Bitter Government Dismantles Drinking Fountains On Federal Land

Photo credit: joshme17 (Creative Commons)

Shortly after the current federal government shutdown began, reports surfaced that the Obama administration instructed park rangers to make the situation as difficult as possible for Americans. Since then, rangers have targeted World War II residents in Washington, D.C. and a group of seniors at Yellowstone National Park, among others.

In light of such petty spitefulness, it might come as little surprise that the National Park Service has gone so far as to incapacitate the drinking fountains on federally owned land.

Recent visitors to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal near D.C. and the lengthy Great Allegheny Passageway noticed the handles missing from these water sources. Obviously, someone fairly high on the federal food chain gave the order to vandalize the government’s own property. The only logical reason to do so is a desire, as has been previously alleged, to make this shutdown much worse than it needs to be.

There is no reason to prevent spigots from operating, and the cost associated with dismantling the fountains could have easily been spared. This proves that our federal government is not concerned with controlling spending; these bureaucrats only want to make life miserable so they can falsely pin the blame on the Tea Party.

Just as with the barricades and patrolling guards used to keep elderly veterans away from the monument they inspired, the NPS continues to spend money we’re told it doesn’t have to enforce a vendetta against the general public.

Through his corrupt handling of this shutdown, Obama continues to cement his deplorable legacy. His tacit message to America throughout this stalemate has been, “If I’m not happy, I’ll make sure you won’t be, either.”

–Western Journalism staff writer

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Photo credit: joshme17 (Creative Commons)


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  1. obama is such a pitiful individual. I wonder what his kids think about his petty behavior, but then, they probably already know what an over grown, vindictive baby he is. Pathtic…

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    They couldn’t just turn off the water since that would be a fire hazard. But if someone faints due to water dehydration and is ambulanced to a hospital, THEN SUE THE RANGERS, SUE THE PARK, SUE THE FUUCKING NIGER. IN FACT, IF THIS IS HOW LOW NIGER WANT TO GO, JUST SHOOT HIM NOW AND GET THIS OVER WITH!!!

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