Black Culture Too Often Controlled By Black Children

rachel Black culture too often controlled by Black children

When she was testifying during the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel said many things; but what is perhaps most profound in its meaning was her statement that “You old school.”

This grammatical train wreck goes a long way toward explaining why blacks cannot make any progress in our society, despite being handed everything they ask for (and lots of things even they wouldn’t have the nerve to ask for.) It shines a light on the fact that black children dictate what black culture is. They determine how to speak, dress, and sing (which of course stays in vogue for about four years or so, then fades away only to be reconstructed by the next bunch of black children who are today little more than 12 years old.)

This never-ending stream of change gives liberals an opportunity to pat blacks on the back and on the head. They lie to black kids and praise twisted street language as “Ebonics” or “Black English,” proclaiming both to be interchangeable with actual English.  That understandable communication is the essential element of making a person employable is glossed over because turning such language into a semblance of English – the kind that employers have this “strange” attachment to – is just too hard and opens those attempting such reform to charges of racism.

How long can those who piously beat their breast and proclaim their ardent concern for the welfare of black Americans keep lying to them? When does the child-like black culture give way to an adult goal-oriented black culture?  When will the cruel “soft” racism of paternalism finally end and blacks be held to the adult standards common sense tells us are necessary for black adults to take control of themselves and make a genuine contribution to America?

When do we stop overlooking the overwhelming tendency of black males to walk away from the children they make to prove they are men? When do we stop going along with 33% dropout rates among black high school kids? When do we stop making excuses for the incredibly high black crime rate – even black on black crime rate?

As long as we paternally assign value to the “New school” black culture, accepting Black Children’s Culture as Black Culture, we will never solve any of these problems.

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