Russia Signs Huge Arms Deal With China–The Latter Will Be Able To Destroy Any Aircraft Over Taiwan

Russia doesn’t make much, but they make great weapons. China knows this and just signed a whopper of an arms deal with Russia. This should help Putin’s coffers somewhat.

This is not just any arms deal. This is a deal that will allow China unheard-of power over its neighbors.

To put it bluntly, upon delivery of the S-400 missile system, China will be able to shoot down and destroy any aircraft over Taiwan. Obviously, China doesn’t like the fact that the United States supports Taiwan, which China considers a breakaway republic and none of the Americans’ business.

The S-400 was developed to counter American stealth aircraft at long ranges. The radar and tracking system is extremely sophisticated and can target enemy aircraft at the amazing range of 400 kilometers. The command module can track multiple targets at once and utilizes multiple missiles to destroy its prey.

Popular Science puts it this way:

China and Russia, as part of closer strategic ties, have finalized a long-awaited deal for very long range S-400 surface to air missile (SAM) system. The deal is not only the largest Sino-Russian arms deal in over a decade, but S-400 missile defense capabilities would provide China with a quick missile defense upgrade at the moment neighboring states like North Korea acquire more ballistic missiles, and the U.S. and Japan look to buy stealthy anti-ship missiles.

The deal is significant to regional security as well as geopolitics. China’s improved air defense capabilities will greatly complicate any efforts to conduct aerial operations or missile attacks against the Chinese mainland, even with stealthy drones, longer-ranged cruise missiles, or new bombers, all part of the new US “third offset” plan. In wartime, the S-400 could even support Chinese airstrikes by knocking out enemy fighters flying above their own bases and cities. On the strategic level, the S-400 sale would facilitate Sino-Russian cooperation, as well as facilitate other sales and joint projects like submarines and space operations.

China and Russia continue their rapid military build-up and modernization. America’s ICBMs are rusting in their silos. We are on our way to the smallest army since WWII. All the while, threats build and grow around us.

We need new leadership to take us into a safe future and the next American century. What we have now ain’t cutting it.

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Obama Says If You’re Female, Hispanic, And Illegal, You Deserve Asylum

Oh, the gaul of this administration in their zeal to change the demographics of America (and find more and more Democratic votes)! In the Obama administration’s latest stretching and just plain rewrite of immigration law, DHS has now advised in rules changes and “interpretations” that if you are a Central American female, you deserve asylum in the United States.

No, I’m not kidding.

The Washington Times describes the situation this way:

Being a single mother or witnessing a gang crime could be enough for Central American illegal immigrants to get on the path to asylum under guidance the Homeland Security Department issued last week, opening new ways for the surge of illegal immigrants to gain a legal foothold in the U.S.

The guidance, a 27-page training document from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, says women who flee Central America because they fear being single heads of households can be deemed part of a targeted social group and can make claims of “credible fear” of being targeted in their home countries.

Likewise, victims of gang crimes, which are epidemic in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, can make the case that they fear retaliation — also proving a “credible fear” and earning a place on the pathway to getting asylum in the U.S. — according to the agency documents, which were obtained by the Judiciary Committees in both the House and Senate, and which suggest a creeping definition that could allow ever more people to claim a right to remain in the country.

It is becoming more and more clear the Obama administration is attempting to pervert the political system in these United States by illegally adding illegal immigrants to the voting roles. By issuing driver’s licenses and providing benefits to those here illegally, eventually these people will be able to vote. At the very least, their children will become American citizens and shoe-in votes for the Democratic party, the party that provides all the free stuff.

The next administration could be the last chance to halt this illegal, criminal agenda and restore some semblance of the rule-of-law to America. Perhaps it is already too late. Make sure you are active in this election cycle. Our children’s future is depending on it.

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Netanyahu Says With Moral Clarity To World: Stop Idolizing Murderers

The one thing you could say about George W. Bush as president was that you knew where he stood. W had great moral clarity. There was no wishy washy Obama agenda and doctrine to speak of.

