Obama Opens America’s Borders To Jihadists Bearing Drugs And Bombs

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The risk of attacks by violent ISIS jihadists crossing our Southern border has taken on ominous proportions, according to a former Defense Department analyst who believes this event could happen “sooner rather than later.” “ISIS may be working to infiltrate the US with the aid of transnational drug cartels,” continued Michael Maloof. The violent MS-13 Mexican gang is known to have members in over 1,000 US cities and could provide conduits for jihadists, helping them transport weapons and supplies needed to set off terror bombs the magnitude of 9-11 or worse! Suitcase nukes, agents of bio-warfare, and suicide bombers are NOT BEING screened in the mass invasion along our Southern Border, even as travelers face longer wait times to board US planes. Face it–the thing is OUT OF HAND!

One reporter asks: “Why would jihadists need to build fancy airplane bombs when they can easily transport serious WMD’s across America’s wide open Southern border?” Over 70% of our Border Control agents are acting as babysitters, changing diapers while the Southern Border is a come-on-in-free zone for violent Islamic warriors who hate America. “This jihadist group ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi have promised direct confrontation with America,” warns TX Congressman Ted Poe.

But not only are jihadist border-jumpers coming across. Last week, an east Texas Walmart shopper found on the store’s parking lot a prison wristband of Hagi Enea, a Romanian immigrant who was arrested in Pinal County, AZ on May 21, 2014. When she called the AZ county’s prisoner intake, she was allegedly told that “they are released back into the local community if someone PAYS A BOND ON THEM.” A quick Facebook search of Enea’s profile says he’s in Madrid, Spain, even as the Mineola, TX shopper is looking at proof of Subject ID #349873946!

So let’s look at this crisis very clearly. If you multiply the number of illegal anchor babies described on US BIZOP government websites as 65,000 by the estimated $5,000.00 bounty drug cartels reportedly charge to transport each illegal child 1,400 miles from Central America across Mexico into our country, you have the staggering sum of $325,000,000.00 going into crime cartel coffers FOR THIS YEAR ALONE! They have more than enough cash to bail out jihaddis and fund their attacks on the United States! And what about the added flow of drugs because our Border agents have to take care of the “children,” rather than our open drug routes? Here’s a perfect storm of a somnolent and drugged civilian populace, a flood of jihaddis bent on destroying the United States, and a do-nothing President who’d rather fund-raise than protect America’s borders.

Qurans and prayer rugs were found along the east Texas border as far back as 2012, when OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) were allowed to freely roam into our country. One Border Control agent said that even though he sees cartel and gang member tattoos, our government won’t allow him to question or detain these “children.” Pictures on the web of many young males jammed into east TX detention rooms show veritable classrooms of gang mayhem and death.

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Why So Many Mysterious Deaths In The International Financial Community?

A spate of mysterious deaths in international monetary circles have been blamed on suicides and/or excessive stress. Although the incidents have thus far been kept quiet, a father-son team of web writers is not buying the official story line. The internet radio team of Douglas and Joe Hagmann is pointing to the labyrinthine connections within the world banking conglomerate, America’s stunning surveillance apparatus, and our compliant media. Add CIA activities to the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and NYPD surveillance, and the behind the curtains dramas are equal to the finest moments of Greek tragedy.

Consider the fact that long time Wall Street Journal (WSJ) financial reporter David Bird went for an early evening walk on January 11 of this year and literally vanished into thin air.  There was an “unconfirmed report that Bird’s credit card was used in Mexico.” But there has been no follow-up trace story about this financial writer who worked for the Dow, covering OPEC and other money stories for the past twenty years.

Two international “suicides” are also troubling Doug Hagmann.  A top director of India’s Tata Motors, Karl Slym, went to the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok to attend a board meeting, but was found dead on the fourth floor from a possible death dive.  Police there issued a could-have-been-suicide statement.  And another possible roof dive at the London headquarters of JP Morgan took the life of 39 year old Gabriel Magee, who headed up oversight for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives.

Remember the shroud of vagueness and shrugged shoulders that quickly disappeared from the mainstream media after the mega collapse in 2008?  Why are the big banks that were just too big to fail still operating, while DoJ investigators look into who the hidden elevator guests were at Credit Suisse?

Well, the Hagmann article titled “Exposing What Lies Beneath the Bodies of Dead Bankers and What Lies Ahead for Us” (February 17, 2014), is a must read for middle class savers and strugglers, caught up in the international chess game known not as a casino roll but rather as a money grab for our IRAs, 401ks, and whatever else Uncle Sam can attach.  This article quotes another journalist, Pam Martens, who says there is no solid evidence that the Gabriel Magee death was a suicide.  She wonders why he emailed his girlfriend to say he’d see her shortly after leaving his office on the evening of January 27, but somehow took his own life in a roof fall instead. Magee’s death leaves behind a string of more unanswered questions that no U.S. media investigator apparently is looking to answer.

And what about the 21 year old Bank of America intern who supposedly died from the stress of pulling too many all-nighters?  What’s this about a college ager being stressed out from staying up all night?
Just what do investigators for the Justice Department and the Senate committees know but aren’t telling the American people?  Here is the wisdom of one commenter quoted after the Karl Slym death dive: “What do they know that the rest don’t. . .what all these folks have in common is that they were in the know about what really happens behind the curtain.”

