Obama Just Had His Hand Slapped Hard By Fed Judge Who Blocks This ‘Inexplicable’ Overreach

Calling the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest effort to extend its control over virtually all U.S. waterways “inexplicable, arbitrary and devoid of reasoned process,” a federal judge has just blocked another attempt by President Obama to bypass Congress.

The Washington Times reports that Judge Ralph Erickson has issued a temporary injunction that prevents the EPA “from claiming oversight of millions of acres of land that contain small bodies of water.”

Critics of the EPA initiative have argued that the far-reaching new rule would give Obama’s official environmental activists vast new powers that would threaten water rights and usage by untold numbers of individuals, including farmers.

The Times article notes the critics’ argument that “the EPA would control lands near ditches with no possible connection to the rivers and lakes that the [original] law was designed to protect.”

The judge in North Dakota who blocked the EPA’s sweeping new rule agreed with critics, supporting his injunction with strong words that slap down what many see as yet another power grab by the Obama administration:

The rule asserts jurisdiction over waters that are remote and intermittent waters. No evidence actually points to how these intermittent and remote wetlands have any nexus to a navigable-in-fact water.

Thirteen states had sued to block the EPA from implementing its new water rule. Immediately after the federal judge hit the brakes on the agency’s action, the EPA put out a statement saying it would honor the judge’s order only in the states that had taken the administration to court. The remaining thirty-seven states, said the EPA, would see the sweeping changes to water regulations go into effect right away.

The Washington Times reports:

“In all other respects, the rule is effective on August 28,” the agency said in a statement. “The agencies [EPA and Army Corps of Engineers] are evaluating these orders and considering next steps in the litigation.’”

As the Times points out, this action by the federal judge in North Dakota is “the latest in a long list” of federal rulings challenging Obama’s authority to expand the reach and power of the executive branch.

Western Journalism has reported extensively on the actions of the federal court in Texas that put a halt, at least temporarily, to Obama’s executive amnesty orders for illegal immigrants. That case is working its way through the judicial system, as are many others alleging presidential overreach.

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Ouch! This EPIC Goof By The DNC Could Be The Biggest Fail Yet For Hillary’s Clueless Party

Right there, for all to see, prominently displayed on the Democrats’ web page reaching out to “Veterans and Military Families,” was a photo intended to show how the party of Hillary Clinton understands and supports U.S. service men and women. However, as the publication Military Times noted of the image depicting military veterans, the folks at the website Democrats.org got their countries mixed up:

Democrats’ election outreach efforts to veterans may need to start with a refresher course on what U.S. troops look like.

For starters, they don’t wear Polish military uniforms.

Twitter users were quick to pick up on the epic “Polish” goof by the Democrat National Committee (DNC), which many would say shows just how out of touch Democrats are when it comes to recognizing the true nature and value of America’s war fighters.

Image Credit: Twitter/Allison Moore

Image Credit: Twitter/Allison Moore

As the article in Military Times points out, the DNC had originally used a White House photo of President Obama greeting Polish military veterans during a 2011 trip to Warsaw. “The president had been cropped out, but faces of four elderly veterans wearing European-style military uniforms were visible above several paragraphs asserting the party’s ‘commitment to America’s veterans.’ The Polish military’s White Eagle insignia was clear on the headgear of two of the veterans.”

When Military Times alerted the heretofore clueless website managers of their photo faux pas, the image was quickly changed. Social media users, however, were not so quick to stop the snark about the egregious error.

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 10.25.33 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 10.25.01 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 10.24.46 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 10.23.50 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 10.22.40 AM

We’ve heard no word yet on whether the head of the DNC, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, intends to push for Polish military vets to receive VA benefits or possibly even have U.S. voting rights…as long as they pledge to support the party’s nominee. (Okay, that’s a bit of Friday humor.)

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Watch: Angry Sheriff Clarke Just Had This EPIC Response To Dems’ Reaction To On-Air Killings

It took only a matter of hours after the horrific on-air killings of two TV journalist in Virginia for top Democrats to try to politicize the tragedy. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others wasted no time in calling for greater federal gun control after a former colleague of two employees of WDBJ-TV shot and killed them at point-blank range.

Speaking with Sean Hannity Thursday night, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke threw the book at liberals for what he called their shameless attempt to exploit the shocking murders.

“Shame on the left, shame on the Democrats for once again exploiting misery and tragedy to pursue a political agenda,” Clarke said on the Fox news show Hannity. “Shame on the president of the United States to invoke terrorism into this horrific incident that happened in Virginia.”

The outspoken lawman who has consistently criticized Obama on a number of issues, including the president’s handling of racial strife, pointed to the U.S. Constitution in his argument that Democrats are trying to use the grief surrounding the Virginia killings as a motivator to restrict liberty.

“This document, the Constitution, protects freedom and liberty. It does not prevent horrific acts done by human beings,” Sheriff Clarke told Hannity.

And what would the popular law enforcement figure do to try to prevent gun violence, without trying to restrict access and ownership of personal firearms?

