Beyonce: Another Classless Attacker Of All Things Christian

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When Beyoncé spread herself out in front of the figure of Jesus in the magnificent “Last Supper” painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Miami’s South Beach over this spiritual season, she delivered yet another cruel slap in the face of Christians. She even had the hubris to Instagram it in order to get yet another list of her followers sealed in cyberspace.  Beyoncé blocking out a picture of our Lord; Beyoncé trivializing the horrible Challenger disaster; last year’s Satanic images in her Super Bowl 2013 half time show.  Why are she and her handlers doing this?

Here are some more significant images depicted in the lyrics of her husband Jay-Z’s song “Magna Carta:”. . .”Till it runneth over, Holy Grail.” He tells his listeners that “you’re so unfair, sipping from the cup.”  Wikipedia tells us that according to legend, the Holy Grail caught the blood of Jesus as Joseph was interring Him.  The title of these Jay-Z lyrics, “Magna Carta,” contains even more offensive allusions for Christians.  The Magna Carta also inspired the US Constitution. But is Jay-Z playing on the notion that this document was written in English common law for “free men,” not serfs?  No, instead, I feel that these people are playing out the 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over America from within because our Constitution and our Country alone stand in the way of the takeover by one world collectivists; and that’s what the liberals/progressives want.

Let’s try to help Jay-Z crack the code as he emotes: “I’m in this maze with you.”  Putting himself and his wife in the same syntax as images of our spirituality and Christian beliefs is offensive, and could be deliberate.  Changing out images of beloved icons such as the Last Supper painting metaphorically spits on our moral imperatives and codes of Christian conduct.  Even Astronaut Tom Jones decried the hurtful use of the very painful Challenger announcement as Beyoncé trivializes a real American tragedy.

Since the  Youtube video explaining all of the Beyoncé Satanic symbols in her Super Bowl show is “not available,” let’s consider what another website tells us:  “. .don’t let her and her music within 500 miles of your children.”  Just look at the eyes in the singer’s photo as her “spirit guide”, Sasha Fierce, takes over her body as Beyoncé herself admits.  Flashing the triangle sign, wearing a bustier covered with a head of a goat with long horns, and costumed in a triangle shaped outfit, Sasha (nee Beyoncé) certainly was inflicting more than football onto millions of trapped viewers and sports’ fans.  A Gallup poll recently revealed that 3/4ths of all Americans call themselves Christians, so what better place to reach as many of these religious followers than at the Super Bowl?

These people performed for an Obama fundraiser that reportedly cost $40,000 to attend. A photo op of the couple with the president shows Beyoncé gazing up at the Leader with eyes of adoration! But one commenter calls them out: “Hey-Beyoncé–if you are really so cool, do this  with Mohammed or even the Ayatolla Khomeni’s pictures.”  In other words, try defiling Muslim symbols instead of Christian symbols, and see how far you get.  In another photo, Jay-Z sports a “Do What Thou Wilt” Biblical message on his shirt.  He tells us on another post that hey, he’s an entertainer, that he really doesn’t pay much attention to people being upset, and that he may push our buttons.

So the American Way is being pummeled by this obscenely wealthy duo, who reportedly dropped $100,000 in a private VIP club in Atlanta two days after Christians celebrated the birth of Christ.  Take a closer look at how we are being molded, coerced, and desensitized to the tenets of our Christian faith.  It is being attacked every day in ways never imagined by our founding fathers, who used Christianity as the basis for creating our democratic freedoms and founding documents so threatened today!

Photo credit: Ana Kelston (Creative Commons)

Stunning Report: Abortion Leading Cause Of Death In America

Abortion II

Barack Obama’s administration is “the most rabid pro-abortion administration in US History,” according to the recent Christian Action News.  As the 41st anniversary of Roe V. Wade approaches on January 22, the question is asked by the editors: “In a nation that regularly polls as majority pro-life, how on God’s green earth have we not been able to end the killings:”

Abortion is now the leading cause of death in the US, with  1,310,000 pre-born innocent human beings ripped apart in their mothers’ wombs either by hard cold scissors rammed into the back of their skulls or by burning saline baths or by some other horrific method of death.  This article, also, points out that “98% of abortions are for CONVENIENCE!”  Pope John Paul II best summed up why abortion is so wrong when he said, “It is difficult to imagine a more unjust situation, and it is very difficult to speak of obsession in a matter such as this, where we are dealing with a fundamental imperative of every good conscience–the DEFENSE OF THE RIGHT TO LIFE OF AN INNOCENT AND DEFENSELESS HUMAN BEING.”

