Exposed: The ATF-FBI Merger Plan For Stricter Gun Laws

A new strategy to implement stricter gun control laws is being proposed to merge the FBI and the ATF.

The new giant monolith could better crush the Second Amendment rights of United States citizens, according to liberal advocacy group The Center for American Progress.

A two-year study by the group with close ties to Obama concluded—no surprise here—that the ATF by itself couldn’t adequately enforce gun laws and sufficiently regulate the firearms industry.

But before we break out the violins for an overwhelmed ATF, let’s remember that our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights in large part to keep government from regulating guns so that the gun owner would have the element of surprise to protect himself or herself again unlawful intrusions of these enshrined rights by government since an armed population is the best defense and most efficient method of preserving national freedom and personal liberty.

But some people either don’t get it, or they do get it and they clearly no longer want us to have a free country. One such individual is Center for American Progress Senior Vice President Arkadi Gerney, who said: “Too often, the leadership, management, and resources lag behind the dedication of the agents.” Huh? Dedication to do what? To disarm Americans en masse? The Hitlers of history had that kind of dedication, and we must neither be doomed to repeat those lessons paid for by the blood of our grandparents of ‘The Greatest Generation,’ nor empower new Stalins and Lenins and Obamas whose gun control ideology is virtually identical.

Gun-grabbing Gerney went on to say: “With 33 people murdered with guns in the United States every day, it is time to think big about how best to fulfill the ATF’s mission.”

Well, Mr. Gerney, here’s our suggestion from Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt: “The best way to fulfill the ATF’s mission: Dismantle it and merge it with nothing.”

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Homeland Security Busted Busing TERRORISTS Into Our Country!

The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to protect us from terrorists, not import them, right?

Perhaps that was the old mission directive–but it appears that has changed.

Now it is apparently the Department of Homeland Security’s mission to import Muslim Terrorists to ‘equal the terrain’ or some other insane reason.

According to, the United States is quietly bringing in 100,000 Muslims each year. They use such cover as United Nations refugee programs and a variety of visa programs.

And they are not bringing in your garden variety so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims. Included in these huge human imports are some very hardcore extremist radical Muslims from Somalia and other African countries. Keep in mind that Somalia is headquarters for al-Shabab, a designated foreign terrorist organization that murdered 147 Christians in a Kenya university in April of 2015 and murdered 67 more at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013.

And if you live in Minnesota, watch out. About 40,000 Somali Muslims were resettled there. But rather than being happy living off of U.S. welfare, compliments of American taxpayers, a growing number of these Muslim transplants are uprooting themselves to leave the United States to join the Islamic so-called State. Six were arrested in Minnesota in April of 2015 after making repeated attempts to leave the U.S. to fight with the Islamic so-called State. It’s gotten so bad that Andrew Luger, the U.S. attorney for Minnesota, confessed in an April 4, 2015 news conference that “we have a terror recruitment problem in Minnesota.”

More than two Somalis in Columbus, Ohio, have been arrested on terrorism charges. And thousands upon thousands of Muslim Africans are entering the United States through the Mexican border. reports that Department of Homeland Security buses transport immigrants from the Mexican border to detention centers where they are processed, given a court date, and released.

Under this current Obamanation, there is a new password that is the modern equivalent of Open Sesame. It’s called: Asylum. And if this insanity isn’t stopped, we may soon see these imported inmates running the asylum, formerly known as The United States of America.

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16 Year-Old Christian Girl Kidnapped In Baghdad

A 16 year-old Christian Assyrian girl was abducted from her home in Baghdad.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency, a person knocked on the door of Juliana George’s home; and when she came to the door, four men grabbed her and put her in a taxi.

As the cab took off, Juliana’s grandfather, Joseph, chased the taxi on foot and grabbed the door for a few moments before he lost his grip as the taxi sped off.

A good Samaritan on a bicycle took down the license plate number of the taxi and gave it to Joseph, who contacted the police; they later apprehended the driver.

Unfortunately, the taxi driver has remained silent, refusing to disclose any details of the other kidnappers.

The Assyrian International News Agency reported that Juliana’s father received only one call from his daughter in the week following the abduction. Oddly enough, Juliana asked him for ice cream.

Through tears, her dad told the reporter: “I used to tuck her into bed and cover her every night. Who is doing that now? Who is feeding her? It has been 7 days now and no one seems to care; no one is doing anything.”

There is still no information where Juliana is being held by the other three kidnappers.

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Appellate Court Nails NSA Spying and Patriot Act

Mayday, Mayday! A New York federal court just nailed the NSA for spying on Americans. In a 97-page ruling, the Second Circuit Court ruled that the heart and soul of the so-called Patriot Act, known as Section 215, is constitutionally flawed; and it cannot be legally interpreted as allowing mass snooping on the phone calls of U.S. citizens!

The timing of this May 2015 ruling is extremely significant since the Patriot Act is set to expire on June 1, 2015.

