Barack And Michelle Cost FAR More In Upkeep Than Britain’s Royals!

Whoever Split Baracks Lip Michelle Obama SC Barack and Michelle cost FAR more in upkeep than Britain’s royals!

US taxpayers spent a staggering $1.4 Billion (yes, with a B) on the Obamas, according to author Robert Keith Gray in his new book PRESIDENTIAL PERKS GONE ROYAL!

Compare that to only $57.8 million the Brits shelled out for their royals, and you have to ask what is going on with President Obama.  Now word comes that he and first lady Michelle, their two daughters, and Dog Bo will be spending an extended holiday vacation in Hawaii that will cost us taxpayers more than $4 million dollars.  Double whammy, wow, over the top, beyond the pale, way too much vacation time, and much more.

But not to worry about the looming fiscal cliff, high unemployment rates, a constipated Congress, and a confused and hurting electorate.  “The locals and other Americans will be paying for their vacation,” says The Hawaii Reporter.  A large security team including US Secret Service, Coast Guard, Navy Seals, drivers, attendants and God knows who else will command a total of 22 vehicles.  A commenter details the following list of costs:  The US Air Force has listed the cost of travel as high as $181,757 per flight hour for the nine hour trip for a one way total of $1,635,813.  A cargo plane will fly Obama’s 22 vehicles back and forth at another cost of $258,000, and locals are estimating that Oahu’s local security outlay could run as high as $250,000!

Where America’s Royals are staying will involve these vehicles having to wind through narrow one lane roads, further inconveniencing the population.  But no matter: the President doesn’t have to worry about campaign rigors any more, and the first lady can relax after her exhausting, earlier vacations.

Can’t get much better than taking all of those trips on the taxpayer’s dime unless, of course, you happen to BE one of the lowly taxpayers.  Spend now, spend a bunch, and let someone else pick up the tab describes Barack Obama’s idea of retail therapy as the nation stares headlong over the fiscal cliff. And taxpayers can undoubtedly expect big hikes in the coming year.  Each citizen carries $150,000 of indebtedness as a result of Barack and Co’s trillion dollar per year spending spree.  And gee, we can’t even call his holiday a Christmas break anymore.  Kwanza anyone?

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  1. Oh brother…….talk about a couple of egotist, narcissists, fraudulent, greedy, hypocrites!

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Where are the Taliban and their anti-aircraft weapons when you need them?

  3. Typical of the elitist class of socialists that wish to control us. How incredibly stupid Americans have become.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Moochella"Grape Ape"was creaming in her jeans when she found out the dumb ass people reelected this moron
    and chief.Her first words were when do I start packing the suit cases for me,Buckwheat,Wheezy and grandma Whoopi.Obutthole doesn't have to pack his wardrobe is on AF1 all the time since he uses it everyday.If they want to cut the budget he should cut vaations and Grape Ape would kill him herself.

  5. A most HATEFUL, racist anti-American couple ever to live in our White House! They must be impeached or run out of town on the rails.

  6. No wonder this country is broke, while many Americans are with out jobs and struggling to make ends meet, this SOB along with his nappy head wife and possie are killing the taxpayer. Starting in 2013 all of our taxes will go up, I hear it could be as much $2000.00 dollars extra per family, that most people do not have. Were in hell is the money is going to come from? if the jobs are not there.

  7. Chylene Ramsey says:

    Between his golfing, their vacationing, and Michelle's shopping, it's a wonder he gets enough time to dodge his responsibilities until he has to think up another HERO scenario like the one that just backfired on him.

  8. “grape ape” Ed? How’s about a whole family of just plain old APES? And, apelettes? Lord, I hate those useless nappy headed negros……………… our WHite House NO LESS! Yep, racist remark, I’ll go ahead and say it so that those who want to squawk about my racist language have to say it. See, don’t say I never help anyone! I am what I am, thanks to the idiots who put this family of negros, apes, baboons, into our nation’s capitol, so that they could rob us blind and more! I am not sorry nor apologetic for my attitude, I do not take the blame for this disaster and insult rained down upon me and my FELLOW AMERICANS! The rest of you dimwits, and brainless igger voters I won’t even call you AMERICANS! For, you are ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BUT AMERICANS! TRAITORS IS MORE TO THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!

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