Sticks And Stones Can Break My Bones, But Names…

MINOT, ND — “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me.” That was what we said as kids in America’s insensitive days. Back then, we all learned that there are bullies, brats, smart mouths, and plain idiots in the world. And we simply ignored their foolish rhetoric and moved forward with our lives.

Today, the politically correct — those with little or nothing to do — believe words are the most harmful, hateful, and dangerous things one person can hurl at another. Possibly, this attitude comes from these mental midgets’ misunderstanding of another saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

America used to export ideas and products to the rest of the world. No longer. America now exports politically correct speech. Unfortunately, this devolution is making America, once famous for freedom of speech, the laughingstock of the world.

The latest targets of America’s sensitive and politically correct stalwarts are the nicknames and mascots of schools and athletic teams. These defenders of — who knows what — clearly have nothing better to do than imagine hate and bigotry as the only motives for choosing a name.

What a sad world these folks live in. What is even sadder is that our media and talking head elite take these folks seriously. No wonder those of us who have a sense of reality think the world has gone crazy. It has.

Wars are going on around the world. Terrorist activists are killing people senselessly. People are being slaughtered because of their religious beliefs.

With these real atrocities occurring, what do the activists focus on? The horror of sports team’s names. The National Football League’s Washington Redskins have become the target of international concern. The United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights will soon take up this grave human rights abuse. We should all congratulate Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins football team. He pointed out that the name is “a badge of honor” and said he would not change it.

Rational people must be scratching their heads and wondering if these people can be serious. These people are. It would be interesting to be able to look in their heads and see what is actually there. I suspect little or nothing. If anything, some terrible irreparable harm had to have befallen them. What is inexcusable, however, is that their ranting has been given credence and respect.

By taking up this cause as an international assault on human dignity, the United Nations is ratifying its gravity. The mighty media spend hours discussing it as if it deserves any attention at all. Those who claim to be harmed are demanding that the offenders apologize, offer penance, and be punished.

The world has gone crazy. The activists need to be laughed back to the stone ages; the media and talking heads need to see their ratings drop to zero. The United Nations needs to be defunded by American taxpayers.

It is clear to anyone who has not been completely brainwashed by the public educational system, liberal media, social do-gooders, and too many politicians that much is wrong in America. But the names of academic and professional sports teams certainly do not make the list.

What is wrong is clear. Public education brainwashes instead of educates. The liberal media condemn any and all of America’s accomplishments. Social do-gooders seek to impose their twisted idea of what is good on all of us. Foolish and arrogant politicians pass totalitarian rules and regulations and tax us to keep in good stead with the education bureaucrats, liberal media, and social do-gooders.

It is true that sticks and stones can break our bones, and names can never hurt us. Unfortunately, the pen is mightier than the sword, particularly when politicians use it to pass laws that hurt us and destroy the freedom that once made America the inspiration of the world.


Robert L. Hale is founder and director of a nonprofit public interest law firm.

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Why Not Shut Down The Government?

Obama Big Government SC Why Not Shut Down the Government?

MINOT, ND — One reason NOT to shut down the government is that most businesses depend on obtaining government permission to operate. When the government shuts down, it restricts commercial activity by not providing ongoing permissions and permits.

Most businesses follow the law — regardless of how irrational, irresponsible, and overbearing it may be. The political class understands that a shutdown would punish businesses. This punishment is how the government manipulates citizens to give the government what it wants so our lives can proceed in a normal manner. Few people understand the massive bureaucracy that burdens business operations and significantly increases the cost of the goods and services we use.

Over the past 60 years, virtually every activity of virtually every business has become bound up in bureaucratic red tape, permissions, permits, and the time to secure endless approvals. Businesses spend huge amounts of time and money complying with regulations and laws and waiting for bureaucrats to process, inspect, approve, oversee, survey, audit, and comb through their activities. We are told that we are protected, safe, and should be happy when the government is functioning. When the government ceases to function, the story goes, we are unprotected and unsafe.

The government mandates that businesses meets its demands and comply with its requirements. These same business people collect taxes for their government sponsors. They send in the money, fill out more forms, and submit themselves to invasive and intense audits to prove that they have properly collected the taxes from their customers and given the funds to the unthankful political class. The vast majority of what is collected is given to those who have no legitimate right to it. Understanding this process should make it clear why shutting down the government interrupts our normal lifestyle.

Sixty years ago, the governmental burdens on business were miniscule compared to what is imposed today. Product safety and services were not a serious concern for either businesses or their customers. The ratio of government employees to private sector employees was far lower. Our standard of living was higher, and most people worked and supported themselves. Today, the majority lives off the income confiscated from those who do.

The number of those who work in America is shrinking. Fewer and fewer Americans are willing or able to run the gauntlet of bureaucrat harassment and slurs in order to enter and remain in business.

Those who work and earn are targets. Since 2009, the political class has identified the “rich” as responsible for the woes of the nation; “the rich are not paying their fair share” is the ceaseless mantra.

The ascendancy of public sector unions in the 1970s and the rise of the professional political class have accelerated America’s dramatic decline. The actual cost of government is double our tax burden. What is not paid for with taxes is borrowed.

The scheme of the political class is a ponzi game for which every living American, as well as countless millions not yet born, will pay. Either the debts will be paid, or America will collapse as has every other nation that has run this scheme against its people.

Shutting down the government may be the ONLY way to awaken Americans to the disgusting and intentional fraud the political class is perpetrating against them. The game sets one group against another — rich against poor, minority against majority, liberal against conservative. In the chaos, America is destroyed.

Shutting down our dysfunctional government, moving it aside, and rebuilding from the ground up is our only hope. Maintaining the status quo is not an acceptable option. The sooner we start taking our medicine, the more likely we are to overcome 60 years of the cancerous growth of government.


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Robert L. Hale is founder and director of a nonprofit public interest law firm. Robert Hale’s biographical sketch and photo:

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