Breaking: Marco Rubio Just Got TERRIBLE News That Will Have Trump Grinning

Marco Rubio is under pressure to win big in his home state of Florida. But that might be a big problem for him if poll numbers don’t change.

The Florida Republican primary will be March 15 and, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Donald Trump is ahead of Rubio in Florida.

The poll shows Trump is leading with 44 percent. Rubio is second with 28 percent while Ted Cruz has 12 percent. John Kasich has 7 percent while Ben Carson generated just 4 percent.

Rubio appeared on CBS This Morning Wednesday and was asked about his Florida chances. Gayle King, reminding Rubio that he’s trailing in the polls, asked him in which state he planned on beating Trump.

“We’ll win in Florida now that Gov. Bush is no longer in the race,” Rubio said with confidence.

But Rubio’s rationale of winning Florida is problematic, because the Quinnipiac poll did not have Jeb Bush as an option for respondents because he dropped out of the race prior to the survey. As a result, there are no Bush votes available in the poll results that would shift to Rubio

Rubio may need to rely on the field of Republican candidates dwindling by the time the Florida primary is held, something which he told CBS needs to happen. The results of next week’s Super Tuesday Republican primaries may indeed encourage some of the remaining candidates like Carson and Kasich to end their race for the presidency. If Carson and Kasich do drop out, Trump, Rubio and Cruz would be the only remaining candidates and may give Rubio and Cruz a better chance of winning the primary.

Richard Rainey of the Times-Picayune explained Super Tuesday’s importance. “Super Tuesday is the nickname given to the one day in every Republican and Democratic presidential primary cycle where the most states vote at once, often dramatically culling the candidate field before the summer’s national conventions,” Rainey writes.

The 10 states holding primaries on Super Tuesday Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

Trump Just Revealed The 1 Thing Hes Looking For In His VP Pick – ‘The Main Quality That You Want Is…’

Donald Trump made a campaign stop Wednesday at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va.  Regent University, a Christian University founded by Pat Robertson, hosted Trump for a question and answer session with Robertson.  Robertson, also a one-time presidential candidate, may be best known for his daily television show The 700 Club which airs daily across networks in the U.S.  Robertson also founded his own news organization, CBN News.

Trump was asked the following question from a member of the audience, “Assuming you will be the nominee of the party [Republican] what are the most important qualities that you are going to look for in a Vice Presidential candidate? And feel free to name some names.”

Trump said, “We started off with 17 we’re now down to five.” Not willing to offer names yet Trump said, “The main quality that you want is somebody that could be a great president, if something happens to you, that’s got to be — don’t you think that’s got to be number one?”

“And then I would want somebody who could help me with government. So most likely that would be a political person,” Trump added. Trump admitted that he’’s a businessman but said he’s been very involved in the political process by pointing to his abilities to work with government to achieve his business ends.

Reiterating his answer to the question Trump said, “The most important thing is you have to have somebody who would be a great president, but after that you want somebody who can help you with legislation, getting it through, etc. etc. etc.”

Trump admitted he’s not thinking too much about who will be the V.P. because he’s more focused on winning the presidential race, which he equated to getting the football across the goal line.

“I do want somebody that’s political because I want to get lots of great legislation, that we all want passed, that’s just sitting there — for years and years and years we have things sitting there that would be so good. Including proper healthcare and other things,” Trump said.

Watch: Megyn Kelly Asks Carson This Blunt Question, His ‘Odd’ Response Is Getting Attention

On a special edition of The Kelly File, Face to Face with the Candidates, Megyn Kelly’s guest was Dr. Ben Carson.

Kelly addressed the audience by reading a statement from Carson stating his presidential campaign was just beginning after he finished fourth in the Nevada caucuses. Kelly’s first question for Carson was, “Really, just beginning?”

Carson laughed a bit and then responded, “Absolutely. Five percent of the delegates have been selected already. We’ve got a long way to go. It’s like a baseball game. Everybody wants to call the game after the first inning. I think we have a way to go yet.”

Cason continued, “The good thing is with fewer candidates, I think maybe there’s a possibility, I’m not sure it’s going to happen, there’s a possibility that people may actually start getting interested in the real solutions to the problems and not so much the gladiatorial spectacle.”

