An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrettjpg An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett

Iranian-born Communist sympathizer Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama’s Senior Adviser, spoke recently during a forum at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, in which she implied members of the TEA Party needed simple instructions and outlines to understand Obama’s major government overhaul of healthcare, the stimulus package, bailouts, and his road to socialism. When asked if she thought a simple booklet would help us conservative simpletons understand Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform America,” she agreed, stating ““Hope and Change were so catchy because it was really very simple and it was something everyone understood the definition. And so I think part of what our challenge is is to find a very simple way of communicating.” Her condescending attitude and remarks garnered a historical retort from The American Patriot Alliance in an open letter to Ms. Jarrett.


Dear Valerie,

Greetings and salutations in the name of Our Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus.

It saddens me somewhat that recent events and situations developing from within the White House have caused me to write this letter, though in reality it should have been done much sooner. I understand there must be a devastating conflict raging within the walls of ‘The People’s House’ between your boss Obama’s Muslim faith and Wednesday’s Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, showing that we are STILL a “Christian Nation.”

But I write to you today somewhat distressed over comments you made during a speaking engagement at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. During that forum, in which you blasted the TEA Party as an “‘anti-government” organization that thrives on scare tactics,” an audience member asked,

“Could the Obama administration write much simpler booklets on housing foreclosure, on the health care bill, whereas a typical person, including those in the tea party, could understand the basics of it?”

Your reply, and acknowledgment of his analogies, are yet another condescending assessment of the philosophies within, and the people of, the TEA PARTY that emanate from within the Obama administration, and let me quote you:

“Hope and Change were so catchy because it was really very simple and it was something everyone understood the definition. And so I think part of what our challenge is is to find a very simple way of communicating.”

First of all, Valerie, Obama’s 2008 “Hope & Change” campaign slogan was not only simple; it was shallow and void of any and all intelligence, direction, purpose, or specifics (which definitely made it VERY EASY for his supporters to understand). But Conservatives and members of the TEA Party got it. We knew EXACTLY what his meaning and objectives were all about… a fundamental change (YES Val, we ALL remember Obama’s plea to “join me as I ‘FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE’ America!”) of the United States from a Republic form of government whose power is vested in “WE, The People” to a Marxist/socialist tyranny where government has complete control over every aspect of American life. As in what we eat, what we earn, what we drive, how we receive healthcare and insurance, in addition to a complete erasure of our sovereign borders and national identity. In other words, a complete destruction of the foundation, principles, and moral values upon which America was created by our Founding Fathers. All of which fits perfectly into your Islamic Shari’ah form of Theocracy (which, considering you and Obama were born and raised in it, you surely understand and advocate).

But you went even further than agree that a “simple little booklet” could help us understand your ultimate plan for the destruction of America. You continued to make direct attacks against the TEA Party, calling those of us who LOVE America, “anti-government extremists” (Janet Napolitano and Nancy Pelosi must have been ever-so-proud of you!),

“Even if they are in favor of, let’s say, a different form of health care insurance reform, fine; but what’s happening is it’s an anti-government – I mean, that’s the tea party. They really are, um, are, uh, trying to rebel against government at all. And I think that that’s … again, it’s an extreme.”

“And it’s always a lot easier, again, to scare people and to get them angry when they’re already scared, and they’re already uncertain. And I think that’s what the tea party is trying to capture.”

So now that you have made your views and opinions abundantly clear, let me proceed to my second point…

America already HAS that booklet, Ms. Jarrett. It was inspired by God Almighty and printed with the blood of the Patriots who sacrificed their lives to remove themselves from tyranny and repression. And inside that booklet are the designs, laws, and hopes of a people entrusted with the greatest gift from God, and the most incredible experiment in the history of human government. I believe you know well the booklet I speak of. It has been a source of contention, frustration, obstacle, and hatred for the Obama administration and the socialist/Marxist advocates who have attempted to bring America to her knees since January 2009… The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America. (You can view these original documents at the National Archives just down the street from your office and see them for yourself!)

