Obama Lays Groundwork To Begin Disarming America

Miss America w shotgun Creative Commons Evil Erin Obama Lays Groundwork to Begin Disarming America

Last night, at a memorial service for the twenty children and eight adults killed in Connecticut by an insane, twenty-year-old madman, President Obama began laying the ground work for massive new gun control laws.

Senator Diane Feinstein is already crowing about a “new ” ban on military-style semi-automatic rifles, along with high capacity magazines for both the rifles and handguns. No mention of changing laws that would allow the involuntary hospitalization of people with severe, or violent mental illness. No mention of re-examining medications given to such patients, or the need to change a system that lets these mentally ill folks voluntarily take their medications? Nope, once again, it’s the gun’s fault. By the way, what ever happened to the government program that paid for for having law enforcement officers in schools? That’s a question the Left won’t answer and won’t bring up.

One more time the Progressive’s answer to senseless killing is to strip the law abiding citizens of their right to be able to defend themselves and their families, not only from the insane and bad guys, but from the government as well.  What would Feinstein, and the anti-gun Progressives have done if Lanza would have walked into the school with a suicide bomb strapped to his chest? How about if he had done what the boys in  the Columbine High School killings did: prepare a couple of propane bombs—not very effectively, I might add. Would Feinstein have written legislation to ban all shotguns if that would have been this mad dog killers choice of weapons? If a crazed killer carries one thirty-round magazine, or three ten-round magazines, what the heck is the difference? It is not the weapons that they carry, but the intent in their minds of what to do with them.

By the way, Mr Obama, what are you going to do about the “botched” gun running operation, “Fast Furious” that you and your buddy Holder ran down in Mexico? The story is circulating that you and Holder tried to set this little illegal gun running operation up to set the stage for stricter gun control, but you boys blew it. Does the fact that thousands of Mexican citizens, and about a dozen American citizens have died (including at least three federal agents) make you an accomplice to murder, or maybe a co-conspirator, Mr Obama? Is that why you had to hide the details of the operation under the cloak of Executive Privilege? What would the public have to say if they knew the details, Mr. Obama?

How about Benghazi, Mr Obama? Four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed in Benghazi, Libya, despite their please for help? There were enough resources in the area available to have rescued our people, but someone gave a “stand down order” to those forces. The questions are who and why? Word keeps leaking out from various source that it involved you and your Progressives running guns illegally to Al Queda, and the Libyan and Syrian rebels? Is that why officials in the know are suddenly developing amnesia, or are suddenly “unavailable” to answer questions about the fiasco in Libya, Mr Obama?

Senator Feinstein, why don’t you stop trying to disarm law-abiding Americans and start doing your job? Why aren’t you, and your other gun-hating Progressive colleagues trying to get to the bottom of a couple of other massacres, that might have been the direct result of our governments actions? You want to control guns in the U.S. and yet you can’t even control our borders, where a massive amount of illegal weapons are coming in to this country). The United States government is fighting an active shadow war right here at home with radical Muslims, yet you want to disarm law-abiding citizens. Why don’t you spend as much time getting to the bottom of what happened in Libya instead of your domestic anti-gun crusade, Senator Feinstein?

Obama is pushing this country over a fiscal cliff, but now his priority is gun control? I’m getting real tired of this President, his Administration, and Senators like Diane Feinstein letting blatant corruption go unchecked, while they try to figure out ways to strip the rest of us of our Constitutional rights! The priorities of this administration, and the entire Progressive movement are so screwed up because all they want is the power to control our lives. Nothing more, nothing less.

The killings from Columbine to Sandy Hook in Connecticut are all horrific. They are all the more horrific in the sense that they could have been prevented! Armed and trained personnel in the schools, whether it be a police officer on permanent duty in the school, armed and trained school personnel, or a combination of both, these children might all be alive! You strip guns from trained and responsible citizens and the United States becomes one giant shooting gallery. If you want proof just take a look at Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.! These three cities have the strictest gun control laws in the nation, but these are also the cities with the highest homicide rates in the country? Ask yourself why?

The memorial for those children last night was not the place for politics, but as always, Obama couldn’t resist using the raw emotions of the moment to try and further the Progressive agenda. Those beautiful babies all died because of one man’s evil heart and intentions. The guns were the tools that this freak employed in his quest to shed innocent human blood. So do you punish everyone else in America for what this maniac did, or do we collectively try to find a way to make our society more secure? I hope and pray that we never leave our little ones open to this kind of horror again. I, personally, would rather die with a gun in my hands trying to protect my loved ones than to be helplessly on my knees watching them die.

