Political Correctness Out of Control

For public releaseCol. Robert M Olivier USMCIMEFDM G-3 Information Operations

The physical demands of combat positions make for jobs that only a few men and even fewer woman are capable of performing. In a headlong rush to satisfy the utopian stupidity of political correctness, the Washington establishment’s insistence that women be allowed in combat positions will only emasculate the military that protected this country since its founding.

This week, the Marine Corps announced that fewer than half of female recruits were capable of meeting the minimum standards required for combat jobs. These requirements are the same for males and females in basic training. In an effort to conform to political correctness, the Marine Corps delayed implementation of the minimum requirements for women, fearing that they might lose female recruits and those already serving who cannot meet standards. These standards just happen to apply to men as well, some of whom are also not fit for infantry training.

The debate
This news rekindled the debate about whether women have the physical strength for a front line combat position. The delay of standards for combat-ready troops is an indication that the overwhelming majority of women are simply not capable of serving in front line units. President of the Center for Military Readiness Elaine Donnelly told the Associated Press that “Awarding gender-normed scores so that women can succeed lowers standards for all. Women will suffer more injuries and resentment they do not deserve and men will be less prepared for the demands of direct ground combat.”

The culture war to diminish the status of military services attempts to erase the biological differences between men and women. Hard work is no longer appreciated, just as the role of education today is to castrate male students. Camille Paglia told the Wall Street Journal “This PC gender politics thing—the way gender is being taught in the universities—in a very anti-male way, it’s all about neutralization of maleness,” and  “Masculinity is just becoming something that is imitated from the movies. There’s nothing left. There’s no room for anything manly right now.”  Men are no longer allowed to be men, and women will no longer be allowed to women. The integration of women into combat is the latest step towards the general wussification of America.

Disabled Military Retirees Betrayed By Gutless Republicans

Veterans Day SC

This week, the Senate voted across party lines to pass a bill that would reduce the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for military retirees, including disabled retirees and survivors. The Washington Free Beacon reported that a provision in the Ryan-Murray budget agreement no longer exempts disabled retirees and survivors. The original agreement stated that “This would not affect service members who retired because of disability or injury.” After the bill passed the House, the new summary removed the exemption granted to disabled retirees and survivors. It would be too easy to accuse just one party of this chicanery; for remember, this was a bipartisan effort endorsed by Mr. Obama.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has been desperately trying to prevent the cut in COLA for military retirees by advocating the halting of entitlements and tax refunds for illegal immigrants. Sen. Sessions pointed out to his colleagues that “It’s not correct, and it should not happen.” For the Democrats, vets and spouses are easy targets, like stealing candy from a baby on Christmas morning. Instead of cutting welfare benefits and tax emptions to illegal immigrants and other entitlement abusers, the GOP establishment and Democrats will gladly take the money from the vets and families. They need the money to pay for the new budget while leaving civilian employees’ and other (intentional) deadbeats’ COLAs intact.

Technical Error?
Sen. Murray said “I want to make absolutely sure today that they know that a provision included in this deal that mistakenly included disabled retirees and survivors for changes in the pension growth will be addressed in short order following passage of this bill.”  Her only mistake was that the bill wasn’t written in cursive, so the low information voter wouldn’t be able to read it. The omission had to be deliberate. It is too big a blunder to be a “technical error.” All amendments proposed to eliminate cuts were blocked by Democrats. Sen. Murray argued that any attempt to amend the deal was an effort by Republicans to kill the entire bill. The lying Murray knew all along.

Spineless Republicans of both houses quickly caved in fear of another shutdown. They would rather screw the vets, like the ones who tore down the barriers during the Obama-orchestrated shutdown. The Democrats were only doing what they do best–retaliating against anyone who stands up to them. And the establishment GOP was too ready to join them. Instead of saying no, Congressman Ryan caved to well-known Osama bin Laden supporter Sen. Patty Murray.

News analysts have been debating that either the Republicans are too shell-shocked from negative press, or they may actually agree with the Democrats on cutting military retirement benefits to fund Obamacare for the deadbeats. I tend to think the later; to quote Sen. John McCain, “We cannot have continued increases in costs and benefits forever because of our inability to fund our national security.” This will be the man who will write the bill eliminating medical benefits for retirees, spouses, and VA patients.

Iranian Nuclear Weapons Negotiations A Joke

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

Last Sunday, Israel’s Channel 10 News reported that Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian-born senior adviser to Mr. Obama, has been holding secret talks with Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, for about a year. The so-called P5+1 powers and Iranian negotiations in Geneva were nothing more than a “facade,” the actual terms of the deal having already been decided. Channel 10 News quoted an unnamed senior official who told the reporter that the real behind-the-scenes power in the White House, Valerie Jarrett, has been making secret deals with the Islamic Nation for a year.

At the Geneva talks, France wasn’t too happy about the sucker deal that American Secretary of State John Kerry had readily accepted. All the talk by the Secretary was just for show for the U.S. media and almost undoubtedly a lie to distract the world from the fact that Obama and Jarrett had already made a deal. Of course, Kerry knew about it all along. It was the Nation of Israel that released the facts about these secret negotiations between Jarrett and Iran, no doubt a bittersweet undertaking for Benjamin Netanyahu as he exposed the corrupt Obama Administration while feeling the sting of America’s betrayal of Israel. Certainly, the exposure will prove extremely embarrassing for Obama, Jarrett, and Kerry. During the next round of talks, the Secretary will have no credibility in any of the negotiations, being seen as either a liar, a fool, or both.