But to liberal judges, liberal feminists, our mainstream media and liberals in general who rigidly cling to Justice Harry Blackmun’s penumbra of privacy that millions of adults worldwide use as their legal OK to terminate pregnancies, perhaps a viewing of this shocking video that is banned on youtube and Facebook will change some cruel hearts and minds.  Go to, “This is Abortion” to see what really happens when a baby is killed in what once was the safest place on earth to be, a mother’s womb.  The yellow and black warning label warns viewers of graphic, disturbing images. But perhaps we NEED to get disturbed.  By the way, some Black pastors warn parishioners that abortion kills blacks over and above the national statistics. But their message, like this video, is stifled by a media that refuse to tell Americans what really happens when a baby is killed.  Demographic suicide is a term this newspaper article uses to denounce countries like South Korea which “has the highest abortion rate in the world–1.5 million abortions per year for a population of 49 million–about seven times higher than the rate in the US.”

We need to pause to contemplate how our media gods could fail to realize the enormity of what they are doing by failing to show what really happens in an abortion.  The editorial that appeared in one of South Florida’s very liberal newspapers on Christmas Eve may give readers some perspective into the mindset of one American editorialist.  PALM BEACH POST editorial writer Andrew Marra ( castigates Governor Rick Scott’s administration for refusing to allow the display of a falling angel by the Satanic Temple of New York.  “Where exactly is the problem,” Marra asks of Governor Scott?

The satanic themed decoration was rejected because it was “grossly offensive” and would have been placed near Christianity’s Nativity Scene in the Florida state capitol.  Marra equates the display of the satanic fallen angel depiction with the display of Christ’s birth because the right of free speech requires a “content-neutral” application.  Here we have a content neutral approach to humanity’s goodness vs. evil and as our culture slides deeper and deeper into its culture of death, the media gods are winning.  These culture neutral gods have control of the vast US, bi-coastal media-entertainment complex and we are fed their sickness day after day, year after year.  More babies who are womb murdered are replaced on screen with over-the-top pictures of dogs and cats being “loved” by tv actors who show care for animals, but who ignore human suffering.

The media’s religions of Pantheism and Zoolatry (the worship of animals) can not see God in a baby in its mother’s womb, but can feature love of animals. When the left grabbed control of our courts and media institutions, the lives of millions of American babies not even yet conceived, were sentenced to horrible deaths we never are allowed to see.  Instead, we see humans kissing dogs, cats, pushing them in baby carriages in images that just do not seem right.

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With Obama’s Blessing, Nation’s Water Supply Disappearing

Obama Official Portrait SC

Shocking statistics surfacing about record busting, low water levels in America’s Great Lakes make no mention of the sale of fresh water supplies by private companies to China, or of President Obama’s executive order and the legal loophole allowing these sales.  “Two of the Great Lakes have hit their lowest water levels EVER RECORDED,” the US Army Corps of Engineers reported early this year. Corps measurements taken in January of 2013 “show Lake Huron and Lake Michigan have reached their lowest ebb since record keeping began in 1918.”  The chief watershed hydrology expert warns Americans that “We’re in an extreme situation.”  Keith Kompoltowicz heads up the corps district office in Detroit as hand wringing, citizen angst, and shippers’ economic losses pile up.

“Plunging water levels are beyond anyone’s control,” says another expert, James Weakley. But in one of our most popular posts, last year we warned, “Lake Michigan water is being shipped by boat loads over to China!  By using a little known loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama minions are allowing Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan to the tune of an estimated $500,000 to $1.8 million per day profit.” Recent heavy rains and snowfall may mitigate low Lake Michigan water levels somewhat, but this trend must be stopped NOW.

