Barack Obama’s Dereliction Of Duty

obama speech 7 SC Barack Obamas Dereliction of Duty

Dereliction – Noun.

  1. deliberate, conscious, or willful neglect (esp. in the phrase dereliction of duty)
  2. the act of abandoning or deserting or the state of being abandoned or deserted

During the last few weeks, President Barack  Obama and his administration have been derelict in their duty to this country.  The 9-11 invasion of the Embassy in Cairo, Egypt; the well-planned attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya; and the protests against other embassies in the Middle East have been blamed on a YouTube video that no one has ever seen. Instead of admitting that these incidents have little to do with an obscure video, they maintain a narrative that will most likely incite more attacks against Americans around the world. This lame excuse is nothing more than covering up the fact that this White House has made a deal with the modern incarnation of the devil known as the Muslim Brotherhood and their underling, al Qaeda.


Libyan President Mohammed believes that al Qaeda attacked the consulate and that the attack was led by Sufyan Ben Qumu. Mr. Qumu was captured in Pakistan and turned over to the United States. He was listed as a probable member of al Qaeda and was sent to Guantánamo Bay prison (GITMO).  While held at GITMO, Qumu was considered a high risk to Americans and allies if released. In 2007, he was sent to Libya to be held but was released in 2008 by Muammar el-Qaddafi. During the Arab Spring upraising, he fought with rebels that were praised by this White House as spreading democracy. Current intelligence reports believe that he was the al Qaeda mastermind behind the murder of four Americans, and he didn’t need a poorly-made video as inspiration. Unknown is the amount of Intelligence data that was compromised in the attack on the lightly-protected facility. The Obama administration’s only recourse so far is to delete the tweets of Americans asking for help before they were killed in Libya.

Sticking with the video lie, Obama told the Egyptian President that it was his responsibly to protect the embassy and diplomats. This pretty much verifies that the Marines who are tasked to protect the embassy were armed but without ammunition. The Muslim Brotherhood thugs who stormed the embassy didn’t need a YouTube video; they were motivated by the memory of Osama. Obama would have known this if he attended his daily Intelligence briefing before 9-11 2012; but of course, he didn’t. He golfed, partied, and fundraised instead.

To date, Mr. Obama hasn’t addressed the American people about the uprisings and murders; all the campaigner-in-chief can do is to stage events, fundraise, and appear on David Letterman. This man insists that he is the president of all Americans, but he is just reliving his time in the Senate by voting “present”. It should be obvious to everyone that Obama is willfully dodging his Constitutional duties.

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  1. so neglect yet noone is doing anything…hows that working out for ya?

  2. The key is " derelict in their duty to this country." When they are doing it for another entity entirely
    But doing so with Not just our Monies but our Sons and Daughters, the Fathers and Mothers stationed over seas or likely to be used again.

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