Awesome: This Huge Grocery Chain Just Told Anti-Gun Activists To Mind Their Own Business

Photo Credit: dirtyblueshirt (Flickr)

Moms Demand Action has its crosshairs on another target. After its victories at Target, Sonic, and Chipotle, they are targeting Kroger to get the supermarket chain to prohibit guns in the stores.

Moms Demand Action points to 12 shootings in or around a Kroger since 2012, The Huffington Post reports, as the main reason for the prohibition.

In the meantime, Kroger spokesman Keith Dailey says the company does not intend to change its policy.

From the Huffington Post:

“Millions of customers are present in our busy grocery stores every day and we don’t want to put our associates in a position of having to confront a customer who is legally carrying a gun,” Daily said.

“We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

Let us not forget what happened right after Target changed its policy. Three men in Gainesville, Florida swarmed on a Target shopper in the parking lot in an attempt to rob him at gunpoint.

Open carry activists insist that a sign merely saying “guns aren’t welcome” will not affect criminals in the slightest–but only force law-abiding, legally-carrying citizens to leave their guns at home.

Unless criminals all of a sudden gain a fondness for rules…

What do you think? Let us know.

Photo Credit: dirtyblueshirt (Flickr)

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  1. Agnes Tillerson says:

    Just another reason for me to keep shopping at Kroger. Thank you Kroger for keeping your store out of the political correctness arena and focusing on your customers and workers along of course, your products.

  2. Thank you Kroger (and, Fry's)

  3. Thank you Kroger, wishing we had one in my town!

  4. guess where I'm shopping from now on… Kroger the Pro-American grocery store…

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's so nice to hear a store or other businesses to tell these assholes against guns to shove it up their asses.I shop Kroeger and now I'l shop their knowing I can carry.

  6. Finally! Thank you Kroger for showing some common sense! Mom's Demand Action should go home and take care of their own business instead of minding everybody else's. And, yes, I am a Mom.

  7. Thank you Kroger for having common sense.

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