You are with us or against us, Bush rightly said after 9/11.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has the same type of moral clarity. He means what he says, and you can understand where he stands utterly and completely. This is really refreshing in the age of Obama.

This week, Netanyahu gave a speech intended for Israel’s neighbors and the world at large. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu honored Israel’s victims of terrorism at a Remembrance Day ceremony at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl on Wednesday.

Netanyahu said that terrorists do not distinguish between civilians and soldiers, between those at the front and those on the homefront, or between Jews and non-Jews. “There hatred is blind, for them we are all targets,” he said.

“While they try to take life, we add life,” the prime minister said.

While Israel admires humanity,  “Many of our neighbors are not like this. They admire murderers. The more they murder, the more they admire them,” he said.

The prime minister called on Israel’s neighbors to “stop the incitement and the admiring of murderers, that’s not how you make peace.”

Funny, I don’t hear anything like, “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” I don’t hear Christians being bashed.

I don’t hear apologies for terrorists. I don’t hear childish statements like the ‘JV Team.’  

What I hear is moral clarity and courage, and I don’t hear any moral equivalency. I hear the truth from a man not afraid to speak it. and it’s refreshing.

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Scott Walker Makes Clear Immigration Argument — Protect American Workers

The Left has been given a free pass by the mainstream press over the last decade with regard to their immigration agenda’s effect on the ordinary American worker. Huge legal immigration combined with gargantuan illegal immigration has put downward pressure on blue-collar wages and reduced the opportunities for Americans to find good jobs. This is an obvious consequence of millions of legal and illegal immigrants coming into America to compete with regular Americans looking for work.

Yesterday, Scott Walker told the mainstream press and the Left that their emperor has no clothes. A predictable liberal freak out followed.

Breitbart reports:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, is marching forward with his bold new pro-American worker immigration policy. He’s not afraid to push for a legal immigration system that doesn’t box out American workers with a massive influx of inexpensive foreign labor.

After first rolling out his new ideas on Glenn Beck’s radio program on Monday, Walker appeared on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s show to further elaborate on how he hopes to protect Americans economically from special interests pushing for a massive influx in cheap foreign labor from around the world.

“When it comes to immigration, as a governor I don’t have any direct role in that—but having talked to border state governors and having talked to other people, seeing how screwed up immigration has become under this president, it was clear to me talking to them and listening on this issue, traveling to the border actually going there with the governor of Texas Gov. Abbott, seeing the problems there, yeah from my standpoint going forward we need to secure the border, we need to enforce the laws that we currently have with an e-verify system,” Walker said.

These are fighting words for the Left. Why? Because this is an effective way to grab hold of the populist reigns and effectively neuter the Left’s immigration argument that conservatives simply don’t care about the kids or are racist. When you are sticking up for the American worker, the liberal, multicultural argument simply doesn’t hold water.

Conservatives have been desperate for a champion to effectively and clearly make the conservative argument to the American people in a way they can simply understand how it affects them and their pocketbook. Scott Walker looks to be the candidate to take up the Reagan mantle as the great communicator. It’s about time.

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Liberal Illegal Immigration Advocate Gutierrez: We Need Bush In White House

If you ever wonder what Jeb Bush would do as president as far as illegal immigration is concerned, all you have to do is look to the Left’s flame-throwing advocate of illegal immigration, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL).

Breitbart reports that Gutierrez stated this week that the best chance the Left has to continue to allow illegal aliens into the country in order to boost Democratic votes is none other than the election of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

This week at the The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, long-time immigration activist Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) said the potential Republican president he could work best with to pass comprehensive immigration reform is Jeb Bush.

Gutiérrez said, “We would have to stay with the Bush family,” explaining George W. Bush tried twice to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

So if you want more illegal aliens in the country and for hard-working American families to have fewer chances to find a job, vote for Jeb Bush for president.

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