upon their race, white, and greed, the robbing of your own people………..and again, blaming it on the rest of us, white folks. Does this sound familiar to any of you trouble making “black” men? It should, you support those of same mind, evil, greedy, wicked men with nothing on their minds, and in their hearts except evil. Obama lives in more hearts than just himself, greedy, evil, wicked, despisers of good and decent people, you are alike, in heart, soul and mind. You should all do very well in hell.

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