Bitter Obama Blames Fox News For His Problems

To his credit, Barack Obama agreed to a very rare interview with an unsympathetic journalist Sunday, sitting down with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly just prior to the Super Bowl kickoff.

In typical fashion, though, the dialogue devolved into an exercise in blame and conjecture on the part of Obama. He responded to an inquiry regarding the ongoing IRS scandal by suggesting O’Reilly and his network are the real culprits.

“I mean these kinds of things keep surfacing,” he said, “in part because you and your TV station will promote them.”

While he ultimately conceded that “some bone-headed decisions” were made at low levels of the agency, he denied that there was “even a smidgen of corruption.”

O’Reilly also asked about the bungled rollout of ObamaCare and its enrollment website,

“We all anticipated there would be glitches,” Obama explained, though he said he doesn’t think “anybody anticipated the degree of problems” associated with the site’s implementation.

Obama attempted to change the subject when the host directly asked why he refused to fire Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius in the aftermath of the botched rollout.

“My main priority is making sure it delivers for the American people,” he said.

O’Reilly interjected that Obama is “not holding her accountable,” prompting the president to further equivocate.

“When we’re midstream,” he said, “we want to make sure our main focus is how do we make this thing work so people are able to sign up.”

Obama refused to admit his false assertion that Americans would be able to keep their insurance constituted his biggest error, concluding O’Reilly has “a long list of my mistakes in my presidency.”

Obama also used the interview as an opportunity to shift blame away from the administration regarding the deadly 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya.

“We revealed to the American people exactly what we understood at the time,” he claimed, suggesting he jumped to action by addressing security concerns that led to the violent outbreak.

“The key,” he said, “is that we’ve implemented the reforms that have been recommended.”

O’Reilly asked many of the questions millions of Americans have wanted answers to for years. Unfortunately, Obama was characteristically derisive and obstructive, providing little resolution regarding his administration’s numerous scandals.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This spearchucker blame Fox because they tell it like it is.They don't sugar coat the news to make Obutthole look good.Everyone should listen to Fox if they want honest reporting.

    • MuslimLuvChrist says:

      Right on Ed. Who is trusted in the news: Fox 38%, MSNBC 8%. They would be bankrupt if not for Soros backing.

  2. Boo hoo hoo. He hit me. Grow up Obama.

  3. Close, Bill. Very close. You should have put Obama on the spot by first asking, "Why do you think we need to fundamentally transform America?" and then immediately follow it up with, "What do you want to transform it into?" He might have had a harder time deflecting that question. Funny how Obama answered with the tired promise of "We need to work harder to make things better." like he had been saying for the past five years and not delivering on it. What happens when Obama makes these promises? Does he have some kind of mental reset button where he thinks the past five years didn't happen and he's new on the scene? Foot must taste delicious to him if he keeps insisting his administration has zero corruption and zero fault. Yeah, I don't think that's flying with the public anymore, Barry. Claiming infallibility as it goes on around you sticks out as a blatant falsehood, made on the spot no less. Attempting to discredit Bill O' Reilly and the network he works for is a typical magician's trick, as if to say, "Pay no attention to them and don't pay attention to what I'm doing, either." But, even with Obama's nervous habits spilling out (stammering, stuttering, struggling with composure, nervous laughter at a failed joke, attempting to control the conversation), Bill still failed to nail him down. He could have hit him harder than that, but he pulled his punches, even with Obama's twisting of the facts and retelling his own version of events. Disappointing.

  4. buckofama says:

    they need to come up with a dance named after Obummer called the "side-step" since he is so good at doing that during questioning!!!

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    For 5 years: Delay it, Derail it, Ignore it. Dismiss it. Dissemble it to death. Didn’t know about it. Point at others. Have others point at others. Have others suggest the criticism is really racial. Stay aloof. Stretch the whole thing out as long as possible. Then call every ensuing question old news, that you’ve discussed it many times (we have had multiple hearings on this), or that it is just a phony scandal. Hope the problem goes away. And it usually has for Oblivious.

    No questions were answered honestly, but at least they were asked!

    Based on the history of such an immoral man, we will never get the answer unless Obackstabber is water-boarded or some honest people that are not under polygraph tests come forward, like Gates, but then their lives are destroyed by Obama Chicago style politics. Just ask Ham or Roberts, who are being blackmailed. Or ask Breitbart, who was going to properly vet Obhustler before the 2012 election, and what did he get, death!

  6. Only goes to show that the 'O' needs to go. He's clueless and the worst POTUS this country has seen since Carter. (At least Carter was a great humanitarian)

    • With all due respect, anyone who believes Obutthole is clueless is themselves clueless…perhaps simply because they don't have the time to become clued.

      Clues that Obutthole is not clueless at all but, rather, knows exactly what he is doing:

      1) His father and entire family thereof were Marxist Muslims;
      2) From age 2 – 6 he was registered as an Indonesian citizen in a Muslim grade school in Indonesia;
      3) From middle school through high school his mentor was radical Communist Frank Marshall Davis;
      4) During his college years he sought out and associated with radical Communists and Marxists;
      5) In 1996 he joined the Communist New Party in deference to the Democratic Party;
      6) In 2001 he pronounced the U.S. Constitution a “charter of negative liberties";
      7) In 2006 he committed Treason (gave aid and comfort to a foreign enemy) by campaigning with a Marxist Muslim running for President of Kenya;
      8) During his 2008 campaign he violated the Logan Act by going to Iraq and discussing U.S. foreign affairs with the Iraqi government without authority/permission to do so from the U.S. government;
      9) During his 2008 campaign he proclaimed his intent to "fundamentally transform the United States of America";
      10) During his first SOTU address he leered condescending at the SCOTUS Justices and chided them for having recently ruled against him.
      11) And so on and so on….

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