Whilst I am aware you are quite familiar with these documents, I would like to take the opportunity to provide you a refresher course on their content, none of which is open to your (or Obama’s) interpretation…

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation...

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” ~ Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

As you can see so simply, Valerie, the Founding Fathers were adamantly opposed to the tyrannical form of government you and Barrack Obama wish to institute amongst the American people, so much so that their very signatures on the bottom of this document provided for them a Death Warrant. Their faith, convictions, and moral strength sustained them throughout the American Revolution and provided the foundation for a new government amongst men, one that cherished individual, God-given rights, equality, and the liberties and freedoms that came with their sacrifice. This was a time of men, and when the last report from gunfire resonated across the American landscape, they had brought forth from their blood the genesis of a Nation of Exceptionalism. That commitment led to the establishment of the greatest governing document in the history of mankind… The Constitution of the United States of America.

Within our Constitution, which you so conveniently attempt to deny, are the Rights and Freedoms of the people of this great Nation; the restrictions of government; and the undeniable duty and responsibility we have to ensure, by rebellion if necessary, that never again may a nation enslave her people by treason and tyranny (something you should consider carefully, Ms. Jarrett…)

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” ~ Preamble to The Constitution of the United States of America

But the Founding Fathers weren’t perfectly satisfied with the Constitution and wished to expand upon its meaning and definitions to ensure there were NO questions as to their thoughts and intentions, and that every American citizen was afforded the same equality, rights, and privileges without prejudice or qualification. THAT, Ms. Jarrett, is the difference between a REPUBLIC and a DEMOCRACY (the former protecting the rights of the INDIVIDUAL, whilst the latter provides for the denial of those rights in favor of, and advance of, MAJORITY rule). These are the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution, known as The Bill of Rights.

For the sake of expediency, I just want to touch on a couple of the Amendments as they are really quite important to us and in essence lay out our rights and responsibilities to guard against the “fundamental change” in America and the establishment of tyranny you and the Obama administration have so fervently been advocating. Let’s start with the First…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

This should be quite simple for you and your followers, Valerie, and I am always baffled at the misunderstandings and interpretation. We as citizens of the United States have the God-given right to speak FREELY against our government, to assemble in protest, and to question our government’s actions and motives (both verbally and in print); and equally, we are free to worship God in any manner we wish. Additionally, it is our RIGHT and our DUTY to petition the government by any means necessary. In case you haven’t realized, this was a very poignant grievance within the Declaration against King George:

“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

Now it may just be me, but that whole statement sounds hauntingly familiar in light of the actions of the Obama administration. But that’s just me, and of course 100 million of my Patriot friends. For the past three-and-a-half years, we have watched not only the Executive Branch of the federal government, but Legislative and Judicial as well, attempt to usurp, deny, and strip the American people of their First Amendment Rights through legislation, court ruling, and Obama’s favorite ~ Executive Order. From his refusal to enforce the Constitution and Rule of Law, to his failure as Commander-in-Chief to secure our nation’s borders and remove those illegal, criminal elements that have come to this country and taken advantage of our nation’s resources without contribution or loyalty, he has pandered to special-interest groups such as his Union supporters, homosexuals, Muslims, and illegal aliens in direct conflict with the Oath of Office he swore when he was inaugurated (contained in Article II, Section I). That, Ms. Jarrett, is a very serious dereliction of Constitutional duties (and one that was addressed in the Constitution, to wit):

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” ~ Article III, Section 3

So as you can see, Valerie, WE The People take these matters, and our responsibilities to question and resolve them, VERY seriously. Which brings me to my next point.

