BREAKING: Hillary’s Hopes For The Presidency May Now Lie With Obama’s New Attorney General

The scandal surrounding emailgate — then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account managed on a personal server — has just been escalated to a higher level that could prove extremely damaging to Mrs. Clinton’s hopes for the White House.

The New York Times reports that the Justice Department has been asked to open “a criminal investigation into whether sensitive government information was mishandled in connection with the personal email account Hillary Rodham Clinton used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.”

And it’s not a Republican politician or a conservative watchdog group that’s requesting the criminal probe of Mrs. Clinton’s email practices. It’s two inspectors general working for the federal government who have reportedly asked for the inquiry into whether Hillary included classified information — sensitive government secrets — in the emails she sent. Mrs. Clinton has denied that she ever included any classified material in her many thousands of official emails when she was the country’s top diplomat.

However, as The Times article points out, when Mrs. Clinton turned over to the State Department the digital communications she had held and controlled on her private server, the review of those emails raised serious and troubling questions.

In the course of the email review, State Department officials determined that some information in the messages should be retroactively classified. In the 3,000 pages that were released, for example, portions of two dozen emails were redacted because they were upgraded to “classified status.” But none of those were marked as classified at the time Mrs. Clinton handled them.

So now, President Obama’s new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, will have a huge say in whether a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s controversial email practices will be undertaken. Such a criminal probe would almost certainly further damage Mrs. Clinton’s already shaky image for being an honest and trustworthy person.

Just a couple of days ago, Western Journalism reported on a new poll from Quinnipiac that showed Mrs. Clinton losing serious ground to potential Republican challengers in three key swing states. The survey confirmed what other polls have found in recent weeks — the frontrunner for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president is not seen as particularly honest and trustworthy.

Mrs. Clinton recently drew a fair share of snickers and snide comments when she boasted to a CNN interviewer, “People should and do trust me.” Should Obama’s attorney general decide that a criminal probe is warranted into Hillary’s emails and their possibly classified content, even the presidential candidate herself would be hard-pressed to make that statement again with a straight face.

Should a criminal investigation be launched over Hillary Clinton’s controversial email practices? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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SHOCK: What Cruz Just Said On The Senate Floor Could Be Declaration Of GOP War (Video)

He’s been referred to as the “Cruz missile,” and today the senator from Texas took dead aim at a top GOP colleague often associated with the Republican establishment that conservatives distrust.

Solemnly saying that “today is a sad day for this institution,” Senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz took to the floor of the upper chamber on Friday and delivered a verbal broadside to his own party’s leadership, accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of lying.

“The Senate operates based on trust,” said Cruz, who then went on to claim the high-powered Kentucky Republican lied to him repeatedly about having agreed to a deal involving votes for the recently passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and an attempt to revive the lapsed authorization for the controversial Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank.

Cruz was unabashed and relentless in his accusation that McConnell falsely denied there was no back-room arrangement regarding support gathered for TPA and the pending move to restart the currently dormant bank. The Ex-Im Bank is billed as an independent federal agency that helps U.S. companies expand their overseas sales.

The Texas senator even went so far as to charge that McConnell has engaged in “the same procedural abuse” that his predecessor, Harry Reid, “did over and over and over again.”

A Politico piece on the extraordinary Cruz floor speech says that the GOP senator’s outburst was a rare and stunning break with the “traditions of the usually decorous chamber.” Publicly calling out a colleague in such a direct and accusatory fashion is generally considered a no-no.

In a scathing floor speech, the Texas firebrand accused the Senate majority leader of breaking his word to him and the rest of the GOP conference over McConnell’s plans for the controversial Export-Import Bank, the country’s chief export credit agency. In Cruz’s telling, McConnell privately promised him and other Republicans that “there was no deal” with a handful of senators who were seeking to revive the bank in exchange for their votes to advance a major trade bill in May.

