Thinking Correctly About The Minimum Wage

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Yes, it would be nice if workers could get a few more dollars, but without hurting the economy further.

Do voters even think about where their money comes from? I am positive the answer is no. These are the same people who think they’re going to be receiving free healthcare, or that taxing the rich, oil companies, and corporations in the name of fairness won’t come back to bite them you know where.

Having a simple understanding on how the economy actually works, sans any references of fairness or bills that mention affordability, would go a long way for the public in waking up to reality. What is that reality? The majority of voting citizens ARE low information voters and continuously vote career politicians in who create economic problems and their scapegoats so they can remain in office to fix the issues that they themselves created. It’s a vicious cycle.

Just like taxes and regulations, minimum wage hikes in slow economic times cause businesses to work around these burdens in order to maintain their profit margins. 99% of the time, costs are passed on to the consumer. That’s how it comes back to bite you.

Low wage workers work at supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and gas stations; and a lot of these locations are in low income areas. When wages are artificially raised by government (or the votes of an unwitting public), the prices of basic essentials such as low-priced food, fuel, and milk raise.

So, in the end, a raise for part-time workers equals a raise in the cost of living. Not fair, right? Sadly, in this day and age, though, citizens are conditioned to status quo living and the thought that tipping the scales, rather than fixing issues at the root of the problem, is the answer.

The real answer to raising low income earners from poverty level wages is very simple. It’s just the process that is difficult, only because of the status quo predisposition of the voting majority.

Before voting on minimum wages, we need a balanced budget amendment and term limits votes. That will create an incentive to weed out dirty politicians from the fiscally civil responsible servants we need. Fiscally responsible lawmakers will help raise the value of the dollar by creating a better atmosphere for job creators. Politicians who would ignore corporate lobbyists (and, most importantly, regulate the Federal Reserve) would create an economic boom that would benefit all workers, especially minimum wage earners.

Are you going to keep voting for “feel good” measures designed to paint one political party in a bad light, or FINALLY help create a healthy political climate? I think I know the answer, and it’s a shame. I can say with full confidence, and without portraying an air of conceit, that I wish more people thought like me. It would go a long way to bring about real change in progress for society, rather than the advancement of tyranny.


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The Real Obamacare Numbers

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Both Republicans and Democrats throw numbers around about how many people the Affordable Care Act will and will not cover. Both are wrong. Obamacare enthusiasts claim that 40 million more Americans will now have health insurance. Those against the bill say that 30 million people will still be uninsured. Both are way off, and I am wondering where they are pulling these numbers out of.

It’s the same thing with polls. Low information voters are made to believe that in a country of a lot more than a quarter of a billion people, a poll conducted on only 1,000 people can tell them all they need to know.

With a butt-load of people believing in these skewed polls, focus groups, and NOT AT ALL BIASED IN ANY WAY news network commentators, it’s no surprise that establishment Republicans and Democrats try to fill our heads with this “malarkey,” as our well-versed Vice President likes to say.

Here are some raw statistics for you to chew on. There are nearly 314 million people living in America. That is a hell of a lot more than the 30 and 40 million people that we keep hearing about. What about the others?

The working population (ages 18-65) consists of about 190 million people. There are 90 million people (ages 18-65) that are out of the workforce (either unemployed, not looking, or collecting some sort of entitlement.) That means that around 46% of adults that can work, are not working.

Only 25% of workers get healthcare (that’s 25 million people.) Of the 25 million people with healthcare, 25% get family coverage, and 75% get individual coverage. With the average family of 4, this comes out to about 25 million people total covered with family insurance. 75% of the workforce get individual coverage, and that comes out to about 20 million adults.

To sum it all up:

Population covered w family insur thru work: 25m
Population covered w indiv insur thru work: 20m
Total population covered w insur thru work: 45m
Total American population: 313m
Population covered thru work: 45m
Total American population NOT covered: 313m – 45m = 268m

Republicans and Democrats passed a bill that already has begun to cripple the economy, and they somehow forgot to count TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT MILLION AMERICANS.