Whilst the First Amendment is the basis of the freedoms and liberties afforded the American people, our right to be secure in those liberties, freedoms, and our persons, is further expanded up on by the Fourth Amendment:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” ~ Fourth Amendment

But what say, our own government should turn against us? What recourse do we have? While we know we have a right and a DUTY to protest and protect those rights, how can this be accomplished against a government who views its citizens as enslaved subjects? That, my friend, is called the SECOND AMENDMENT… something our Founding Fathers were once again VERY clear and concise about.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR Arms, shall NOT be infringed.” ~ Second Amendment

Let us be clear here, Ms. Jarrett– the Second Amendment in NOT about hunting, personal protection, or sport. It is about the citizens of this Nation protecting themselves against a TYRANNICAL government, one which we are seeing more and more of these days within our own borders under the Obama administration. From the illegal Fast & Furious operation to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, we have seen legislation passed and Executive Orders issued that attempt to weaken and prevent the American people from owning and maintaining firearms. Let me make something very clear to you, Ms. Jarrett… there will be blood on the streets of America, and on the hands of the administration, if EVER you attempt to remove from our homes or possession those instruments that provide us the ability to wage rebellion against an out-of-control Administration/Congress, or to restore this Nation to her previous exceptionalism. Understand though, we do not advocate the overthrow of the United States government, but rather a tyrannical administration seeking to strip away those rights, freedoms, and liberties forged in blood by the sacrifices of our forefathers, brothers, and sisters. A government maintained under the Constitution and her Amendments is perfect. It is those wishing that system of government irreparable harm who must be removed. And furthermore, I am proud to be one of the more than 89 million legal, registered gun owners who did NOT kill anyone today, and I have no plans to kill tomorrow either, unless circumstances require judicious action on my part.

So in closing, let me remind you, Ms. Jarrett, and your mindless minions that we HAVE that “BOOKLET”, and I will be more than happy to forward you one if you so desire (or you can get one from The CATO Institute). But we GET YOU! WE are well aware of what your desires are for this most incredible Nation. The TEA Party is about a restoration of America and the government, not a complete absence of it. And be aware: we WILL, come November 6, 2012, achieve our goals. NEVER underestimate the resolve and determination of the American People. It’s happened countless times throughout our 236 year history, and for the enemies of freedom and liberty, it didn’t turn out too well for them.

God bless you, Ms. Jarrett, and I hope this letter has served to remind you of the foundation, history, and fortitude of the greatest Nation on Earth. Semper Fi.

Robert P. Dean, USMC
Founder, The American Patriot Alliance

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Missourians Overwhelmingly Confirm “Right To Pray” Amendment

Lords Prayer SC Missourians overwhelmingly confirm Right To Pray amendment

Missouri voters last Tuesday (Aug. 7) overwhelmingly confirmed their views on religious freedom and worship, approving a state constitutional amendment that supporters feel will provide them protection in public and in schools without fear of their freedom to do so being limited by the state or local authority.

The measure, known as Amendment 2 but commonly referred to as the “Right to Pray” amendment, also protects voluntary prayer in public schools and requires public schools to display a copy of the Bill of Rights.

More than 750,000 voters approved of the amendment, while less than 165,000 voted against.

Missouri voters believe “religious liberty is pretty important to them and a high priority,” Kerry Messer, president of the Missouri Family Network, told the Kansas City Star.

“The public feels like the Supreme Court took this away from them over 50 years ago with a ruling against mandatory school prayer,” he added.

But not everyone is excited about this new piece of legislation, claiming that it is redundant.

Alex Luchenitser of the atheist group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which opposed the measure, explained that he was not surprised with the outcome of the vote.

“This amendment promotes unconstitutional conduct … It’s going to result in a whole lot of litigation.” (NO, it does NOT). But it is still not clear what if any immediate impact the amendment, which takes effect in less than 30 days, will have.

The new amendment broadly expands the protections in the state’s constitution by adding new sections on religious issues. The Western District of the Missouri Court of Appeals affirmed the amendment in June. In part, the Amendment ensures that,

  • That the right of Missouri citizens to express their religious beliefs shall not be infringed;
  • That school children have the right to pray and acknowledge God voluntarily in their schools; and
  • That all public schools shall display the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.”

In handing down their decision, the Appeals Court affirmed previous U. S. Supreme Court rulings establishing the right of the people to pray in public and in school, and that, “The proposed amendment makes certain, or safeguards, the right to freedom of religious expression by setting forth specific ways to avoid infringing upon this right.”

While Luchenitse believes the measure will draw lawsuits claiming a violation of “church and state,” the United States Supreme Court has on numerous occasions confirmed an individual’s right to pray at school and hold prayer meetings and activities, with one stipulation… the schools MUST allow those people who are “offended” by the activity the ability to “opt-out” of participation. BUT, that objection is NOT a valid legal reason for halting the activity or violating the rights of other students. These issues were both addressed by The American Patriot Alliance in letters to the Seattle Board of Education and in Roswell, New Mexico.

The amendment was introduced by Missouri Representative Michael McGhee in late 2010 and passed by the state legislature in 2011. It is our wish to see ALL states pass similar legislation in an effort to restore America to her Christian roots, morals, and the Constitution!

See the Full Text of Amendment 2 HERE

Photo credit: Lori SR (Creative Commons)

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An Open Letter To Obama’s IRS

Build It IRS Will Come SC An Open Letter To Obamas IRS

During the recent Republican Presidential nomination race, focus on the 63,000-page tax code and its effect on American families became a hot-button issue. Herman Cain made it a cornerstone of his candidacy, releasing his 9-9-9 Plan for revising the tax structure in America; the eventual introduction of the “Fair Tax” (a ‘National Sales Tax’ based on consumption rather than income); and the eventual elimination of income/payroll taxes, the IRS, and the 16th Amendment (which in reality was NEVER legally ratified as required by the Constitution. But more on that in a minute…).

There was a desperate cry from Democrats claiming the Fair Tax would be discriminatory towards the 47 percent of Americans who pay NO TAXES and the estimated 12 million illegals who pay none as well. But wouldn’t this accomplish Barack Obama’s campaign mantra that “everyone” should pay their fair share? Of course it would… and that in and of itself is the reason Obama is adamantly opposed to it. It cuts right into his base of non-taxpaying constituents.

But what about the 53 percent of us who DO pay taxes and carry the burden for the generational welfare of families and illegal residents? What do we get for our money? And is it truly fair that we carry the entire burden while being asked to pay “a little bit MORE”?

I have decided that I am tired of wasting what little money I have to pay for individuals and families to sit on the sofa and do NOTHING all day except learn new ways to scam the system. Additionally, my frustration encompasses the manner in which my taxes are being squandered, through programs I am vehemently opposed to that have no substantial benefit to Americans as a whole. For example-$600 million to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, $300 million to Pakistan (a country who hid and protected America’s number one enemy for some 5 years), $535 million to a bankrupt solar energy company, and $1.5 TRILLION to a stimulus program that has created NOTHING more than profits to political cronies and tax refunds paid to illegals and their families who don’t even LIVE in the United States anymore, all the while cutting more and more benefits and pay for our active-duty military and veterans. Not to mention the $20+ BILLION for congressional pork-barrel projects in home districts used to buy votes for incumbent Congressmen and Senators, who live a lavish, career lifestyle on the taxpayer dime.

For these and other reasons, I made a conscious decision to STOP paying federal income taxes until an equitable, fair, and logical solution can be established that eliminates the fraud, waste, and abuse so rampant within the IRS and the federal government. I am fully aware of the legal consequences this action may bring, but they ones I am willing to accept head-on. I decided to inform IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman of my decision and await his response, which most likely will come as my front door is being kicked in by fully-armed, paramilitary IRS Agents. But I figured it was only fair to outline my reasons and wrote Doug a letter…


Commissioner Douglas H. Shulman
Internal Revenue Service
10th St & Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20004

August 10, 2012

Dear Douglas,

It is with much regret that I must inform you that I no longer feel it necessary to pay income taxes under the current system of government. This has been coming for some time, and I thought I would explain some of the reasons for my decision based on the current political, social, and economic environment within the Obama administration and Congress, as well as the country as a whole.

