An Open Letter To The Supreme Court Of The United States

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Greetings, honored justices!

I wish you well; but, alas, I wish that were the only reason for my writing.

If the United States of America were ever to cease from being a nation or otherwise fundamentally change so as to be essentially a different nation, which cannot be considered a good thing, the fault would be entirely your own.

I can even tell you the single thing that would have been most responsible for this to have occurred: religion (or rather the suppression of it.)

You have insisted that our governments, and all our public entities supported with public money, cannot favor one religion over another (or even religion over non-religion.)

Honored justices, indeed, this one statement more than any other will explain the decline and fall of Western Civilization itself, if it goes that far.

The reason I am so certain of this is that religion, properly defined, has been at the source of our nation’s founding and Western Civilization.  And this is where the problem lies.

A religion is a set of beliefs about reality, a worldview.  A worldview is a description of how life works, what is true, what is false, what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, what are the rules (if there are any.)   A religion is a worldview that believes that there is a God and then purports to give information about God; because if there were a god/God, this would certainly have an effect on life as it pertains to human beings.

So everybody has a worldview.  And if they believe in God, it is called a religion.

Governments and nations all have worldviews as well, a basic core or system of beliefs that guides the government’s laws and policies, a nation’s culture, a country’s identity.

To deny a nation the right to define itself with a worldview that includes God is not only wrong but destructive.

But, but, but . . . .

what about the First Amendment?

The best way to answer that question is with a question.  Wouldn’t it be fair to assume that the people who wrote and ratified the Constitution and Bill of Rights would have understood what they meant and then acted in ways consistent with their meaning, rather than promoting practices that were found to be unconstitutional by you 150 years later?

That very first Congress authorized the printing of Bibles for use in public schools.  The Congress hall itself was used as a church on Sundays for over 100 years, starting from our country’s earliest days.

Religion is not a list of personal preferences, as one’s taste in music, one’s favorite authors, one’s favorite food, or chocolate over vanilla.  It is a claim to truth.

Our nation’s Founders saw that in the Bible and Christianity.

Every nation has laws against murder, but that is very different from teaching our children that life is valuable because humans are created in the image of God.

Our nation teaches us to tolerate other people, which essentially means to ignore them.  Christianity and the Bible teach us to love other people, to actively seek their good.

In the early days of our country, people who didn’t believe in God were not even allowed to serve on juries, or in most cases even run for public office.  Or if they could, they would never have won.  Why?  Nobody trusted them.  It was the belief that God held people accountable for their actions that gave people their integrity, and those who didn’t believe in God and an afterlife were seen as more likely to act in their own self-interest.

Some people have contended that all things religious should be taught in the home.

I have to ask, what home?  We have taught our daughters as a nation that it is more important to have a career, or a job, than to have a family.  And our economic policies have made it harder for our women to stay at home, even if they wanted to.

And our men are less likely to marry and raise their children than at any time in history.


Worldview.  Marrying and raising children together is a Biblical and Christian principle.  Certainly, you don’t have to be Christian to have a wonderful family. But without Christianity, it wouldn’t be taught as ideal, but one option among many.  True, some other religions teach that as well, but only religions.

So for a government to be neutral toward religion is really saying that a nation must necessarily say and live and act and teach that for all practical purposes, there is no God.  And the biggest consequence of this is that government now assumes the role that God used to play in people’s lives.  Yes, people can still believe what they want in their hearts; but the government becomes the nation’s keeper rather than each of us his brother’s.

When our nation was founded (and you should know this), the big question about religion was whether or not churches were to be a function of the federal government, as it was in Europe.  The answer they gave was no.  That is what was meant in the First Amendment by establishing religion.

And the simplest proof of that was the very actions of that First Congress: establishing Congressional chaplains, calling for a national day of prayer, paying for missionary work among the Indians, printing Bibles for public schools, even opening every day’s business with prayer.

Christianity defined the (unwritten) rules for our nation: God, love, honor, work, responsibility, family, honesty, integrity.  Now our nation, our culture, our government tries to make new rules to define our existence: self-actualization; fairness; equality; tolerance; government as benefactor, ruler, protector.

The result is a nation without a sense of responsibility, whether for others or even for one’s self.

We embrace multiculturalism because we don’t value our own.  We no longer know what made us who we are, or why we ever were like that.

A nation has to decide what kind of nation we will be and what principles define us and guide us.  Christianity used to define us.  You decided that we could no longer do that, contrary to our entire previous history.  And what you left us is a secularism, bereft of any personal accountability, duties, obligations, or restraints, apart from that owed to our government or imposed on ourselves by ourselves.

To tell our government to be neutral towards religion is to tell us to draw without lines, to write without words, to speak without language, to build a house without walls or foundation.

I have written elsewhere about the four myths of a secular government in America.  It is available on my blog,, but I will send you a copy.

As I said, I wish you well; but I strongly urge you to reconsider your church-state rulings because you have removed the rudder from the ship of state.

Thank you.


Larry Craig

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

If Not Obamacare, Then What?

Obamacare Congressional Staffer SC

It’s easy to criticize, and Obamacare has made criticizing even easier. Yet there are a lot of people who actually like it, believe it is doing some serious good, and who don’t see a better plan out there. They need to know exactly what is wrong with Obamacare and what is a better way to do insurance.

The first step in improving health insurance/care is not to have a plan. That is to say, the worse thing we can do is have a 2,800 page bill that we “have to pass it so we can know what’s in it.”

The general routine in Congress for dealing with an issue is to combine the issue with as many similar and dissimilar issues as possible. The perceived goal is to make the bill as long as possible. That way, fewer people will read the bill; and many parts of the bill will be voted on without the courtesy of discussing or debating them. In fact, many of the parts of this bill (and all these long bills) would not pass on their own. But being safely tucked within a much larger all-encompassing bill that is touted as solving the first issue, it may get votes from people who don’t want to vote against a ‘good’ bill just for some ‘smaller’ matters they disagree with.

So in this first step, you don’t want a large, all-encompassing bill. Take the issues one by one, debate them, solicit public input, and then vote on them when you get it right.

Which leads to the second step in improving health insurance/care. If you recall the passing of Obamacare, congressmen were given waivers from Obamacare for their states or districts in return for their votes. So votes were bought from people who would not be affected by the bill. Then the vote was taken in the middle of the night with great haste, knowing that people might have second thoughts (or the public might catch on to what was happening.)

This was a bill that was forced on the American people. And the only way that this doesn’t happen again is to break down complex issues into simple ones and discuss and vote on them separately rather than on 2,000 pages of rules and regulations no one knows about. Any time you see legislators in a hurry to pass a bill, be sure that this bill contains things that most people won’t like.

If that’s the case, you might wonder why politicians aren’t afraid of backlash. That’s because the general political strategy is to buy off segments of the population with legislation that offers some significant benefit to this particular group. Doesn’t matter what it costs, how it will be paid for, or how it affects everything else. These segments will vote for their own benefits, and the sum total of these segments gives them the majority they need to win elections.

So the second step in improving health insurance/care is not to rush through so-called ‘needed’ legislation.

Which leads us to the third problem with Obamacare. The selling point here is supposed to be affordability. Well, the only people who will find this plan more affordable are those for whom the government will provide subsidies to help pay for it. So this is the segment the politicians are trying to buy off. Those who get cheaper health insurance will vote for these politicians. Those whose rates will go up may or may not vote for them, depending on what other benefits these politicians have given them.

Our country is $17 trillion in debt. We will be $20 trillion in debt if/when Obama finishes his term in office, and we are creating another large mass of people dependent on the government for their basic necessities of life. At some point very soon, this entire economy could collapse.

There are two other problems with Obamacare that are making it more unaffordable for everybody. The government is dictating the terms of the insurance contracts, telling companies and people what coverage they have to have and how much the insurance companies will pay for. The government essentially is forcing people to get more coverage than they need, but they are also removing personal incentives that in the past enabled people to get lower rates.