President George W. Bush signed into law safeguards for maintaining Great Lakes water, but clever corporate profiteers enabled by Obama Regime bureaucrats discovered this unnoticed loophole. By terming Great Lakes water a COMMODITY, they are selling it off to companies like Nestle for very low prices.  These water profiteers quickly realized a staggering “240 times markup, well over current production costs,” we reported. And so our American Great Lakes, which hold 20% of the world’s fresh water, is flowing into Asia.

This week, we received a blast Email from a citizens’ group up in arms about the privatization of US water supplies. “Water isn’t a human right,” according to one water profiteer who seeks to privatize and commodify our public resources. The bulletin continues, “From Pakistan to Canada, Nestle is busy draining millions of liters of our fresh water. . .in order to sell back to the public at record prices.”  Interestingly, Canada won an ambitious lawsuit stopping Nestle from draining our Lakes during a drought.  However, American plaintiffs are nowhere to be found.  This citizens’ letter asks us to remember President Obama’s Executive Order 13547, which is part of his Ocean Policy Initiative and the UN’s Law of the Sea treaty (L.O.S.T.)  Unless we ordinary voters and water drinkers step up to the proverbial plate on this crisis, water will be under the control of globalists and their private profiteers.

America’s Water Wars are an under-reported crime again us.  Four dams slated for permanent destruction, a red question mark over Hoover Dam’s future, the San Joaquin Valley, the sin of what was done to America’s breadbasket (namely California’s Central Valley), and now our revered Great Lakes and their massive watershed are under the crosshairs of government gone wild.  Citizens dedicated to keeping America’s water within our shores desperately need your attention and support. Go to to find out more.  Will you be saving your quarters in a piggy bank shaped like a fish to give to your grandchildren so they can put money into the coin slot by their kitchen faucets just to get a drink of water per day?

Wolves Kill Female Hikers, Liberals Cover It Up


Surfacing this week are two seemingly unrelated events, but both carry the glaring theme of the federal government’s gross intrusion into the private lives of families and into the workings of local and state governments nationwide.  The long tentacles of the US Department of Justice appear to be stifling parental dissent against Common Core, while the US Department of Fish and Wildlife continues to force predatory wolf packs into already inundated Western rural communities and wilderness areas.

The recent disappearance and death of two female hikers in and around the Boise, ID Craters of the Moon hiking trails are causing outrage among residents who fear a massive scale cover up of what really happened to the two women.  The body of Amy Linkert has been found, but attempts to find out what really happened to Dr. JoElliot-Blakeslee, an employee of the Oregon Dept. of Corrections, are hitting major stonewalling by authorities who should be in the know.  Retired US Fish & Wildlife Biologist Jim Beers ( and other area citizens fear that a marauding wolf pack or other predators like a bear or a cougar may have attacked, killed and eaten the women.  “Distortions of the evidence to exonerate the wolves” may serve the larger aim of the feds who want the Gray Wolf to remain listed on the Endangered Species registry. Local residents want local control of wolf packs; they are demanding that wolf packs in their local zones be kept under jurisdiction of their local authorities. But the back story really may involve a federal effort to push Western ranchers, homeowners, hikers, and nature lovers indoors and off of ever shrinking American lands in order to give more control to the federal government!

US citizens nationwide are being urged by Western residents to comment at this address:!docketDetail;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073 by the December 17, 2013 deadline for public comments.  Two talking points include the fact that the Gray Wolf is not in danger of extinction. In fact, populations now far exceed the numbers originally proposed for the recovery effort.  Beers warns that wolf populations have inundated the states of MT, ID, OR, and WA.  AZ and NM are slated to receive more wolf populations, courtesy of the feds, and CA, CO, UT, & TX are facing forcible injections of wolves.  Very dangerous wolf-hybrids are being sighted from IL, MO, and the Dakotas into OH & PA!