First, let me say I deeply understand why individuals are required to pay a federal tax for living in America. It’s understood there is an elaborate infrastructure that must be financed. So much so that the United States federal government is the LARGEST employer in the world with our own Defense department employing 3.2 million people, nearly more than McDonalds and Wal-Mart combined. When you add in the remaining departments of the federal government, that number exceeds 20 million people. I mean, come on Douglas, that’s a lot of people for an organization that produces not a single, tangible, consumer good. And you and I both know as well, with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of ObamaCare, that your agency alone is poised to hire an ADDITIONAL 16,000 paramilitary IRS agents to make sure every American has health insurance (but NOT identification to VOTE).

As well, I understand the federal government is tasked with protecting our vital national interests and borders, but with the issuance of Barack Obama’s “Executive Policy” (which is just a ‘kinetic’ term for Executive Order) and amnesty for illegals, I think we’ve fallen gravely short in securing the borders and providing America with internal security. Wouldn’t you agree, Douglas? And then there’s the roads and bridges, postal service, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, TSA, DOJ, DHHS, VA, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, et cetera. I get all that. Infrastructure. But how about we look at the FALLACIES within this taxpayer system and how blatantly corrupt, fraudulent, and wasteful it is. Let’s start with the IRS, shall we?

According to a report by Indianapolis television station WTHR-TV, millions of illegal aliens, many of whom do not even LIVE in the United States, are getting tax refunds totaling more than $4.2 BILLION from the IRS using Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN). As you are aware, an ITIN is a nine-digit tax-processing number assigned by the IRS to individuals who are obligated to file a federal tax return but lack or are ineligible for a Social Security Number (SSN) typically required to file taxes, mainly illegal criminals whom the Obama administration refuses to deport from this country. But to see the full scope of this scam, please read the following from FrontPage Magazine, “Illegals Get Billions in Tax Refunds.

But what’s REALLY irritating, Douglas, are the number of people within your OWN parent organization, the Treasury Department (where Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had to pay up $42,000 in BACK TAXES before being confirmed as secretary). To date, 1,181 Treasury employees have been identified as owing $9.3 MILLION in delinquent taxes. That doesn’t look good from my perspective. But your department is not alone.

A report from YOUR AGENCY shows that in ‘Mr. Fair Share”s own administration, 36 members of his executive office staff owe the country $833,970 in back taxes. And that’s truly sad considering previous reports have shown how well-paid Obama’s White House staff is, with 457 aides pulling down more than $37 million last year. That’s up seven workers and nearly $4 million from the Bush administration’s last year. Nearly one-third of Obama’s aides make more than $100,000 with 21 being paid the top White House salary of $172,200 each. You would THINK they’d be civic-minded enough to pay “their” fair share. But then again, this IS the Obama administration we’re talking about! In addition to the IRS and the Obama administration, let’s take a peek at some other federal agencies with problem employees…

The IRS’ report also found that thousands of federal employees owe the country more than $3.4 billion in back taxes. The tax offenders include employees of the U.S. Senate who help write the laws imposed on everyone else. They owe $2.1 million. Workers in the House of Representatives owe $8.5 million, Department of Education employees owe $4.3 million, and over at Homeland Security, 4,697 workers owe about $37 million. Active duty military members owe more than $100 million.

As usual, the Postal Service, with more than 600,000 workers, has the most offenders (25,640) who also owe the most — almost $270 million. Veterans Affairs has 11,659 workers owing the IRS $151 million while the Energy Department that was so quick to dish out more than $500 million to the Solyndra folks has 322 employees owing $5 million. And lastly, the country’s chief law enforcement agency, the Department of Justice, has 2,069 employees who are nearly $17 million behind in taxes. Like Operation Fast and Furious, Attorney General Eric Holder has apparently missed them too.

As a career Marine, I was taught that leadership is by example. Now honestly, Doug, what kind of example is the federal government showing the American taxpayer? That it’s OK to just “forget” to pay your taxes? Or could it be that THEY, just as I do, believe the 16th Amendment was never LEGALLY ratified and is thus an ILLEGAL Amendment and requirement under the U. S Constitution? Let’s take a look at that side of the issue for a moment…

Author and Researcher Bill Benson, in “The Law That Never Was,” makes a convincing case that the 16th amendment was not legally ratified and that Secretary of State Philander Knox was not merely in error but committed fraud when he declared it ratified in February 1913. A review of the process in which many of the states purportedly ratified (or didn’t) shows that their ratifications were not legal and should not have been counted. We’re both aware that in order for the Constitution to be modified, an Amendment must receive ratification by three-fourths of the States, which at the time of the 16th Amendment would have required 36 out of the 48 states. Benson reveals the intricacies of how the ratification process never happened.

