Back Door Gun Control is Here

Mike Piccione, Human Events

Back door gun control is the phenomena where an entity will enact a law that indirectly affects your right to keep and bear arms. It’s easier to pass legislation that harms Second Amendment rights when it does not directly require the citizen to surrender a gun.

Examples of back door gun control are:

Define ammo components as an unhealthy threat. Environmental laws designed to outlaw the use of ingredients that comprise components of arms related materials. The easiest example to point to is lead. Lead has long been the primary ingredient of bullets. Designating lead as an environmental hazard means that its use can be tightly controlled, and therefore restricted. Restrict lead and you restrict bullet production. Restrict bullet production and you dilute the ability to purchase ammo through increased materials cost.

Tax it if it shoots. In 1993 New York Senate Democrat, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, proposed that taxes on handgun ammunition be raised to 50 percent on most handgun ammunition and 10,000 percent on 9mm hollow points. Taxes are the quick and dirty way to legislate something out of existence. Currently there is an 11 percent tax on ammo.

Engineer the practicality out of it. Force manufacturers to have a biometric mechanism that prohibits anyone but the owner to operate the firearm. Effectively you need a computer chip somewhere enclosed in the firearm that is smart enough to recognize one user from the other and will enable the gun to fire by the proper finger. I hope the gun is forgiving enough so that when your wife grabs your gun to stop a bad guy that just broke in the house it fires….

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  1. This is one big myth that lead bullets that are shot at gun ranges are a problem. First water can run oer the lead in the ground for well over seveal thousand years before it gets to the same as painting with lead paint as a toxic, this has already been proven, I just wish I could remember where I seen the study that proved this. As for handling lead ammo you really don't have any problems if you wash your hands afterwards. To top off my coment here is the only lead poisoning I know of from ammo is if you the dumb bad guy that makes me shoot you for breaking in my home or being a threat to myself or family.
    The easyest way to droop 200 lbs is a 45 cal. bullet.
    God Bless America and Our Troops Past Present and Future.
    Keeping to My Oath Locked Loaded and Keeping My Powder Dry.
    Get the US Out of the UN and the UN Out of the US

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    they are full of shit.


  4. Billy Cooper says:


  5. The idea here is to get rid of Omama and his cronies and get some REAL AMERICANS in office. If we can just shut down the Omama Machine,we can still turn this ship around. I'm truly surprised not one US Marshall has stepped forward to arrest him. I'd LOVE to have the chance to put the cuffs on him!

  6. You only have one choice for President in 2012 if you want to Restore America's Rights. Obama will continue his destruction of our Rights, and all Repulicans will do the same. It's the plan to destroy our nation, as every one of our Bill of Rights has been cancelled in one way or another. Raids on our homes without warrants, no bullets for guns, Free Speech rights only on your own property as long as no one can hear you. Contempt of Court if you don't give up your 5th Amendment rights. Wake up citizens (peons) and check the web site for Don Cordell for President. I'll clean up Washington DC and stop the sale of our nation to the New World Order. WE must return jobs to America, and stop all these imports. Let's prove to the world our Constitution is still valid, and works, that we won't surrender our rights with out a fight.

