‘Religion Of Peace’ Adherent Cut Off Head, Played Soccer With It!

Historians someday will look back at our era as a time when honesty in the mainstream news media was virtually nonexistent.

Take, for example, this news story that was ignored by 99% of all media: A member of the so-called Religion of Peace cut off the head of his victim and played soccer with the head.

Had this been an Israeli cutting off someone’s head you can bet around 99% of the news media would have covered this story.

So where is the outrage on media bias?

This is just one of many crimes committed by the barbaric members of the religion Barack Obama calls “a religion of peace.” It occurred in Yarmouk, Syria, where they also reportedly killed children in front of their parents.

Why does anyone believe anything reported by mainstream media anymore?

When your grandchildren ask you, “What did you do when you saw all the lies broadcast by those news fakers we just read about in our history books?”, what will you say?

Please forward a copy of this video to anyone you know in the news media or to your elected representatives to see what their opinion is on this matter.

Better still, forward a link to this video to friends and family–or post it on Twitter or Facebook and become the media, giving out news that otherwise will go unreported.

Then someday, you will have an answer to your grandchild’s question, being able to say that you personally did something while most of the rest of the world slept.

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Military Hostile To Christians Under Obama

What is the single underlying theme of virtually all patriotic songs? Morality. You don’t sing about blind allegiance to a country. You sing about your love of God and country. You are even willing to lay down your life for your country for the greater good, right?

But what happens when someone hijacks your country and your military, stripping all that’s good in it and substituting everything evil imaginable? Is it still right to swear allegiance to God and country? God yes, country no.

That is exactly what Obama is doing. He is burning the midnight oil to drive out all Christians from the U.S. military to strip it of any conscience, leaving only an army of blind leaders following Obama’s orders–regardless of if they are moral or constitutional, just as Hitler did in Germany.

And it’s working. Demoralized Christians are leaving the United States military in droves. They are no longer allowed to openly express their moral convictions, and they are compelled to embrace such things as homosexual bunking without daring to claim anything remotely close to sexual harassment for fear of court martial–or worse.

Liberty Institute senior counsel Michael Berry says the persecution of military chaplains for expressing their religious beliefs could cause devout Americans to think twice about joining the military.

And that’s the whole point. And sadly, it’s working. In March 2015, a Navy chaplain was taken off his post and might lose his military career because he dared to express his opinion that homosexuality and sex outside of marriage was wrong, as reported by the Washington Times.

Clearly, a chaplain is supposed to advocate for what is right. The bible warned about this nearly 2000 years ago, about a coming dark time when good is called evil and evil is called good. That time has arrived, and his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

More information is available at: www.PrayInJesusName.org

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US Ally Gave 10,000 Passports To ISIS!

Why would any NATO member nation in their right mind issue 10,000 passports to ISIS?

Of course, the question presupposes that the leadership of NATO member Turkey are in their right minds.

WND.com reported that an Egyptian intelligence official says he delivered this report to the Obama Administration, saying: “Turkey continues to allow free passage to Iraq and Syria to Islamic State fighters.”

Clearly, if this claim is even half true and 5000 passports were issued, we are talking about a worldwide ISIS travel threat!

And we’ll spare you the answer to the joke of how many ISIS fighters it takes to change the ignition bulb on a thermonuclear backpack bomb. (Hint: Less than 5000.)

And where does Obama stand on this? ‘Bring ‘em in–the more the merrier!’ Obama keeps bringing in hordes of Muslims to American cities faster than you can say “New Mecca.”

What’s more insane is that the United States is sworn to defend any NATO member ally of ours. But with allies like Turkey, who needs enemies?

So what is Congress waiting for? When are they going to insist on ejecting Turkey from NATO–or having the U.S. withdraw from NATO? Because if one of those two things are not done, the United States of America is honor-bound to march straight into World War III for our alleged ally.

Can anyone say “regime change”?

Please send a link to this video to your elected representative and anyone you know who still gives a rip about keeping the United States an intact nation. Thank you.

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Austin Charges $1 Per Year Rent To Abortion Clinic

While small business owners are having a hard time staying in business during the Obama economic disaster, the City of Austin is only charging $1 per year rent to the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics.

That’s right. Planned Parenthood, more appropriately nicknamed ‘Planned Barrenhood’, gets far better than ‘most favored nation’ status. They get a totally unfair boost from big government for offering their murderous services to underage girls who get pregnant and never tell mom or dad and visit the clinic again and again and again–all compliments of U.S. taxpayers’ subsidization of the biggest and most horrific exterminator of pre-born Americans in the history of our once great Republic.

How dare government politicians spend our money like that! How dare they even allow this evil practice, no less subsidize it–without the vote of taxpayers who fund it! And nationally, Planned Parenthood gets a half a billion dollars of federal funds per year.

But this is nothing new for the city of Austin. They haven’t just been subsidizing abortions for the past 4 years. They’ve offered this $1 per year rental of the huge government-owned facility to these butchers for the past 40 years! And it doesn’t matter how bad the economy is; come rain or shine, they keep that blood money flowing.

Kind of makes you wonder what similar dastardly deeds are happening in your community.

Heaven help us on judgment day.

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Hillary Just Proved To The World That A Politician Can Actually Tell The Truth…Here’s How!


“Fore!” That’s the warning sound a golfer makes before they take a whack at the ball for the title.

But “for” was one missing word from Hillary Clinton’s official written announcement passed out to news reporters as she took a swipe at the title of President.

So when Hillary Clinton made her grand announcement that she’s running for President and she left out the word ‘for’, she actually told the truth for a change, with her press release proudly declaring: “…she’s fought children and families all her career.”

So, there you have it: a rabidly pro-abortion, baby-hating candidate admitting she fought children. And a traditional family-despising liberal admitting she fights families.

It’s been asked in the past “How do you know when a politician is lying?”–the answer being “When their lips are moving.” But this time, Hillary Rodham Clinton proved to the world that a politician can actually tell the truth.

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