The Times of Israel reported that, “In the course of the talks… the Americans offered the Iranians a series of ‘confidence-building measures,’ which underlined American readiness to conclude a deal and undercut sanctions pressure.”  In other words, the Valerie Jarrett administration had already made an agreement with the Iranians to lift sanctions without assurances that the Islamists would give up their weapons program. This is probably what the French called the “suckers deal.”

Only a prop in this dangerous charade, John Kerry may well be known as the most inept U.S. Secretary of State ever.  Valerie Jarrett is conducting the actual negotiations and making agreements behind the backs of members of the UN Security Council. Apparently, “Jarrett served as the personal and direct emissary of the president to secret meetings with the Iranians, which are understood to have taken place in one of the Gulf principalities.”  This undercuts the efforts of the UN, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, and China to reign in the activities of a rogue nation. This has not been a good month for the United States or the American people.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

Our Worst Enemy: Obama’s State Department


Russia’s GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), is a space-based Global Positioning System (GPS) operated by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces. It is the Russian version of America’s military GPS and is currently the only alternative navigational system in operation capable of global coverage. GLONASS first become operational in 1982 and achieved global coverage in 2011. During the first reign of Vladimir Putin, GLONASS became the first priority of the Russian Federal Space Agency, consuming nearly one third of the Agency budget. It was, after all, imperative to duplicate the accuracy of America’s GPS system.

State Department
Obama’s State Department will soon consider allowing Roscosmos to build monitoring stations on United States soil in order to improve the accuracy of GLONASS. The New York Times reported that Russian and State Department officials met in April to negotiate “general requirements for possible GLONASS monitoring stations in U.S. territory and the scope of planned future discussions.” According to State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, “no final decision has been made.” In the big picture, Secretary of State John Kerry believes that Mr. Obama should accede to the wishes of Vladimir Putin as it would improve America’s relationship with the Russian Government. Naturally, allowing Russian assets on American soil is a sign of weakness. Liberals, like bullies, are basically cowards; and Vladimir knows that.

CIA, Other Intelligence Agencies, and the Pentagon
The intelligence community are warning the Obama Regime’s “teacher’s lounge theorists” not to allow Roscosmos to construct GLONASS monitoring stations on American soil. They are concerned that the stations would greatly enhance the capability of the Russian space system, significantly improving the accuracy of Russian weapons against U.S. targets. Stations on US soil might also enhance Russia’s capacity to collect intelligence on all Americans within American borders, with U.S. government approval. The stations could be used to interfere with U.S. GPS systems, allowing Russia to disrupt commercial and military navigation and tracking. It will allow the Russians and their proxies easier access to vital infrastructure assets.

The State Department, in its haughtiness, would insist that US-based monitoring systems were being used for peaceful purposes only, just like Iranian nukes. Then again, this may be a part of Agenda 21, surrendering American sovereignty to protect the “One.”

This is a story that must be followed by every American who wishes to protect the sovereignty of the United States. The treacherous and traitorous Barack Hussein Obama must not permit a perpetual enemy to obtain a foothold in the US.

Obama’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Obama At The Helm SC

During the so-called Arab Spring, Barack Obama supported Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s choice to become Egypt’s president. The fact that he didn’t really win the election made no difference. Morsi immediately attempted to turn the formerly pro-American nation into a Sharia-compliant wasteland. His power play moves to subjugate the military and courts, to rewrite the Constitution, and make himself the supreme leader of Egypt did not sit well with the Egyptian people.

Morsi did very little to improve the lives of the people of Egypt; but hey, Obama liked the guy. A typical case of a leftist Democrat supporting a tyrant. On June 28, the Egyptian people rose up to remove Morsi from power. The would-be tyrant had to face the reality that the Egyptian people just weren’t enamored with him! It was at this point that the true saviors of the Egyptian people–the Egyptian Military–drove the Muslim Brotherhood and their military arm, al Qaeda, from power. But unlike a coup-d’état, the military did not take over the government.

Back in Washington, the Jarrett Administration (which Obama just happens to work for) decided that the ouster of Morsi and the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood was indeed a coup-d’état. The Regime therefore demanded that Morsi be returned to power, or military aid to Egypt would be terminated. Naturally, Obama managed to make himself highly unpopular with the Egyptian people and single-handedly destroyed the long-term, positive relationship America had with the Arab Republic. Under orders from Valerie Jarrett, Barack cut off military and civilian aid while the Egyptian nation was fighting remnants of the Brotherhood and al Qaeda.  This week, Secretary of State John Kerry was dispatched to Egypt for the purpose of convincing Egyptian leaders that Obama didn’t REALLY support the Muslim Brotherhood during Morsi’s reign of terror. It was just a simple misunderstanding.

Not one to miss a golden opportunity, Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting Egypt, hoping to replace the United States as the main supplier of arms to the Egyptian military. Once in Cairo, “he is expected to announce a major arms sales package as part of efforts to build closer military relations.”  Obama sided with the wrong people and lost another ally in the war against terrorism. Several American defense contractors will have to lay off workers because Obama chased off another customer. Between the NSA scandal and siding with known terrorist organizations, Obama has lost all creditably on the world stage. His chickens have come home to roost.