Pope Survives Greeting By Transsexuals And Gay Bishop

Never before in history has a Pope addressed a joint session of Congress. And never before in history has a U.S. President insisted on having a welcoming party of transgenders to greet a Pope.

Welcome to the Obamanation, where good is called evil and evil is called good.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think Obama would dare have a chorus line of transgenders welcome his Iranian buddy Ayatollah Ali Khamenei? So why does Obama insist on insulting 1.2 billion Catholics by foisting his liberal, immoral beliefs on the Pope?

Evangelist Franklin Graham posed a single question that said it all during an interview with The Wall Street Journal; asking the rhetorical question: “Is there no end to the lengths the president will go to in order to push his sinful agenda?”

In addition to parading transgender activists, Obama insisted on having the first openly homosexual bishop, Gene Robinson, greet the Pope.

Clearly, Obama doesn’t represent the values of most of America. Let’s hope in 2016 we have a moral agent representing our once great nation.

Our hat tip goes to KFMB radio talk show host Brett Winterble in San Diego, who suggested this topic for a video.

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Major Second Amendment Win In DC!

Second Amendment supporters and lovers of freedom have a rare court win to celebrate, this time in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

A Federal District Court of Appeals there has overturned four of ten firearms provisions imposed on DC residents, partially gutting one of the most restrictive gun laws in America. By a two to one margin, the judicial panel upheld the latest legal challenge filed by gun owner Dick Heller, a DC citizen who had waged a previously successful suit against local gun laws in 2008. This new ruling paves the way for the purchase of more than one pistol per month. Also overturned by the judges were requirements for weapons to be delivered to police stations for inspection and registration, as well as the successful completion of gun ownership knowledge tests by firearms owners, and the re-registration of firearms housed in the District every three years.

Six less restrictive firearms provisions of the law were allowed to stand.

In his majority opinion, Judge Douglas Ginsburg wrote that the District of Columbia had offered no “substantial evidence” that the requirements struck down had enhanced public safety.

Legal experts suggested the ruling might serve as a precedent in overturning similar legal provisions hindering gun ownership now on the books in Maryland, New Jersey, and California.

This is also great news for those who have studied the statistics and learned the truth. Guns prevent crime. That is a surefire position embraced by Gun Owners of America, but it’s none too popular in some quarters.

As government officials bend over backwards to strip Americans of their firearms, Gun Owners of America is working overtime defending the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

To learn more about your Second Amendment rights and the latest assaults on the Second Amendment, plus what you can do to help, visit Gun Owners of America’s website at: http://Gunowners.org

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Persecution Of Kim Davis Reminds Me Of Communist Russia

The recent incarceration and Christian persecution of Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis brings back memories of the old Evil Empire of the Soviet Union.

Historically, both the Soviet Union and the United States had one thing in common. They both had constitutions that had protections of human rights and freedoms. But the old Communist government of the U.S.S.R. was able to enslave its people through their runaway courts. Put simply, the judicial branch of their government began doing whatever their leaders wanted. They would ignore their constitution and rule in a dictatorial way, usurping the rights–especially religious rights of its people. The actual Soviet Bill of Rights was far superior to the U.S. Bill of Rights. Don’t believe me? Believe conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who testified before a U.S. Judiciary Committee.

But regardless of their parchment guarantees, Soviet citizens were dragged off to the gulag and never heard from again. Sometimes a person got a day in court to feign justice; their rogue courts would virtually always rule against the rights enshrined in their Bill of Rights.

How is that any different from what is happening today? The founding fathers of the United States put in extreme protections to keep us from ever having the runaway judiciary we have today. They intentionally made the courts, including the Supreme Court, the weakest of the three branches of government. Yet today, the Supreme Court is viewed as the most powerful. How on earth did that happen? Perhaps it is because of the word, supreme, as in the very Supreme Being it attempts to usurp.

Clearly, the Supreme Court doesn’t like competition, from either of the other two branches of government or from God Himself.

What’s weird about Supreme Court opinions is that they are just that: Opinions. They are not rulings of law. They are opinions. If politicians want law, they should pass laws. They shouldn’t accept unconstitutional opinions of the so-called high court. To solve this runaway court problem, Americans need to start treating the Supreme Court as the low court they were meant to be and to tell them: Don’t tread on US or on our God-given freedoms and rights. And make no mistake about it: In Rowan County, Kentucky, there is no law that Kim Davis broke. She simply kept the oath she took to uphold the Constitution of the state of Kentucky and was upholding Kentucky law as a sovereign state.

