Bill Clinton Rips Obama’s Healthcare Lie

Bill Clinton SC

Despite reports indicating their personal relationship has been frosty at times, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have generally put on a united front for political reasons. In the aftermath of Obama’s blatant lie regarding his namesake healthcare law, however, Clinton has conspicuously backed away from his prior level of support.

In his most scathing criticism to date, the former president railed against the dishonest message that Americans would be able to keep their private insurance plans upon ObamaCare’s implementation.

During an interview for, Clinton indicated that he is not satisfied with Obama’s apology, explaining that the only remedy to this situation involves delivering on the prior promise.

“So I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got,” he said.

Clinton, whose wife tried to push a similar socialized medicine plan when he was president, did not criticize the current healthcare law itself. Instead, he suggested that Obama mishandled its implementation.

Sharing an anecdote about a young adult whose plan was cancelled, Clinton said the replacement ObamaCare policy doubled his monthly premium. While the new plan does include lower deductibles, Clinton explained that a healthy person would spend far more on the government-approved policy.

Though many Democrats have rushed to defend Obama’s deceptive statement, Clinton’s bold comments provide some nuance to an otherwise homogenous party. Ever the politician, his critique might have roots in his wife’s reported plans to seek the presidency in 2016. Either way, he is now in position to put Obama on the ropes regarding the unpopular healthcare law.

It is easy for the left to disparage conservative critics. Dismissing one of the most popular progressive presidents of the 20th century, however, will be a much more difficult task.

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  1. robert iverson says:

    he should know !!!!! it takes ONE to know ONE

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Bill Clinton isn't known as Slick Willy for nothing.He believes in that adage saying never let a crisis go by if it can help you,in this case it's Hitlary Benghazi.

  3. That was just blabbermouth stuff that pervert Bubba comes up with to set his Ol' lady Hellary up, remember when Hellary tried to do what the Faker is doing now with the HC, she almost went to jail….and that's why Bubba did not say repeal this mess, the left plans on stepping back in to make sure they have a death grip on this nations income….

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