I said to those who asked me how I would feel if I ever had to use my guns. My answer is this: If I never have to fire my gun in anger then may God bless, and if I do, then may God forgive me. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Connecticut, Aurora,  Colorado, Columbine, Arkansas, and anywhere else that evil has visited in these United States. May God’s love comfort you during this trying holiday season. God does know what it is like to lose a child.

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Bush Tax Cuts Only For The Rich? Really?

Taxes SC Bush Tax Cuts Only for the Rich? Really?

If you are the kind of person who loves (or morbidly hates politics, but can’t get enough of it) then you have probably been following the negotiations between the Progressives (aka Democrats) concerning our “fiscal cliff” situation. You have probably discerned that our illustrious President does not really want to solve the problem in a bipartisan way. Obama, and his Progressive zombies have made it very clear that their intent is let everyone’s taxes go up, and blame it on the Republicans. The Progressives are more interested in destroying the Republican Party than in stopping the economic pain that the expiration of the “Bush era” tax cuts which inflict on those who can afford it least!

This action, or I should say “non-action” causes me to ask this question of all Americans. “If the Bush tax cuts helped only the rich, then why when they expire will they hurt everyone?” Could it be that Progressives have lied to us for the last four years in order to paint the Republicans as, evil villains, who are only out to help the rich?  Why is Obama and his minions claiming that all Americans are going to be affected by this economic disaster if it only affected the wealthy in the first place. I have repeated this question for a reason. Think about this for a minute: Obama, and the Progressives have been lying to you about who really benefited by the Bush tax cuts and now he doesn’t care if it hurts all of us in an attempt to destroy his political opponents using the American taxpayer to do it?

Is Obama in Washington, D.C. trying to solve this problem right now? The answer is no;  he’s out campaigning to force the Republicans to accept only his tax increases with no spending cuts! The deficit we have as a country isn’t because we don’t have enough money coming into the government, it is because the Progressives don’t want to cut out any spending! This country has to borrow .40 cents of every dollar that it spends from the Chinese because we have run out of money.

The Republicans need to simply walk away and make Obama and his Progressive zombies take the heat (or responsibility) for what is about to happen to middle class America. If the good people of this country really pin the blame on the Republicans, then this country has totally abdicated its responsibility as adults to demand accountability from its elected officials.  Obama has been playing at being President ever since he was elected in 2008. He needs to realize that it is he, and he alone, that we are holding accountable for the results of the fiscal cliff. It is not Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid,  or any of Obama’s senior aides and staff’s job to lead—it is Obama!

The mantra of the “wealthy must pay their fair share” is ridiculous in the extreme because they actually pay double their fair share. How, you may ask? Think about this: a woman has an idea for a company. She goes out and finds investors— people to lend her money to buy equipment, and hire employees—and starts her business. She takes part of  her pay in stock in her company. The company does well, and she gets paid back some of the profit (as does every other shareholder) in the form of dividends on her stocks (shares) which she also has to pay taxes on again! Plus, if that woman becomes really successful (a multi-millionaire) when she passes away the government steps in again, and takes a nice chunk of change called an “estate tax.”  How in the world does anyone not consider this to be “not paying their fair share?”

All these Progressives who holler the loudest about what the rich have are usually themselves wealthy people, but they have an advantage that the ordinary citizen doesn’t, that is the ability to craft loopholes in the laws that they write that allow them to secretly keep more of their money, or do what the Kennedys did, and keep their money offshore! The Progressives are willing to level the playing field as long as they can stay above it all. As long as they retain control and power they are more than willing to redistribute the wealthy of those they don’t like.

I wonder if Obama is capable of switching from his constant campaign mode to a real leadership role, or if he is fundamentally incapable of making any kind of tough decisions on his own? It is troubling that with very little time left in this year the fiscal cliff isn’t Obama’s one and only domestic priority right now. He should be in the White House, burning the midnight oil, trying to hash out a realistic compromise, that will spare all of America one big economic headache. Instead, he’s out on the road telling the American people to call and put pressure on Republican congressmen/women to capitulate to his unreasonable demands. If you will look at what Obama, and his Treasury Secretary have come up with for a proposal, you’ll understand what I mean.