Kim Davis took a righteous stand against a renegade federal court opinion, cleaving instead to her First Amendment right of religion and to her personal deep-seated Christian beliefs. Furthermore, Kim Davis has her head on straight as she understands that in Kentucky, it is illegal to issue marriage licenses to two people of the same gender. But for upholding the law, she was thrown in jail. But under what authority? None. Nada. Zip. Scary stuff. Dragged off to the American Gulag. Perhaps this is scariest because not one in 1000 people understand the rule of law or our Constitutional rights or states’ rights any more.

At this rate, we are on the road to letting U.S. courts rule US just as the Russians allowed their Soviet Court system to drag them deeper into Communism. Think about it. The United States is already in a near Socialist State. The only thing left is to take away religion, and we’d become virtually indistinguishable from Communism. So let’s fight this spreading new evil empire cancer from spreading in the bowels of our Constitutional Republic and not let it swallow us from within.

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Is It Mathematically Possible To Pay Off The Fed?

As Americans, we must face a stark reality that is approaching with the speed and momentum of a runaway freight train: Our economy is on the brink of a calamitous collapse of Biblical proportions.

But this time, we can’t “spend our way out of it” with “consumer spending” or kick the can down the road–because the end of the road is here. At the core of this economic whirlwind we are all about to reap is “The “Fed.”

How can any “conspiracy theory” be complete without at least a brief discussion of “the Fed”?

If you’re a “Neanderthal conspiracy theorist” who dares still believe 2 plus 2 equals 4, you understand that IT IS MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY THE NATIONAL DEBT–EVER. We couldn’t pay it off even if we took every dollar out of circulation and gave it back to the central bank–or to today’s lender of choice, China–since the modern day money-changers at “The Fed” have been charging us interest for the past 100 years for the “honor” of using their money, which they created out of nothing.

So why do we have this unconstitutional scam system to begin with? You’ll have to ask those who gave it to us, including JP Morgan, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, European–as in British Rothschild–banking interests, and their boot-licking lackey, “Progressive” Woodrow Wilson. Why bother getting into aliens, JFK, Area 51 and chemtrails with this 5 billion-dollars-a-day in debt scam elephant in our living room staring us right in the face?

Then things really hit the wall; when the national fleecing known as “The Fed” system comes to its mathematical certainty, it may look more like the French Revolution than some Cartoon Network “anti-Christ” showing up in a Temple stamping people with triple sixes.

Many of us have read George Orwell’s “1984.” In it, the Obama–umm Goldstein– government altered reality to such an extent that everyone was working, the economy was great and unemployment was 0% because the government simply stopped counting people who came off the unemployment rolls. Scratch that; they convinced everyone that 2+2=5. Maybe “THEY” didn’t have to come outright and say 2+2=5. Maybe all “THEY” needed to do was claim “free” money is good and borrow as much of it as you need to get back to “prosperity.” Just ignore those “slave owners” who founded our once-great nation. We blinked. Our nation was hijacked by string-pulling international banksters who took US off the gold standard. They stole the gold of the people at gunpoint to store it at Fort Knox for “safekeeping.”

Repeat this nonsense over and over by marching out 100 years of so-called economic “experts” like John Maynard Keynes and his sycophant lackeys in the media including the NY Slimes’ Paul Krugman and the “experts” at Haarverd and Circus-NBC to repeat the ‘debt is prosperity’ mantra over and over again from the aptly named idiot box.

Even “conservative” icons don’t dare question “The Fed” lest they be called “conspiracy kooks.” Who would have the audacity to pull off a stunt like this? It’s a scam more reminiscent of a national or international loan shark operation than sound economic policy. Except this monetary Ponzi scheme is sanitized by purported economic “experts” in the lecture halls of such places as the Rockefeller-founded University of Chicago.

“THEY”, also known as “The Eastern Establishment” or what may be more aptly called “The UN-American Genocidal Complex”, have already won–just as Satan promised in Matthew, chapter 4, where he tells Jesus he rules the kingdoms of the world. And he did it not with war, not with the Roman Legions or Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Hordes or the English Navy or Hitler’s Blitzkrieg, but with filthy lucre. This is all reminiscent of what is looking more and more like what might be the most historically accurate movie ever written, John Carpenter’s “They Live.”