While Ted Cruz is often considered a firebrand known for speaking his mind and not worrying about ticking off the GOP establishment, for him to go in front of his fellow senators as well as the C-Span audience with this kind of harsh accusation could be called a “shocker” by a lot of people, even Cruz fans.

Some might wonder if Cruz — lagging far behind his GOP rivals in most presidential polls — could be taking a cue from the wildly outspoken Donald Trump, who has certainly gained attention and popularity of late with his bold and brazen accusations. Of course, contrary to the style in which Trump tends to shoot from what you might call “the verbal hip,” Sen. Cruz was more measured and methodical in laying out his argument that Mitch McConnell is a scheming, manipulative liar.

By clicking on the video above, you can see for yourself what Ted Cruz had to say that has caused such a media stir on a Friday afternoon and could prove to be “the shot heard round the Senate” in a new battlefront between staunch conservatives and the power-wielding establishment.

What do you think? Was Cruz out of line or on the mark in his criticism of Mitch McConnell? Join the conversation by leaving your comment below.

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The Lafayette And Chattanooga Shootings Have One Striking Similarity No One’s Talking About

While anti-gun activists and gun control advocates will no doubt try to score political points off the movie-theater shooting last night in Louisiana, there’s an aspect to this awful crime that ties it to the Chattanooga massacre of five U.S. servicemen.

Police in Lafayette, La., have now identified the shooting suspect — who allegedly killed two movie-goers and then himself Thursday — as a 59-year-old Alabama man described as a “drifter” who had been staying at a motel near the murder scene. According to ABC News, authorities say the gunman who opened fire inside the packed theater was John Russel Houser.

“It is apparent he was intent on shooting and escaping” before police forced him back into the theater where he shot himself to death, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said at the news conference, explaining that his 1995 blue Lincoln Continental was positioned near the exit.”

In addition to the two dead patrons, at least nine victims were reportedly wounded in the attack that occurred as some 100 people watched the comedy “Trainwreck.” The weapon the shooter used was said to be a handgun, a .40 caliber pistol.

Apparently no one else in the theater was armed. And one big reason for that — one major reason the bad guy with a gun was able to pick off his victims without being challenged by a good guy with a gun — was the gun-free zone policy of the theater’s ownership.

As Breitbart News points out:

The movie theater chain does not even allow law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits to carry for self-defense.

According to the “Conduct Policy” for all Grand Theatre locations, the “possession of firearms or weapons of any kind” are [sic] completely banned and the ban applies regardless of whether the firearm or weapon is carried “openly or concealed, with or without a permit.”

The “gun-free zone” policy was, and still is, a central issue in the ongoing debate about what happened in the Chattanooga attacks on military installations and what could have been done to discourage them or possibly lessen their deadly impact.

Western Journalism reported on the intense controversy that has flared up in the wake of the Chattanooga attacks. A small decal on the bullet-riddled glass door of one of the military installations that came under fire from a suspected domestic terrorist provided a powerful impetus for the debate.

Certainly, there are big differences between arming trained military personnel at facilities where they work and allowing moviegoers in a theater open to the public to carry a firearm for protection. But the core question of whether gun-free zones advertised as such are vulnerable targets that invite attacks is one that will likely be asked and debated just as gun-control fanatics will no doubt pounce on the tragedy in Lafayette as a further reason to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Do you think the “gun-free zone” policy at movie theaters serves to protect us or does it actually make us more vulnerable? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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WATCH: If Not For This Report, ‘Nuke Deal’ Kerry Might Have Gotten Away With Lying To Congress

In light of the clearly fact-challenged testimony Secretary of State John Kerry gave to a Senate committee on Thursday, one can reasonably ask three questions about why almost all the news media ignored the easily exposed falsehoods:
1. Have we become so accustomed to lying, deception, and duplicity from the Obama administration that a few more fibs aren’t all that newsworthy?
2. Does the vast majority of so-called “reporters” not have enough perspective or awareness of historical context to recognize lies when they’re told?
3. Are most media outlets so sympathetic to the Obama administration and its aggressive push for the Iran nuke deal that they’re willing to look the other way and not point out when a top Obama official fails to tell the truth to the United States Congress?

