This American Biker Fighting Terrorists In Iraq Is So Feared That ISIS Put A Bounty On His Head

He’s a Colorado native, a tough-as-nails biker formerly involved with a “one percenter” motorcycle club, according to a profile of the volunteer terror fighter that appeared in The Daily Beast. Now “Mickey” — not his real name but the way he is referred to in the article — is on the front lines assisting Kurdish forces, in the thick of battle, engaged in deadly combat against ISIS in war-ravaged Iraq.

Because Mickey is so fierce and so fearless as the bullets fly and the bombs explode, ISIS is reportedly offering a reward to anyone who can take him out of the fight. Not only is he a capable warrior; he also cuts an imposing figure on the battlefield — long blond hair, goatee, tattooed, permanent sunburn, often seen puffing on a cigar when he’s not taking aim at the enemy.

And how did Mickey — who has adopted the ominous war-fighting name “Necromancer” — come to be among the Kurdish Peshmerga fighting to drive Islamic State terrorists from their homeland? As The Daily Beast profile tells us, Mickey was once a member of the French Foreign Legion who hints at a criminal past in the United States. He’s a man on a mission who paid his own way to a war he saw as an epic struggle for justice.

Mickey said he found himself drawn to the current fight against ISIS by the injustice he saw occurring. “I’m here for the people, nobody else. I’m here for all of those who want to live a peaceful life that has been deprived to them by ISIS. I don’t care about politics or religion. That’s not what I’m here for,” he said.

Mickey, or Necromancer, is one of an unknown number of American volunteers who have given up their lives stateside and traveled thousands of miles to Iraq to join the Peshmerga. In a recent article on these “possibly scores” of Americans who have taken up arms against ISIS, The Guardian spoke with a man who called himself “Grim.” His explanation of why he chose this dangerous life seemed to capture the feelings of a number of the volunteer soldiers.

“We are fighting a scourge,” said Grim, who did not want to disclose his real name. “We are fighting murderers and rapists: people who burn people in cages, people who behead people. This is not a civilised army. They are animals.”

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Could MSNBC Bite The Dust Because Of The Proposed Big-Money Mega-Merger That Just Collapsed?

With its ratings in a virtual death spiral and its position among cable news networks diminishing by the day, MSNBC could be facing a very bleak future, if not an outright existential crisis. That’s because its parent, Comcast, just pulled the plug on a proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. So says the digital managing editor for the Washington Free Beacon, Andrew Stiles, in his analysis of the proposed big-money media marriage that never made it to the altar.

In an editor’s blog entitled “MSNBC’s Future In Doubt After Failed Comcast Merger,” Stiles notes that “the network’s future was in doubt long before the merger fell apart.” However, now that the telecom giants have abandoned their expensive effort to grease the Washington skids to try to win official approval of their plan to combine forces, Comcast may be compelled to take a long, hard look at the viability of the far-left news net that viewers are abandoning in droves.

Politico reports that Time Warner Cable and Comcast — which not long ago bought a controlling interest in NBCUniversal from General Electric — pumped tens of millions of dollars, reportedly more than $32 million, into lobbying firms and other means of regulatory influence to persuade the powers that be to bless the $45 billion merger. It was, as Politico notes, a strategy that had worked in the past.

“Comcast and its Washington chief, David Cohen, followed the company’s tried-and-true playbook, hoping free-flowing campaign donations and a ground assault could quiet congressional critics and win over the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department — much as it had in 2011, when it bought NBCUniversal. Instead, opponents are hailing Comcast’s failed strategy as a welcome sign that money can’t buy everything in Washington.”

Regarding that Comcast acquisition of control in NBCUniversal, Western Journalism published a post in December of last year detailing how Al Sharpton got his show on MSNBC after he helped to promote the deal among his political connections, including some in the White House. With virtually no professional TV broadcast experience, but with links to power and a no-holds-barred loyalty to Barack Obama and the Democrats, Sharpton was chosen to anchor Politics Nation. And despite a string of goofs and gaffes and controversies over his outside activism, Reverend Al survives in the anchor chair.

Now Politics Nation, as well as most other shows on the down-trending cable news network, could be facing a very uncertain future, given that Comcast’s political clout in Washington seems to be diminished. This harsh new reality leads one to reasonably wonder whether the company will decide that its political programming is less meaningful to DC movers and shakers and thus less valuable to the corporation.

