Bishops May Sue Obama Admin for Denying Grant Over Abortion

Steven Ertelt,

The nation’s Catholic bishops are considering a lawsuit against the Obama administration for denying a grant previously granted for a program helping victims of sex trafficking because the bishops would not refer the women for abortions.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops had previously received a five-year $19 million grant to help victims of sex trafficking during the administration of pro-life President George W. Bush. Sensitive to how women are exploited in the sex industry, the Catholic bishops prohibit any subcontractors from using the funds to pay for or promote abortions. Instead, the Catholic bishops provide comprehensive case management services to survivors including medical and mental health services.

As LifeNews reported, while the Obama administration extended the contract briefly in March, the bishops were recently notified that it would not be renewed. Instead, Obama officials awarded the grant to three other groups (Tapestri of Atlanta, Heartland Human Care Services of Chicago and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants of Washington) — even though the bishops have helped more than 2,700 victims with the funding.

Now, the Washington Post indicates the bishops are considering a lawsuit saying the Obama administration is engaging in religious bias in awarding the federal contract.

HHS officials say they made a policy decision and not one based on religion, but the decision to not renew the grant came after the pro-abortion ACLU filed suit against the Obama administration for renewing it.

The Post also reports that the decision by top Obama administration officials to deny the grant was so contentious, some HHS staffers opposed it.

“In the case of the trafficking contract, senior political appointees at HHS stepped in to award the new grants to the bishops’ competitors, overriding an independent review board and career staffers who had recommended that the bishops be funded again, according to federal officials and internal HHS documents”…

The Post also indicates Sharon Parrott, a top aide to pro-abortion HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, was closely involved in the process and the newspaper added, “some HHS staffers objected to the involvement of the secretary’s office, saying the goal was to exclude the Catholic bishops, individuals familiar with the matter said.”

“It was so clearly and blatantly trying to come up with a certain outcome,” one HHS official said. “That’s very distasteful to people.’’

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  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    Sue the SOBS pants off of them.

  2. While I would like to see the suit, again it will cost us taxpayers because of obama's policies AGAIN! The Catholic Church is a rich church and could do this on their own. I do no like the fact that the Pope is calling for redistribution of wealth, but continues to have the richest Church in the world.

  3. AmericansRon2U says:

    It's time for Americans to demand that the ACLU be dissolved. It is a communist organization and has wreaked havoc on our Republic for far too long.

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