Bill Ayers, Declassified

Bill Ayers Bill Ayers, Declassified


A declassified FBI top secret 50 page report on the Weather Underground Organization (WUO)  reveals that Obama kingmaker Bill Ayers became Educational Secretary of the WUO when it morphed into an international movement to replace “America’s imperialistic state” with a New Democracy, which is their euphemism for a combination of Socialism and Marxism. Ayers’ wife Bernardine Dohrn was elected to their National Interim Committee from June, 1969 to early 1970 when the group went underground.

If you have any doubt about their visceral disdain for America’s white males, especially its cops, consider what the Provisional Revolutionary Government of Vietnam (PRG) told the WUO.  “Look for the person who fights hardest against the cops. . .don’t look for the one who says the best thing.  Look for the one who fights.”  So when President Obama disparaged the police who arrested a fellow black academic, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., in 2009, he was responding in kind by saying the officer “acted stupidly.”

When Bill Ayers wrote his book “A Kind And Just Parent” which delves into his radical views about juvenile crime,  Barack Obama wrote a positive review, and Michelle Obama (who was a University of Illinois dean) organized a discussion panel on the topic with Ayers and his wife, both WUO leaders.

A Wikipedia synopsis of the career of Dohrn says her hiring boss, a Chicago’s Sidley Austin law firm, remarked “She wouldn’t say she’s sorry” in explaining why Dohrn does not carry an Illinois law license, even though she is the immediate past director of the Northwestern University’s Children and Family Justice Center, which she founded as one of their associate law professors!

The Sidley Austin connection is intrinsic to the political advancement of Dohrn, Michelle Robinson Obama, Barack Obama, and Valerie Jarrett.  Dohrn and other WUO leaders traveled to Cuba in 1969 to meet with members of the Cuban and North Vietnamese governments.  Two years earlier, Radio Hanoi announced the formation of the Viet Cong’s political arm (National Liberation Front) with American and South Vietnamese People’s Solidarity Committees aimed at enjoining progressives in the U.S. with interests of the Democratic Republic of North Vietnam (DRV).

Their guiding philosophies contain ideologies from their New Left Notes, beginning in 1969, that stressed the need to “seize state power and defeat U.S. imperialism.” A duty to “let the international communist movement guide it” (that is, their struggles against America) and the world’s main challenge “between U.S. imperialism and the oppressed peoples of the world, especially Third World people” are other guiding principles.  This FBI analysis appears to come from these New Left Notes publications.

Part of their plan involved setting up a Black Colony and other Third World multi- cultural enclaves within the American experience so that American traditional democracy becomes no longer a melting pot that embraces America’s founding principles, but rather a salad bowl of multi culti ideologies all struggling against their definition of Americanism.

So the division of our country into the racial and class tensions so prevalent since Obama took office is all part of their game plan. “However, the black liberation struggle in this country will have only one state; the struggle for self-determination will embody with it the struggle for socialism.”

Mao Tse Tung’s famous statement that “it only takes a spark to start a Prairie Fire,” became a pillar of the WUO’s philosophy. Another founding document is the Osawatomie Magazine; Obama’s speech given at Osawatomie, Kansas on Dec. 6, 2011, can be seen as a subliminal message that he remembers his mentors.  “Our people will always be, the American invaders defeated. . . ” by Ho Chi Minh; Osawatomie Magazine, Summer 1975, no. 2, WUO.

The Ayers Dohrn New Left Notes writers said, “The very first question people in this country must ask in considering the question of revolution is where they stand in relation to the U.S. as an oppressor nation. . .” Remember when Obama told us just before he was elected we were just days away from fundamentally transforming this nation? “The struggle of the people of the whole world against U.S. imperialism and its lackeys,” is a theme song still being sung today.

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