Bachmann Tells Harry Reid “His Reign Is Over”

Congresswoman and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann addressed a large audience on the last day of CPAC Saturday. The Western Center for Journalism was there as the congresswoman brought direct messages to Democrat leaders.

She recalled Barack Obama’s 2008 promise to “fundamentally transform” this nation.

“Well, check that box,” Bachmann said of his goal. “What he’s actually transformed was our constitutional system of checks and balances.”

While it is clear Obama has a “high opinion of himself,” she highlighted the audacity of a chief executive who believes the powers given to the legislative and judicial branches actually exist to enhance his own ability to rule by decree.

“The president also transformed our healthcare system into a plus-size bureaucracy,” she said, which puts “plutocrats … in the middle of patients and doctors.”

His next goal, she explained, is “transforming our immigration system.”

Bachmann rallied the audience with her insistence that the “last thing conservatives should do is help the president pass the biggest goal of his second term — and that’s amnesty.”

The political right has always championed legal immigration, she explained, and should continue to do so.

“We allow over one million people into this country every year,” she continued, “and we should give ourselves a round of applause for that.”

Conservatives should demand, however, that immigrants obey the same rule of law by which all Americans are expected to abide.

“Mr. President,” she said, “I hope you’re listening; because that goes especially for you.”

She lamented the fact that 20 million unemployed or underemployed Americans are forced to compete for jobs with those in this country illegally. It is now time for conservatives to take the lead in determining the pathway for America’s future.

“Will we become a country of growth and opportunity, or will we become a country of dependency and the welfare state?” she asked.

It is foolish, Bachmann asserted, to expect our current crop of leftist leaders to further the cause of liberty.

“When you consider the president’s absolute and utter disregard for the Constitution,” she said, “there’s no reason to trust him to enforce the laws on the books.”

While it might be “tempting to look ahead to a new president in 2016,” she encouraged conservatives to rally in the common pursuit of congressional victories similar to those that accompanied the Tea Party insurgency of 2010.

“Taking the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hand on the first Tuesday in November is going to feel pretty darn sweet,” she said. “We need to tell Harry Reid that his reign is over.”

If the right can adequately present a unified message of “constitutionally limited government, free enterprise, [and] strong families,” she said, such an outcome is all but inevitable.

This nation, Bachmann concluded, has survived many hardships in its storied history. “We will survive Barack Obama, too.”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I hope Michele Bachmann is right and come november Dingy Harry gets his ass handed to him by the republicans.Dingy is a thief who used his senate position to become a multimillionaire along with his family.I'm willing to bet that the weasel if he gets beat will quit.

  2. at 76 he need s to die
    and get out of our life

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Reid violated Article 1, Section 7, which states that all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, by the introduction of obamacarelessjobkiller! The new "keep your plan fix", is going to cost a lot of money to only implement for only 1 year. Who is going to pay the insurers to do this? of course, the taxpayers, obama's piggy bank! And the point is mute anyway, since ReidiculousO’sBitch says everyone who lost their plan and doctors are just lying! So far in 6 years of Obnarcissist, ReidiculousO’sBitch has motioned to table over 40 bills and put $100 million on waivers, now the little prick only needs 51 votes to pass nominees. We desperately need shorter term limits or bounties to get rid of the congressional scum like ReidiculousO’sBitch!

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