When Secretary Knox declared the 16th amendment ratified on February 25, 1913, he had received responses from 42 states and acknowledged that four of those states (Utah, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire) had rejected it, counting 38 states as having approved it. But did they? Let’s take a look…

  • In Kentucky, the legislature acted on the amendment without even having received it from the governor (the governor of each state was to transmit the proposed amendment to the state legislature). The version of the amendment that the Kentucky legislature made up and acted upon omitted the words “on income” from the text, so they weren’t even voting on an income tax. When they straightened that out (with the help of the governor), the Kentucky senate rejected the amendment; yet Philander Knox counted Kentucky as approving it!
  • In Oklahoma, the legislature changed the wording of the amendment so that its meaning was virtually the opposite of what was intended by Congress, and this was the version they sent back to Knox. Yet Knox counted Oklahoma as approving it, despite a memo from his chief legal counsel, Reuben Clark, that states were not allowed to change it in any way.

It should be noted, however, that attorneys who have studied the subject have agreed that Kentucky and Oklahoma should not have been counted as approvals by Knox, and, moreover, if any state could be shown to have violated its own state constitution or laws in its approval process, then that state’s approval would have to be thrown out. That gets us past the “presumptive conclusion” argument, which says that the actions of an executive official cannot be judged by a court and admits that Knox could be wrong. We’re down to the magical THIRTY SIX states approving the Amendment. But there’s more… always is, ya know. If only one more state could be shown to have NOT ratified the Amendment legally, it would have been rejected, but Philander Knox was not about to see that happen!

The state constitution of Tennessee prohibited the state legislature from acting on any proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution sent by Congress until after the next election of state legislators. The intent, of course, is to give the proposed amendment a chance to become an issue in the state legislative elections so that the people can have a voice in determining the outcome. It also provides a cooling off period to reduce the tendency to approve an idea just because it happens to be the moment’s trend. You’ve probably already guessed that the Tennessee legislature did not hold off on voting for the amendment until after the next election, and you’d be right – they didn’t; hence, they acted upon it illegally before they were authorized to do so. They also violated their own state constitution by failing to read the resolution on three different days as prescribed by Article II, Section 18. These state constitutional violations make their approval of the amendment null and void. We’re down to 35 states, which in essence SHOULD mean the Amendment did NOT pass by the three-quarters needed. But let’s “spike the football” and destroy the Amendment even further.

Texas and Louisiana violated provisions in their state constitutions prohibiting the legislatures from empowering the federal government with any additional taxing authority. Now the number is down to 33.

Twelve other states, besides Tennessee, violated provisions in their constitutions requiring that a bill be read on three different days before voting on it. This is not a trivial requirement ~ it allows for a cooling off period. It enables members who may be absent one day to be present on another; it allows for a better familiarity with, and understanding of, the measure under consideration, since some members may not always read a bill or resolution before voting on it. (See, Douglas, things just never change. They don’t read them NOW either!). States violating this procedure were: Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, West Virginia, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Colorado, and Illinois. Now the number is reduced to 21 states legally ratifying the amendment.

Further review would make the list dwindle down much more, but with the number down to 20, sixteen fewer than required, this is a suitable place to rest without getting into the matter of several states whose constitutions limited the taxing authority of their legislatures, which could not give to the federal government authority they did not have.

