Will People Want Another Obama As President In 2064?


When Democrats talk about great Presidents they mention Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR).  He gave hope to America during the Great Depression, which Democrats made worst by raising taxes and Republicans made worst by supporting Smoot/Hawley which created a trade war with the world.  FDR might have been inspired by the employment program Hitler used to put Germans back to work improving Germany or maybe Hitler was inspired by Roosevelt who put millions of Americans back to work improving America.  Both men were idolized by the masses.  Hitler helped FDR become the savior of the world when Germany started WW II and allowed America to put people back to work in the factories to produce weapons of war to be used against Hitler.

Programs begun during the New Deal of FDR have cost this nation trillions of dollars.  The program both Democrats and Republicans embraced was Social Security which will go broke long before 2064.  LBJ came along a generation later and gave us the Great Society which cost us trillions more dollars.  Medicare was LBJ’s contribution to nationalized health care.  It is predicted to go broke before Social Security does.  Obama’s “Affordable” Care Act has the potential of costing us trillions of dollars unless it is abolished.  But Obamacare won’t go broke unless the nation goes bankrupt.

Republicans recognize Ronald Reagan as one of the best Presidents ever elected.  Some of his harshest critics say he might have been suffering from Alzheimer’s the last few years of his Presidency.  Granting amnesty for illegal aliens and raising taxes during those years might have been evidence of that.  But overall he helped the nation while he was President even during those last few years.  What do Obamaniacs blame for Obama doing so bad during his Presidency?  There are people in Germany that still believe Hitler was Germany’s greatest leader just like old people in Russia wish there were another Stalin controlling the nation.  But will people wish there were another Obama in the White House in 2064?

Let’s say in November enough fictional characters and dead people voted for Democrats and that warehouses full of uncounted ballots that favored Democrats were discovered like what has happened in the past?   The Democrats could have a death grip on the Senate and seize the House to give Obama near-dictatorial power.  What might he do during the last two years, barring martial law which could cancel the 2016 election?  Here is a list of what might happen:

(1) The coal industry is shut down and all coal-fired power plants are closed which would greatly increase electric rates.

(2) The EPA is allowed to regulate America to death and force us to stop using fossil fuels and switch to alternative energy sources which would be like exchanging the carriage horses in Central Park in New York City for starving poodles.

(3) Global warming has over a trillion dollars thrown at it to end it even though many experts say the sun will reverse global warming on its own for free.

(4) Conservative opponents will be investigated and charged with hate speech so they can be silenced.  If Putin can control the Russian news media that doesn’t support him, maybe Obama can control FOX News that doesn’t support him and imprison his critics for treason against him.

(5) The Departments of Education, Energy, the Environment, Housing, Agriculture, and Welfare receive much more money than the Pentagon.  Those in the military may need to be on welfare and the wounded warriors that will be forced to pay for their own care don’t seem to matter to Obama.  It’s as if those that take from the taxpayers are more honorable than those that served their country honorably.

(6) The Please-Don’t-Kill-Americans-And-Be-Nice-To-Us campaign Obama has been on since before becoming President will continue and our enemies will laugh and plan to attack America on American soil.  Obama doesn’t dare point out that Satan also hates America and Israel and that he smiles every time an Islamic extremist kills a Christian, Jew, or Muslim that may be in the wrong sect.  Obama would be indicating that he believes followers of Allah may in fact be doing the will of Satan.  That fact would be considered an insult and Islam is the only religion Liberals don’t dare get mad.  People can say Jesus is a bigot since he doesn’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle and a sexist since he disapproves of abortion.  But we don’t dare say that about Muslims.

(7) Tax rates on the rich will be increased to a “reasonable” rate and tax loopholes will be closed except for those that liberals use.  And if the economy suffers, tax rates will be raised higher.

(8) Obamacare will be expanded to cover more than medical care.  Every program to “help” people will be combined into Obamacare and the slogan may be OBAMACARE IS FOR EVERY AMERICAN BECAUSE OBAMA CARES.

(9) All economic news will be approved by Obama for fear the truth would upset most Americans; even Obamaniacs.

(10) The Liberal Information And Reporting Service (LIARS) will be instituted to disseminate all information Obama deems appropriate to report on.  But would you trust someone who came up to you and said, “I work for LIARS and want you to know the truth.”?

