Video: Watch What Happens When She Takes Out The Bad Guy

A criminal would be stupid to take on this young lady. He won’t last long. Thank God we still live in a land where the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is protected.

Video: Watch MSNBC: Are Christian Men Homoerotic?

In this excerpt from MSNBC, Michael Eric Dyson claims when Christian men say they “love” Jesus it “sounds interestingly homoerotic”. The double standard of bigotry displayed by this network is beyond belief. The comments made by the left against Christians is more aggressive and vicious by the moment.

Video: National Embarrassment 900,000 Veterans on Food Stamps

Obama and the Republicans in Congress locked arms to strip our veterans of earned pension benefits while 900,000 of these heroes, many wounded subsist on handouts and food stamps. This is a national embarrassment.

Video: Watch Edward Snowden Talk To World

Channel 4 in Britain gave infamous NSA contractor Edward Snowden some airtime for an “alternative” Christmas message. It behooves us all to listen to his warnings. While we don’t agree with his tactics and activities, you have to agree he has brought an issue of vital importance to the world’s attention.

Video: Twitter Blocked Users From Linking To Pro-Phil Robertson Website

Conservative and Christian websites often have more problems being blocked that porn websites. Nearly all of the largest social media and Silicon Valley companies are controlled by allies of Barack Obama and big government. To find conservative websites you have to go out of your way. Thank God we still are online.