In closing, Douglas, I hope you see why I feel no obligation to continue sending money to Washington due to the massive amount of fraud, waste, abuse, and outright dereliction of the Constitutional mandate that Congress pass a BUDGET annually, something that has NOT occurred in Harry Reid’s Senate in over 3 years! This is border-line impeachable. And as I have said, leadership by example is what America needs and deserves. And until I begin to see this in all three branches of the federal government, I feel under no obligation to fund their extravagant, lavish lifestyles while nearly 20 percent of Americans remain unemployed and our national debt is at an all-time high. I realize you may say I shouldn’t then take advantage of what America offers in terms of, say, our highway system ~ don’t worry. You didn’t build that… someone else built that for you. Like ME, and 120 million other Americans who slave on a daily basis to pay for our nation’s infrastructure. It’s paid for. Now it’s time for Washington to pay us back through fiscal responsibility and openness. Until then, I bid you a good day, Sir.


Robert P. Dean
American Taxpayer

(Disclaimer: Statistical information contained in this article are from U. S. government sources and fully available to the public.)

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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Can America Be Saved? Yes… And No.

flag day Can America be saved? Yes... and No.

As Executive Director of The American Patriot Alliance, I’ve had, over the past few months, a lot of members and supporters ask me if I think America can be saved. In light of the circumstances and events that have occurred in the past year, whether it be the Occupy Wall Street movement, legislation aimed at reducing our individual rights and liberties such as SOPA and CISPA, or President Barack Obama’s political posturing in support of same-sex marriage (an issue he was completely AGAINST in 2008), it’s become a valid and reasonable question.

And my reply is simple ~ YES… and NO. So maybe it’s NOT that simple.

Whether America survives or not is going to be determined by several factors, none more important than the spirit of the American people who BELIEVE strongly enough in her exceptionalism that she’s WORTH saving — whether we still have the fight left in us we showed in 2010. This is NOT going to be an easy battle, and it is going to take every moment of our lives and every ounce of energy we have to prevail. Barack Obama is determined, through legal or illegal measures, to facilitate America’s collapse. If we succeed in defeating his socialist/Marxist agenda in November, we have the opportunity to return America to the Nation of Exceptionalism and Respect denied her over the past three-and-one-half years.

During the midterm election in 2010, American Conservative Patriots came together as a tour de force under the banner of the TEA Party and the realization that a Democratic-controlled Congress, coupled with a socialist, anti-American President, was leading this country down a road of social and economic decline with reckless abandonment. ObamaCare, unemployment, economic instability, and a lack of vision was plummeting America down the side of a mountain into an abyss of moral decay and decadence. From one knee bent in prayer, we stood up together, and what we achieved was the BEGINNING of a restoration of the most incredible Nation, a gift from God that represented the greatest experiment in government the world has ever seen. We succeeded… to an extent.

What we face right now is our greatest enemy… and its name is APATHY. We have, for the most part, rested on the laurels of 2010, watching Congress and the Presidency once again determine our own futures. Can America be saved? YES… and No.

There is NO higher office in the Nation… not the Presidency, nor Congress, nor the Supreme Court, nor any state or local government… than that of the American Citizen. This is OUR Country. It is OUR destiny. It is the FUTURE of our children and theirs. What then are we going to say when they ask us, “Why didn’t you do something, anything, when you knew what was happening?” What will our answer be? YES, or NO.

Where we go from here, my friends, is OUR decision, and ours alone. Do we still have the fight in us to reverse the course of destruction set upon us by Congress and the Presidency?

I had a chance recently to meet Colonel Allen West, a man I truly believe epitomizes the mindset, determination and will of the American People. And while it may have seemed an honor to shake his hand, I kept thinking back to all of you. He is but one man, and he can’t win this fight alone. Nor can Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Glenn Beck, or Rush. This HAS TO BE OUR FIGHT, and we must have the courage and determination to take it to fruition. We MUST stand together shoulder-to-shoulder and advocate at the top of our lungs, “We will NOT be defeated!” For if we do NOT stand together, surely we will fall apart.

So many of you express the frustration that have manifested itself across this nation. What can we do? How can “I,” as one person make that difference? Never believe that your words, your actions, or your self-determination make no difference in the greater picture of what we can accomplish. A jigsaw puzzle consists of hundreds of pieces that by themselves look much like nothing. But piece by piece, the picture comes together. Each piece intricately woven into the next until finally, the full power and beauty of the picture is revealed. THIS is what we must represent.