Kelly then discussed Carson’s Christianity and the contention by David French — in a piece he wrote in National Review — that as a man of faith, Carson should be humble and realize his remaining presence in the race may actually “destroy the Republican Party.” Kelly asked for Carson to respond to the suggestion that it’s time to step out of the Republican race.

“The political establishment, the pundits, like to think that they’re in control,” Carson replied. “And it’s really we the people who should be in control,” Carson said.

That comment drew applause from the audience. Carson continued by saying, “I believe there’s still a possibility that we can break the spell that they have over the people.”

Carson said much the way someone would do anything to prevent the loss of their child, he believes he must do everything he can to prevent the tragic loss of the nation.

“I feel like we’re in the process of losing our country,” Carson said. “It’s in critical condition right now. We’ve had so many people who are controlled…as a result of that, things that are done are not necessarily the most beneficial things for we the people.”

Watch: Limbaugh Smacks Down Establishment, Points Out The 1 Thing They Don’t Want To Hear

Rush Limbaugh ripped into the GOP establishment on his radio show Wednesday for being out of touch with the American people.

Limbaugh was attempting to address GOP befuddlement with Donald Trump’s popularity within the Republican Party and his winning streak in the primaries. After all, supporters and critics agree Trump doesn’t fit the Republican profile of a presidential candidate.

“In the case of the anger on the Republican side propelling this primary season…nobody is saying, ‘Hey, why are they mad?  What did we do to make them so mad?  Maybe we need a seminar or two over here in some lobbyist’s office to figure out why they’re so mad at us?,’” Limbaugh said. “Why don’t you people take a little time out, instead of mischaracterizing the anger, why don’t you follow your own guidelines and try to learn from it? Why don’t you try to ask yourself what have you done that made everybody so mad?”

Greta Van Susteren, on her Fox News program On the Record, played Limbaugh’s segment and took up the subject of Republican anger at the establishment, which has presumably fueled Trump’s popularity. Guest Nina Easton of Fortune magazine agreed with Limbaugh, “Our middle-class dropped below 50 percent for the very first time in decades in December,” Easton said. “We’ve been shedding manufacturing jobs. We’ve been having trouble keeping up with the manufacturing centers in China. This whole world economic trend…has really battered us.”

Easton said Trump talks about those issues and it has led to his popularity as a non-establishment candidate.

Annie Linskey, also a guest on Van Susteren’s show, accused Trump of demagoguery by “stoking anger in the population.” She suggests Trump doesn’t offer any real solutions to the problems. “You need leaders who are going to do more than just demagogue,” she said.

2 People Dressed As KKK Members Crash Nevada Caucus And Make Huge Claim About Trump – Just One Problem…

According to the Independent Journal, two supposed Donald Trump supporters dressed up as members of the Ku Klux Klan were holding signs at the Nevada caucuses Tuesday night.

Pictures taken of the duo show that one of the two signs read, “The New England Police Benevolent Association support Trump! We support them!” Their other sign said, “TRUMP 2016: Make America Great Again!”

The pictures were taken outside of Cimarron Memorial High School in Las Vegas.

Social media went ablaze with the implication the KKK stands with Trump. ‘OccupyWallStreet’ tweeted, “That time #Trump supporters showed up at the #NVCaucus dressed in #KKK outfits.”

Other Twitter users were quick to believe the idea, with @MsMaq tweeting, “Where is @FoxNews @MSNBC @CNNNewsUSA discussing the #Trump #KKK relationship.”

Twitter user GirlFuturist tweeted, “#KKK at the Republican caucus in Nevada. They finally have a candidate to vote for!”

“Makes perfect sense. He’s their guy. #Trump #KKK,” tweeted the Humanities Institute.

Even the minority leader of the Nevada State Senate, Sen. Aaron D. Ford, got drawn in by the attention the duo drew to Trump. Ford tweeted, “So, friends of mine observed this at a republican caucus location this evening. I’ll admit, I’m boiling right now.”

Others were not so quick to accept the nomination day antics at the state caucuses. Kevin Smith tweeted, “And [1] of the “clan” members is black so I don’t buy it for a second lol.”

According to Victoria Taft of the Independent Journal, the KKK members’ hands were black.

Timothy S. Blomstrom asked on Twitter, “Did the media really fall for this #KKK stunt supporting #Trump? Takes 1 second to realize this isn’t real.”

As of the writing of this story, the true identity of the two supposed KKK members is still unknown.