Barack Obama, The Blamer-in-Chief

Barack Obama speech hand 2 SC Barack Obama, The Blamer in Chief

Barack Obama has become America’s blamer-in-chief.

He and his administration spent last weekend blaming the explosion of violence against America in the Middle East on a moronic anti-Muhammad video that’s been on YouTube for months.

His United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice made the rounds of the Sunday morning news shows, where she made an absolute idiot of herself.

Apparently auditioning for the secretary of state job in — God forbid — a second Obama administration, Rice insisted that the “spontaneous” Islamic rage that killed our ambassador in Libya and three other Americans was caused not by the failures of her boss but by an amateur movie made by some nut in California.

This tragic episode once again proves that the incompetence of this president is not limited to the home front, where the economy stagnates and deficits and gas prices soar.

In the Middle East, Obama and his Chicago Gang have confused our friends and emboldened our enemies with a foreign policy that has been a mix of ineptness, appeasement, and naivete.

Remember when Obama boasted in Cairo that the Muslim world was going to fall in love with the USA because it had just elected a president who had generations of Muslims in his ancestry?

Boy, the Muslims in Libya and Egypt sure have a strange way of showing their love for America.

Obama’s cowering reaction to the Middle East crisis — and his refusal to man-up and act like the president of the United States — begs the question: “What would Ronald Reagan do?”

My dad knew how good the nuts in California were at making bad movies. But he certainly would never have blamed a motion picture or a trailer on YouTube for what’s going on in the Middle East.

When the Marine barracks were blown up in Lebanon in 1983, Ronald Reagan didn’t blame it on anyone else.

He accepted responsibility for the Marines dying. But he also used the event to come on TV and talk to the American people and explain why it was so important for us to be in the Middle East.

What did this president do when our invaluable Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens was assassinated in a well-planned attack by Muslim extremists? He went to Vegas for a fundraiser event and made another political speech.

Being president of the United States is not about being a good guy to play hoops with, or to have a cold beer with — it’s about being able to take a position of leadership when trouble comes.

It means standing up for American values like the freedom of speech, not apologizing for them. And it means standing up for our policies in the Middle East, not throwing them overboard whenever they are challenged.

President Obama is a glaring sign of the absolute weakening of America. You might call what he has been doing “The Wussification of the White House.”

But blaming what happened in Libya and Egypt on a YouTube trailer is not just cowardly, it’s absurd. Next week, Obama will be blaming the 1992 Disney movie “Aladdin” for inciting Muslim mobs to burn down KFC stores or kill Americans.

Mr. President, when trouble came our way, my father manned up. It’s time for you to do the same. “Let’s roll.”

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  1. di from Oregon says:

    Yeah, that's what I say, "man up!" Will somebody please "man up?"

  2. Liberty Rock says:


  3. I would faint if I ever heard Obama say this about anything that goes bad: "IT WAS MY FAULT". But I am not holding my breath.

  4. Patriot Lady says:

    Don't bother saying "Let's Roll!" to this american imposter. He only rolls left.

  5. Dang, why in the world would ANYbody vote for him? I think they are a racist if not voting for the Capitalist!

  6. The administration is full of parasite communist and american hating lesbians.

    • Max
      Obama has his homo clubs in Chicago, even in the church with rev. wright, is supposed to be a reverand so I guess the title is just a hiding place for his club, stated by a researcher, and found that Obama 's homo club had two people killed to keep his homo activity quiet. People it's past time to get to see his true records,not the fraudulent pieces of paper he has made,by his gang. We do not really even know his name since he has at least 6 aliases, and not a natural born citizen, therefore not elgible to be president but he has lawyers and judges payed of to keep his records from being published. that's why no one can get a case against him.

  7. Ovmit makes me sick all he does is blame everone else for his mistakes It seems like everything he touches turn to poop lately I think God is after him

  8. Barack is a musalim and will not find fault with other musalims, see how he denied the christians their day of prayer but accomodated the musalims to come to the for prayer.
    What a trador,he is a treasonist in helping the enemy, going around the congress,what cowards, to pass bills,and go to war. Obama and his homo friends in 3 different clubs in chicago, had two people killed to keep Obama's homo practices quiet. Obama is a disgrace to any country as a leader ,he has no idea of what a leader should definitely not follow two or three weeks too late. What a LIAR and Disgrace,he is.

