Awkward: Hillary Is Not Happy When This Guy Asks Her To Inscribe Book For Benghazi Victim Chris Stevens

During one of the stops on her Hard Choices book tour in DC this week, Hillary Clinton was approached by Jason Mattera, who asked her to sign a copy of her memoir for him. Except, he did not ask for her to make it out to his name, but rather to Christopher Stevens, adding, “I think you knew him.”

Christopher Stevens was the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, and one of the four Americans murdered when Jihadists struck two U.S. outposts in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. This attack took place on Clinton’s watch.

When Hillary realized what was going on, she said, “Yeah, I’m not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens.” To which Mattera responded, “What difference does it make?” – referring to the unpopular 2013 Senate statement made by Clinton before the Foreign Relations Committee.

Via the Daily Surge:

Mattera, the publisher of Daily Surge, also noted during their exchange that Hillary’s security detail appears to be larger than what Ambassador Stevens was provided in Benghazi. Clinton’s entourage filled up a town car, two SUVs, and consisted of security personnel from the building she had just exited.

It appears Hillary did end up signing the book for him, and walked away seemingly unaffected by the exchange, telling Mattera, “I think it’d be great if you read it. I think if you read it you’ll enjoy it.”

Well played, Jason. Well played.

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