Authorities Deny Terrorism Was Behind Deadly Subway Derailment

Train Derailed

Twenty passengers were killed and more than 100 others injured when a subway train derailed Tuesday morning in Moscow. The incident came about four years after 39 were killed in a Dagestan subway bombing.

According to local authorities, however, terrorism is not believed to have been a factor in this crash. Though authorities are not certain what the cause was, reports indicate a power outage, mechanical failure, or an emergency stop malfunction was likely to blame.

For those on board, the jolting crash was a horrific experience – even for those not seriously injured.

“I was flung into the center of the wagon,” one passenger reported. “A panic ensued. The train literally was torn apart, the wagons crumpled and a lot of people were injured and some wound up squeezed” in the wreckage.

Another survivor recalled “sudden braking” combined with darkness, smoke and sparks.

“Everybody was thrown to one side,” the passenger said.

First responders were quick on the scene, local reports state. Helicopters were employed to evacuate the injured as the streets were clogged with rush hour traffic. Many of the injured remain in very serious condition.

The death toll has steadily increased since the crash was first reported.

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    let the Russians worry about russia we have our own terrorists and their names are Obuma & Holder

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