Whistleblower Exclusive: Benghazi Cover-up Proxy Battle With War With Iran

The immediate concern for the Obama administration after the attack in Benghazi was to cover up the connection with Iran and Syria to Ansar al Sharia and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), according to my Benghazi whistleblower source. The attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was not a terrorist attack; it was a nation-state attack, an escalation of war, and an opening of a new front in the tit for tat conflict with Iran (and by extension their proxy partner Russia) that is now being fought in Syria.

For anyone who thinks that Americans will be told that Benghazi was a nation-state attack by ex-CIA chief David Petraeus in the near future, they are in for a disappointment. He is part of the problem and has been for years. He sold his soul for shiny medals and financial perks and circuses long ago—and as his record shows, he will roll over again and again. Recall how Petraeus fell into lock-step rank-and-file with President Obama and Hillary Clinton when he joined them in falsely misleading America before the 2012 elections by blaming an “out-of-control demonstration prompted by a Youtube video” for the Benghazi attack. He’s as dirty as they are.

In addition, tell me please: how can a man who sends troops to war, on multiple deployments, with duffle bags full of medications, under suicidal and unwinnable polices like catch and release and COIN, while watching the military suicide numbers soar (22 a day or one every 65 minutes) have a conscience or any sense of right and wrong? To be fair, that question includes the morally bankrupt Congress, particularly the long serving members who have allowed these policies that are destroying America’s military to continue unabated for years through the Bush and Obama administrations. As I previously reported, Petraeus is getting off easy for simply apologizing about sex. Take the scales off your eyes, and stop idolizing this gravely flawed, evil man with blood on his hands—the “celebrated General,” as some media types call him. By their fruits you shall know them. Indeed, we know that David Petraeus and his fruits are rotten to the core—unless Petraeus finds his soul, finds a conscience, and makes a deal in exchange for criminal leniency, he will keep toeing the line.

Moreover, freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is correct. You can’t trust the Republicans either. As I reported, the Republican Committee in their Benghazi Interim report already rolled over when they shockingly confirmed the administration’s dishonest story that no one was denied help during the Benghazi attack. As their report states: “No U.S. government element refused or denied requests for emergency assistance during the crisis (page 15),” which as previously reported was a lie (and here’s why.) The Republicans have yet to explain why they were wrong when they backed up the Obama-Clinton regime’s latest falsehood, and thus far have refused to answer my queries. Everyone makes mistakes, but at least have the decency to admit it and explain what happened.

Therefore, it is up to us, you and I, and all the brave whistleblowers and journalists who at great risk must reveal the truth of Benghazi. “What difference does it make?” declared Hillary Clinton during the Foreign Relations Committee hearings—a big one because the truth of Benghazi affects not only America’s future but the entire world.

Here we go.

Let’s break it down. Remember the pictures of the three suspects that the FBI released in relation to the Benghazi attack on May 1? One of my sources with direct information on Benghazi informed me that of those three terrorists, the one on the right is a Yemeni national who was part of the jihadist group Ansar al Sharia. Ansar Al Sharia, according to Saudi intelligence, is backed, funded, and directed by Iran. They are enemies of the Saudis and are trained by Iran’s Quods forces.

FBIWantedBenghazijpg Whistleblower Exclusive: Benghazi cover up proxy battle with war with IranPhoto credit FBI

Normally, if the FBI is trying to track down bad guys who are possibly involved in something like a terrorist attack that killed Americans, the FBI offers some sort of reward for any information that will lead to their arrest. Notice how that did not happen with the men in Benghazi? Where’s the incentive for anyone to cooperate? As my source explained, “The game was given away when they gave that picture out. They did the same thing with the Boston Marathon bombers—played dumb, even though we now know they knew who these guys were all along. They are doing the same thing with the Benghazi guys. Saudi intelligence and Western intelligence agencies are very aware of who they are.”

It was these Iranian-backed men in the FBI photos, Ansar al Sharia, who went to Benghazi to build up a militia and radicalized some locals. As my source explained, “when you have an Iranian funded group sent into Benghazi to radicalize the locals that means you are in a proxy battle with the war in Iran.” Why? That’s a two part answer.