Other mysterious deaths involve a Deutsche Bank employee–William Broeksmit, 58–found hanging in his home, and Mike Dueker of WA’s Russell Investment Company–who police say “may have jumped a fence and fallen to his death near the big Tacoma bridge.”  What about the deaths of Ryan Crane of JP Morgan and Richard Talley, founder of American Title?  Interesting is the fact that investigations into Deutsche Bank, American Title, and JP Morgan were ongoing. The report Doug Hagmann questions calls this last man’s death the result of possibly shooting himself multiple times with a NAIL GUN!

These intrepid writers are stepping out into very murky financial waters as they try to follow the money and the bodies for us.  Just what the real story is remains behind many layers of America’s webs of deceit. The first question should be why this monumental story had to be covered, not by America’s media, but by the conservative Canada Free Press!

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Another Gift Of “Cultural Diversity” From Mexican Illegals…

Mexico Fat Illegal Sign SC

Hispanic promoters of cruel, cock-fighting extravaganzas were arrested in a massive raid on February 9th at a Plattekill, New York farm about 90 minutes from New York City, the liberal bastion of freedom and amnesty for illegals! The very large cock-fighting ring was headed up by Manuel and Jesus Cruz.

According to the Ulster County Sheriff’s office, which organized the raid, the enormous operation involved some 6,000 birds, all bred to kill for money! According to media reports, this cock fighting ring had “operated for years under the guise of a live poultry farm”; yet nothing was done until recently to expose the horrific abuse of animals. ASPCA response team spokesman Tim Rickey believes this may be the ” LARGEST cock-fighting arrest in American history,” adding it was “the largest operation of this type we’ve been involved in!”

A CiR informant said the suspects taken in the arrest staged events in three other locations, entertaining cock-fighting enthusiasts from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Each of the locations paid rent to the Cruz brothers so they could feed, board, and care for roosters expressly trained to fight each other as cheering audiences of mainly Hispanic males placed bets and watched. The informant goes on to state that bets as high as $10,000 may have been placed.  “All arrested were Hispanic from what I can tell.”

Audience members may have been using drugs and buying untaxed alcoholic beverages.  Why these cock-fighting stories are disappearing from the web is unclear, but CiR was told: “I think this Hispanic activity is being scrubbed from the internet because I am having trouble bringing up articles I read yesterday.”

The DAILY FREEMAN reporter who broke this horrific story said, “The roosters were bred, trained, plied with performance-enhancing drugs, had razor-sharp gaffs attacked in place of their natural spurs and were locked in a small pen to be wagered upon,” according to a news release from the New York Attorney General.

The pitiful Plattekill roosters were put in many crates by local fire departments and other rescue workers and were taken to emergency shelters to receive as much medical attention as possible.  But the damage may already have been done.  Rabbits, cats, dogs, pigeons, ducks, and German Shepard dogs were also rescued.

Still outraged and very upset, the CiR tipster said, “This is their culture! (This) is what comes from hiring unidentified immigrants!”  She asked where many of these Hispanics came from and what else they might be involved in. “What other crimes have they committed?”

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Beyonce: Another Classless Attacker Of All Things Christian

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When Beyoncé spread herself out in front of the figure of Jesus in the magnificent “Last Supper” painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Miami’s South Beach over this spiritual season, she delivered yet another cruel slap in the face of Christians. She even had the hubris to Instagram it in order to get yet another list of her followers sealed in cyberspace.  Beyoncé blocking out a picture of our Lord; Beyoncé trivializing the horrible Challenger disaster; last year’s Satanic images in her Super Bowl 2013 half time show.  Why are she and her handlers doing this?

Here are some more significant images depicted in the lyrics of her husband Jay-Z’s song “Magna Carta:”. . .”Till it runneth over, Holy Grail.” He tells his listeners that “you’re so unfair, sipping from the cup.”  Wikipedia tells us that according to legend, the Holy Grail caught the blood of Jesus as Joseph was interring Him.  The title of these Jay-Z lyrics, “Magna Carta,” contains even more offensive allusions for Christians.  The Magna Carta also inspired the US Constitution. But is Jay-Z playing on the notion that this document was written in English common law for “free men,” not serfs?  No, instead, I feel that these people are playing out the 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over America from within because our Constitution and our Country alone stand in the way of the takeover by one world collectivists; and that’s what the liberals/progressives want.

Let’s try to help Jay-Z crack the code as he emotes: “I’m in this maze with you.”  Putting himself and his wife in the same syntax as images of our spirituality and Christian beliefs is offensive, and could be deliberate.  Changing out images of beloved icons such as the Last Supper painting metaphorically spits on our moral imperatives and codes of Christian conduct.  Even Astronaut Tom Jones decried the hurtful use of the very painful Challenger announcement as Beyoncé trivializes a real American tragedy.

