Bill O’Reilly NOT Looking Out For You—Part II

Bill OReilly SC Bill O’Reilly NOT looking out for you—Part II

All full of his normal bombast and bluster on 4/11/13, Bill O’Reilly once again proved he hadn’t a grasp on the subject at hand: whether or not to legalize marijuana.

His plan is to put responsible adults or children who smoke into the legal system, destroying them and their families. He wants to keep feeding the corrupt legal system that thrives off of these “offenses”/freedoms (depending on your point of view).

He wants these draconian punishments because he feels that pot will destroy anyone trying it, a view responsible for turning more people into drug addicts than any drug. As soon as children realize we’ve been lying about the danger of smoking a joint, they figure we are lying about all other drugs and go on experimenting!

Never mind that numerous Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, and athletes at the top of their games have been pot smokers. Those people are special, and you are inferior; you need Bill O’Reilly to “look out for you” on your way to jail. We’d do much better with a truthful approach and try and convince children to avoid it until 21. Drive home the real dangers of hard drugs with the truth on our side.

He wants these punishments because he wants to keep pot from our children. He really said that! Right before he told his guest that you could find pot on any high school or college campus in the nation!

He claims that because we have alcohol problems in the nation, we should not legalize pot.

He skips over the logical conclusion from the preceding lessons with alcohol, that legalization would dry up the illegal and unethical distributors supplying our children, leaving us much more control. Or did I miss all the moonshiners selling alcohol to our kids?

He bemoans the fact that if legal, there would be signs telling everyone it is legal, and that will hurt our children. Really…can he really be so obtuse?

First of all, none of our public school graduates can read, so that’s not a problem (OK, just kidding, someone may read it to them.) Let me try something else:

Hey Bill, let me cue you in on a little secret you seem to know, but just won’t admit:

Society has already decided that pot laws are an open joke. Look at the movies and TV. It isn’t glorified, but it is certainly accepted and condoned.

Pot isn’t really illegal’ it is just darn inconvenient to get if you don’t know anyone in high school or college! Anyone who wants pot can get it; there is no crowd of people waiting to try it when legal. Nothing in this society will change (except some lawyers will have to get an honest job as opposed to shaking down families because little Johnny got caught with a doobie), and taxpayers will stop picking up the tab for prosecuting free Americans in their harmless pursuit of  Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

Recreational pot smoking should be a personal or family matter and not the business of the police or courts.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Bill looks out mostly for himself but the guy does bring to light what is happening plus he does give a great amount to charities especially Wounded Warriors.Give Bill a break go after that fag Barney Franks he is mentally ill and couldn't get a gun permit in Mass.

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