First, do you think Iran was happy when seven Iranian Red Crescent workers were kidnapped by gunmen in Benghazi on July 31, 2012? Recall how these Red Crescent workers (equivalent to the Red Cross) were still held captive during the Benghazi attack, were released less than a month after, and were flown out of the Benghazi Benina International Airport. These weren’t your typical aid workers handing out food and supplies. According to my source, they were taken off the streets because they were probing the gunrunning operation into Syria when someone picked them up.

Next, it’s been well documented that the Saudis have been heavily involved in everything in Benghazi and Libya in general, the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, as well as supplying arms to the rebels in Syria to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—with US assistance despite the line drawn by Russia.

Who else was in Benghazi? A faction of AQIM Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb backed by Syria. Syria, like Iran, was in Benghazi. What was going on in Syria? There was gunrunning and arms smuggling from Libya through Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan into Syria as well as bringing in fighters to engage in a war with Syrian President Assad—the backdoor to Iran.

Meanwhile, shortly after the Benghazi attacks, reports of secret meetings with Obama’s chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett, with representatives of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Qatar regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program that had been going on before the Benghazi attack began to widely surface. The Obama administration wanted to announce a breakthrough agreement in Iran’s nuclear standoff— a diplomatic victory to ensure his reelection. While the Obama administration denied these reports, my source confirmed they are true. “The Iranians played them.”

Because the attack in Benghazi was a nation-state attack, with the 2012 elections coming up, the Obama-Clinton regime did not want American voters to know that, thanks to their under-handed policies of gunrunning into Syria to overthrow Assad with the Saudis, America was in a proxy war with Iran (and by extension their proxy partner Russia.) Do you think American voters would have re-elected President Obama had they known that America is about to be pulled into another major conflict?

Nine months later, the administration still doesn’t want the public to know the truth about Benghazi, which is why (as the Associated Press reported last week) despite the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) identifying five men who might be responsible for the attack, no arrests have been made. “The men remain at large while the FBI gathers evidence”—the same FBI that the Obama-Clinton regime denied access to Benghazi for almost a month after the attack— the perfect way to thwart evidence collection and skew official conclusions as previously reported and documented here.

This is also why President Obama, last week during his speech at Ft. McNair’s National Defense University in Washington, called the attack in Benghazi a “localized” threat. Obviously, he doesn’t want you to see the bigger picture (that is literally unfolding in the Middle East before your eyes as you read this) that his administration is responsible for, the so-called Arab Spring.

What is happening is that America is in the final stages of the run up to the next major military conflict coming up in the Middle East. But unlike Iraq and Afghanistan or the smaller operations in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, Syria won’t implode; it will explode and spread throughout the region in an epic, bloody, deadly Sunni-Shiite conflict. Christians, people of all faiths, and non-believers will be persecuted if not outright slaughtered. Think Islamic Caliphate time.

The security and existence of Israel will also be in jeopardy. As Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz recently warned, Israel must prepare for a three-front war, presumably having to defend themselves from Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. Already, sectarian violence is flaring up in Lebanon and Syria. On top of Iran’s nuclear program, Israel will have to defend herself from Syria’s massive weapons arsenal that includes “advanced anti-aircraft missiles, anti-ship missiles and surface- to-air missiles. Syria also has large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, advanced artillery as well as the other components of a large conventional military force,” reports Caroline Glick. In addition, Israel could also become the target of the weapons that went missing from Libya and Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s vast weapons arsenal that the Obama-Clinton funded rebels looted from Gaddafi’s warehouses that includes the most advanced Russian surface-to air missiles (SA-24s that are easily launched from a person’s shoulder or a truck bed that can take down low-flying military and commercial aircraft.)

I repeat. massive bloodbath ahead; genocide and ethnic cleansing draws near if Obama’s underhanded policies are not stopped. As Time Magazine reported from Libya, this magnified nightmare awaits the troops:

“Stockpiles of old Soviet artillery shells and land mines gave Iraqis enough car bombs, roadside bombs and suicide vests to run an eight-year insurgency that has killed thousands of Americans and many tens of thousands of Iraqis. “If you just take one of these, you have a car bomb,” [Tom Bouckaert of Human Right’s Watchduring an interview in Libya] says, pointing to a box containing 130-mm antitank shells. There are hundreds more stacked in the same room.