This is causing power craving, ultra-controlling politicians to have outright panic attacks. Unless they do something very quickly, they will be forced to honor constitutional rule of law. And, gasp, people can have private conversations again in America!

But don’t jump for joy yet. The political scoundrels have regrouped and are now pushing for a so-called reform measure called the Freedom Act. Only one problem: i’s worse than the Patriot Act. The so-called Freedom Act, if implemented, would, as Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano put it, “legitimize all spying all the time on all of us in ways that the Patriot Act fails to do. It is no protection of privacy; it is no protection of constitutional liberty. It unleashes American spies on innocent Americans in utter disregard of the Fourth Amendment.”

Ironically, the NSA’s data collection center is located in the town of Bluffdale, Utah. So what do you say it’s time to call everyone’s bluff. Let’s make it an acid test of who to support this election season. Even if a professing conservative supports either renewing the Patriot Act or the new phony Freedom Act, show him the Right Foot of Fellowship–and that includes Ted Cruz. Et Tu, Ted? As admirable as Senator Cruz is on many issues, if he is on the wrong side of this issue, he can’t be trusted on lesser issues. Hopefully the unwavering stand of Ted’s buddy Rand Paul will motivate Cruz to abandon his current inexplicable support for the Freedom Act, and to once again stand firm in supporting our Fourth Amendment rights.

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s repudiation of the Patriot Act in his May 14 column is constitutionally unassailable. He wrote, “The Patriot Act is the centerpiece of the federal government’s false claims that by surrendering our personal liberties to it, it can somehow keep us safe. The liberty-for-safety offer has been around for millennia and was poignant at the time of the founding of the American republic.

“The Framers addressed it in the Constitution itself, where they recognized the primacy of the right to privacy and insured against its violation by the government by intentionally forcing it to jump through some difficult hoops before it can capture our thoughts, words or private behavior.

“Those hoops are the requirement of a search warrant issued by a judge and based on evidence — called probable cause — demonstrating that it is more likely than not that the government will find what it is looking for from the person or place it is targeting. Only then may a judge issue a warrant, which must specifically describe the place to be searched or specifically identify the person or thing to be seized.

“None of this is new. It has been at the core of our system of government since the 1790s. It is embodied in the Fourth Amendment, which is at the heart of the Bill of Rights. It is quintessentially American.”

Wow! If we can only get our politicians to embrace constitutional chat like this, we might just get back our Constitutional Republic!

Napolitano went on to explain that The Patriot Act makes an unconstitutional end run around the search warrant requirement by employing language left intentionally vague so that the feds can interpret it any way they want. And to add insult to injury, they used a secret court called a FISA court to legitimize their illegitimate actions, far from the prying and probing eyes of We the People and what’s left of the Free Press, resulting in their ability to spy on anyone and everyone whenever they choose–and they chose to spy on everyone all the time–including having the Draconian ability to actually turn on our cell phones remotely, using them as listening devices–in real time!

This is the end of our video; but if you still are leaning toward replacing the Patriot Act with the Freedom Act, consider this: The NSA supports the Freedom Act!

Read Judge Napolitano’s column on this subject.

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Muslims Destroy 100,000 Christians’ Homes, Murdering 5,000

Muslims destroyed the homes of 100,000 Christians and slaughtered 5,000 Christians in the process.

That’s according to regarding the severity of Christian persecution in Nigeria. They report that in the six years in which Boko Haram has been unleashing their reign of terror, the Muslim jihadists have slaughtered 5,000 Catholics and have made 100,000 Catholics homeless. According to the report:

More than 100,000 Nigerian Catholics have been left homeless by Boko Haram’s six-year insurgency in northeast Nigeria and another 5,000 have been killed, a Christian charity said Tuesday. As a result, there are now 7,000 widows and 10,000 orphans in the Maiduguri diocese, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) told Premier.

A report by the charity also found some 350 churches have been destroyed in the diocese, which encompasses Borno and Yobo states as well as part of Adamawa. More than half of the Maiduguri diocese’s parish centers, chaplaincies and church-run primary schools have been deserted by Nigerian Catholics and many of them are occupied by Boko Haram militants, who control up to 85 percent of the diocese territory.

“People are very scared, and those who are able to return home find there is nothing left,; Rev. Father Gideon Obasogie, the diocesan director of social communications, told ACN, according to Catholic Herald. “A life lived with much fear is terrible.”

The Nigerian army has declared military victories and territorial gains against the Islamist extremists in recent months. But Boko Haram’s insurgency has practically wiped out villages and communities in the northeast. More than 1.5 million people forced to flee their homes in Nigeria were still living in internal displacement centers as of April. Boko Haram has killed more than 13,000 civilians since 2009, the United Nations refugee agency has said.

Boko Haram has sworn loyalty to the Islamic so-called State group in Iraq and Syria, officially accepted its pledge in March, making Boko Haram the largest and most lethal jihadi group to be inducted into the that Islamic group’s network. The militants seek the establishment of a state in northeast Nigeria based on strict Islamic law.

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