Another lie by a politician (are we surprised?) was President Obama’s claim that his signature piece of legislation will only cost taxpayers 900 billion dollars over ten years. The CBO already calls that statement a load of you know what, and points out that it is projected to cost us nearly 2 trillion dollars (and we all know that projected costs are always higher.) That’s more than quadruple Obama’s claim for those who are enjoying this math lesson.

So….it’s going to cost 2.4 trillion dollars over ten years to either only insure 40 million more people, or not insure 30 million people. Either way, our genius career politicians our unwitting friends keep electing into office are somehow missing about 240 million Americans. What are they, chopped liver?!

Are you beginning to see that it just might be quite possible that politicians are only passing laws that socialize our economy, obtain more control over us, and make citizens more dependent on government in order to make more money for themselves? Shocking, right?

Just imagine how much it would really cost taxpayers if politicians weren’t so forgetful. By using the CBO’s math for this current Obamacare projection, it’s only logical to estimate that the total costs to actually cover every American would exceed 10 trillion dollars in less than a decade… and that’s being mighty generous.

In conclusion, what should you take away from this? May I suggest that if you’re going to vote for bureaucrats that consume us and our economy, our rights, and our privacy with socialist policies, at least elect folks who will fail us the right way for God’s sake! Gee whiz!



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Reaching Across The Aisle, And Other Stupid Philosophies

Republican Democrat SC Reaching Across The Aisle, And Other Stupid Philosophies

I hate this asinine saying. It’s a thought process brought upon by a broken and corrupt two-party system. With a government full of career politicians in both major parties whose sole purpose is to retain power, what makes you think that compromise is the answer? The practice of actually serving citizens in government is long dead.

Compromise isn’t true compromise anymore…well, for citizens at least. And remember the word ‘constituent”? A constituent hasn’t existed to a federal bureaucrat in God knows how long. Laws no longer help the public as a whole. Laws are designed to strengthen federal power, buy votes from a certain voter base, and keep citizens divided. It really doesn’t matter who wins the White House. Checks and balances are dead, and the President’s agenda is no more dangerous to us than that of both houses of Congress, or federal judges.

There are so many different groups that facilitate the establishment’s agenda. The two-party system is now one of the greatest tools of the career politician. The masses stay divided. That’s all that’s needed to retain control over the public. Right-wing voters attack left-wingers, and vice-versa. Moderates on both sides who consider themselves neutral cry for bipartisanship. In the end, we’re still left with politicians eroding the Constitution at a rapidly growing pace.

As I’ve stated many times before, there in not one member of the federal government who is not part of the establishment (and has not in some way infringed on our rights.) Government continues to grow stronger, as the private market keeps suffering. Rights continue to be taken from some, and favoritism is shown towards others (non-citizens in a lot of cases).

What is it going to take for the divided to wake up and realize the dangerous path they’re bringing us down? Will government continue to do just enough to keep the masses in their hypnotic trance? For any who calls this post “doom and gloom,” guess what? You’re part of the problem. It goes much deeper than just voting. Unwitting voters support government intrusion into our education, health, energy, personal safety, food supply, and our child care among other aspects of our life.

Suicide voters are groomed to attack those who don’t agree with them…which translates to those who don’t agree with the government.

Individual responsibility has become taboo, and like-minded libertarian thinkers need to start coming out of the shadows in mass numbers. We need a new mainstream, and we need to vote for anti-establishment libertarians who believe in personal freedom. That’s the only plan I can think of that will turn the tide against tyranny…and it seems pretty easy to me.


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Divide And Conquer- Fair And Balanced

Republican Democrat SC Divide And Conquer  Fair And Balanced

This is a term used by the establishment. Language is important for progressives in order to throw off unwitting voters. As I said before, people make the mistake of only describing leftists as progressives. This is not the case.  Statists, career politicians, and the establishment all fall in the progressive category.