A nearby sandy lot holds thousands more antipersonnel and antitank mines, with trip-wire triggers to rig booby traps already available nearby. Hundreds of such stockpiles have been located across Libya. Human Rights Watch found some 60 weapons warehouses in the eastern city of Ajdabiyah alone, all of them looted. “The storage facilities we found in Iraq were minuscule compared to what we’re finding here,” says Bouckaert (emphasis mine).”

One can’t help but ask: what did the Obama-Clinton regime think would happen when they funded al Qaeda rebels to topple Gaddafi? Either they are dangerously stupid, or this is what they wanted to happen considering they have been gearing up for the next stop (Syria) for well over a year now. As previously reported, the State Department will not provide an inventory or location of the weapons recovered in Libya as part of the MANPAD weapons recovery program that Hillary Clinton funded using $40 million in taxpayer money.

Are you awake yet? Is it becoming clear now? I repeat: according to my source, Benghazi was a nation-state attack—not simply a terrorist attack. There has been a U.S. proxy war with Iran since Benghazi. It is heating up by the day.

Look, events are confirming my source’s accuracy. Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah are fighting for Assad in Syria—even the State department had to recently, finally admit this.

Ding! Ding! Russian soldiers and the Syrian Army are fighting the Syrian rebels.

Cannibalism alert! A Syrian rebel, Al Hamad, a Sunni, with a sectarian hatred of Alawite Muslims (that would include Shiites and all other “infidels”), cuts out the heart and lung of a Syrian soldier and eats it.

Now do you understand why Russian President Vladimir Putin recently kept Secretary of State John Kerry waiting for three hours? You know the world is upside down when Putin rightfully distrusts the truth-challenged Kerry, who already betrayed his own country and the troops during Vietnam. Moreover, Putin has been warning for over a year of the “catastrophic” consequences that would befall if the West and Arab nations persist with their military intervention in Syria, which will lead to war with Iran. Obviously, Putin does not want the Muslim Brotherhood on his doorstep either. Would you? Incidentally, the FBI denied my Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on John Kerry prior to his Secretary of State confirmation. As previously reported, Kerry participated in the Benghazi cover-up as well.

Still not awake or retreating into denial? Think about this. Could the Saudis, without the U.S./NATO intervention, have overthrown Assad by arming the Syrian rebels alone to install the Muslim Brotherhood and expand their reach? No; if the Saudis could have accomplished that, Assad would have been gone months if not over a year ago. The Saudis need U.S./NATO intervention. Do not be deceived. As reported here, the same applied for Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Col. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya—two leaders who had banned the Muslim Brotherhood in their countries. Are you awake yet?

Remember, when the Benghazi nation-state attack that killed four Americans happened, America was in the final weeks of the 2012 presidential election cycle. A proxy war with Iran could not be known to the public. It was unacceptable for Americans to know that at any time, troops could be sent into Syria, which will explode into Iran. This is the reason why the Obama-Clinton regime pulled out this obscure Youtube video as the chief culprit to blame for the attack in Benghazi— a YouTube video that doesn’t appear anywhere in their infamous “Talking points” that were repeatedly edited to deceive Americans. The Youtube video was intended to distract the public’s attention on what is really going on in the Middle East. It worked. Indeed, under a heavy fog of deception, Obama was reelected.

