Bergdahl: See How Obama Is Attacking US Soldiers To Try And Save His Own Neck

Barack Obama devoted part of a press conference in Belgium Thursday to reiterating his defense of a trade that freed five dangerous Guantanamo Bay prisoners for one American soldier subsequently described by many close to the situation as an Army deserter and possible traitor.

He repeatedly insisted he would not apologize for a controversy he claims was “whipped up” by his political adversaries.

While that comment attracted plenty of criticism, a series of tweets posted by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Brandon Friedman took the administration’s talking points to an absurd new level.

According to his Twitter rant, Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers – who report his desertion and a subsequent rescue effort that left several involved dead – are potentially just a bunch of “psychopaths.”

He went on to describe a wildly speculative scenario in which those in his platoon would have a reason to “smear him publicly” because he theoretically witnessed something he could not support.

Absurdly, after devoting four previous tweets to this baseless hypothesis, he concludes that he is “not a fan of such speculation,” explaining he only weighed in because the emerging narrative surrounding Bergdahl is “unbalanced.”

In previous tweets, he claimed those who disagree with him are either uninformed or hopelessly out of touch with reality.

As some have pointed out, backlash against the rant might have resulted in some trepidation within the administration. Friedman’s Twitter profile shortly after the tweets were published was scrubbed of his HUD title.

Plenty of other prominent Democrats have weighed in on the debate, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who declared he was “glad to get rid of” the five terrorists traded for Bergdahl.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only psychopath is Brando Nutbag Friedman.I'd like to see those soldiers pay him a visit and see if he has the balls to call them names to their faces.Brandon is a coward like Bowe Berghal and John Lurch Kerry.

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