    • Look up a new one called Obama's Student ID Surface's and forward to everybody. I wonder why big mouth O'Reilly won't cover this. His ass has been compromised.

  9. I agree lets Impeach him in fact lets get this trending on Twitter #impeach_obama

  10. Neither Obama, nor his radical Muslim loving Sec of State, will accept responsibilty for the Libyan disaster. They have American blood all over their hands and athrrefuse to be held accountable. They both are working against the U.S. and they need to be turned out. VOTE for Romney, a true American, and be rid of both thes eAlinsky disciples.

  11. Guest patrot says:

    Obama has a troop of protectors. They must be blnd, deaf and dumb. My guess is he planned it himself. He always hasto comment on all the things he starts and it gives him away. He is our worst enemy and the worst person t o ever be elected by the people in a big rush to think he would "change" the USA.

    HE DID! and none of it was good. People were losing their homes, their jobs. their savings and their hope.
    We must nevr believe what he says ever again.

    He MUST be impeached NOW.

    • The key word in your post is were. People WERE losing their homes, people WERE losing their jobs. The Obama came and he righted the ship. You can go ahead and try to impeach him, but he would need to commit a crime first. And there is no way Romney beats him, so sounds like you are out of luck there.

      • Jack you WERE just stupid and insane. Now your a blind commie suck-up dumba$$ and we ARE going to take out the TRASH which probably means you TOO.

        • Thanks for your intelligently phrased and well thought out criticism to my point Fed-Up. We could of done without the name calling, but I just prefer to not de-evolve my conversations to a schoolyard spat. But to each there own.

          The most telling statistic for this election is Las Vegas, who currently has Obama a 3-1 favorite to win against Romney. Odds are based on bets, basically people who have no real political goal, just a desire to make money and feed a gambling addiction. So sorry, but come November you will be a bit unhappy. Now me personally, I don't really care either way. They are both idiots and both very incapable of doing much for this country. With that being said, at least Obama is an idiot who cares and is willing to work. Plus I just can't trust a man who has never drank a beer. Sorry Mitt.

    • "change" USA — he did, & we all got SHORTCHANGED !!!!

  12. mr_bad_example says:

    this gay assed nigga needs to be relocated from 1600 PA Ave, needs relocation to Ft. Leavenworth KS. google "liar" and obama's pic comes up!

    • I googled liar, but I only got some artsy pictures of people with liar written on there hand followed by Pinnochio. No President Obama.

      • Damn jack you got it bad man! What have you been smokin?? Good thing the truth isn't a train cause you'd be a black spot on the tracks. Son you're eat up.

        • What exactly do I have? I just typed 'liar' into Google and nowhere was a picture found of President Obama. In fact, the only pop culture figure was Jim Carrey, from his fantastic movie 'Liar Liar.' Have you seen 'Liar Liar' Fed-Up? It is a fantastic comedic romp that is fun for the whole family, I definitely suggest it.

  13. freedom fighter says:

    When one is void of any original thought due to inexperience but having the desire to be the feudal lord regardless of usurping any scent of responsibility, you get BO who leads from behind; he da man but he don't know his daddy so he purports the polcies that a malcontent who blames the world for his problems b/c he had no daddy to put him in his place as 75% of the peoples in his demograph currently are born out of wedlock and this is alot of scumbags that have to go along with him b/c they have the same adolescent arrogance and they do not have the courage to or skills to support themselves if they leave the hood – parasites breed the same – if you can't feed 'em don't breed 'em

  14. freedom fighter says:

    You can see the deceit in his eyes

  15. Your Father would have treated such an attack as a declaration of war. The U.S. military would be in the process of reducing the threat by reducing the countries in question to rubble. Then the process of healing and rebuilding with an emphasis on creating a stable non-terrorist dominated government and educating the population about how they have been enslaved and used as cattle and pawns in Islam's world domination plan. At that point free elections and appointment of TRUE representatives of the people could begin hopefully leading to prosperity and peace in these afflicted regions and countries.

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