Obama has the potential of becoming the most hated man in America.  If he “succeeds,” the nation will fail.  I foresee riots in the streets as middle class people are thrown into poverty due to Obamacare and our enemies take advantage of the turmoil in this country to commit acts of terrorism.  If homeland security is lessened and political correctness allows those that hate America to enter to destroy it, Americans will blame Obama.  And then when their money becomes little more than Monopoly money and the economy collapses, Americans may blame Obama and his policies more than terrorists do.

You know you’re hated when people burn you in effigy.

“Duck Dynasty” And Christianity Vs. Liberal “Idiotology”

Photo credit: Rusty Clark (Creative Commons)

There are groups that like to declare certain people and organizations as Scrooges.  This year, if we don’t consider Obamacare and Obama as the Scrooges of the years since they are making millions poorer and generally worse off, the A&E Network and its firing of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” will be declared the Scrooge of the year.  To A&E, it was uncomfortable allowing Phil to lead his family in prayer at the end of the program each week.  But since he opposes homosexuality, that was the last straw.  A&E didn’t dare feature people in a reality program that honored God.  Political correctness forced A&E to risk losing their most popular program to another cable network, and the advertising revenue that would leave their network.

I blame Liberal “idiotology” for the reason why “Duck Dynasty” and Christianity are attacked.  Christians like Phil Robertson and his family are often considered idiots.  Political correctness must be adhered to.  You must remember that to be politically correct in Nazi-controlled Europe, you needed to hate Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and other people considered inferior.  The most politically correct were the ones who gassed these people in the death camps.  But since the New York Times didn’t believe the holocaust existed, Liberal “idiotlogs” scoffed at the notion that such a horror was being carried out in concentration camps.  Who in their right mind would commit mass murder?  Those who exterminated millions were not in their right mind.  They were in their “Reich” mind.

I have viewed movies and programs on A&E that can’t be seen on other cable networks.  Since A&E is part of the syndicate that has the history-related channels, “Duck Dynasty” might be moved to one of them.  I love watching programs like “Ice Road Truckers,” Axmen,” and “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel.  If the mini-series about the Hatfield and McCoy feud was willing to show Devil Anns turning to God and being baptized before he died, I don’t think the History Channel will mind Phil Robertson praying at the end of each “Duck Dynasty” episode.

Bill O’Reilly talks about Liberals waging war against Christmas, and Liberal idiotlogs say he is imagining things.  Since we don’t know exactly when Jesus was born, and Christmas was the Christianization of the winter solstice festival, Christmas is more a pagan holiday than a Christian one.  The pagan traditions like decorating a tree, cutting down a Yule log, and enjoying the traditional refreshments like eggnog and gingerbread have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus.  Many don’t want to call Jesus “Christ” because that would be acknowledging that he was the Messiah, and Jews would disagree.  But every time Liberals can prevent a manger scene from being erected for public view, prevent people from praying in schools, and keep traditional Christmas carols from being sung in “holiday” celebrations, they have forced people to bend to their will.

Jesus asked the question, “Is it better to honor God or  Caesar?”  He paid his taxes and that of Peter by pulling a coin from the mouth of a fish.  He also said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.”  The Legislature is prohibited from establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion.  To be technical, the cross that could be removed from a veterans cemetery, due to separation of church and state, can remain since the cemetery sends no Representative to Washington to represent the dead.  Then again, since Democrats too often count the votes of dead people, they might dig up a Representative to make the cemetery a Congressional district.

I have pointed out in a previous essay that I doubt Jesus could be elected President because he would have too much opposition.  Liberal idiotology refuses to accept God and Godly morality because they are too restrictive.  You have to be a Believer in Christ in order to go to Heaven.  Even the Pope questions whether you need to be a Christian in order to go to Heaven.  That belief may cost him eternal life in Heaven unless he repents.  People must abstain from sex until they are married, and marriage must be between a man and a woman.  The Ten Commandments are not the Ten Suggestions and should be followed closely.  All Christians are commanded to spread the gospel to all the world and attempt to win people to Christ.  Thanks to the Internet, I do that on a regular basis.  I guess I’ll never be on a reality program on A&E.  I also try to treat people as I want them to treat me and will attempt to treat my enemies decently.  I guess I’ll never be on a reality program on Al Jazzera.