In order for there to be fairness, or balance, you need to have  two opposing sides. When you have only two opposing viewpoints in the mainstream, it nearly divides the voter base evenly. The evidence is proven in the last few elections. The establishment on both sides share power. It doesn’t matter to them who is really in power, as long as it’s the state.

Imagine if a large majority of citizens were unified in putting in place a President who respects the Constitution. Imagine a President who doesn’t use the media, Hollywood, news networks, education, healthcare, race, religion, sex, diet, culture, and our thoughts to keep us divided.

If more people woke up to realize the true shape this republic is in, we could actually still have a chance to use the voting booths to change our course before it’s too late. If we stay “fair and balanced,” not even what’s left of our 2nd Amendment rights could save us.

Time to vote for politicians who believe in term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and our Constitutional rights. Time to stop voting for politicians who pass laws that only benefit their voting base over the rest of the nation. We don’t need laws to define social issues. We don’t need laws to protect us from ourselves. We don’t need a government that mandates us to purchase their services. Is that so much to want? It’s sorta how government is supposed to operate anyhow… so lets try doing things the right way now and see where it gets us.


Liberty By Logic

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Divide And Conquer: The Two Party System Is Destroying Us

Republican Democrat SC Divide And Conquer: The Two Party System Is Destroying Us

I have a problem with those on the right who say Obama is the problem . I always state that the left is blind to reality. Liberal voters are being misinformed into keeping their politicians in power. If I am to believe that’s the case, than it’s only logical to believe that those on the right are blind too.

A majority of voters in this country are hopelessly stuck in the establishment-created left/right paradigm. We’re bombarded on a daily basis by left-wing and right-wing platitudes. It works for the establishment, as it keeps the nation divided; and they get to maintain control over networks and publications that allegedly practice journalism.

Time after time, right-wing commentators and “journalists” blame President Obama for the 16 trillion dollar national debt. While it’s true that our current leader is responsible for skyrocketing the debt and deficit to inconceivable proportions, every single one of his predecessors had some part in destroying the economy. It’s so easy to point the finger at Obama, who hasn’t passed a budget, raised the debt and deficit, and is currently overseeing some of the worst unemployment numbers in modern history. When lefties practice their famous art of equivocation, righties shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss their arguments.
We don’t need a debate, or some national conversation, as some people like to say. The voters on both sides of the political spectrum need to stop the denial. We have been bamboozled by the progressive establishment for a very long time now. People need to wake up.
Every facet of our government and society has become a special interest group for the establishment to control in order to maintain power. I am specifically talking about the military industrial complex and the banking, education, health care, pharmaceuticals, and food sectors. Our society is being splintered off into groups as well. Your race, religion, and sexual orientation have already been on the table; but now, your thoughts, diet, privacy, and Constitutional Rights are being used to pit you against others.
This isn’t just a left-wing (progressive) thing. Any member of the political establishment is a progressive in my book. They are slowly growing their control over the will of the public; and if we keep supporting career politicians and their propaganda arms (network news, Hollywood and other entertainment, special interest groups, and supportive world leaders), then there will come a day when the United States is no longer a free republic, but a true Socialist wasteland.
I challenge everyone to name at least one member of Congress who actually represents the Constitution and all it stands for. There isn’t one, and that explains the downward spiral our nation is in.
People on the right need to realize that our current class of politicians that are standing up to the establishment are only talking a good game. Some are putting forth a balanced budget. That’s good, but voting for wars without finding a way to pay for them is irresponsible. Some boldly question the intentions of Presidential appointees, but fail to question the leadership of their own party. Some boast of their love and respect for the Constitution, but vote for the Patriot Act. Some claim to support our privacy, but support CISPA.
Lets face it…we’re doomed for not respecting our founding document, and both sides are to blame.
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