So older people are paying for maternity coverage; and healthy people, as in non-smokers, are paying the same rates as smokers.

Ok, so now what do we do? The goal, of course, is the best health care at the cheapest prices and the widest availability.

There is a move today to separate medical insurance from employment, but I believe that is a mistake. Group plans are always cheaper than individual plans; and generally, there are no restrictions on getting the insurance.

However, our country has lost millions of good-paying, full-time jobs due to government policies sending them all overseas; but this can be reversed. We tax our own companies with some of the highest corporate taxes in the world, and then we allow foreign companies we can’t tax free access to sell their goods here. So our companies move overseas, where they don’t have to pay these taxes to sell their stuff here. But if we eliminate the corporate tax here or tax foreign products when they come into our country, this would easily create millions of decent paying jobs that could/would offer group health insurance.

We also need incentives for people to choose healthier lifestyles, like lower rates if you exercise, get regular checkups, etc.; and people need the option to choose exactly what coverage they want. These don’t require the government to do anything but to stop micromanaging people’s lives.

Veterans: Your Fight Is Not Over


When talking to or about our veterans, the first thing to say is always ‘Thank you.’

But let’s not dwell on sentimentalities.  The fact is: Soldier, you’re not done.

The good news is that nobody is trying to kill you anymore, unless perhaps you are black and live in Chicago, and then your life is always at risk.  But for most of you, you can finally sleep easy at night.

The bad news is that the war for our freedoms, your freedoms, has just changed venues.  Instead of trying to kill you, the attempt now is to just steal your freedoms, one at a time, bit by bit, so that the country you thought you were defending no longer exists.

I am sure you get misty-eyed, as I do and millions of others here do, when we hear those songs about the land of the free and the home of the brave, or about how God shed His grace on thee, America.

But that America of song and lore is fast fading from view.  You are in love with an ideal, a dream, of something which day by day is vanishing from history.

Freedom is essentially synonymous with opportunity, as in “land of opportunity.”  The American Dream is related to this, every generation being able to surpass the previous generation by whatever standard you might want to use.  Freedom is also being able to speak openly and to live your life within the dictates of your conscience.

You risked your life to defend these and other freedoms, but these are slowly disappearing.

You see, when you are free to pursue your dreams, the possibility of unique outcomes in our lives is limitless.  Depending on your ability, efforts, areas of focus, and seemingly chance circumstances, there is no telling how far you can go.

Our country has (had) always been a strongly Christian one.  Many Christians today may question the nature of that Christianity, whether it was indeed a true relationship with Jesus Christ or just living by Christian principles.  But those Christian principles, however derived, promoted a basic decency and respect for life and others, a code of honesty, self-reliance, and compassion.  Those principles united citizens with their neighbors to ensure that those who needed and wanted help got it.

But our country, at least those in leadership, has thrown off those Christian roots.  Damn morals were too restricting.  Honesty was traded for expediency, honor for power, long-term value for short-term advantage, principles for pleasure, truth for preference, and God for government.

Loving your neighbor was traded for tolerating your neighbor, which is just another way of saying ignoring your neighbor.  And where equality used to mean that every life is equally valuable, it has come to mean that everybody should have equal lives.  While that may seem impossible in reality, it is seen as being preferable for everybody to have less if it means that everybody has more of the same things.

That rejection of Christian principles, of course, is not limited to those in leadership, but those in leadership were responsible for seeing that those Christian principles were not to be any part of the education of succeeding generations or any part of our public life, so that those succeeding generations grew up with a different vision of what it means to be an American.

Freedom, at least as it was understood when our country was founded, was predicated on a belief in God, the Christian God.  That belief meant that people lived their lives believing that they were accountable to God for how they lived their lives.  They believed there were rules in how this life should be lived, including loving your neighbor, honesty, integrity, hard work, and faithfulness.  They also believed in God’s providence, protection, and help.

But when God is removed from (public) life, this creates a huge vacuum, a huge sense of uncertainty, like suddenly finding yourself speeding down a hill with no seat belt, no doors on your car, and no brakes.  Where individuals used to believe in God for their help and protection, absent God, the people have to unite in ways that fundamentally change our understanding of freedom.

The government now becomes our benefactor, our protector, our enabler, our teacher, our provider.

When our Founders first began enumerating some of our freedoms, they certainly weren’t trying to name them all, but they wanted to be sure that everybody was clear on the main ones.  They all involved things that you could do or that the government couldn’t do to you.

Now the government (Perhaps we should now capitalize it, Government, like we capitalize the word God.) increasingly is defining rights as things that people are entitled to just for being here (and voting).

The latest right to be so designated is the right to affordable health care.  And, of course, the only way to provide affordable health care to everybody is to take money from everybody else to pay for it.

And the primary reason for the collapse of our economy in 2008 can be traced back to the newly recognized right to owning a house, which required banks and lending institutions to loosen lending requirements to enable as many people as possible to realize this dream.

The government, in the absence of a personal God guiding, caring, providing, and holding people accountable, expands and keeps expanding to control more and more of our lives to provide for more and more of our needs, consuming more and more of our resources, so that we become more and more dependent on it for our very lives.

You veterans fought to save our country from foreign enemies who in some way endangered our freedom from afar or to help other countries secure more freedom for themselves.  But your work isn’t done.  Losing freedom one regulation at a time, one tax at a time, or one law at a time is losing freedom nevertheless.  It’s just harder to see and harder for each generation to know how far we have changed.  But then that’s what vigilance is all about, and you should know about that.

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Why Obama Should be Impeached – Now

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This isn’t the first time that I’ve thought President Obama should be impeached. But something has changed.

I don’t expect most people, even elected ones, to understand how government debt hurts the economy, how inflation is caused by government policies (I include the Federal Reserve here), and how it cheats people out of their money. There are a lot of other common government practices where most people just don’t understand the bigger picture; they just accept the story they are told at face value.

But something has happened that everybody can understand and which, in spite of all the perceived benefits of an Obama presidency, should cause them to rise up and put an end to it.

It has now been proven that President Obama is a liar. I don’t mean just the fact that he lied at some point in the past, but that he has been shown to lie regularly.

Now I am the first to admit that not all lies are the same, and everybody at some time or other has been or is less than truthful.

“Do these pants make me look fat?” “How do you like my new outfit?” “How was the meal?”

Many of us know the feeling when a parent, spouse, or boss asked us in an angry tone of voice whether we had done such and such a thing. The fear of the possible repercussions made us afraid to be totally honest.

But President Obama has been shown to have lied over and over with regard to his health care plan. The whole story of this bill’s passage is one filled with examples of corruption, bribery, lies, and manipulation. Obama pledged before his election that every bill would be posted on the internet for three days before voting so everybody would have a chance to read and comment on it. This was a bill that had to be passed so we would know what was in it.

But I digress.

In trying to sell this bill to America, Obama lied. And lied. And lied. The same ones over and over.

The whole point is that, when a person has been found to be a liar, their credibility is destroyed. You never know anymore when they are telling the truth.

When Obama says that we need to have the NSA spy on us for national security reasons, is he telling the truth?

When he tells us that we need to arm the rebels in Syria for our own security, can we believe him? Should we?

When he says that, when Obamacare is fully implemented, we will all be happy, can we trust him?

Once you know somebody is a liar, you never know when he is telling the truth.

The problem here, of course, is that Obama is our President. If we don’t know when he is telling us the truth, he has forfeited his right to be our President.


If you cannot reasonably assume that the President is telling the truth, then how can he lead our country? You will never know if he is lying until the damage is done. That is no way to run a country.

There has been talk in the past about impeachment for President Obama; but this was discouraged because impeachment was considered pointless, seeing that the Senate has enough Democrats to defeat any attempts to remove Obama from office.