  7. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    I know I always have a lot to say here…but people! Tax it if it shoots?! On top of every other tax in this country, where is the surprise in that? We are taxed for being born, and right on down to when we die! Death tax already! This gun control is only one in a long line of taking “COMPLETE CONTROL” of Americans and our lives. Does anyone remember why we went to war with Great Britian? When we were still a colony under King Georges’ control? Taxes folks, TAXES! And the control of what the colonists even said, it was considered treason against the KING! If one was heard speaking against the King, and his taxes, or anything else, one was arrested by the King’s soldiers. This was our HISTORY! Why is it that we have forgotten our history, the history that made us great, and made us the country that we became? And, why is it that we have allowed ourselves to slide back right into the very same position of the colonists then, only with a different “court and King”?!!!!! This “Court and King” are partying while we “colonists” slave to make them richer and we are literally giving our rights, one by one, away, with no real protest……..except to complain and gripe on the internet. It starts with smaller things, such as smoking, which may well be bad for one, however, that little right, as “bad” as it is, was something that we should have never given up without a fight, as we did. No, we allowed it to be taken away, and then our “Court Jesters” started in on bigger things, one at a time. Now we have an administration who is even taking pictures of what our kids eat! Next it will be what WE ADULTS EAT and HOW WE SMELL and on to other things. Such as our right, our RIGHT to own a gun! I do not own a gun, but if I wanted to, I want the RIGHT TO HAVE ONE!!! i do not overeat, but I also want the RIGHT TO EAT WHAT I WANT! And, I do not appreciate being so taxed for just breathing air!!!! And, it is wrong to tax me for DYING! We are TAXED ON TOP OF TAXES! There are TAXES for so much, that we don’t even realize what we are taxed for. Read your phone bills, most of the extra that you pay are TAXES! We went to WAR, and WON AGAINST THE SUPERPOWER OF THE DAY OVER OVER TAXING!!!! What is wrong with us today!? Why are we allowing these liars, thieves, enemies of our country, to sit there in luxery and steal from us, steal our money, and then every right we ever cherished, and we do NOTHING!??!!!!! Except complain! Complaing is not going to get the job done people, Americans, it is going to take something that has become distasteful to us, to the peace loving Americans that we have become. But, no mess is ever cleaned up without making a bigger mess to get the first one cleaned! And, I should know, I am a cleaning lady!!! It is time for we freedom loving Americans to get our hands dirty and clean up this hellish mess that we have allowed these ANTIAMERICAN THIEVES TO MAKE! I know how I feel when I am stolen from. How do YOU feel? Do you want justice, do you want what belongs to you, returned to you? Do you want your country RETURNED to you as she was before she was allowed to be STOLEN BY THESE ENEMIES OF AMERICANS? If so, just how badly do you want her back? Enough to do what is necessary and right for us all, and for our children and grandchildren? Are you willing to do what our military are now doing, put your lives on the line for something greater than yourselves? For God, for Country, for your children, for the future of America? And to have the RIGHT TO OWN AND BEAR ARMS? I read one comment somewhere, where one man said a revolution was not the answer…….it “is too messy”. Yes, messy it is. But tell me, the situation we are now in, is it not even MESSIER?! We are broke, we are being led into “slavery” of the worst kind, where we will do what we are told, or face even worse consequences by our KING! By the Dictator in office, if he has his way. Is this what any of us Patriotic Americans, we FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS, really want? I know I can only speak for myself, but I can tell you, not only no, but HELL NO! If I decide I want a gun, I WANT THE RIGHT TO GO TO MY LOCAL GUN SHOP AND GET ONE!!! And, I do not want a government official to tell me I cannot have one, nor do I want anyone coming to my door and taking what BELONGS TO ME!!! I work for what I have, and I want to KEEP WHAT I EARN! I want more of my money IN MY POCKET! I am sick of being TAXED TO DEATH FOR LIVING! My mother had a saying about being a Christian…..”until you get sick of sin, you will not change”. Until we get SICK TO DEATH OF BEING SO DEMEANED, WE WILL NOT CHANGE A THING! Until we all, ALL OF US, get sick of what Washington is doing to us and our rights as citizens, we will not change things. Are we SICK ENOUGH YET? Do we want even more of our hard earned money going into their pockets, and supporting their soft life styles? Do we want more of our TAX dollars going to every enemy of America, as it has been, and then having our DEFENSES TAKEN AWAY……..OUR DEFENSE=GUNS!!! Are we going to ALLOW our FREEDOM and our DEFENSE TO BE STOLEN, as our RIGHTS TO HEALTH CARE HAS BEEN? As our rights to do anything we like have already been, and are being more so taken away?! I just wonder. What is it going to take to make us GET “MESSY” ABOUT IT!!!!!

  8. Obozo's goal is the establishment of a Josef Stalin style government. Actually it is a George Soros plan with Obozo as his willing puppet. Obamacare is the genocide plan, FEMA camps are the gulags and unions and muslims the enforcers. Wake up people, it is almost upon us – if Obozo is reelected, there is no escape.

  9. Obama Lies says:

    These are the more remote examples of "pocket" anti gun legislation. The more prevalent ones are to outlaw carrying a gun, forcing restraining order respondents to turn over or sell all guns owned, take all guns away from any seizure that are found as part of any arrest whether valid or invalid (and good luck getting them back, it will cost a bundle in atty's fees), various local ordinances that bar or ban possession or ownership in varying circumstances and making any violatin a felony so that the gun owners rights are stripped by making them felons when the conduct was not felonious or even criminal ab initio.

  10. We all gonna cower like pussies if this happens, or will we stand up for our Constitutional rights. Oasshole said the Constitution is outdated, It doesn’t apply to him anyway. He’s not an American citizen.

  11. The USA federal government, corporate USA and the HORDE of all-powerful bureaucrats and bureaucrats that isolate our ruler-masters from We, the People are FAR greater threats to our freedom(s) than ALL foreign foes combined.

    And that is one Disgruntled Old Coots opinion.

    "There's class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning."

  12. The issue and its discussion is really intresting.Like to read articles like this.Looking forward for more such articles.

  13. Look what Walmart is doing on Gun Control..
    Read it here:

  14. IMPEACHMENT of Obama WARNS Texas Congressman Reagan if Obama moves on guns<ahref=""&gt; Video here:

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