“You identify the bad guys, you arrest the bad guys, you adjudicate them and once they’re convicted, you lock them up for the longest period of time allowed by law,” Clarke asserted.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the exchange between Sean Hannity and Sheriff David Clarke in which the Wisconsin lawman sharply criticized President Obama’s reaction to the murders that shocked viewers who saw them on live TV:

“This was a chance for the president to bring the country together, and once again, the divider-in-chief goes out and further separates us.”

Do you agree with Sheriff Clarke’s criticism of Obama, Hillary and others? Join the conversation by leaving your comment below.

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This Famous ‘Star Wars’ Hero Just Reacted To Horrifying TV Murders In A Stunning Way

Even though his acting career has been built on playing an iconic movie character who leads an armed rebellion against an evil, tyrannical, merciless empire, Mark Hamill has now taken a stand that seems to completely contradict the nature of his Luke Skywalker role in the Star Wars film franchise. But, of course, Hamill’s hypocrisy wouldn’t mark the first time a Hollywood star has come out in favor of greater restrictions on gun ownership, even though denying the actor access to personal weapons for movie roles would be to deprive that performer of a livelihood.

Joining a chorus of liberals calling for more gun control immediately after the horrible, on-air, ambush murders of two TV journalists in Virginia, Hamill let his social media followers and fans know he wants the government to tighten its squeeze on gun rights in America.

Image Credit: Twitter/Mark Hamill

Image Credit: Twitter/Mark Hamill

Hamill’s tweet about how “Australia fixed it” refers to the country’s 1996 government ban on some types of personal weapons, its promotion of a handgun buyback program, and imposition of stricter licensing and registration requirements. Clearly, Hamill thought that the shocking murders of the young TV reporter and her cameraman that were broadcast live early Wednesday could have been “fixed” if only the United States had done what Australia did nearly twenty years ago.

However, there are the starry-eyed musings of an actor whose life is spent living and playing in a fantasy, and then there are the facts.

Yes, reaction to Hamill’s “ENOUGH!” tweet was mixed, with lots of positive and negative comments praising and ridiculing his take on the tragedy and its place in the gun control debate. But “Luke Skywalker’s” reference to the Australian experience is truly a comparison of apples and kiwi fruit.

As a June 25, 2015 article on The Federalist points out, the “myth” of Australia’s successful gun control program has been built upon a government program that relied upon confiscation:

Australia’s vaunted gun buyback program was in fact a sweeping program of gun confiscation.

When gun control advocates say they want Australian gun control laws in the United States, what they are really saying is that they want gun confiscation in the United States.

In addition, the level of private gun ownership in Australia has always been far below that of the United States. A recent survey showed that some 32 percent of Americans own a firearm or live with someone who does. And there are skeptics who believe the number is higher than that, as people who were asked about gun ownership may well have been reluctant to tell the questioner they had a gun in the house.

Regarding the part of Mark Hamill’s Twitter comment congratulating Andy Parker for his “new mission” in life, that referred to what the father of murdered reporter Alison Parker said — that he would seek to find ways to keep guns out of the hands of mentally disturbed individuals.

So, as far as “Luke Skywalker” is concerned, there are no doubt a number of Star Wars fans who would hope that, in this case, the “Force” is not with him. They might well side with the Twitter user who responded to Hamill’s anti-gun message this way:

So how would the rebellion have defeated the empire w/o weapons, smart guy?

FYI: the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, is set for release in December of next year.

h/t: Young Conservatives

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After This Insane Comment About On-Air Killer, #BlackLivesMatter Activist Tries To Cover His Tracks

A self-proclaimed leader of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement who has played his hard line social activism and eager community agitation into a chance to peddle his race-centered views through left-leaning media, DeRay McKesson, many would say, is nothing if not an opportunist. And when the opportunity arose yesterday to whip the horses of his race-baiting bandwagon in the immediate wake of the horrific on-air ambush murders of two white TV journalists, McKesson wasted no time.

As pointed out on the Twitter-monitoring website Twitchy, McKesson had heard initially that “the man who shot and killed a WDBJ7 reporter and photographer…was a white man, and instinct took over.”

Image Credit: Twitchy

Image Credit: Twitchy

That “whiteness will explain away nearly everything” comment quickly drew sharp criticism from Twitter users who pushed back hard against McKesson’s presumption of “white guilt,” noting that the BLM race-baiter’s rush to judgment exposed his own deep-seated racial prejudice.





After the truth came out — that the fired TV station employee who shot and killed his former colleagues was a black, gay, Obama-supporter known for making trouble in the workplace — the prominent BLM activist tried to cover his Twitter tracks, as Breitbart News pointed out:

DeRay — who gained fame as social media activist and inserted himself into the Baltimore and Ferguson riots – then reportedly added his own comments [to earlier race-based tweets]. The tweet by DeRay has been removed from his Twitter timeline.

Since the social media episode in which the BLM agitator tried to jump on what he may have thought would be a way to divert attention from black-on-black killings, McKesson has tried to explain away his initial instinct to blame “whiteness.”

The latest backtrack came Thursday morning on his Twitter feed:


Of course, in the minds of many, all this effort to say he was simply reacting to initial news reports about the horrific TV killings only serves to underscore this black activist’s own prejudicial instinct to make everything — even a terrible tragedy such as the slaughter of two young TV journalists — about race. Clearly, not everything can be viewed and judged in such black and white terms.

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