Barack Obama knows only how to blame other people for his failure at leadership. He is not capable of making easy decisions, let alone the more difficult ones. Keep your eye on Obama during this fiscal crisis and you will find out definitively why he should not be the President of these United States. Obama is incapable of leading, which means that he is incompetent. The power that this man holds without the responsibility and maturity to make quick, decisive decisions puts not only America, but the entire world in danger.

One last time, you need to ask yourself this question: “If the Bush tax cuts were only for the rich then why are all taxpayers going to be punished instead of just those who supposedly benefited?” Tell me it’s not true that Obama and the Progressives have been lying to us the last four years. This writer dislikes Obama because he is more interested in gaining political advantage over those who oppose the Progressive agenda versus moving America forward. He lied about that too.

Merry Christmas!

Photo Credit: 401K 2012 (Creative Commons)


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Is There Anyone Representing “We The People”?

We The People1 Is There Anyone Representing We the People?

If you stand back and watch the circus going on in Washington D. C., you would observe the following: first, the Republicans are so busy negotiating the solution to the “fiscal cliff” crisis that they forget that compromise takes TWO parties. Second, we have a President who makes “give me what I want, or else” ultimatums and then busies himself doing non-essential, unimportant activities, in the almost mistaken belief that he can pin all the consequences of his failure of leadership on the Republicans. The Progressives (aka. Democrats) have NOT offered anything more substantial than”raise the taxes on the rich”, knowing full well that it won’t make even a small dent in our debt. Obama and the Progressives merely want to punish the successful and keep spending like drunken sailors! The Republican dog keeps chasing its tail while the Progressives look on and laugh, feeling so smug that none of the fallout will land on them when in fact they are doing NOTHING to avoid the coming crisis.

What the Progressives are asking for is to give the heroin addict more heroin if he gives you his “promise” to quit later. Progressives aren’t stupid because Obama himself said that the biggest drivers of our deficit spending are Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He admitted that these programs need to be REFORMED, not discontinued; but Obama also realizes that these entitlement programs buy votes and keep his Progressives in power. Hurt the seniors, the poor, and those in need; and you cut your own political throat. The stark reality for ALL politicians is that they realize that these programs are NOT sustainable in their current form.

The Republican leadership is so busy trying to diminish the influence of the Tea Party representatives because  the socialist left has succeeded, with the help of their propaganda wing (formerly known as the Main Stream Media), in painting the Tea Party as “extreme right wing nut jobs”  that they have ceased to hear the voices of real people. The Republican “establishment” has surrendered their spine in a vain attempt to be liked by the MSM, not realizing that too many of the media have already sold their soul to the devil.

Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Van Hollen, Chuck Schumer, and all the other Progressive leadership are all hoping that the country does go over the fiscal cliff because it will actually accomplish almost EVERYTHING that the Progressives want to achieve. Taxes will go up on EVERYONE! Tax rates will rise to Clinton era levels, and taxes on dividends and investments will rise, stifling economic growth. It also DOES NOT do anything to stop the extreme overspending by Obama and his Progressives. In other words, those guys want what they want with no compromise! I didn’t realize that we now lived under a dictatorship, but I’ve been wrong before.

Lindsay Graham, Bob Corker, and all the other Progressive Republican lap dogs need to stop throwing themselves face down on the concrete in front of Obama. Sit at the negotiating table like adults; and if Obama pulls his usual tantrum throwing and walks out on the negotiations because he can’t have his way, then go to the microphones and explain to the American people and lay out what was offered and what was rejected before Obama and his propaganda machine has a chance to spin the truth away.

Obama is appealing to American citizens (well, actually anyone in America, legal or not) to use social media to tell their Congressmen to give him what he wants with NO compromise. I ask you, before you do that, to think about this; if you taxed the rich totally out of existence, you may be able to run the government for six months. But you would have NO jobs and  no social safety nets. Inflation would be as bad or worse than it was in Germany during the Weimar Republic. History of that era is easy to find either on the net or in print. The situation of the Weimar Republic issued in the reign of Adolf Hitler as the “savior of Germany”. It kind of sounds like the praise that is being heaped on Obama right now by people like Jamie Foxx.

