An Open Letter To John Andrew Boehner

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As Speaker of the US House of Representatives, you are second in line after Obama to act as President. You and I are the same age, we have same-county Florida residences, and we are both Republicans. Yet your refusal to fully identify Obama and hold Obama accountable for his many treasonous “phony scandals” has me wondering daily if you are actor John Boehner, or actor John Banner, the Shultz character in Hogan’s Heroes.


In reality, your I-know-nothing-persona that is carefully tanned, tailored, and calmed before the viewing American public is the treasonous concealment of your personal knowledge of criminal acts. Why shouldn’t you legally be imprisoned for treason for aiding the lawless Obama Crime Family?

The Founding Fathers thoughtfully engineered a republic-democracy structure of self-governance, with the US Constitution being their blueprint,  and framed your House with three powers to keep any errant President in check:

  1. Power of the purse (but you have funded Obama’s lawlessness with vast sums of newly engraved dollars and $7,600,000,000,000 of new federal debt since 2009.)
  2. Power of impeachment (but you have recently squelched such action to pass the buck to an outside court to sue Obama.)
  3. Sergeant-at-Arms arrest (but you have curiously relinquished this power; however, I have started to work with you on a citizen’s arrest of Obama.)

Obama has deliberately harmed and humiliated America since 2008: Law Center Drafts and Launches Articles of Impeachment of Obama!

Yet Obama’s endless parade of planned treasonous acts, in concert with our obligingly hijacked federal government, are merely symptoms of one  undeniable problem: America is piloted by a covered-up non-Constitutional Islamic operative, namely, one disarming, carefully-marketed smiley-faced insolent Barack Hussein Obama–aka Barry Soetoro, a drugged lawless crime boss posing as “President”.

And you, Speaker Boehner, have inescapable criminal knowledge of this gigantic singular problem, in spite of your passive I-know-nothing- exterior.

Speaker Boehner, act as follows or turn yourself in to the US House Sergeant-at-Arms, Paul Irving, for committing treason:

1. America, Rep. Boehner, and Congress: accept as fact this law enforcement knowledge.

2. You have been asked repeatedly for years to investigate Obama’s full identify, and you have repeatedly stonewalled this effort.  Mr. Boehner, tear down this wall! Take my $10,200 federal income tax payment I submitted last April and use it to help ensure that Rep. Trey Gowdy’s unfettered Benghazi investigation includes the full identity of Obama.

3. As a structural engineer, let me frame the argument this way: recognize that it is the inalienable Constitutional right for all legal American citizens to know the full identity of any presidential  candidate and any incumbent president (since he/she may become the keeper of the keys to America’s nuclear arsenal); and all who work to hijack that inalienable right, for any reason or any circumstance, are guilty of and punishable for treason, which is death by hanging or imprisonment.

Ignore Obama’s very first illegal act in office on JAN 21, 2009 of issuing pre-meditated Executive Order 13489 which was intended to cover-up Obama’s President-disqualifying identity from all Americans, including all electoral college participants.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

An Open Letter To Americans From A Concerned Patriot

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We the Passengers must unite together and act to remove the hijackers of our federal government. When my grandson is my age in 2074, let him and other grandchildren see that Americans put their daily differences aside in 2014 to unite to remove an outlaw President.

“Hijack”: verb; to seize control of by use of force, especially in order to reach an alternate destination.

Whether Americans love or loath Obama, most now agree that this so-called 44th President has operated to intentionally harm and humiliate our nation: his abandonment of Americans at Benghazi, his deadly power vacuum created in Iraq and abandonment of Israel, his aid and moral support for the Muslim Brotherhood, his targeting and intimidating of American citizens via misuse of IRS and NSA, his flooding of American communities with tens-of-thousands of unjailed and convicted illegal aliens and his planned importation of illegal alien children, his neglect of an anemic economy since 2009,  his adding $7,000,000,000,000 of additional debt bequeathed to our grandchildren, etc.

Admit it, America and Congress: Americans have been duped into supporting a carefully covered-up Islamic operative posing as today’s lying, insolent, lawless, and unaccountable Public Enemy No. 1 President.  

How could this government hijacking occur in apple pie America?

ANSWER: Nancy Pelosi on August 28, 2008 willfully promoted unvetted fraud candidate Obama as being Constitutionally eligible to be our President.  All deliberate acts against America by Obama since 2008 can be traced back to this historic date when Pelosi and the DNC hijacked prescribed Constitutional limits so as to promote Obama’s deceit and their own selfish interests.

Why hasn’t our oath-taking, tax-taking Congress united to fully identify and remove Obama since 2008?

ANSWER: All 535 members of Congress have guilt knowledge of Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility, and they would indict their self-corrupted souls if they directly challenge Obama in any way.  We have a guilt-paralyzed, black-male/blackmail Congress. Nonetheless, it is an inalienable right for all American citizens to know the full identity of any presidential candidate; and any incumbent president and all who work to hijack that right are guilty of and punishable for treason.

“Treason”: noun; the betrayal of a trust;  the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance.

What can everyday Americans do to end this national hijacking?

ANSWER: Armed with this law enforcement knowledge, demand that Congress’s Sergeant-at-Arms and all 535 Congressmen ignore premeditated Executive Order 13489 intended to cover up Obama’s disqualifying identification, freeze funding of Obama’s plans, and arrest/imprison/identify/prosecute for treason/sentence/execute sentences for Barack and Michelle Soetoro-Obama NOW! “Let’s roll!”



Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue (Flickr)

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom