America’s Inner Struggle: Freedom Under Fire

Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

Ever since the founding of the United States of America, the idea that all men were created equal and free has faced scrutiny from those who prefer to live under cradle-to-grave government control.

In the 1700′s, our founders were considered to be rabble rousers and homeland terrorists by the Tories and other factions who were sworn to the king of England. Our founders realized that the unique concept of establishing freedom and liberty for all would take a lot of work and self sacrifice. Thank God they were willing to do it as they were able to establish the longest standing free Republic that the world has ever known. The only tools that they were able to employ at the time were the power of the pen, the pulpit, and, the printing press. Still, with only three percent of the nation’s population supporting them, and by the grace of God, they were able to win our freedom and independence from the king.

In the 1800′s, our country was literally torn in half due to the issue of slavery. Once the fire of freedom caught on to the slaves who were controlled from cradle to grave, they wanted it too. Unfortunately, a group of southern, slave owning Democrats decided that this concept was unacceptable since it threatened the survival of their plantations; and hence, the Ku Klux Klan was born, further launching us into civil war.

In the 1900′s, we witnessed the most fundamental changes in American society as we faced new threats from fascism and communism, again with the goal of controlling the masses from cradle to grave. Sen. Joe Mc Carthy warned us back in the fifties that Hollywood and institutions of higher learning were being infiltrated with communists; but no one headed his warnings, and they ran him out in disgrace. The sixties were wrought with the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King; while at the same time, the race war was being waged in Congress by Democrats to once again limit the rights of the newly freed black man. The sixties communists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, with their Weather Underground group, thought it best to just blow things up and overthrow the government; but a better way was found, without the violence. The communists divided; and hence, the Progressive party was re-born. It was an off-shoot of Teddy Roosevelt’s strategy, this time inspired by the Cloward-Piven strategy of forcing so many people onto a government welfare system that it would become unsustainable and eventually collapse. Their plan was to collapse the economy and then take over the government without even firing a shot. In order to protect this strategy, Saul Alinsky published a book titled “Rules for Radicals” as a guide to destroy any detractors of their plans. On a side note, Bill and Hillary Clinton are members of this New Progressive party.

As we move on to the 2000′s, it would appear that the Cloward-Piven strategy is working perfectly, as well as Alinsky’s tactics. The US economy is on the verge of collapse; welfare recipients now outnumber those who are working; our children are being indoctrinated every day in school by communist-leaning teachers and professors; and anyone who stands up for the US Constitution is being labeled as crazy, out of touch, and a homeland terrorist. Our media is now mostly government-controlled, our churches are preaching social justice, and our children barely even know how to write.

The battle for freedom continues just as it did back in the 1700′s. The ideology has remained the same; it is just that the players have changed. This all boils down to a choice: cradle to grave government enslavement, or the absolute Freedom that our founders envisioned. The tools haven’t even changed all that much either. Those who control the power of the pen, the pulpit, and the printing press will control the masses. As always, my fellow Patriots, may God bless you, stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.


Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

Washington D.C. Drama: As The Stomach Turns

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By now, most of you have noticed that every three to four months or so, America is engaged in a major crisis. This last one over the debt ceiling and government shutdown was laughable, at best. Except for the fact that our Muslim/Communist plant Barack Hussein Obama told his cronies at the National Parks Service to make it as painful for the American people as possible by shutting down our open air war memorials and other national parks.  So why were Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee the only elected officials who chose to stand with the American people against such a travesty? Where were the other 532 elected leaders? Do the American people not matter to them anymore since they have all received their golden tickets to the permanent Washington elite?

If these elected officials actually took the time to meet with those who elected them, and then set their minds to constructing a Federal budget (which we haven’t had now in five years), these dog and pony shows wouldn’t be needed every so often. They no longer heed the will of the American people and haven’t for a very long time. I challenge anyone to even take one look at C-Span for five minutes during Congressional proceedings. No one is in their seats; they are all gathered in their little cliques while Congressional work is being conducted. If your lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of John McCain playing video poker. Is this how the work of the people is supposed to get done? Nothing good ever comes from chaos.

This last little episode of the Washington drama has now cost the American taxpayer another 2-plus billion dollars in order to kick a pork barrel payoff to Mitch McConnell in order to ensure his caving into the will of our communist friends in the White House and the Senate. Yes, Harry Reid, this means you also. This whole thing is nothing more than an attempt to destroy the few left in Congress who actually stand up for the US Constitution and the American people; otherwise, all 535 of them would have been out there tearing down the barricades and allowing our Veterans to pass through with dignity.

It appears to me at this point that the Washington Elite establishment has much better writers than “Law and Order”. The problem is, there is no law (that pertains to them), and there certainly is NOT any order. As always, fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.


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Extremists, Anarchists And “Counterfeit” Patriots

statue of liberty 239x300 Extremists, Anarchists and Counterfeit Patriots

It’s perplexing to see how many people these days claim that they stand up for America, but when the time comes to actually do something,they have other plans. Unfortunately, those who do choose to take a stand for the Constitution are demonized as extremists and anarchists.

Here are some thoughts to ponder. Do you believe that America is a Democracy as so many of our elected leaders tell us? Do you believe that the Federal Government was established to be a safety net for all? Do you believe that America should have her borders open for all to come here to find a better life at the governments expense? Do you believe that the government is the soul source of protection for average Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic? Do you believe that the government should be in control of our schools, our food, our health care, and our industry? Do you believe that government should be getting involved in nation building abroad? Well, if you believe any of these things, you are by no means a Patriot. You are part of the problem.

