In The Event Of “Possible” Government Tyranny, People Are Now Banding Together Nationwide

Tea Party In The Event Of Possible Government Tyranny, People Are Now Banding Together Nationwide

I’ve heard people say that they think we’re “lucky” that we have not had an attempted “takeover” of this country by a wannabe dictator. And current events taking place in the Obama Regime (including the fact that he has surrounded himself with Islamists and Marxist operatives), as well as the attempt to disarm law abiding citizens has people no longer just taking our freedom for granted. It seems that comfortable complacency in the minds of many in this country has become a thing of the past.

A wise man once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” And while I personally don’t believe in luck, I definitely believe in the value of preparation. In the event that OUR Government ever tries to take over this country by force, We The People better be prepared.

Americans have often wondered what would happen if they were ever threatened by a Tyrannical takeover by the government, and concern over such a thing happening has skyrocketed over the past 5 years in the minds of many Americans.

There is nothing “illegal” about Americans preparing for the possibility. And no matter who the “Leader” is in the White House, it is something that needs to be addressed because the “possibility” of some wannabe dictator wanting to take over this country exists and has always existed. This is why the Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution the way they did.

Most of us don’t even know much about our own Constitution and the reasoning and brilliance behind its development. Read the Federalist Papers and other writings from our Founders; they knew we would want to move towards socialism, and so they wrote the Constitution the best they could to prevent that.

We need an independent network that can’t be switched off, though. You know as soon as there is any kind of real uprising, all civilian communications will be stopped (or at least monitored) to make regrouping difficult.

Well, one thing is for sure: Americans are hearing talk in various reports, and word has it at least 85% of our military would be behind the people if the people have exhausted all legal means available and/or are ever in a position to have to overthrow a “tyrannical government.” (Here’s an idea for any wannabe kings: don’t try to rule by “tyranny”, and you have nothing to worry about).

Did you all check out the 1.2 million bikers and other Patriots (the numbers now connected are growing each new day) who converged on DC on 9/11? They have taken upon the task of exchanging contact info with each other in order to come together at any given moment in the event that tyrannical evil tries to take over our country. Oh, and 99% of the law enforcement agencies along the way not only gave them escorts to and from, but also took the time to cheer them on along the way!

I believe that is one of the reasons for the attempted “division” in this country. People see it for what it is and have been wanting to join together as a result, but didn’t know where to begin. Now, that problem has been solved. One more thing that was discussed among the Patriots/Bikers: there’s a reason why all communication has become digital. Digital can be shut down, but keep in mind that the MANY old methods of communicating cannot.

Hopefully, the American people will never have to take this kind of action; but at least now they would stand a chance of remaining free in the event of such a thing happening.

An On-The-Ground Report From The “Million Muslim March”

Muslim Americans 620x350 An On The Ground Report From The Million Muslim March

Most of the day, I stood with around 50,000 Patriots (The DC police had counted over a million of us total in the City by 1pm) on the West Capitol Lawn, waiting for POTUS to come out and make another speech on Syria.

Word has it Obama got wind of our presence and, like the little feckless man he is, decided to go out the opposite side of the building to make a short, hurried little 9/11 speech before putting his head between his legs and scurrying back inside

We were waiting to hear which movie caused the chemical attack in Syria, or whether it was actually a phony attack. Maybe Hillary would make an appearance and ask “What difference does it make?”, but they never acknowledged our presence other than to send out some Federal Police in full riot gear to bother some of our peace/freedom loving patriots/bikers in one of the parks.

Seriously, it’s apparently okay to take our ambassador, rape him with foreign objects, drag his dead body all over town, and even kill 100,000 in this little ‘rebellion.’ But oh man, some Al Qaeda “rebels” spread some chemicals around, and wow, it’s time for bombing their opponent Assad.

For those who do not know, our original goal was to shut down the Million Muslim Terrorists March; and I’m happy to report to you that it WAS a GREAT SUCCESS!!

At last count, there were maybe a dozen or so Muslims (total) that showed up!

Here’s an alternative headline:

“‘Million Muslim March’ a Virtual No-Show in Nation’s Capital”

Syria: This Is Your Brain On Demo-Crack

Obama Runs More To Left SC Syria: This is your brain on Demo Crack

Lefties are strange people.