A second example of federal takeover comes from a Tea Party bulletin received by CiR this week.  The bulletin postulates that the US Dept. of Justice contacted the Volusia County Florida school district “over safety concerns due to parent protest and had the school board cancel the meeting!”  Parents were planning to protest the school board’s adoption of a World History textbook that features over 30 pages of flattering Islamic history and religious ideals but includes next to nothing of like density for Christianity or other world religions.  This World History text is part of the mandated Common Core standards developed and “sold” to unsuspecting local school authorities only too eager to take the federal dollars they now are learning have attached many long tentacles of federal control. The unsuspecting parents who found out what was going on, initially from one mother’s Facebook posting, rightfully are upset, yet now may not get their voices heard due to alleged pressure from the DoJ.  You can go to or call them at 386-734-7190 to find out if the parents’ concerns will be heard by their elected officials.  Remember, apathy is what got us to this point in American history.

Will anyone be around to speak out for you when they come to your schools, or your outdoors nature trails?

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Obamanation: Children Die, Illegal Killer Pitied


A magnificent Fall symbol of innocent childhood playtime became a scene of abject horror and death for little Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, who died amidst the leaves of an Oregon autumn while her step-sister, Abigail Robinson, 11, died later in a Portland, Oregon hospital.  Reading the news story in the Oregon press by reporter Emily E. Smith would make you want to cry for the “victim,”  Dreamer Cynthia Garcia-Cisneros who just happened to mow down two helpless little girls playing in a pile of leaves.

Now this insensitive, obviously very left leaning reporter, chose to ignore the true victims of what happened, giving only one sentence, her lead, plus one small phrase to the dead children.  But Smith goes on and on about now the life of 18 year old Garcia-Cisneros is changed forever, because, somehow, this teen illegal, now “legal” immigrant drove her boyfriend’s mother’s car into the Autumn leaves, leaving death in her wake.  Reporter Smith commiserates for the “undocumented immigrant” by stating: “She cooked for them – her brother and father – and often took care of her 10-year-old nephew, who is disabled.”  Pointing out that the accused now faces two felony hit and run charges does not appear until paragraph five in the Smith piece.  Her passenger, Mario Echeverria, her love interest, faces one count of hindering prosecution because allegedly he took the family SUV to a car wash.  Perhaps the bump the Hispanics heard prompted them to take a second look after allegedly leaving the scene of the Autumn leaves.

Just consider how reporter Smith drills in on how this Hispanic driver now will be impacted:  “(She) was born in Mexico, has lived nearly all of her life in the U.S… has a driver’s license, a valid Social Security number…a temporary renewable work permit under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. . .”  Because, perhaps, of the largesse of President Barack Obama who ordered this young Hispanic woman and many of her fellow Dreamers into semi-legal status by means of executive fiat, these two ignored young girls are dead.  Coincidence, unintended consequences, or what?  The insensitive, politically correct reporter goes on to bemoan how the accused wants her own family, her own children, wanted to go into beauty school.  Hello, Reporter Smith. Why not provide readers with a eulogy for the little girls who never will have their own lives, or their own children, or who never will get to look beautiful?  Listen to this Smith gem: “She (the driver) can’t believe what’s going on, why it happened. . .She cries a lot.”  Not one word from Reporter Smith about tears shed by the families of the dead little girls, the real victims of this F grade news story.  A cub reporter in a 50′s journalism class would not have made it to Reporting 102 with coverage like this.  We had to delineate priorities of facts before we could put anything out there for print consumption!  Over and over our professors told us to lead with loss of life FIRST.  But then, our pitiful press has completely flipped what is and is not priority here in America.

This terrible October news story prompted a CiR commentator to respond: “There were two kids killed. How were they not seen by the driver. . .the writer of this article fails to show any remorse for the kids killed, but focuses on the poor illegal alien!”  The New York state resident is appalled by how illegals tear through her rural community, often sporting Illinois license plates, which, in turn, can be used to buy legal tags from New York.  “There are so many new arrivals, the traffic has increased by at least a third,” she says.  So from coast to coast, shining sea to shining sea, our executive in the Oval office sees fit to let illegals Dream their way onto our streets, our Autumn leaves, our lives, yet evidently feels no compunction for legal U.S. citizens.  But, perhaps, the politically correct Oregonian press story is simply doing what it does best, seeing the misery of anyone or anything but what is America, our America now in the Autumn of its years.

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