Republican Senators: you need to decide whether or not your principles, if you have any left, are worth defending or if you should retire to that chicken ranch you’ve technically been living on the last couple of elections. Standing in front of a mirror debating and compromising with yourselves is not what most of us citizens would call leadership (or even sanity in that case). It is your job, ladies and gentlemen of the United States Congress, to hold the President up to the responsibilities he declared he wanted when he ran for a second term. No more blaming others for his failures of leadership. No more leaving the hard decisions to his advisers, aides, or other politicos. You make him, and him alone, sit down and write out exactly what he is willing to compromise on (whether it be reform, change, or REAL spending cuts.)

It is time for Mr. Obama to start treating the opposition with some respect because he is NOT the smartest man in the room, as the media has made him out to be. He needs to learn to listen to opposing views and show himself flexible enough to deserve the honor and respect of the office he holds. If he’s NOT willing to act like a reasonable adult, then we have indeed degenerated into a third-world banana republic. Ladies and gentlemen, take a lesson from marriage…no one party EVER gets everything they want in the relationship if harmony is to be maintained, and compromise is beneficial to BOTH parties. Merry Christmas.

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Now That You Have Won Re-election, Mr. Obama…

General Obama Forward Stand Down SC Now That You Have Won Re election, Mr. Obama...

Ok, now that the election is over, Mr. Obama, what about job creation? What about getting serious about lowering our national debt with realistic spending cuts? How about fixing our soaring energy costs and utilizing our natural resources instead of shoving imaginary, pie-in-the-sky alternative energy sources down our collective throats? How about you get off the coal industry’s back over carbon emissions while the Chinese continue to belch more carbon in the air than we could ever even come close to producing?

Show us your “comprehensive” immigration plan that will realistically protect our borders and not put 11 million mostly unskilled Mexicans in front of the line that other LEGAL immigrants have been waiting in for years! While you’re at it, why don’t you explain to the American people what Operation Fast & Furious was really all about! Why don’t you tell us what really happened in Benghazi, Libya, to cause you to sacrifice the lives of four Americans? (Hint: try short answers and no BS.)

Would you mind telling those of us on Social Security, Social Security Disability, and Medicare & Medicare Advantage how we  are supposed to benefit after you and your Progressives have removed $716 BILLION from Medicare to use as seed money for Obamacare? No, Mr. Obama, we don’t want to dance with you or your talking heads verbally; just a real simple straight answer will suffice.

Now that you have pulled out all the stops to gain the Office of the President of the United States again, Mr. Obama, are you going to start acting like the grownup in the room; or will your temper tantrums continue to mask your lack of leadership? The world is on fire, Mr. Obama; and you need to quit sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood and figure out who our friends are and stop trying to appease our enemies. Try finding someone outside your Progressive circle of thugs who really knows something about foreign affairs, will you?

Are you and Vladimir Putin going to get together again now that you have more “flexibility to deal”? What are you willing to give the Russians in exchange for them liking you? Our missile defense secrets? Maybe the locations of all our ballistic missile subs so that the Russians won’t have to find them on their own? How about we pull out of all the places around the world that our Russian “buddies” don’t want us to be? I know! We let Putin reconquer all the Eastern European countries that they lost when the old Soviet Union collapsed! Hey, what a Christmas gift that would be!

When are you going to explain to the American people that you are going to be putting millions more out of work when your EPA fully implements their new draconian regulations for 2013? How many more community and local banks are you going to kill off because of the ridiculous “Dodd-Frank” bill, Mr Obama? I thought that you didn’t like “fat cat” bankers and financiers. Must be that the shakedown for political campaign donations was pretty successful, huh?

Is it really true that you’re forming a proletarian guard out of the New Black Panthers, Mr. Obama? After all, they did such a bang-up job of voter intimidation in Philadelphia that they should be rewarded by your Thugocracy for their loyalty!  If you get the Republicans to cave in on tax increases for the rich, are you going to increase Michelle’s travel expenses, especially for the holiday season? Have her send us poor peons postcards so that we can dream of exotic places right along with her.

When are you going to officially present your Attorney General’s idea of creating two separate sets of laws, one for blacks and one for whites in this country? All in all, Mr. Obama, I would say that you need to get busy if you’re really going to keep all the promises that you made to all the people to get their vote. You have four years to create a legacy for yourself, Mr. Obama; how do you realistically want history to remember you? When you do something that benefits ALL Americans, I will be the first to congratulate you. So far, however, you have not shown any leadership skills worth noting, and you now have NO ONE to blame for the last four years. What are you going to do now? Elections do have consequences, Mr. Obama. Are you up for the job this time? We’ll see. Merry Christmas.