In addition to the significant sagging in political relevance for its MSNBC unit, Comcast must also re-focus on the ratings disaster that continues to befall the network’s show lineup. In the coveted 25-54 audience demographic, Politics Nation, on a recent night typical of long-term trends, was very badly beaten in its time slot by both CNN and Fox News, which regularly trounces MSNBC overall.

Mediaite notes that one of the network’s weakest programs, All In with Chris Hayes, “was the lowest-rated show across all of cable news in primetime Wednesday night,” with only 77,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo.

Commenting on the collapse of the long-sought merger with Time Warner Cable, Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement on Friday: “Today, we move on. Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but we structured this deal so that if the government didn’t agree, we could walk away.”

The question now concerning MSNBC’s future is whether Comcast will “walk away” from the floundering network and, like it just did with the merger, pull the plug on an operation that has long been on life support.

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Did The NFL Superstar Missing From This White House Photo Just Send Obama A BIG Message?

Speculation is running wild in sports media circles, and some political ones as well, about the surprising fact that quarterback Tom Brady declined President Obama’s invitation to the White House to honor the New England Patriots for their latest Super Bowl victory.

The official reason given for the NFL superstar’s absence from the Rose Garden ceremony: a prior family engagement, the details of which have not been publicly released.

Sports columnist Chris Chase, writing in USA Today, notes that Brady joined his teammates all three times the Patriots were feted at the White House during the presidency of George W. Bush. The failure of the New England signal caller to show for the Obama-led ceremony could certainly, therefore, be taken as a political signal of sorts to the current president.

CBS News‘ coverage of the Patriots’ trip to the White House — the fourth for the Super Bowl champs since 2002 — notes that Obama told a few jokes about the so-called “deflate-gate” affair that clouded the Patriots’ win in the AFC championship game.

“Mr. Obama joked, ‘I usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events, but with the Patriots in town, I was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat,’” the article read.

The president also quipped about the party-hearty reputation of one player in particular, as he “advised tight end Rob Gronkowski to keep his shirt on.”

However, there was no reference by the president to the conspicuous absence of the star player who engineered the Patriots’ outstanding season and Super Bowl win.

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Watch: What Judge Jeanine Said About Hillary And The President Might Just Make Obama Furious

Never one to mince words or pull punches, Judge Jeanine Pirro came out blasting on Thursday’s Hannity. The host of her own Fox News show, Justice, Pirro absolutely pummeled Hillary Clinton in the wake of the latest scandal to embroil the Democrat presidential candidate — the alleged influence-peddling involving favors and benefits the former secretary of state may have delivered to foreign countries and to companies in exchange for big-money donations to the Clinton family charities.

Judge Jeanine also dropped a comment that one imagines would be likely to cause more than a few frowns at the White House, especially in the Oval Office. Pirro said that Mrs. Clinton’s breaking of both federal rules on record keeping and her promise to the president about disclosure makes Obama look “weak.”

Judge Jeanine tied Hillary’s so-called “pay-to-play” scandal to the ongoing uproar over her controversial email practices and her refusal to turn over to investigators a private email server on which official communications were reportedly stored, then deleted by order of Mrs. Clinton.

“You can call it influence peddling, you can call it a shell game, you can call it a conspiracy, you can call it concealment, you can call it tampering with evidence, you can call it whatever you want, but here’s the bottom line: Now [Hillary Clinton’s] email server becomes very relevant because now the proof is not available, unless you’ve got someone at the other end talking about it,” Pirro said.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch Judge Jeanine’s discussion with Sean Hannity in which Pirro asked, “Do you really want a president, every week where you’ve got a scandal?”

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WATCH: The Navy Just Achieved This ‘First Ever’ That Will Have America’s Enemies Sweating Bullets

It’s called the X-47B, the Navy’s carrier-launched drone or unmanned combat air vehicle. The tail-less, jet-powered drone which first flew in 2011 is a demonstrator that has successfully taken off from and landed on the deck of several aircraft carriers, including the USS George H.W. Bush. And now, the X-47B has just passed another milestone — a major step in proving this could be the battlefield-ready aircraft that never has to land.

Defensetech reports that the Navy has conducted the first successful aerial refueling of the X-47B off the coast of Maryland. This mid-air refueling is another critical achievement in proving the drone’s operational capability.

“The Navy launched and landed the X-47B in rapid succession with an F/A-18 fighter jet as part of a series of joint manned and unmanned flight tests aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in August of last year off the coast of Norfolk, Va., service officials said.”

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the impressive refueling operation as it occurred this week — part of the Pentagon’s rigorous testing to make sure the new pilot-less fighter can integrate into a joint combat environment.

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