They celebrate things like Planned Parenthood (which are in the business of killing children), and they complain about people who care enough about protecting themselves (and children) that they choose to legally carry a firearm. And then these same lefties turn around and act like they wanna protect children.

Liberal Logic: They are against arming guards/teachers in schools to protect children, but they have no problem arming adults in abortion clinics to protect other adults who are killing children.

Now we have this situation in Syria.

OK, so let me get this straight. On 9/11/2013, the Senate will vote on going to war in Syria on the side of the same group of Muslim Terrorists who attacked us on 9/11/01 (Al Qaeda). And the Democrat majority in said Senate say they support joining the Muslim Terrorists, so it is expected to pass.

Makes you wanna run right out and become a lefty, doesn’t it?

Analyzing Obama’s MLK Speech

Obama MLK Content Of Character Gauge SC Analyzing Obamas MLK speech

It was a short speech. It stopped short of 1,600 words – a point at which many public figures who have far less to say are just getting warmed up.

King possessed the great advantage of having character on his side. The same cannot be said of certain other mesmerizing orators. Obama, Sharpton, et al. come most immediately to mind, which makes their oratory sound repugnant, not compelling.

Freedom needs no lengthy explanation. It needs no five-year plan, or 10-point agenda, or 30-percent tax, or 200-person bureaucracy. Freedom asks for none of those things. In fact, it doesn’t ask for anything – except to be left in peace. One word would have sufficed…”Freedom”

MLK and BHO did/do not see the path to equal opportunity through the same light. To compare the two, listen to a couple of MLKs speeches: take the Street Sweeper speech, for example, and listen to how MLK always says that growth starts with the individual, and be the best you can be; that will create a great society of equal opportunity.

BHO chastises the individual, and he instead talks about “society” and the collective (collective is a socialist word). It’s sad that the left is making MLK a commodity and a political tool because his dream is real and achievable if we all would stop putting our hands out and strive to be the best at whatever we happen to do or be.

Obama’s attempt to act like he cares at all about MLK is a pathetic one, considering what he has intentionally done to race relations in the US.

He also had a dream, and his dream came true.

Barack Obama took 50 years of Martin Luther King’s hard work and destroyed it!

Obama’s Latest Attempt To Overwhelm The System

Obama Feeds America SC Obamas Latest Attempt To Overwhelm The System

If you are a business owner, you are well aware that President Obama has imposed over 6,000 new regulations on businesses in just 90 days. This doesn’t even begin to address the massive amount of regulations imposed over the last 4 years. The bigger picture is that it’s all part of his plan to “OVERWHELM” the system.

Karl Marx said that capitalism will eventually fail and that communism is the solution and end game. He says you can wait for that to happen, or you can accelerate the process by overwhelming the system and destroying capitalism. There will be so much chaos that it is easy to take away rights and take control as the government savior.

Once that occurs, you implement communism. This process can only be understood by the “enlightened” government leaders (Obama and the like). The masses are too stupid and ignorant to understand how good communism will be for them, so they need to be forced down that path, by any and all means possible. Lie, deceive, create class and race warfare issues, and use catastrophes (and if there are none, make some up; the ends justify the means.) That is why every time Obama speaks about anything, you will notice that it is always very dramatic (and the world will end if we don’t do it right away.) Examples include Obamacare and his “Jobs bill.”

If the progression is not fast enough, then Karl Marx says you need to kill people to help the greater good achieve “enlightenment”. That is why in Russia, they killed 60 million of their own people, for the greater good. Of course, the greater good is so the top 3% in government leadership can have all power and wealth and remove all means for the masses to ever be able to topple them, including taking all rights, removing all weapons, and eliminating religion.

To deflect those who say that Obama is not a Marxist..

His favorite college professors are Marxists, his favorite books were written by Marxists, his parents and grandparents were Marxists, their friends were Marxists, and his administration is full of Marxists. I know they don’t like that term; it is “progressives” now.

As dumb as he seems, I actually believe he knows what he is doing. The unfortunate part is that we don’t think it could ever happen here, and we don’t know enough about communism to realize what is happening.

Most of us don’t even know much about our own Constitution and the reasoning and brilliance behind its development.

Read the Federalist Papers and other writings from our Founders; they knew we would want to move towards socialism, and so they wrote the Constitution the best they could to prevent that.

Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

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