Baker In Hot Water For Refusing Service To Lesbian Couple

Lesbos Baker in hot water for refusing service to lesbian couple

The owner of a bakery in Oregon is under investigation by state authorities after a lesbian couple complained he declined their order for a wedding cake.

One of the two prospective wives submitted a complaint, in which she alleges Aaron Klein called them “abominations.”

Klein denied he ever said that, though he does concede he refused to make them a cake.

“I apologized for wasting their time and said we don’t do same-sex marriages,” he said, adding he holds no animosity against them but the issue is “just something I believe in very strongly.”

Though state law prohibits a business to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, Klein contends constitutional provisions should supersede it.

“My First Amendment rights allow me to practice my religion as I see fit,” he explained.

As a strong proponent of states’ rights, I believe Oregon should be able to enact experimental laws that might be unpopular in other regions of the country. That provision should be limited, however, to any ordinance that does not run contrary to the Bill of Rights.

When a private entrepreneur is forced – under penalty of law – to conduct his business in violation of his religious beliefs, the law in question should be declared unconstitutional.

Unfortunately, as Hobby Lobby and other Christian-owned retailers learned during the implementation of ObamaCare, a rogue government left unchecked can and will violate supposedly inalienable rights in the pursuit of even more power.

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  1. Why dont they go to a Muslim baker and demand the same service….Bet the Govrnment wont prosecute a Muslim baker they way they are going after a Christian Baker….Time for all Christians to stand up for your Religous Freedoms…This Administration has adamatly stands with all the Muslim Clerics and even for there (right) for Jihad against the U.S. from the mosgques in our borders….This should be thrown out and i would say that this Christian Baker did not say anything about them being an Abomination…These activists are always spreading untruths about anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle…….Just one man's opinion

    • jon graham says:

      seems like you should be able to run your own bussiness. if he doesn't want to serve queers that's up to him.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      I like your idea, go to a muslim baker, just like you this administration would rather stand with the muslim clerics then the Christians. This is abomination to God as well as I myself and many other people, I feel this is disgusting same sex anything.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda these lezzies are looking to start trouble.There has to be more then one baker in Oregon who'd bake them a queer cake.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I also like your idea and I believe they would shit their pants if the muslims told the lezzies they wouldn't bake them a cake.all these queer duckshave to do is find another baker.

  2. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Way to go, Aaron!

    • So if the eat establishment has a sign saying " NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE" is that also discrimination? They are refusing to serve me becauuse? I have rights to not wearing shoes or a shirt especially when it is hot. They get away with establishing rules for their establishment, and get away with it.

  3. What next? Be careful in a restroom men, you may get fined if you pee crooked!!!!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    If the baker reads Floyd then all I have to say to him is God Bless you for standing up for what you believe in.No government agency should dictate who you can sell to This is America not China,Russia or N Korea.

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