Rep. Steve King: Pray For A President To Restore The Soul Of America

At the Susan B. Anthony List Campaign for Life Summit in Washington, D.C., last week, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, finished his speech by asking the audience to pray with him.

King’s speech centered around the notion that pro-life Republicans were gaining the upper hand against pro-choice politicians in Washington.

“You’re watching America be deconstructed from the White House,” King said. “A man who is taking on the pillars of American exceptionalism with a procedural jackhammer, over and over again.  And the American – young people especially – are not learning the things they need to learn at the age that they are.”

“We need to put that all back together. And how’s that going to happen?” King asked. “Well I think that right person is out there, but I’m going to ask you to do as I do; put up a regular prayer that God raises up a president whom He will use to restore the soul of America.”

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Has Obama destroyed America? Will you also pray for a God-fearing president in 2016? Let us know what you think.

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Ted Cruz Obliterates AG Nominee Loretta Lynch And Republican Senate Majority For Allowing Her Nomination

Early Thursday morning, ahead of Loretta Lynch’s nomination for Attorney General, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ranted about current Attorney General Eric Holder, the likelihood of having Lynch as his successor, and the Republican Senate majority. He argued that as bad as Eric Holder has been as the attorney general, Lynch would be just as bad, if not worse.

Cruz, who is running for president, posed a tough question to the Senate: what difference would it make whether Republicans or Democrats dominate the Senate, if someone arguably promising to be just like Holder is nominated as AG?

Cruz concluded his speech by saying that any senator who votes in favor of Lynch would ultimately violate their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution–and would have to explain said vote to their constituents.

Just recently, as Western Journalism reported, the Senate approved Lynch on a 56-43 vote. 10 Republicans disregarded Cruz’s advice and supported her nomination: Kelly Ayotte, (N.H.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Maine), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Rob Portman (Ohio), and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.).

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Is there a difference between a Republican or Democratic majority? Why didn’t these ten Republicans heed Cruz’s advice? Will Lynch be just as bad as Holder? Let us know what you think.

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Devastating Video Explains How President Obama Is The False Messiah

This Youtube video has a chilling message of biblical proportions. It describes itself as “apocalyptic literature” written by a pastor’s wife in “biblical prose” for a commentary of current events. It was uploaded in 2013 but is ever more relevant in 2015.

The video commentator opens by saying:

And it came to pass in the age of insanity that the people of the land called America, having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as, The One.

He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but he hypnotized the people telling them, “I am sent to save you.”

“My lack of experience, my questionable ethics, my monstrous ego, and my association with evil doers are of no consequence. I shall save you with hope and change. Go, therefore, and proclaim throughout the land that he who preceded me is evil, that he has defiled the nation, and that all he has built must be destroyed.”

And the people rejoiced, for even thought they knew not what The One would do, he had promised that it was good; and they believed.

The video runs through much of what the Obama administration has done to “fundamentally change” America. It covers taxing of the rich and redistributing the wealth, marxist policies, approval of radical [Islamic] terrorism, the falling housing market, the disruption of the coal market and increasingly-expensive electricity, amnesty, mandated healthcare, and the destruction of businesses.

The video ends with the people becoming aware of what “The One” had done to their once-great nation. The “hope” and “change” he spoke of destroyed them and left their homeland in ruin.

You may think this is a fairy tale, but it’s not. It’s happening right now.

Has Obama corrupted our great nation? Is his fundamental change our destruction? Let us know what you think and spread this message to inform those who may be blinded to “The One.”

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Marco Rubio: Homosexuality Is Something You’re Born With

Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has made waves in the last week regarding his stances on homosexuality and gay marriage. Previously, he expressed that he would attend a loved one’s same sex wedding because he would continue to love them, but also would do so while disagreeing with their decisions.

More recently, in an interview with Bob Schieffer on CBS News’ Face the Nation, the Republican candidate added that while he believes marriage is an institution between one man and one woman, he believes homosexuality is “something that people are born with.”

“I don’t believe that your sexual preferences are a choice for the vast and enormous majority of people,” Rubio said. “In fact, the bottom line is, I believe that sexual preference is something that people are born with.”

Rubio navigated the questioning carefully, trying not to ostracize anyone.

“It’s not that I’m against gay marriage,” he said, adding that he thinks state legislatures ought to be making decisions about marriage rather than the courts. “I don’t believe same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.”

Same-sex marriage and homosexuality are probably going to be two issues pushed hard by the left during the 2016 election, in an attempt to secure the LGBT community’s vote.

h/t: Business Insider

Are homosexuality and gay marriage national issues? Will the media perpetuate them? Let us know what you think.

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Judge Napolitano Destroys Hillary Clinton Amidst Allegations She Gave Out Favors In Return For Donations

The potentially damning book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, by Peter Schweizer, is due to be released on May 5, but it is already causing a major stir in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The book accounts, in detail, the favors then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exchanged for donations to her foundation. The New York Times is calling the book the “most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle still in its infancy.”

Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano joined host Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File to discuss the Clinton Foundation and the alleged quid pro quo status of its donations.

“Look, the essence of bribery is the quid pro quo. You do something for me, or in my behalf, and I exercise my official governmental powers in favor of you,” Napolitano said. “That’s what Senator Menendez was indicted for – having to do with visas and having to do with Medicare reimbursement. This has to do with the foreign policy and arguably the security of the nation.”

“If the version of the book that we have read [from the New York Times] stands up under scrutiny, the Justice Department must commence a criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s behavior about the time period about which the book is written,” he added later in the interview with Kelly.

The scandals seem to keep piling up for Mrs. Clinton. On top of this new book, she is still battling the scandals of her hidden emails from her time as secretary of state and her roll in Benghazi. Not to mention all of the faux pas her campaign has committed since the announcement of her run for president in 2016.

h/t: Newsbusters

Will Hillary Clinton face legal ramifications for taking foreign donations? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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