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An Open Letter To The Republican “Leadership”

Cantor Boehner Republican Congress SC An Open Letter to the Republican Leadership

Mr Boehner, Mr Cantor, and all you other  so-called “leaders” of the Republican Party: you need to listen up. You lost an election that should have been a shoo-in for conservatives; yet you allowed the chance to slip away for, what I feel, are a couple of really lousy political reasons. I have personally watched two very wealthy, kind, compassionate, and successful businessmen lose their elections to people who had mismanaged their prospective offices terribly. One was here in Michigan, when Dick DeVos ran against Democrat incumbent Governor Jennifer Granholm. The other was Mitt Romney, when he ran against Barack Obama. The similarities are actually very striking. Both incumbents were in trouble in their prospective positions because of inaction on their part. Economically, Granholm had done NOTHING to fix Michigan’s jobless circumstances, nor had she improved Michigan’s business climate. Detroit, Michigan’s largest city, was facing financial default; and corruption ran rampant in their city government. The same was true nationally for Barack Obama, with a few international scandals thrown into the mix (Fast & Furious and Benghazi-gate.)

What mistakes have you all made? How about letting the Progressives define who you were instead of you letting the public see you as you all are, or should be. Republicans always react too slowly to negative advertising from the left. You Republicans almost always go into political battle thinking that the Marquis of Queens-berry rules apply, when the Progressives are looking for a bare knuckle contest…no holds barred! Republicans almost always allow the Democrats to weasel out of having to talk FACTS about their ideas and agenda. Republicans have forgotten how to wage political war on the Progressives, as opposed to caving in to their lies and false accusations like whipped puppies.

The Republican “elite” didn’t understand the significance of the losses inflicted on the incumbent Progressive Republican candidates; and instead of helping to educate, finance, and encourage the Tea Party usurpers, they got mad and turned their backs on those people. You Republicans had a great opportunity to capture a couple more Senate seats as well as increase your numbers in the House of Representatives, but your egos and pettiness got in the way. Congressman Allen West lost his seat to fraud and corruption, so where were you “leaders” in preventing this?

You so-called “leaders”, Mr Boehner, are all too eager to let the “Mainstream Media’ define events with their spin instead of giving American citizens the chance to hear the truth. I know there are ways around the media to take your message directly to the American public because Ronald Reagan did it! You allow the MSM to define too often what their version of issues are (usually with a left-leaning tilt).

You guys in the Republican leadership always seems to be way too worried about looking badly in public. Leadership is always looking for a compromise even before the Progressives offer ANYTHING. We’re headed for a fiscal cliff? Good, let’s go over it and show the American people how Obama really isn’t looking out for the American people. The Progressives’ ONE major demand is to raise tax rates on those making over $250k a year, which will do absolutely NOTHING to reduce the deficit in this country. Let the American people, for once, watch the irresponsible Progressives cause the economic train wreck that they could have prevented long ago. Demand NO tax hikes on ANYONE without at least a 10-1 spending cut to tax increase ratio. Make the spending cuts first so that the Progressives cannot weasel out of those cuts like they have every other time they’ve made that deal. The Progressives will say anything to get their tax increases, yet refuse to stop spending money this country no longer has. Let them explain to hardworking taxpayers why they refuse to be fiscally responsible. Let the Progressives explain why they refuse to stop borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent from China, a nation that is NOT our friend!

You guys need to put an end to Progressives calling Tea Party members “extremists and bigots” because if you would take the time to look at Obama and his crew of Chicago thugs, you would realize that it is the Socialists trying to defame American patriots using scare tactics. I ask that you get a spine, Mr. Boehner. Defund Planned Parenthood along with Obamacare and the EPA. If you’re not willing to protect our Constitution, Mr. Boehner, then why are you even in the leadership?

Ronald Reagan was a gentleman and a great President. He knew how to get the conservative message out to the people despite the media’s best attempts at trying to make him out to be a buffoon. He didn’t take any garbage from anybody, yet he knew how to sit down with the late Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and reach an agreement on things that were good for the nation. The Republican Party needs to ditch the country club/elitist mentality they have, take off the gloves, and start fighting for this country while there is still a country worth fighting for. If you like being permanently in the minority,  just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working perfectly. Merry Christmas.


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