If anyone thinks this is merely a ‘crazy’ statement from a “conspiracy kook,” have I got a deal for you: Forget selling you a bridge; I’ll give you all the money you ever desired for free so you can buy all the bridges you ever wanted forever– and I’ll throw in shovel-ready jobs, endless wars and government cheese. All this with no strings attached.

Just sign on the dotted line………….

More info at: http://www.theoryoflivevolution.com

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Parody: Starting A New Religion

Narrator: One day, an unemployed dude with more time on his hands than he knew what to do with–having failed everything he tried in the past, and disrespected by his family, peers and business associates–while daydreaming, had a crazy brainstorm, a vision for lack of a better world.

‘Mad Man: What if I were to invent a religion that would let me do anything I want?

Narrator: So he headed downtown to the government office he was told handles applications for new religious organizations.

‘Mad Man: Hi, is this the right window to register my new religion so that me and my future followers don’t have to pay taxes and have other people pay taxes to us?

Clerk: Well, I’ve never exactly heard it put that way, but yes.

‘Mad Man: Great, then let’s have my certificate.

Clerk: Tell me again, what is the denomination you are part of?

‘Mad Man: This is a new religion I made up with some really cool commandments. Hope you can be my first member.

Clerk: New religion? New commandments? I’m not sure this will fly. Let me make notes while you tell me a bit about your new religion. You can start by telling me some of your commandments. Perhaps it will be close enough to an existing religion that we can fast track your tax exempt status.

‘Mad Man: Cool. Here are new cool 10 commandments.

Number one, you can have four or five wives and also have sex with anyone who refuses to join my religion, whether they want to or not.

Clerk: There are laws against things like that.

‘Mad Man: Well, then I’ll make my belief system both a religion and a Constitution that has its own laws.

Clerk: I’ve never handled a request for a new constitution, but I supposed we can slip it in under the radar as part of your religion.

‘Mad Man: Second, as founder of my religion, I want to be able to have sex with underage girls too, whether they like it—

Clerk: –or not. I figured as much.

‘Mad Man: Sounds like you’d fit in well with my new religion. Third, I want to be able to commit acts of violence and treason and all-out war against the state and its outdated constitution since I’m a liberator.

Clerk: I’m not sure this will fly. We have anti-violence laws and anti-hate crimes that carry even larger penalties.

‘Mad Man: No problem. Number 4: My religious constitution will define these actions as religious acts of peace.

Clerk: Any other ‘commandments’?

‘Mad Man: Five: If anyone gives me and my gang any trouble, we want to be able to bump them off, with impunity.

Clerk: I’ve been at this job 45 years; and shortly after I started, they legalized killing unborn children–so I suppose that shouldn’t be too hard to make legal. We’re making progress; anything els?e

‘Mad Man: Six, anyone who isn’t yet enlightened enough to join my religion must be forced to do whatever I say or they die, without my getting into any trouble since I have a separate constitution in my religion with my own laws that supersede all the laws of the state.

Clerk: Perhaps, since the First Amendment protects everyone’s religion.

‘Mad Man: Good, I’ll allow that law to stand but get rid of the rest. Seven: As part of our doctrine, we can say it is our heartfelt belief that our creator wants us to have all people who don’t join our religious club to pay a religious tax to us. Eight: And if they don’t pay our religious tax, we can kill them. Nine, like in Cloud 9: We need to give our followers incentives, you know, rewards, like being able to have sex with a beautiful virgin, or 10 at once or 20. And if they give their life while fighting for our cause, we can give them 70 virgins, posthumously.

Clerk: OK, seventy it is. But for the posthumous part, I’ll need to refer you to another department in the basement by the coolers.

‘Mad Man: I think that’s it.

Clerk: But that’s only 9. I thought you had 10 Commandments.

‘Mad Man: OK, number 10: Since other religions have an unfair head start on us, we will add one more clause that authorizes us–no, make that commands us, to kill as many of these other religious members as we want to level the playing field. Gee, would that be hard?

Cleark: No, to to hard.

‘Mad Man: Great, we’ll call that part, Holy Gee Hard. That about does it. May we have our tax exemption now?

Clerk: Sorry, I can’t do that?

‘Mad Man: Why not?

Clerk: Because that exact religion and constitution already exist. The religion is called Islam, and its companion constitution is Sharia Law. I’m a Muslim. How would you like to visit my Mosque? It’s right up the road on the left. I think you’d like it. It’s just as you described.

‘Mad Man: Uh, sure.

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