Netanyahu Says With Moral Clarity To World: Stop Idolizing Murderers

The one thing you could say about George W. Bush as president was that you knew where he stood. W had great moral clarity. There was no wishy washy Obama agenda and doctrine to speak of.

You are with us or against us, Bush rightly said after 9/11.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has the same type of moral clarity. He means what he says, and you can understand where he stands utterly and completely. This is really refreshing in the age of Obama.

This week, Netanyahu gave a speech intended for Israel’s neighbors and the world at large. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu honored Israel’s victims of terrorism at a Remembrance Day ceremony at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl on Wednesday.

Netanyahu said that terrorists do not distinguish between civilians and soldiers, between those at the front and those on the homefront, or between Jews and non-Jews. “There hatred is blind, for them we are all targets,” he said.

“While they try to take life, we add life,” the prime minister said.

While Israel admires humanity,  “Many of our neighbors are not like this. They admire murderers. The more they murder, the more they admire them,” he said.

The prime minister called on Israel’s neighbors to “stop the incitement and the admiring of murderers, that’s not how you make peace.”

Funny, I don’t hear anything like, “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” I don’t hear Christians being bashed.

I don’t hear apologies for terrorists. I don’t hear childish statements like the ‘JV Team.’  

What I hear is moral clarity and courage, and I don’t hear any moral equivalency. I hear the truth from a man not afraid to speak it. and it’s refreshing.

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Scott Walker Makes Clear Immigration Argument — Protect American Workers

The Left has been given a free pass by the mainstream press over the last decade with regard to their immigration agenda’s effect on the ordinary American worker. Huge legal immigration combined with gargantuan illegal immigration has put downward pressure on blue-collar wages and reduced the opportunities for Americans to find good jobs. This is an obvious consequence of millions of legal and illegal immigrants coming into America to compete with regular Americans looking for work.

Yesterday, Scott Walker told the mainstream press and the Left that their emperor has no clothes. A predictable liberal freak out followed.

Breitbart reports:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, is marching forward with his bold new pro-American worker immigration policy. He’s not afraid to push for a legal immigration system that doesn’t box out American workers with a massive influx of inexpensive foreign labor.

After first rolling out his new ideas on Glenn Beck’s radio program on Monday, Walker appeared on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s show to further elaborate on how he hopes to protect Americans economically from special interests pushing for a massive influx in cheap foreign labor from around the world.

“When it comes to immigration, as a governor I don’t have any direct role in that—but having talked to border state governors and having talked to other people, seeing how screwed up immigration has become under this president, it was clear to me talking to them and listening on this issue, traveling to the border actually going there with the governor of Texas Gov. Abbott, seeing the problems there, yeah from my standpoint going forward we need to secure the border, we need to enforce the laws that we currently have with an e-verify system,” Walker said.

These are fighting words for the Left. Why? Because this is an effective way to grab hold of the populist reigns and effectively neuter the Left’s immigration argument that conservatives simply don’t care about the kids or are racist. When you are sticking up for the American worker, the liberal, multicultural argument simply doesn’t hold water.

Conservatives have been desperate for a champion to effectively and clearly make the conservative argument to the American people in a way they can simply understand how it affects them and their pocketbook. Scott Walker looks to be the candidate to take up the Reagan mantle as the great communicator. It’s about time.

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Liberal Illegal Immigration Advocate Gutierrez: We Need Bush In White House

If you ever wonder what Jeb Bush would do as president as far as illegal immigration is concerned, all you have to do is look to the Left’s flame-throwing advocate of illegal immigration, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL).

Breitbart reports that Gutierrez stated this week that the best chance the Left has to continue to allow illegal aliens into the country in order to boost Democratic votes is none other than the election of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

This week at the The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, long-time immigration activist Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) said the potential Republican president he could work best with to pass comprehensive immigration reform is Jeb Bush.

Gutiérrez said, “We would have to stay with the Bush family,” explaining George W. Bush tried twice to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

So if you want more illegal aliens in the country and for hard-working American families to have fewer chances to find a job, vote for Jeb Bush for president.

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In Move To Drive Liberals Off The Cliff, Koch Brothers Back Scott Walker

In a development that is sure to drive liberals across the globe absolutely crazy, the legendary great satans of the Left, the billionaire Koch Brothers, have thrown their massive financial support behind the other Liberal devil, Governor Scott Walker, in his quest for the presidency. This will further cement him as the main challenger to Bush for the Republican nomination.

To show you how serious the Left will take this endorsement, the New York Times writes:

Charles G. and David H. Koch, the influential and big-spending conservative donors, appear to have a favorite in the race for the Republican presidential nomination: Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

On Monday, at a fund-raising event in Manhattan for the New York State Republican Party, David Koch told donors that he and his brother, who oversee one of the biggest private political organizations in the country, believed that Mr. Walker would be the Republican nominee.

Few donors have been courted as aggressively as the Kochs, whose network of political nonprofits, “super PACs” and like-minded donors plans to spend almost $900 million over the next two years advancing conservative candidates and policies.

There are no two entities more hated by the Left than the Walker campaign and the Koch Brothers. Governor Walker defeated everything the unions and George Soros could throw at him and did it three times in his quest to roll back the power of public unions in Wisconsin. The Koch Brothers are a favorite target of Harry Reid and MSNBC.

The reason the Koch Brothers are so despised is because of their substantial financial support of conservative causes worldwide. That kind of money can stand up to the likes of the Soros billions, and the Left knows it–and they really don’t like it one bit.

I can’t wait to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the liberal networks over this.

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In Orwellian Move, Hillary Confiscates Voter Cameras And Phones

This is getting weird–Hillary’s campaign, I mean.

It’s normal for government officials to have their phones and cameras confiscated prior to a national security briefing–reason being that classified or sensitive information could be discussed, and it’s responsible to prevent this type of information from being leaked. Hillary Clinton has taken this to a whole new level by doing the same thing for voters during a campaign stop.

It’s disturbing and creepy. What is she trying to hide?

The Weekly Standard reports:

Iowans had their cellphones and cameras confiscated before getting to meet the Democratic presidential frontrunner, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“On Thursday, Clinton’s motorcade left the SpringHill Suites for Main Street Cafe, where she met privately with party leaders for about an hour and a half,” reports KETV in Omaha.

“Pottawattamie County Democratic Chairwoman Linda Nelson said the meeting was so private that everyone invited was asked to hand over their cellphones and cameras before taking part.”

The Clinton campaign has been trying to control Hillary’s campaign events as much as possible. 

Taking the cellphones and cameras of possible voters, however, is usually reserved for high-level national security events, not campaign stops.

Does the Clinton campaign think we are stupid? I guess the answer is yes. This story makes me want to attend a Clinton campaign event AND TAKE PICTURES.

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