As a believer in the Bible as well as a devoted Christian, I believe that someday in the future, after the seven-year Great Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon, Christ will establish his world kingdom for 1,000 years on King David’s throne in Jerusalem.  He will destroy his enemies, and those who have opposed Christianity will be punished.  Phil Robertson and his family might be able to continue their program, Lord willing, during those 1,000 years unless God abolishes duck hunting.  Then they might have to be satisfied with luring ducks to them and treating the birds like pets if mankind and animals are forbidden to kill one another.  If A&E exists in the future when the world is at peace, it will have to apologize to the Robertson family and all other Christians.  If it doesn’t exist, maybe the History Channel will feature it on a program titled “Punished By God.”

Photo credit: Rusty Clark (Creative Commons)

Could Jesus Be Elected President?

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(This is solely my opinion, and not necessarily that of Western Journalism.)

Could Jesus be elected president? You would think He would be a natural for President and would be elected by the vast majority of voters.  But you must remember how He was when He came to earth the first time to minister.  He wouldn’t have been a popular choice with some religious organizations and churches because when he condemned the Pharisees, people some looked up to, they had him crucified.  Roman Catholics might oppose Him because they have worshiped saints for centuries and pray through them and Mother Mary, which Jesus would condemn because you can only reach God the Father through Him and not saints.  Also, he would oppose churches that don’t believe what he believes and might be considered too judgmental to be a national leader.  Most Baptists would support him because they wouldn’t want to be considered anti-Jesus.  Forget about Islamic support because He would condemn Islamic terrorism and persecution of Christians and Jews since He was a Jew when He first came.  But since His ideology is basically ultra-Conservative, Jews would reject him like they did nearly 2000 years ago.

Homosexuals would oppose Him because He would oppose their lifestyle and hot button issues like gay marriage and adoption of children.  He would dare call homosexuals who flaunt their homosexuality “immoral.”  Feminists would oppose Him because He would oppose abortion and contraceptives that allow men and women to have immoral sex.  Jesus would support traditional family values that have men running the households, wives obeying their commands, and children honoring their parents.  He would also support prayer and Bible reading in the schools, which the ACLU, atheists, and school unions oppose.  Since He can read minds, lawyers would accuse Him of invasion of privacy.  Slip-and-fall lawyers who extort money from big cities would have their lies exposed, and the people who benefit from lawsuits would complain because they wouldn’t receive big paydays in court.

Farmers and grocery stores would oppose Jesus because He could feed every hungry person in the nation and not need them.  Lazy people would hate Him because He would insist they find jobs, or else they wouldn’t deserve to eat.  Medical associations and hospitals would hate Him because he could empty the hospitals by healing everyone inside.  Those collecting money for the treatment of various diseases would see their gravy trains derail because Jesus would heal all those with such diseases. Democrats and Liberals in general would oppose Him because they support so many things Jesus opposes.  They might even consider Him a fraud and would try to dig up as much dirt on Him as possible, even if they have to create the dirt.  They would show videos of Him dealing with alcoholics and prostitutes as He attempts to draw them to God.  Since Liberals might not exist if they had to rely on the truth, they would say the videos show that this guy who calls himself Jesus, the Son of God, associates with drunks and whores.  If any of the prostitutes flash him, Jesus would be condemned for soliciting.  Liberals might even have Him arrested.

Conservatives would embrace him, but not all Conservatives.  Those who are rich would be told to share some of their wealth with the poor and others who need money.  Jesus might be accused of being a Socialist for this.  When He exposed many for being hypocrites, they would turn against Him.  Even conservative women like Ann Coulter would be admonished by Jesus for wearing immodest clothing.  She would still support him.  But she might still keep wearing revealing dresses, only she would feel a bit self-conscious knowing that Jesus would see her and might condemn her.

The military might feel uncomfortable with Jesus, the Prince of Peace, supporting diplomacy over war when dealing with our enemies.  Our enemies would feel threatened because Islamic extremists don’t accept Jesus as the Son of God, and he could have legions of angels come down from Heaven to destroy them.  China and other totalitarian regimes would oppose Jesus and threaten retaliation in many areas if He were elected President.  If He debates Republicans in the primaries, his opponents would drop out because they would know whatever He promised, He would fulfill.  When He debated his Democrat opponent, he/she would complain that He could read his/her mind, and it would be unfair to elect Him since He could get things done without needing Congress to allow him to act.  He would control the weather and could make the earth like a paradise, which would upset those who believe in global warming.  And then the weather wouldn’t suit everyone everywhere.