Hillary Clinton and the cover-up

If you don’t address the Iranian and Syrian connection to the nation-state attack in Benghazi, you can’t get to the Clintons. Hillary’s starring role is definitely in the Benghazi cover-up because nine months later, it still has not been “officially” confirmed whether Ambassador Christopher Stevens was wearing his State Department hat or his CIA hat at the time he was murdered. What is undeniable is that Hillary was one of the first top administration officials to publicly and falsely blame the Youtube video. She, with President Obama, appeared in a paid advertisement costing $70,000 to disavow the Youtube video that aired in Pakistan. She lied to Tyrone Woods’ father about the death of his son. Her State Department self-investigation, the Advisory Review Board (ARB), blamed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and a lack of funding for the Benghazi attack to conceal the truth. Hillary’s friends, Admiral Mike Mullen and Tom Pickering, who headed the ARB, didn’t bother to interview the Turkish Counsel General (who Ambassador Stevens last saw before he was killed)—neither have the Republicans thus far. Pickering finally admitted on NBC’s Meet the Press what I and others, like Doug Hagmann, have been reporting for months: that the ARB was a rigged travesty. As Pickering put it, “The Accountability Review Board was there to look at the question of security. We did not examine talking points after the fact. It was not in our remit (emphasis mine).” Indeed, a lot was not in Pickering’s remit.

The next time someone, be it in the media, President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, or members of Congress like the insufferable Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.S.), say the U.S. needs to overthrow Syrian President Assad for humanitarian purposes, ask them what they think will happen next. Are they really so stupid to actually believe that freedom, democracy, unicorns, peace, and lollipops will take over Syria after Assad is removed; or will another vacuum be created for the Muslim Brotherhood to fill? A vacuum that will be filled by massive bloodshed, ethnic cleansing, and genocide that could set the entire region on fire with American and NATO troops being dragged in to serve the interests of someone else who is using America’s military might to create the United States of Islam. You already can see it happening in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

Wake up, America. Wake up the useful idiots now. The Obama administration has picked a fight with Iran and Russia in Syria that could trigger World War III. It intensified with the Obama-Clinton regime’s gunrunning out of Libya into Syria. As the WSJ reported, Hillary’s State Department provided the “diplomatic cover” in Benghazi. Do not be deceived. Benghazi was a nation-state attack.

By their fruits, you shall know them.

You have been warned.

Video: Why NOT Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Illness Is Media Malpractice

Several media types are outraged that anyone, especially Fox News and Republicans, would dare question Hillary Clinton’s illness.

America’s Troops Betrayed

Soldier US Flag SC Americas Troops Betrayed

As the Middle East rages in violent anti-American protests, the dirty little secret that few in Washington want to discuss is how military families have worried for years about whether their loved ones serving in Afghanistan (and previously in Iraq) would be killed by insurgents or by the bureaucracy and policies of their own government.

Intrepid journalist and author Diana West reports from an alarming letter written in June by Army Staff Sgt. Matthew S. Sitton that was sent to U.S. Rep. C.W. “Bill” Young asking for help after his commanders in Afghanistan told him to “quit whining” about orders to lead patrols twice daily without objective “or purpose” through, basically, “a mine field.” As SSG Sitton wrote, “As a Brigade, we are averaging at a minimum an amputee a day from our soldiers because we are walking around aimlessly through grape rows and compounds that are littered with explosives. Not to mention that the operation tempo that every solider is on leaves little to no time for rest and refit. The moral and alertness levels on our patrol are low and it is causing casualties left and right.”

“I’m concerned about the well being of my soldiers and have tried to voice my opinion through the proper channels of my own chain of command only to be turned away and told that I need to stop complaining,” SSG Sitton continued. “It is my responsibility to take care of my soldiers …”

Two months later, on August 2, the U.S. policy COIN/nation building, a so-called counterinsurgency plan to win the hearts and minds of Afghans that SSG Sittons wrote about, killed him and another U.S. soldier while on foot patrol in an IED-riddled field in Afghanistan—a death trap. SGG Sitton was 26-years old and leaves behind a wife and son.

The troops are not being sent to war to win. Take off your ideological glasses, and look at the facts.

Under President George W. Bush, the “catch and release” policy in Iraq, where troops were ordered to catch terrorists only to release them to appease the Iranians to supposedly discourage their nuclear enrichment program, failed miserably and emboldened Iran. As the Washington Post reported in 2007, “There were no costs for the Iranians,” said one senior administration official. “They are hurting our mission in Iraq, and we were bending over backwards not to fight back.” The Bush administration changed course to the “catch or kill” program.