As the website NewsBusters points out, Fox News’ Special Report was the only major news show to focus on Kerry’s misleading testimony Thursday to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The nation’s chief diplomat appeared for several sometimes contentious hours before the panel as he tried to defend the Iran nuclear pact that’s come under bipartisan fire.

While English-networks ABC and NBC combined with Spanish-language networks MundoFox, Telemundo, and Univision on Thursday night to skip testimony from Secretary of State John Kerry in a Senate hearing on the Iran deal, CBS covered it in a news brief, but only summarized it and ignored false statements by Kerry as he faced criticism from both sides of the aisle.

In contrast, the Fox News Channel (FNC) program Special Report not only had a full segment on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing from chief Washington correspondent James Rosen but a takedown of three claims from Kerry.

By clicking on the video above, you can see for yourself how the Fox News reporter exposes the trio of Kerry lies by showing what the secretary of state told the senators, then sharply contrasting Kerry’s statements with what’s been previously said about the Iran deal.

Given John Kerry’s obvious and apparently purposeful falsehoods, one must ask if the Capitol Hill lawmakers to whom he lied will call him out for trying to do to them what one senator said Iran did to him regarding the nuke deal — will Kerry be called on the congressional carpet for attempting to “bamboozle” the United States Congress?

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Powerful Democrat Ally Just Tried To Sabotage Trump… He’s Responding Like Only The Donald Can

If it’s true, as many believe, that Donald Trump feeds on conflict and thrives on controversy, then the 2016 presidential contender should be riding high and happy after what a powerful Democrat political machine just tried to do.

As Western Journalism reported on Wednesday, Trump announced that he would be taking his campaign for the White House to another location where politics is dramatically changing the country — the Texas border with Mexico.

Never hesitant to fan the firestorm that’s arisen over his remarks about illegal immigrants and America’s neighbor to the south, Trump fired up his huge social media following with word that he would be “seeing some really brave people” during his visit to the Laredo area. Those “people,” it was assumed, would be border control agents who have long complained about the near-impossible task they face every day.

But now, as Breitbart News reports, the big union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents — a powerful labor group that almost always supports and promotes liberal causes and Democrat candidates — has told its members not to give Trump the guided tour of the border he was expecting.

“Donald Trump’s planned tour of the Laredo Sector of the Texas-Mexico border has been canceled by the national AFL-CIO-controlled union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents, the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC),” says Breitbart.

One Border Patrol agent who spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity said, “The union has largely appealed to the public for more attention to the dangers posed by illegal immigrants who cross the border, so it’s strange that the AFL-CIO side would take lead and try to hurt a presidential candidate for saying the same things the union always says. This kind of crap is why I left the union.”

And how has Trump reacted to the union’s insistence that its members not meet with the GOP presidential candidate? Has The Donald indicated any change of plans?

CNN reports that, despite the AFL-CIO’s last-minute non-cooperation, “Trump still plans on visiting the border with other agents, his spokeswoman said, and will address a group of law enforcement officials at an event after the tour.”

As Trump heads to Texas for the border tour that his campaign promises will go on, the Associated Press — in what is apparently supposed to be a straight news report and not an opinion or analysis piece — is taking the angle that Trump’s “charging ahead” with plans to visit the U.S.-Mexico border “promises new challenges for the GOP’s years-in-the-making push to attract Hispanic voters.”

In an article just published on various news sites, including ABC News online, the AP tries its best to characterize Trump as a callous troublemaker and strategy disruptor for an embattled Republican Party and paints Trump’s statements about the problems with illegal immigration in overly broad terms.

Trump has gone beyond the party’s hardline stance on illegal immigration, calling immigrants who cross the border illegally “criminals” and “rapists” and accusing Mexico’s government of deliberately sending felons into the U.S.

Do you support Donald Trump? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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