I was so fortunate recently to visit some of the most incredible friends I could wish for during a trip to Boca Raton, Florida. During that time, I met more and more people who were expressing the same anxieties and concerns about the future of our nation. As we broke bread together, it became abundantly clear to each of us that’s we’re NOT in this battle alone. We have not only each other, but the power and the might of an incredible God standing ready to shield, protect, and provide us the strength to turn the tide in this War on America. We have that fire inside us. We have the resolve. And we MUST come together, REGARDLESS of race, ethnicity, or religious belief against an administration that ran on a platform of unity and yet has done NOTHING in three years other than tear this nation apart, pit race against race, pit poor against the wealthy, pit Americans against illegal immigrants, and fail to treat ALL Americans equally (while pandering to an illegal voter base through lawsuits, threats, and intimidation.) Our words, actions, and deeds MUST once again show the world we will NOT go down without a fight.

Several months ago, Barack Obama, by his words and the directives of the Department of Justice, attempted to further divide this country (in collusion with two of the most vile racists in America, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) during the national debates over the Trayvon Martin shooting. His comment that Martin could have been his son were not only divisive and intentional; they showed exactly how Obama’s modus operandi worked. Divide and Conquer. Turn everyone against each other. What is most interesting in this respect is the complete and utter disdainful absence of Obama and Holder’s comments with regards to a young man who was doused in gasoline and set on fire for being WHITE. WHERE are Obama, Holder, Jackson, or Sharpton on the issue of a white couple who were kidnapped, RAPE, BEATEN, TORTURED, and brutally MURDERED by 5 men? Is not MURDER MURDER? WHY are we putting a RACIAL spin on it? Are we not ALL Americans, or must we continue to live with “hyphenations” so that the “Racist Five” have a purpose in life?

Whether you are white, black, Hispanic, European, or Asian, as an American citizen you have a stake in the outcome of this election… a chance to show that being an AMERICAN transcends those racial and ethnic barriers, and that we stand for the future of our children against individuals such as Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, and the myriad others who would have no more satisfaction than to see this country split apart. That is their goal… THAT is their endgame.

Throughout the course of our history, we have been challenged at every turn, thrown into constant conflict with forces that wish us not only harm, but complete annihilation. And we have prevailed. Now, once again, we find ourselves backed into a corner… thrown into a battle many of us never thought we’d see in our lifetime. This is OUR WAR. The end result will answer the question, “Can America Be Saved?”

If we fail to come together, side-by-side, providing a 360-degree defense, we will lose, and the answer will be a resounding NO! And what we can achieve was most recently illustrated during the nationwide Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, where an estimated 10 million Americans stood in line for hours to show their support for the First Amendment rights of a fast-food restaurant owner DEMONIZED by leftist intolerance simply because he DARED express his views opposing same-sex marriage. How quickly those same people forget that in 2008, their own Messiah, Barack Obama, announced he did NOT support same-sex marriage and believed that marriage was between a man and a woman. That is what is necessary to defeat Obama in November and begin the painful process of physical, economic, social, and moral rehabilitation.

But I have faith. I have a firm belief and conviction that the same God who gave us this Nation will see us through until the end. It is His Word and His Promise. When I fall to one knee, I do so NOT in submission or surrender, but rather in prayer and thanksgiving that the Lord, Our God, has blessed me with the knowledge, strength, wisdom, and friendships to make a DIFFERENCE in this struggle. The question is, will you be there with me’ We can’t do this alone, and as God is my witness, I have sworn I will NOT see America fall… not here, not now in my lifetime… and not as long as I have a breath in my body and a beat left in my heart.

YES, I believe America can be saved. And I believe, too, that everyone of you will stand with me before these forces of darkness and proclaim loudly, “BRING IT! This battle belongs to the Lord; WE are just the instruments of His victory.”

YES… I believe America CAN be saved.
God bless you all. And God bless America.

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