Would You Do What This Couple Did After Finding Something Unbelievable In A Fast Food Bag?

WCJ images BK cash

Talk about a whopper of a true story.

Late in the afternoon this past Friday, Janelle Jones went to a Burger King in Rochester, New Hampshire, where she ordered a spicy chicken sandwich and sweat tea at the drive-through window. She was already on her way home when she opened the bag to find that the restaurant had messed up her order — messed it up in a big and unbelievable way.

Instead of her sandwich and drink, Jones found a huge bundle of cash — $2,631. Apparently, she had been given a bank deposit instead of the meal she ordered.

Foster’s Daily Democrat newspaper reports that Janelle called her husband, Matthew, to discuss what they should do with the small fortune that had dropped into their laps.

Matthew Jones admitted, “We are not perfect human beings,” and said the couple had considered the possibility of keeping the money, adding they could have certainly used the cash. But he said he and his wife are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that “Jehovah sees everything.”

When the young couple returned the cash, employees of the Burger King were extremely thankful, especially since at least one of them reportedly faced the prospect of being fired if the money had not been returned.

And what was the reward for Janelle and Matthew Jones’ honesty — aside from their consciences being clear for having done a good deed?

Again, via Foster’s Daily Democrat: “A manager told me they would give me five free meals,” Janelle added. “The manager said he talked to the corporate office and they said to tell me ‘thank you.’”

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Obama Did It Again! This Time The President’s Rude Habit Draws Sharp Rebukes During India Visit

WCJ images Obama chews

It was only a few months ago, as Western Journalism reported, that President Obama was sharply criticized on social media networks after being caught on camera casually chewing gum at the big international summit in China.

News reports quoted Chinese observers of Obama’s behavior — behavior that they clearly found offensive: “…Chinese Internet users, accustomed to the highly formal standards of their stiff party leadership, quickly characterized the leader of the world’s most powerful nation as an impolite ‘idler,’ or careless ‘rapper.’”

And it was just a few months before that incident that President Obama was taken to task for chewing gum during solemn D-Day ceremonies in France as Queen Elizabeth II was introduced.

But apparently, the president couldn’t care less about how his public gum-chewing is perceived as he travels to foreign lands for formal events important to his hosts.

The Times Of India newspaper characterized as “an ungainly sight” Obama’s habit once more on full display as he sat next to India’s prime minister during the Republic Day Parade.

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 11.07.05 AM

Twitter users were also quick to comment on the lip-smacking exhibition by the U.S. president.

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WATCH: What Defiant Rocker Ted Nugent Just Did That Will Have Chris Kyle Haters Spitting Mad

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Conservative rocker Ted Nugent is not one to shy away from controversy…or from music as boisterous as his patriotic spirit is strong. In fact, the gutsy guitar star often gets squarely and loudly in the face of liberals with whom he disagrees.

As The Blaze reports, Nugent fired up a highly receptive audience Thursday night at the Outdoor Channel’s 15th annual Golden Moose Awards show held in Las Vegas.

Right before blasting out a rousing rendition of the national anthem in a high-decibel solo performance, the raucous rocker dedicated the piece to the late American sniper Chris Kyle, who has become a target for venomous hatred on the left.

“God bless the snipers,” declared Nugent.

You can see Ted Nugent’s passionate dedication to the heroes of the American military, followed by his version of The Star-Spangled Banner, by clicking on the video above.


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Look What One Of America’s Biggest Party Towns Just Did To Radically Alter Its Image

New Orleans

The vote wasn’t close — in fact, it was unanimous — the vote by the New Orleans City Council to dramatically change the nature of one of America’s most famous party destinations.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, The Big Easy will no longer go easy on people who smoke in almost any public place.

Saying there is no “constitutional right” to smoke, every single member of the city council voted on Thursday to slap very strict limitations on an individual’s freedom to light up in thousands of places throughout New Orleans.

The city’s far-reaching smoking ban that takes effect in 90 days prohibits smoking in bars, casinos, private clubs, schools and colleges, athletic fields, sports arenas, golf courses, parks, and even construction sites.

“[T]here is no legal or constitutional ‘right to smoke,’” the ordinance said. “Business owners have no legal or constitutional right to expose their employees and customers to the toxic chemicals in secondhand smoke. On the contrary, employers have a common law duty to provide their workers with a workplace that is not unreasonably dangerous.”

And the new no-smoking law, according to the Free Beacon, applies not only to tobacco products, but also to e-cigarettes as well as to marijuana, natural or synthetic.

And while the City Council claimed to be making the controversial move to protect overall public health, the ban reportedly does not include one of the smokiest areas of the city — Bourbon Street in the heart of the city’s French Quarter.

Via WDSU-TV: “Smoking on Bourbon Street will remain legal, as will lighting up at cigar lounges, hookah bars and tobacco shops that have been in operation before 2015.”

According to media reports, New Orleans will still allow smoking in private residences.

Reporting found on the Best of New Orleans blog indicates that opposition to the ordinance was fierce but limited, often swirling around issues of economic impact, individual rights, and the image of fun-loving New Orleans.

Others, like smoker Elizabeth Stella, say the ordinance goes against the attitude New Orleans embraces.

“It’s not New York, it’s not Seattle, it’s a party town,” she said. “A bar is not a health spa and alcohol is not a spa drink.”

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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It’s Over, The Fox News Showdown With Dish Network, And Look Who Just Got Served Big Time

Fox News Up Ratings (1)

How appropriate that “dish” is a key word in this story of media giants battling it out to a bloody but decisive finish.

The showdown between Fox News and Dish Network is reportedly over following a three-week confrontation that saw each side dishing out super-heated charges against the other.

Dish accused Fox of extortion. Fox accused Dish of censorship. And now that the radioactive dust is clearing, it’s apparent that Roger Ailes and Fox News have served the second largest satellite programming provider with a steaming dish of humble pie.

Mediaite reports that Dish has been broken, or at the very least badly cracked, in its highly publicized battle with the undisputed ratings king of cable news.

The Wall Street Journal says that the new multi-year distribution deal not only puts Fox News back on the satellite TV service with its 14 million subscribers, but it also puts much more money in Fox pockets.

The rate per-subscriber that Dish reportedly agreed to pay to Fox will increase by a whopping 50 percent, up to $1.50. Plus, Fox Business Network will appear next to Fox News in the channel lineup, enabling Fox Business to be more readily seen in a greater number of households.

A big reason that Dish Network has caved, say insiders, is an old and familiar one — money, specifically, lost money — severely bleeding revenues. As Western Journalism has reported, a Fox News source indicated a few days ago that some 90,000 subscribers had dropped their Dish service because of the loss of Fox on their TVs.

…resulting in tens of millions in losses if a majority had a typical package for Dish (paying $99.00-$127.00 per month). When the dust settled, Fox had the luxury of audience devotion and familiar faces on the front lines, while Dish was just another faceless, hated cable provider in the same way Comcast, Time Warner and Cablevision are.

USA Today tells us that, in the end, after weeks of airing charges and counter-charges, executives from Dish and Fox issued a terse joint statement: “We thank the viewers of Fox News and Fox Business and Dish customers for their patience throughout this process.”


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