Under the Obama-Clinton regime, despite its obvious failure, the “catch and release” policy was embraced. As the Washington Examiner reported, “It’s as if the Taliban have more rights than us or the people of Afghanistan,” said a U.S. Army medic with 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, in Zabul province. “We have to let these guys go all the time no matter what they do, and then we find them trying to hit us again. But if they think I’ve screwed up once, then [the military will] have no problem throwing me to the wolves.”

To be clear, the failure of leadership at the expense of the troops should be directed at both the Democrats and Republicans.

The Bush administration sacrificed U.S. Marines on the altar of “political correctness” when they ignored a basic American principle, “innocent until proven guilty”, which they denied Marines by their silence in what became known as “Haditha.” Haditha was the highest-profile atrocity prosecution of servicemen out of the Iraq war where 24 Iraqi civilians were tragically killed after an IED explosion killed U.S. Marine LCpl Migel “T.J.” Terrazas.

Before an investigation was complete, the press and several elected U.S. government officials, including Congressman John P. Murtha (now deceased), bearing false witness, condemned and declared the Haditha Marines guilty of cold-blooded murder. Last year, the last Marine was exonerated.

Under both Bush and Obama, U.S. soldiers serve war-crime-related sentences in Leavenworth prison in Kansas. Meanwhile, Taliban prisoners are set free on a “pledge” declaring that they will “never support the Taliban or fight for the Taliban ever again.” It is a double-standard policy that shows mercy to the Taliban and no mercy for America’s military.

The Obama-Clinton administration’s policies of apology and appeasement have emboldened America’s enemies, including those in Afghanistan. After Islamic religious materials, for instance, that “contained extremist messages or inscriptions” were destroyed at Bagram Air Field and violent riots broke out, they apologized and reprimanded the soldiers. Meanwhile, President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or Defense chief Leon Panetta never once demanded an apology from Afghanistan’s President Karzai, whose Afghan forces, trained by the U.S. military, have been turning their weapons on U.S. and NATO forces in what has been called the green-on-blue/insider attacks or “epidemic murder.”

As Diana West wrote, “It is time for Generals Petraeus, McChrystal, Allen, Dempsey, Admiral Mullen and many more to face us and explain. It is also time for former President Bush and his advisors and President Obama and his advisors to answer for the failure of their misbegotten and irresponsible policy of nation-building in the Islamic world, which COIN supports.” If I may add, it is time for both administrations to explain why they sent troops to war under restrictive rules of engagement to catch terrorists, only to release them and somehow expect to win.

In what would probably be SSG Sitton’s last written words, he wrote: “I understand that as a commander you are to follow the orders of those appointed over you however there needs to be a time where the wellness of your soldiers needs to take priority over walking around in fields for hours a day for no rhyme or reason (emphasis mine).”

Rep. Young has since reversed his stance on Afghanistan and called for the troops to be brought home; “I just think we’re killing kids that don’t need to die,” he recently said. Questions remain. How many others in Washington will show leadership and a conscience and join him? How much higher will the number of U.S. casualties’ grow, and how many more military families will suffer or be shattered before Washington and the upper echelons of the military take responsibility for their policy and leadership failures? Do they fear God or man?

As Navy Seal Marcus Luttrel, author of Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, warned three years ago about events that occurred in 2005: “Look at me, right now in my story. Helpless, tortured, shot, blown up, my best buddies all dead, and all because we were afraid of the liberals back home, afraid to do what was necessary to save our own lives. Afraid of American civilian lawyers. I have only one piece of advice for what it’s worth: If you don’t want to get into war where things go wrong, where the wrong people sometimes get killed, where innocent people sometimes have to die, then stay the hell out of it in the first place.”

Washington’s dirty, little secret that is killing the troops and harming America’s national security must not continue to be ignored. Not to speak is to speak. Because the troops have not been allowed to win, bring them home now.

(Read the full text of SSG Sitton’s letter.)

Marinka Peschmann, the author of The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House and on the World Stage (One Rock Ink), is a freelance journalist. She has collaborated, ghostwritten, and contributed to books and stories from showbiz and celebrities to true crime, politics, and the United Nations. After freelancing behind the scenes in both the mainstream press and the new media, it was time to step forward. Please visit marinkapeschmann.com for more details.


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