Court Exempts Christian College From Abortion Drug Mandate

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Last week, a federal judge granted Colorado Christian University an injunction from Obamacare’s mandate that they offer employees and students birth control pills and abortion drugs. Like other institutions, the school faced fines for refusing to follow the law.

“I conclude that there is a substantial likelihood that CCU can show that the ACA and the regulations constitute a substantial burden on the exercise of its religion,” Judge Robert E. Blackburn wrote. “Obversely, the government has not shown that this substantial burden is permissible under the [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] because the Mandate is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest.”

The Becket Fund for Religious Freedom, which represents the school, is one of at least two such organizations that have achieved recent court victories. The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has been in the news recently. Last month, two ADC-represented Christian colleges, Dordt College and Cornerstone University, were granted temporary injunctions against the requirement to pay for drugs that induce abortions. The ADC also represented the town of Greece, New York, in a U.S. Supreme Court case. The court ruled that the city may continue opening council meetings with prayer.

The Obamacare mandate exempts churches; but as these and other court victories (albeit temporary) show, it doesn’t go far enough. The question is, why does the so-called health care reform bill require employers to offer and pay for drugs that employees can obtain relatively cheaply and over-the-counter? They can buy birth control pills, Plan B, condoms, the sponge, and spermicides at stories like Walmart.

Of course, something else is going on. The goal is to eradicate religious protections, particularly for Christians. Leftists seek to quell dissent–judgments–about permissive behavior through government fiat. Hobby Lobby and other Christian-owned business are awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on whether owners will be forced to violate their religious beliefs or pay millions in fines.


This article originally appeared at Black Community News.

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Poll Of Black Americans Absolutely Destroys This Liberal Talking Point

Despite liberals’ efforts to drive a racial wedge between Americans, it hasn’t been completely successful when it comes to showing a government-issued form of photo identification before voting. According to a recent Fox News poll, 51 percent of black Americans support voter ID.

One might think blacks would resent the implication that they’re too “poor,” lazy, or dumb to go down to the DMV like everybody else and obtain a driver’s license or non-driver’s photo ID. But that’s exactly the way Democrats present the issue…minus the politically incorrect words, of course.

Project 21, a black conservatives policy group, issued statements on the poll.

“This poll shows there may be strong black support for Obama as a politician, but not necessarily as a policymaker,” said Cherylyn Harley LeBon, Project 21 Co-Chairman and former senior counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. “And a prime example are voter ID laws. Although the Obama Administration, its legislative and judicial supporters, the media and left-wing activists continue to oppose voter ID laws and claim they marginalize minorities, the black community is still quite supportive of efforts to protect polling place. After relentless warnings they could be denied the right to vote, a majority of black Americans in this particular poll still recognize the need to protect legal voters against identity theft.”

A majority of Americans in general supports voter ID. Proving identity is a common-sense measure to ensure the integrity of the voting process. And it’s not a hardship. People use some form of photo ID in personal and business dealings all the time. Why is it suddenly a hardship when it’s time to vote?

“A majority of black Americans in this poll found nothing inherently racist about showing an ID to vote. It discredits the progressive talking point that black Americans uniformly see voter laws as racist and an attempt at voter suppression,” said Kevin Martin, a Navy veteran and small business owner. “It also shows that progressives who claim to represent the black community are not listening to us on this issue. Perhaps it is because they only seek to use our community to further their own agenda.”

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Find Out What Else The Government Considers ‘Health Care’

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared at Black Community News.

Medicare, in theory, assures that elderly people who’ve paid into the system receive health care. This program, along with Social Security and Medicaid, accounts for about 45 percent of our federal budget. Now that Americans are living longer and having fewer children, there are fewer working people available to pay into the system. Rather than alleviating the problem, however, the government just opened the door to wider and stranger definitions of health care.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ruled that Medicare will be used to pay for sex-change operations. Having genitals removed/altered because one doesn’t feel like a man or a woman isn’t health care. From Christian News:

Prior to Friday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) refused to pay for individuals’ sex-change operations through Medicare. The department held that the surgeries were not medically necessary and thus should not be sponsored by the federal government.

However, an HHS review board reversed this position last Friday, saying sex reassignment surgeries—which can cost as much as $50,000—are legitimate medical operations and should be funded by Medicare. Supporters of “transgender rights” described the ruling as a landmark decision which struck down an outdated ban.

The story features an elderly Army veteran who calls himself “Denee Mallon,” who wants to have his genitals removed because he wants to be a woman. He’ll never be a woman, of course, unless the doctor swaps out his Y chromosomes for Xs.

Will Obamacare eventually mandate that employers pay for genital mutilation surgery?

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You Won’t Believe Why This Christian Baker Almost Went Out Of Business…

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared at Black Community News.

A Christian baker in Colorado said he’d rather stop selling wedding cakes than be coerced by the government to provide services that violate his beliefs.

Two men who planned to “marry” sued Jack Phillips, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, for refusing to sell them a wedding cake. From CBS News:

A judge previously ruled a business owner cannot refuse service to a customer on the basis of sexual orientation. Phillips appealed to the commission, but it upheld the decision.

That prompted Phillips to decide he would no longer make any wedding cakes. He said he would be fine selling cupcakes for a birthday party for someone who is gay but added, “I don’t want to participate in a same-sex wedding.”

For the couple, they said they always believed they were in the right and it was important to pursue the case for future customers.

Our forefathers of all races are rolling over in their graves.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission is part of the state’s regulatory agencies department. So in the name of “preserving the integrity of the marketplace and is committed to promoting a fair and competitive business environment in Colorado,” the government interferes with a man’s right to conduct his business because he resists the homosexual lobby’s in-your-face push to normalize deviant sexual behavior.

The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross searched Google and found 19 other area businesses that sell baked goods. Does anyone believe that suing a Christian baker is about “equal rights”?

A Christian photographer named Elaine Huguenin faced a similar dilemma. She declined to provide services to lesbians for their “commitment ceremony.” They sued, and a court ruled that Huguenin violated the law.

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Find Out How Bobby Jindal Just Declared War On Abortion In Public Schools

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at Black Community News

Louisiana’s Republican governor, Bobby Jindal, signed a bill into law that bars abortionists from distributing “educational” material that promotes abortion in taxpayer-supported schools. Neither employees of abortion mills nor affiliates can speak to students about killing unborn babies. From LifeSiteNews:

The law will advance the state’s interest of “separating the abortion industry from our taxpayers,” Benjamin Clapper, executive director of Louisiana Right to Life, told LifeSiteNews. “HB 305 extends that policy by making sure abortion businesses have no place in state-funded schools.”

“We appreciate the Senate’s vote today and look forward to Governor Jindal signing the bill,” Clapper told LifeSiteNews.

Lawmakers who supported the bill cited the state’s commitment to life and determination to protect underage girls from an industry they say exploits their ignorance and innocence.

“Louisiana has a long-standing policy of respecting the humanity of the unborn child,” said the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Frank Hoffmann, R-West Monroe. “Abortion providers should not be able to access publicly funded school grounds with any direct or indirect efforts to promote abortion.”

A former abortion mill owner said the material she and others distributed encouraged abortions. “We have a whole plan that sold abortions, and it was called sex education,” Carol Everett said.

Abortion providers promoting abortion in schools isn’t just immoral; it’s a conflict of interest (or should be). Planned Parenthood pushes “sex education” and promotes illicit sexual activity among teenagers; then once the girls become pregnant…there’s Planned Parenthood ready to kill the “unwanted” babies. All power, no responsibility.

The state legislature approved other abortion-related measures. One would require abortion providers to give women seeking abortions information that describes the psychological effects of killing their unborn babies, among other things. The other bill would require medical facilities to keep brain-dead pregnant women on life support until the baby’s born.

In related news, Live Action has released a video of Planned Parenthood covering up statutory rape and other crimes through the years.

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