One thing that would prevent Him from being President would be his ineligibility since he isn’t a citizen of America, and he was never natural-born since he was never born.  Not being natural-born didn’t stop Obama from becoming President, though.

It looks like Jesus will have to settle for ruling the world for 1,000 years when he establishes his kingdom in Jerusalem after the Battle of Armageddon, because he would have too much opposition to be elected President.


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Should We Take Liberal Clowns Seriously?

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When a clown asks to be taken seriously, should we do so?

As I have stated in the past, the Democrat Party is a big tent party.  The problem is that there are nothing but clowns inside.  Many of those clowns are complaining about the way men look at women’s breasts.  They are saying that men shouldn’t stare at them; and when Rush Limbaugh said that men should tell women to stop having their breasts stare at their eyes, they became UGLY women.  They must not have realized that looking at women often with lust in your heart, as Jimmy Carter confessed doing, has been hard-wired into the brain.  The survival of the species would be endangered if men didn’t desire women sexually.  If women are concerned about men staring at their breasts, maybe they should wear bulky clothes or move to a country where appearance isn’t a big deal (like a nation that honors Sharia law.  There, if a woman tries to reveal their breasts, they are at times stoned.  But since UGLY women are very vocal and resent men having control over women, they might be stoned for that.)

Liberal clowns complain about Conservatives waging war on women.  Let me make comparisons between Conservative and Liberal views concerning females.  Conservatives oppose the murder of female babies.  Liberals support it.  Conservatives believe females should truly be equal to men in many areas in order to succeed and oppose forcing women to fight in combat.  Liberals want equality in name only and would force mothers (and at times, their daughters) to fight and die in combat and be raped and murdered by their enemies if they are captured.  Conservatives are generally more moral than Liberals and want females to have self-control sexually, while Liberals don’t mind if women give their bodies to men to be used as a plaything as long as they have contraceptives (which sometimes fail.)  Conservatives know that responsible women are strong women, while Liberals think they know best about how women should act (they should let the government control them instead of being independent like Conservatives believe they should be.)  Conservative women often try to find Conservative men to be with because they are often better than Liberal men.  Liberal women take their chances with Liberal men unless they are gay.  Then they take their chance that they will have children if they want them.

I heard the Liberal clown Barney Frank say that Republicans in Congress should pass legislation that the Democrats in the Senate can pass because standing on principle doesn’t allow anything to be passed.  That is good advice in a totalitarian regime.  But agreeing with Democrats has cost this nation trillions of dollars and millions of jobs.  The recent budget deal has been an attempt to agree with Democrats, and I’m afraid it will make things worse in the long run. But with Liberal clowns being as they are, if they can keep convincing Republicans to do what they want them to do, when their actions bring disaster, Democrats can continue to blame them for problems the clowns produced.  The fools on the Hill brought us higher taxes and Smoot/Hawley during the early 30′s, and we had the Great Depression.  They again brought us the housing crises while Bush was President, and he gets the blame for the crash when he tried to prevent it.  Barney Frank said there was nothing wrong before he was proven wrong, and this nation paid for his mistake.

We might as well slap a permanent coat of grease paint on a lot of Liberals.  They are the ones who love increasing taxes, taking money from people who need it  The clowns think that Obama is probably the best President ever elected. Maybe they have brick-covered glasses and wear hearing aids tuned to the baloney station because they are laughably out of touch with reality.   Liberal clowns have tried to shrink the military for decades and have succeeded from time to time, like during the Clinton administration, when the clowns were more interested in a balanced budget at the expense of the Pentagon.  The money 9/11 cost us due to our willful lack of preparedness for a terrorist attack erased the possibility for surpluses for years.  The election of the Liberal ringmaster of the Washington circus could make surpluses an impossibility for decades more.  If our military is degraded enough, and Obamacare proves to be as bad as predicted, our economy may collapse; and our enemies will be able to wage war against America on American soil.