You see, America was founded as a Constitutional Representative Republic. We did not cede the power of the people to our elected representatives. We elected them to exercise our power as prescribed by our founding documents. The US Constitution was not written to tell the government what they could do, it was written to tell the government what they cannot do. Now, through the use of executive orders and court orders by liberal judges who supposedly exercise the rule of law, the Constitution is being eroded at every turn.

Why is this happening? Because of the uneducated, so called Patriots. Do you know what the Constitution says? Or the Declaration of Independence? Do you know that the power over your own destiny lies with you and not your government? Did you know that it is your God given right to be an American? Do you know that our Founding Fathers fought and died for the very Freedom and Liberty that we are now allowing to be stolen from us by the people we have elected?

Jesus spoke at great length in the New Testament about the parable of the seed. The one that was cast amongst the thorns and was immediately choked, or the one that was cast upon the rocks and stood tall and flourished for only a short time, or the one that was planted in fertile soil and stood tall and strong, being able to weather any storm. My point is this: do you just not care and think your government will take care of you from cradle to grave, or are you just the occasional flag waver who comes out on Memorial Day and Independence Day, or are you deeply rooted in the Founding Documents for the cause of true Freedom and Liberty?

Choose you this day, whom you shall serve. A bloated,out of  control, self serving government?  Or the greatest, Constitutional Republic ever known to the world which has survived for over 230 years? Always remember fellow Patriots, Freedom wasn’t and still isn’t free. As always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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Gov. Cuomo: New York State Is Open For Business…REALLY?

Andrew Cuomo SC Gov. Cuomo: New York State Is Open For Business...REALLY?

As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo  runs around touting the huge technological advances that the state has made through the creation of high tech jobs, one thing stands clear. His administration is plainly missing the point on what is needed in order to sustain the industrial complex in the state.

Granted, Cuomo was able to bring chip manufacturer Global Foundries to upstate New York, but only after promises of millions of dollars in tax breaks. The Albany college of nano-tech has just undergone major construction and has been touted as the cutting edge in technology (and was even visited by President Obama.)

With our own silicon valley being developed here in New York state, why are our elected leaders disregarding the role that we could play in the development of the F-35 stealth fighter?  China (with the help of Bill Clinton) and Russia are currently developing fighter aircraft far superior to what we have today. The F-35 is the cutting edge of technological advances and would be able to counter the advances of other countries.

We have the capability and the workforce to not only build a supply chain, but to also lead in the development of the F-35. Just as our elected leaders are dragging their feet on hydrofracking, which has brought a boom so big to North Dakota that it even has the Saudis worried, they don’t seem to have any interest in the F-35 development as well.

Our congressional delegation, especially Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the leadership this state needs by supporting and fully funding the F-35 program.

Just these two things alone could have a huge, positive economic impact on the state of New York. Is it that our leaders do not have any faith in workers of New York state? Or is it that they are worried about their own ideological political skins? Well, you decide. As always, fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.


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Obama’s D.C. Crime Syndicate

Yellow Crime Tape 300x161 Obamas D.C. Crime Syndicate

As we Americans continuously scratch our heads as to why our elected officials go to Washington D.C. with our best intentions at heart and eventually lose their souls to the beltway machine, one thing stands clear. There is a much greater, unseen power at work.

It brings to mind a conversation that I had with a NYC resident one day when I was out on a motorcycle ride. I had stopped at a gas station to have a soda when he pulled in. He came over with intentions of doing the same and we ended up engaging in conversation about the 2008 upcoming Presidential election. As I voiced my concerns about no one knowing who Barack Hussein Obama was and whether or not he was even qualified to run for President, this gentleman offered another perspective.

His first comment was that Obama was part of the Chicago crime syndicate. He stated that as things un-folded, America would see how instrumental the unions would be in his election and how any opposition to him would be quashed. He assured me that we would see things happen in America that we would have never thought were possible and that if Obama was placed in the highest position of power, that the course of American history would be changed forever.

You see, Al Capone made his mark on American history through the use of extorsion and black mail. He was able to keep law enforcement, federal judges and politicians in his pocket in order to maintain his power base in Chicago and to avoid prosecution. Are things any different now? I now believe that my new found friend was correct.

As the Obama regime has progressed in the past five years, we have seen socialized health care happen, a 2 million dollar extorsion of BP, illegal gun running in Mexico and Libya, a bankrupting of the United States Treasury while money is given to our enemies in the middle east, and an onslought of cronie capitalism. But, our elected officials remain not only silent, but complacent as well. Why?

With the recent revelations of NSA spying on not only the media, but the average U.S. citizen as well, it is not a far stretch to imagine that the muslim/communist plant Obama, through his full use of the government alphabet agencies, has brought Chicago syndicate like tactics to the office of the Presidency. I believe that he has dug up so much dirt on our elected officials that they are either forced to comply with his wishes, or be destroyed.

Just take a look at how Patraeus or Hamm were taken down. Look at the spineless cowards Boehner, Mc Cain, Graham or even Chief Justice Roberts. The work of the American people has been set aside in order for them to save their own political skin. The roots of the Chicago crime syndicate have reached deep into our government to a point where these tactics have become the norm. I fear that the discussion that I had with this gentleman back in 2007 was spot on. As always my fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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