Conservatives: Move To The Right

Photo credit:  tkw954 (Creative Commons)

Why do a majority of conservatives seem lukewarm these days?

Why does even Rush Limbaugh speak fondly of Log Cabin Republicans, which is code for homosexuals infiltrating the Republican Party to promote homosexual special rights including “gay marriage”? When you compare the level of Christian teaching at CPAC with the level preached by “Duck Dynasty”‘s Phil Robertson, why does the conservative movement come up short? Why is it when you present an article to be published by conservative media that promotes the level of historic American Christianity discovered by David Barton, or building on that true American foundation, do conservative outlets ignore it, when it is liked by the most serious patriot you know on Facebook? It took years of analysis to discover the answer.

The truth is that too many Conservatives today are Moderates. They wouldn’t know right from left because they haven’t educated themselves in the Bible to the degree America’s Founding Fathers did. Remember, just a couple hundred years ago, there was no radio, TV, internet, or anything but the Bible for intellectual pursuit and entertainment. The halls of Treasury and Congress were used for church services on weekends. It is recorded that the original Congress would meet for prayer and Bible study for 3 hours before getting down to the nation’s business.

Let me illustrate with the Bible. On the spectrum from left to right, we have two spiritual kingdoms: Satan on the left and Jesus on the Right, with Paul in the center with a foot in both kingdoms as less than the least of all saints, the worst Christian in all history judging by his fruit, the denominations identified as descending from the Great Harlot in Revelation 17:5 (which were born during the Great Reformation and since.)

This means even the original zeal for God practiced by the Founders was restrained by lukewarmness instilled by the disobedience of Paul against Jesus’ absolutely perfect standard by setting up positions of hierarchy, like elders and pastors–which Jesus didn’t authorize–and serving money as a duty to those who provided spiritual goods, literally prostituting the Romans Paul taught. So while the Founders were great Christians by today’s standards, they were far less than is possible by Jesus’ standard. They followed Paul, who is in the middle, with a leg in both kingdoms, just like all pastors who teach members of Congress today. So getting on the true right side of things with Jesus is rare, more by accident than intentional pursuit. That is why most things coming out of Washington D.C. are only left and center, evil and lukewarm, almost never right or good.

The closest thing to the right today is the Congressional Prayer Caucus, a group of about 100 founded by Randy Forbes, which meets in room 219 for prayer before every vote. That means only a quarter of the House of Representatives is even trying to live up to what a Congressman should be historically, one fifth of the total Congress. Even they don’t show much sign of being as filled with the spiritual pursuit of Jesus as our founding fathers were. So to swing the pendulum to the right, we need to aim for the far right squarely where Jesus is, as far above Paul’s center or moderate ground as Paul is from the depths of Satan.

The movement has already started in 2013, just beginning as the generation that started with the restoration of Israel retired, beginning its end at 65 years. The difference is so great that there will be many who stumble as the majority gets up to speed and heads firmly to the right. Jesus only is the true right. The way to get further to Him is start praying a Gospel – Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John – until you do it from memory and begin living it within during everything you do so Jesus’ kingdom will grow through you. Take a look at for more tips on how Jesus’ church contrasts Paul’s.


Photo credit: tkw954 (Creative Commons)