Biden Decries Tea Party’s “Hostility To Science”

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Speaking to a crowd in support of Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe Monday, Joe Biden once again disparaged a conservative movement about which he knows precious little.

In his effort to demonize McAuliffe’s Republican opponent in Tuesday’s gubernatorial race, Biden trashed the traditional values embodied by the Tea Party movement, implicitly describing those involved as uneducated rubes.

The statewide race “has captured the attention of the entire nation,” he said, claiming the reason is a widespread disapproval of “the new Republican tea party.”

He went on to describe the patriotic movement as one in which “social recidivism is only outgunned by its hostility to science and technology and innovation and scholarship.”

Further criticizing McAuliffe’s Tea Party-backed opponent Ken Cuccinelli, Biden said the Republican is out of touch with modern leftist ideals, claiming his “views on women” are “literally from another era.” In light of relentless attacks on America’s heritage, however, a rising number of Americans are becoming fondly nostalgic for the sensibilities of bygone generations.

Heavy on ad hominem attacks and conspicuously light on substance, Biden continued building on his hyperbolic rant.

“Everything they talk about,” he said, “without exaggeration, is about turning back what the rest of the country and the world thinks is progress.”

His speech, meant to rally the troops in what has become a close contest, included a warning that Cuccinelli could actually win the race.

The conservative candidate can only win, he said, if he can “turn out those who share those views out of the ’30s and ’40s and ’50s,” somehow suggesting a win for Cuccinelli would mean fewer businesses coming to the state.

Naturally, he offered few facts to support his claim, merely indicating Virginia would be forced to provide business owners with “stipends to come to this state.”

It is often easy to identify groups and individuals whom leftists consider threats based on the level of vitriol aimed at them. Biden’s blatant attempt to incite partisan passions by continuously invoking the Tea Party movement in his speech proves the power this group truly possesses.

Now is not the time, as establishment Republicans might suggest, to coalesce and capitulate to the progressive desires of this administration.

Tea Party-aligned organizations are among the only voices of dissent with an active, engaged audience. As such, it is imperative these patriots continue to weather personal attacks in the greater effort of holding this disastrous president accountable.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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