Sheriff Clarke: The Constitution Does Not Prevent Horrific Acts Done By Human Beings

Within hours of the horrific on-air shooting of two TV journalists in Virginia, prominent Democrats tried to politicize the tragedy by calling for greater federal gun control.

President Barack Obama:

What we know, is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke threw the book at liberals for what he called their shameless attempt to exploit the shocking murders.

Shame on the left, shame on the Democrats for once again exploiting misery and tragedy to pursue a political agenda. Shame on the President of the United States to invoke terrorism into this horrific incident that happened in Virginia.

Sheriff Clarke pointed to the U.S. Constitution in his argument that Democrats are using grief as a motivator to restrict liberty.

This document, the Constitution, protects freedom and liberty. It does not prevent horrific acts done by human beings.

Sheriff Clarke insists that the law enforcement community already knows how to prevent gun violence.

You identify the bad guys, you arrest the bad guys, you adjudicate them and once they’re convicted, you lock them up for the longest period of time allowed by law.

The Wisconsin Sheriff sharply criticized President Obama’s reaction to the murders on live television.

This was a chance for the president to bring the country together, and once again, the divider-in-chief goes out and further separates us.

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Ann Coulter Has Hope For America Again

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has hope for America again now that Donald Trump is running as a Republican candidate for president. The author of Adios America introduced Mr. Trump at Tuesday evening’s Iowa campaign stop.

Since Donald Trump has announced that he’s running for president, I’ve felt like I’m dreaming. I can’t believe I turn on TV and prime time TV every night they’re talking about anchor babies. They’re talking about sanctuary cities. They’re talking about Mexican rapists.

Ms. Coulter has hope again for America now that Donald Trump is running for president.

I have not had this much hope for America since November 7, 2012. No particular reason. I was just rather depressed that day.

God hasn’t given up on America yet.

Coulter mocked Democrats for their use of phrasing.

Apparently liberals think ‘anchor baby’ isn’t pleasant sounding. They prefer words like ‘aborted baby.’ But I have an idea: How about… How about ‘anvil babies?’ Because that’s what anchor babies are around the necks of the American taxpayer.

Coulter took a jab at the Republican Party’s strategy of avoiding conflict.

The Republican Party’s typical position is to preemptively surrender whenever liberals start yelling, ‘Ooh, that’s mean, you can’t use that word.’ Oh, I did not realize The New York Times had made a finding that anchor baby is racist. Henceforth, I shall not use it.

Well, they found something new with Donald Trump. No, he said ‘I’ll use anchor baby.’ And now Americans are finding out about, not only the policy of anchor babies, but the policies of these speech Nazis.

And they are going to learn when it comes to Donald Trump, when it comes to Donald Trump maybe they better just keep their mouths shut next time.

Someone yelled from the crowd about the border wall Donald Trump wants to build.

I love the idea of the Great Wall of Trump. I want to have a two-drink minimum. Make it a big world-wide tourist attraction and every day, live drone shows whenever anyone tries to cross the border.

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Donald Trump Ejects Univision Reporter For Being ‘Totally Out Of Line’

Donald Trump was holding a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday when Univision anchor Jorge Ramos interrupted another reporter’s question to the Republican presidential candidate.

Trump: OK, who’s next? Yeah, please.

Ramos: Mr. Trump, I have a question…

Trump: Excuse me. Sit down. You weren’t called. Sit down! Sit down.

Ramos: No, I’m…

Trump: Sit down.

Ramos: I’m a reporter, an immigrant, and a U.S. citizen.

Trump: Sit down!

Ramos: I have the right to ask a question.

Trump: No you don’t. You haven’t been called.

Ramos: I have the right to ask a question.

Trump: Go back to Univision.

Security personnel escorted Mr. Ramos out of the press conference.

Trump: You weren’t called.

Ramos: I’m a reporter and I have… Don’t touch me, sir. Don’t touch me, sir. You cannot touch me. I have the right to ask a question.

Security: Yes, in order of the questions.

Ramos was later allowed back into the room to comment on Trump’s immigration policy.

Trump: Good to have you back.

Ramos: Thank you very much.

Trump: OK

Ramos: So, so here’s the problem with your immigration plan. It’s full of empty promises. You’ll never deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. You cannot deny citizenship to the children of this country.

Speaking to Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show, Trump said Ramos “was totally out of line last night”:

He was totally out of line last night. I was asking and being asked a question from another reporter. I would have gotten to him very quickly. And he stood up and started ranting and raving like a mad man.

Ramos quickly tweeted out a response:

I’m a reporter. My job is to ask questions. What’s “totally out of line” is to eject a reporter from a press conference for asking questions.

POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo tweeted this response about Ramos:

This is bias: taking the news personally, explicitly advocating an agenda.

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Ted Cruz Is Planning A Busy First Day As President

At an Americans For Prosperity event in Columbus, Ohio, Senator Ted Cruz laid out his “Day One” agenda if elected President of the United States.

Senator Cruz tweeted:

January 20, 2017 is going to be a busy day

As President, Ted Cruz’s first priority will be to rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive order.

He’s got a phone and he’s got a pen. You live by the pen – you die by the pen. And my pen has got an eraser!

Cruz intends on investigating Planned Parenthood.

Is to instruct the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and these videos and to prosecute any and all criminal violations by that organization.

If elected President, Ted Cruz will instruct every federal agency to end the persecution of religious liberty.

Is to instruct the Department of Justice and the IRS and every other Federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends TODAY!

On his first day as President, Ted Cruz will stop the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Is to rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal the single greatest national security threat facing America is the threat of a nuclear Iran.

On Day 1, Ted Cruz will move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Is to begin the process of moving the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem the once and eternal capitol of Israel.

Ted Cruz is planning a very busy first day in the Oval Office.

With me, when I tell you I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do exactly what I said I would do!

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Ben Carson Accuses Obama Of Turning His Back On Israel

During a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that Israelis feel that President Barack Obama has turned his back on Israel.

Well, all you have to do, Chris, is like I have, go to Israel and talk to average people, you know, on all ends of that spectrum. And I couldn’t find a single person there who didn’t feel that this administration had turned their back on Israel.

Dr. Carson wrote in a piece in the Jerusalem Post: “By playing politics with a critical national security issue, President Obama is cementing his well-earned legacy as the Divider in Chief.”

Carson told Wallace that the president should unite people rather than criticize them for having a different point of view.

The position of president of United States should be one where you begin to draw people together behind a vision, not one where you castigate those who believe differently from you. I think it’s a possibility for great healing, if it is used in the correct way.

Carson asserted Obama used anti-Semitic themes throughout his August 5th speech at American University.

Shockingly, his diatribe also was replete with coded innuendos employing standard anti-Semitic themes involving implied disloyalty and nefarious influences related to money and power.

Wallace asked Carson to clarify his comments concerning Obama’s alleged anti-Semitism.

I think anything is anti-Semitic that is against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies, and by people who want to destroy them, and to sort of ignore that, and to act like everything is normal there, and that these people are paranoid, I think that’s anti-Semitic.

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