Ben Carson Just Said What He’s REALLY Thinking About 2016 (Conservatives Hold Their Breath)

Photo Credit: Facebook/Dr. Ben Carson for President

Further fueling rumors that Dr. Ben Carson will mount a presidential campaign during the 2016 election season, the retired neurosurgeon addressed a crowd in Iowa this week in part to discuss that very subject.

Carson, the soft-spoken conservative who has attracted widespread support and a grassroots campaign meant to pressure him to run, confirmed that he will base his decision on the response he receives from the American people.

He made his statements in Cedar Rapids during a two-day visit to a state that exerts significant influence in the months leading up to a presidential primary. He was in town to publicly endorse Republican U.S. House candidate Rod Blum.

“If people indicate that they’re ready for a country that is for, of, and by the people,” he said, “I’ll be all in; and if they indicate they want government to control every aspect of their life, I’ll go do something else.”

According to Carson, the nation is in dire straits as a result of the current direction of its leaders.

He described our current ideological battle as “one of the most critical periods in our history as a nation,” blaming “a dysfunctional system in Washington” for the problems we now face.

Attendee Julie Beimer said she is sold on Carson’s plan to return America to its conservative roots.

“I think he makes a lot of sense,” she said, “and makes what we feel is so complicated sound doable and easy.”

While his core supporters believe that Carson is the man to stem the tide of big government leftism, some see his dearth of representative experience as a serious impediment.

University of Northern Iowa’s Justin Holmes, for example, said his outsider status could easily work against him in a nationwide election.

“It’s one thing to be a smart guy,” the assistant professor of political science said, “and it’s another to be somebody who has a record.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Dr. Ben Carson for President

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  1. Let me see —
    We elected a completely unknown fool in 2008…. All we knew about him is he was a democrat who could read a teleprompter – if the words were not too technical – like maybe 'a Navy Corpsman'. Whoops….!!
    Other than that the general public knew squat about Obama and still doesn't to this day….And they elected him again….this clown from no background land….
    So what do we know about Ben Carson — First off we know he has an education and we know that he fried Obama on his own turf….. And we know that he is a good honest family man with a long history of honorable actions… his profession. So who besides me will vote for this person, this Professional Doctor who devotes his life to fixing other people who were not so lucky in life…. Wake up America — This man is the one who can not only heal this NATION, but he can also make us proud in the eyes of the entire world…..

    • Well said, Al

    • He was NOT elected either time.
      The first time, Clinton won the honor of running for President. She exposed his Kenyan Birth…Obama threatened the life of her daughter and she backed down.

      McCain (Yuk!)/Palin (Yeah!)…actually did win. Palin wanted an investigation and McCain wimped out.
      It was at this point the IRS went after Palin's Parents.
      The 2nd time he was in office again with massive fraud — people did go to prison for that.
      There were several towns that complained they had more votes for Obama than they had citizens.
      On the same night Obama had 200 people show up for his campaign rally — Romney had his Campaign Rally at Red Rock. Take a look at this short video of Romney's Campaign at Red Rock:

      Romney DID win. About 2 weeks after Obama took office again…Romney stated: "It was out of my control."

  2. Illinoisjoe says:

    Dr. Carson would get my vote. I would ordinarily vote Libertarian, but Dr.Carson is a Libertarian in many ways and he would have the R behind his name which would give him a chance to win. We desperately need common sense in ALL offices of government and even with no experience as a politician Dr. Carson would bring organizational skills and an understanding of what the Founding Fathers intended when they established our Republic to the Office which is now held by a rank amateur with no common sense or any understanding about our Republic and what it stands for.

    We seem to forget that it is the Legislature that passes the laws and the President enforces them. Dr. Carson would have the courage to veto bad law and would enforce the laws as intended in the Constitution.

    Count me in as one who would encourage Dr.Carson to run and who would vote for him every chance I got. If he runs I will vote for him in the primary, if he is nominated I will vote for him in the general election. If he is not nominated I will probably vote for the Libertarian candidate even though the deck is stacked against any third party candidate by the two dominating parties. Which, by the way, George Washington warned would ruin the Republic and they have almost accomplished that task.

    Vote out ALL incumbents, that is the only way to establish term limits because the power mad will never vote to end their golden goose of money and power. Only We the People can do that and it is our duty to do so.

  3. Ben Carson will have my vote!! It is time for the American people realize that the president and members of Congress are employees of the American taxpayers and that they are appointed to uphold the Constitution of our United States and to carry out our wishes.

    During campaign rallies, I do not want to only hear what their promises are, but I want to know how their promises will be accomplished.

  4. I am all in for Doc Ben Carson. IN the first place he is not a lying politician!! His superior intelligence could lead this country to be great once again! Come on people, rally behind this outstanding man in our midst! Also like Al Metcalf says, we do know something about his past!

  5. Wiseoldlady says:

    It would be so nice to have a NORMAL person as a president. Many younger Americans have no idea what normalcy really is. They would be able to comprehend logic for the first time in their lives with a good man such as Carson leading them…with honesty…and INTREGITY. We must beware of the electoral votes…danger is always in the fold. Carson would be a great president.

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