Bin Laden Said To Have Wanted Obama Assassinated

Barack Obama between flags SC 300x168 Bin Laden Said To Have Wanted Obama Assassinated

A former Obama administration official says al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden wanted to see President Barack Obama and Gen. David Petraeus assassinated.

But Michael Leiter (LYT’-uhr) tells NBC’s “Today” show he didn’t think that necessarily was bin Laden’s highest priority, suggesting the terrorist leader dreamed of another large-scale, 9/11-type attack on the United States.

Read More at OfficialWire. Associated Press.

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  1. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Too bad he didn’t get it done. If he had done it, he would have done us all a huge favor. I hate to be just flat downright hateful, but I wish he had. This THING in the White House is an infection that needs to be dealt with soon, because if it is not dealt with, it is going to spread it’s poison and evil mindedness from one end of this country to the other. And there will be dire consequences, the American people are tired of being treated as if they do not matter, and have absolutly no say in how their country is ran. Ran, we do not want it “RAN INTO THE GROUND” as this infection, this insult to us all, wants to do! So yes, I would have shed no tears if Osama had done the job for us!! ThIs infection who calls himself our “president” does not belong in that office, he is as Anti American, and all America stands for as any NAZI WHO EVER LIVED! I qam going to make no apologies for the feelings that this man brings out in me, I love my country, and HE DOESN”T! To me, that is enough o of a reason to despise him. If something should happen to him, I will lose no sleep. And shed no tears.

  2. Is that the real reason obama had osama killed? Perhaps it was just to gain an edge to boost his two year reelection campaign. They looked like brothers.

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