Since the  Youtube video explaining all of the Beyoncé Satanic symbols in her Super Bowl show is “not available,” let’s consider what another website tells us:  “. .don’t let her and her music within 500 miles of your children.”  Just look at the eyes in the singer’s photo as her “spirit guide”, Sasha Fierce, takes over her body as Beyoncé herself admits.  Flashing the triangle sign, wearing a bustier covered with a head of a goat with long horns, and costumed in a triangle shaped outfit, Sasha (nee Beyoncé) certainly was inflicting more than football onto millions of trapped viewers and sports’ fans.  A Gallup poll recently revealed that 3/4ths of all Americans call themselves Christians, so what better place to reach as many of these religious followers than at the Super Bowl?

These people performed for an Obama fundraiser that reportedly cost $40,000 to attend. A photo op of the couple with the president shows Beyoncé gazing up at the Leader with eyes of adoration! But one commenter calls them out: “Hey-Beyoncé–if you are really so cool, do this  with Mohammed or even the Ayatolla Khomeni’s pictures.”  In other words, try defiling Muslim symbols instead of Christian symbols, and see how far you get.  In another photo, Jay-Z sports a “Do What Thou Wilt” Biblical message on his shirt.  He tells us on another post that hey, he’s an entertainer, that he really doesn’t pay much attention to people being upset, and that he may push our buttons.

So the American Way is being pummeled by this obscenely wealthy duo, who reportedly dropped $100,000 in a private VIP club in Atlanta two days after Christians celebrated the birth of Christ.  Take a closer look at how we are being molded, coerced, and desensitized to the tenets of our Christian faith.  It is being attacked every day in ways never imagined by our founding fathers, who used Christianity as the basis for creating our democratic freedoms and founding documents so threatened today!

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Stunning Report: Abortion Leading Cause Of Death In America

Abortion II

Barack Obama’s administration is “the most rabid pro-abortion administration in US History,” according to the recent Christian Action News.  As the 41st anniversary of Roe V. Wade approaches on January 22, the question is asked by the editors: “In a nation that regularly polls as majority pro-life, how on God’s green earth have we not been able to end the killings:”

Abortion is now the leading cause of death in the US, with  1,310,000 pre-born innocent human beings ripped apart in their mothers’ wombs either by hard cold scissors rammed into the back of their skulls or by burning saline baths or by some other horrific method of death.  This article, also, points out that “98% of abortions are for CONVENIENCE!”  Pope John Paul II best summed up why abortion is so wrong when he said, “It is difficult to imagine a more unjust situation, and it is very difficult to speak of obsession in a matter such as this, where we are dealing with a fundamental imperative of every good conscience–the DEFENSE OF THE RIGHT TO LIFE OF AN INNOCENT AND DEFENSELESS HUMAN BEING.”

But to liberal judges, liberal feminists, our mainstream media and liberals in general who rigidly cling to Justice Harry Blackmun’s penumbra of privacy that millions of adults worldwide use as their legal OK to terminate pregnancies, perhaps a viewing of this shocking video that is banned on youtube and Facebook will change some cruel hearts and minds.  Go to, “This is Abortion” to see what really happens when a baby is killed in what once was the safest place on earth to be, a mother’s womb.  The yellow and black warning label warns viewers of graphic, disturbing images. But perhaps we NEED to get disturbed.  By the way, some Black pastors warn parishioners that abortion kills blacks over and above the national statistics. But their message, like this video, is stifled by a media that refuse to tell Americans what really happens when a baby is killed.  Demographic suicide is a term this newspaper article uses to denounce countries like South Korea which “has the highest abortion rate in the world–1.5 million abortions per year for a population of 49 million–about seven times higher than the rate in the US.”

We need to pause to contemplate how our media gods could fail to realize the enormity of what they are doing by failing to show what really happens in an abortion.  The editorial that appeared in one of South Florida’s very liberal newspapers on Christmas Eve may give readers some perspective into the mindset of one American editorialist.  PALM BEACH POST editorial writer Andrew Marra (amarra@pbpost.com) castigates Governor Rick Scott’s administration for refusing to allow the display of a falling angel by the Satanic Temple of New York.  “Where exactly is the problem,” Marra asks of Governor Scott?

The satanic themed decoration was rejected because it was “grossly offensive” and would have been placed near Christianity’s Nativity Scene in the Florida state capitol.  Marra equates the display of the satanic fallen angel depiction with the display of Christ’s birth because the right of free speech requires a “content-neutral” application.  Here we have a content neutral approach to humanity’s goodness vs. evil and as our culture slides deeper and deeper into its culture of death, the media gods are winning.  These culture neutral gods have control of the vast US, bi-coastal media-entertainment complex and we are fed their sickness day after day, year after year.  More babies who are womb murdered are replaced on screen with over-the-top pictures of dogs and cats being “loved” by tv actors who show care for animals, but who ignore human suffering.

The media’s religions of Pantheism and Zoolatry (the worship of animals) can not see God in a baby in its mother’s womb, but can feature love of animals. When the left grabbed control of our courts and media institutions, the lives of millions of American babies not even yet conceived, were sentenced to horrible deaths we never are allowed to see.  Instead, we see humans kissing dogs, cats, pushing them in baby carriages in images that just do not seem right.

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