The clowns will be out in force in 2014 as they promote their candidates and try to convince the voters that the bad conditions they are experiencing are not real.  Maybe a little seltzer in the eye from the squirting daisy will make things look funnier.  They’ll pile into their little clown cars, roam the streets in search of Conservatives they can pummel with rubber batons and chickens, and proclaim the triumph of Liberal thought over that of Conservatives.  ”Higher taxes will help the poor succeed.  Global warming caused mainly by humans is a reality, even if only zealous clowns think they can prove it.  We need to replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy immediately with the energy equivalent of starving poodles.   Trust us.  We know what we are doing” is what they say as they try to extinguish a house fire with a squirt gun.

It’s fine to laugh at clowns.  Don’t try to seek advice from them unless you want to cry.


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How To Remove Obama From Office

Obama Evolution Lame Duck Scandals SC

The best way to prevent a person from becoming a dictator is to not put him into a position in which he could become one.  Our Founding Fathers put this requirement in the Constitution: Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5 states: “No Person except a natural-born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

According to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, because Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen and not an American citizen at the time of Barack’s birth, Barack is not eligible to be President.  Supposedly, Obama was an expert on the Constitution.  Yet he ran for President anyways.  He knew that he had one big advantage over Chester A. Arthur, our other ineligible person to be declared the President; and it was his skin color.  Who was going to attack the first black President for being ineligible for the Presidency?  Screams of racism would fill the land.  That would mean if I accused a person of committing a federal crime like dodging the draft (which Clinton did), or any other federal crime, I would be a racist.  Al Capone committed the federal crime of tax evasion.  Would I be considered a racist to support his imprisonment at Alcatraz?  Of course not.  The same should apply to Obama’s illegal act of considering himself eligible to be President.  Not all blacks are federal criminals like all those accusing me of being a racist must think.  Now that would be true racism.

The Constitution and Obama’s ineligibility to be President, according to that document, is a clear reason to remove him from the White House.  Surprisingly, even Conservatives don’t use that as a reason to do so.  There are many other ways to remove Obama from office. Impeachment is a popular and potentially effective way to remove him from office. It requires timing. If Obama is hated more in 2014 prior to the election in November, the impeachment hearings could be held in September or October, when Democrats are eyeing their defeat, and we might have a better chance of throwing him out of office.  With the accusation that Obama was illegally declared President, Democrats may be desperate to remain in office and dump Obama.  But since they have supported Obama before he was illegally elected, they should be thrown out too.

A charge against Obama that is an easy one to make is perjury.  He said he would support and defend the Constitution.  But he has caused a less perfect union, established injustice, has destroyed domestic tranquility, removed money and support for the common defense of this nation, made the general welfare of the nation worse, and made our liberty less secure now and into the future.  He also violated Article I, Section 1, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution, which states that all legislative powers are granted only to Congress.  Only Congress can change a law once it is adopted.  Obama has done so often with the Affordable Care Act.  He has also tried to work around Congress whenever possible.

Harry Reid violated Article 1, Section 7, which states that all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, by introducing the Affordable Care Act (which Obama pushed before he was elected.)  Congress passed one bill, and the Senate Democrats misshaped it into Obamacare, passed it, and then the Democrat Congress passed it.  Obama didn’t want his health care law considered a tax.  But the Supreme Court said it would be unconstitutional unless it were a tax since no one can be forced to buy something.

By admitting he didn’t know something before the general public learned about it in the news is admitting he is incompetent.  If Michael Moore can accuse Bush of being out of touch when he showed him teeing off, he could make a mini-series about Obama being out of touch.  Then again, maybe there are two Obamas.  There is the one who is like Sergeant Shultz, who knows nothing and would rather enjoy the perks of the Presidency; and there is the one we aren’t allowed to know about.  Remember, Al Capone was loved by so many in Chicago for what he did for them while still being the most notorious gangster in the city.  Obama is loved by millions despite all the bad things blamed on him.

Public opinion caused Nixon to resign from the Presidency before he could be impeached.  And that was mainly for obstruction of justice.  Obama has done that and so much more.  But the press hated Nixon and still loves Obama, to some extent.  We have the majority of the people against Obama (and some in his own party.)  What we need now is an honest news media that doesn’t view Obama through brick-covered glasses.  When a person refuses to see and relies on verbal instructions from liars, don’t be surprised if they fall into pits.