Well, that’s their choice. But for the House to overlook these enormous violations of the public trust is itself a violation of the public trust. The House is the branch of government closest to the people it represents. If they don’t stand for us against this bold, blatant disregard for common decency, then we are doomed.


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An Open Letter to Democrats, Part 1

Pro Gun Democrats SC

Dear Democrat:

From time to time, I have actually met a Democrat. Judging from many election results, you would think I would run into them everywhere. It’s like they come out of nowhere when it’s time to vote.

I have to admit I am having a real hard time understanding how you think much of the time. Some of you have not only voted once for Obama; you did it twice. Now I can understand the first time, but I certainly cannot understand why anyone would have voted for him the second time. I keep expecting to hear any day now that he is resigning from office, admitting he doesn’t really know what he is doing. Then, I think, what if he does know? And I get really scared.

Take this budget/debt crisis we have now.

We are already 17 trillion dollars in debt. Does anybody see a problem here? Do you really want to keep borrowing and printing money forever? Is there some dollar amount when you will say “That is enough. We really need to stop borrowing any more money”? 20 trillion? 30 trillion?

And I’m thinking, what are they thinking?

Is it because they can? I keep wishing that someday, I will make enough money that I don’t have to scrimp and save to make my property tax payments, or I can just write a check when the time comes without blinking an eye. I think that happened a few times.

I am guessing that when they got to Washington or Springfield, they were told that being a Congressman or a Senator is almost like being a little king or queen. People are going to be coming to them bringing gifts seeking their favor. They will have the power to grant wishes; and while they won’t be able to keep all the money they control, they will be able to spend it like there is no tomorrow. And they will be able to make a lot of money much easier than out in the real world.

I admit that can be a real heady experience.

Democrats pride themselves on being compassionate and diverse. And Republicans are criticized by them as focused on just one demographic group, which is true; but it’s just not the one the Democrats think it is.

The Republicans have tried to see our nation as one people, not different people competing for the same small shares of the pie, but an ever-expanding pie as individuals are free to pursue their dreams. They try to see us all as Americans, not Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, gays, or women.

Republicans are well aware that millions of people have come to our country to start a new life, and the way they did it was by becoming Americans. Furthermore, the way for them to succeed was to assimilate into the American identity. It was very easy for these new immigrants to start their own businesses and to work their way up to a middle class or better existence.

Our country achieved a level of productivity, wealth, education, and success unparalleled anywhere else in the world. And they did it without a massive government trying to solve every problem. In fact, it is this same massive government that makes it so hard for people to start their own businesses, which is the biggest impediment to a booming economy.

The Bill of Rights that laid the ground rules for our country laid out in principle the main things that we were free to do and everything that the government could not do to us.

The Democrats changed the idea of a right into something that people are owed, something that the government has to do for them, which essentially involves taking money from somebody else to give to those who now have a right to something for some reason.

Democrats see the government as helping people by taking money that other people have earned and spreading it around to those who have less.

That same expanding government that needs so much money to give to others is also the weight that inhibits people from starting their own businesses, which is where the American dream found its greatest fulfillment. You see, you either work for yourself, someone else, or the government.

When you work for someone else, you can only make what he/she thinks they can afford to pay you. When you work for yourself, there is virtually no limit to what you can make, except that the government keeps wanting more of that to give to other people. And when you work for the government, they are able to pay you generously because they feel free to take whatever money they want from everybody else to do it.

The Republicans are often portrayed as the party of the rich white male. More accurately, they have been the party of the people who in general have been providing the jobs. Ideally, the government wouldn’t constrain people from starting their own businesses. And government jobs just take other people’s money to pay those salaries; so Republicans in general have been trying to make it easier for the ones who will be doing the hiring, which will help the majority of the people– those who work for somebody else.

The Democrats try very hard to single out a particular demographic group and then create a government program or law to benefit that group. The groups they have identified so far for their special help have included: women, minorities, immigrants, illegals, the poor, the elderly, the unemployed, students, the obese, and now the uninsured.

I would like to suggest that there is a better way to describe the Democratic demographics.

(to be continued in Part 2)