The Case For Getting Government Out Of Marriage

I hear lot’s of talk about “Oh, we should legalize gay marriage here and there.” But, we have to ask though, by asking for the government to allow something that the government shouldn’t have a role in, is it making it free? Does it truly grant a freedom, or does it just then become government sponsored?

I think there are a lot of people that would agree with me that by simply getting the government (local, state, and federal) out of marriage totally, then people would be happy, and people would be free to do as they please. Government doesn’t have any right to really be in the business of telling certain groups who can do what. But, by having them “legalize” something, you allow them to further come in and do more harm than good.

Perhaps I can point out a few things that will help people see that there’s a case for this:

  • You limit government power: Governmental power has risen too much, and we’ve come to a point where that power now threatens what little freedoms we truly have left. But, by getting the government out of marriages, you return that power to the people, where it should have originally stayed with. Simply legalizing it gives them more power, which the government will accept without another word.
  • People can marry as they please: When you take the government out of marriage, what happens? People are free to marry who they want. Liberty happens really. Does it mean some will marry more than one person? Sure, but again, I will ask, why should the government have a say in that too?
  • Religious institutions aren’t harmed in any way: By getting the government out of marriages, you also help to protect religious institutions, who are threatened or now forced by law to perform marriages that go against their views. By removing government, these religious institutions have the ability to simply do as they please. If they wanna go ahead and perform weddings for gay or so on couples, then fine by them. If some don’t wish to, no harm to them. They can simply do as they please, and at the end of the day, everyone is happy.
  • Businesses aren’t negatively effected: A baker who doesn’t wish to bake a cake for a gay couple because she doesn’t support gay marriage shouldn’t be forced to do it by the state. That’s coercion, and it negatively effects the side it’s supposedly helping. It’s often written into these laws that businesses have to do things, otherwise it goes against the law. I also understand this falls under anti-discrimination laws too, but that’s for a post another day.
  • Taxes can go down actually: Taxes help to pay for the government, and everything it does. By getting the government out of marriage, you lighten the tax burden on you, because the government no longer has anything to do in that sector. While I still doubt politicians would lower taxes willingly (hey Harry), by getting the government out of things it shouldn’t be involved in, you lighten the tax burden on not just yourself, but everyone, and who doesn’t love keeping more of their money?
  • People can be happy: When the government is involved in an issue, one side seems to be happy with their stance, while the other hates it and demands change. But, by getting the government out, you can please both sides. Traditional marriage will still be preserved, but people will still be able to marry as they please. In the end, people are free to do as they please.
  • Politicians: Let’s face it, name me a politician who doesn’t want the government to have more power (besides the actual tiny few who wish to limit government power). That’s right, because the nature of power is corrupting. They say one thing in the campaign season, then sort of turn on you when they serve. It goes for BOTH sides, so I don’t want to hear “Oh, those evil Republicans” or any “Those stupid Democrats.” Both sides have people who wish to give the government more power. It’s the small few though that are rising up and saying “Why don’t we limit it like we say we’re gonna?”, then they actually try. When marriage is involved, they’ll use it as an opportunity to make the government more powerful and coercive than it was before.

These are just a few of the points, but they do hold a compelling argument. An argument that I wish I heard more of, but for now, I simply ask you to read this over, think it over, and possibly join the bandwagon of people who simply want to reign in the government a bit, and let people have the freedom to marry as they please.

The 4th Branch Of Government: The Bureacracy

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We all remember being taught in school about the Three Branches of Government: legislative, executive, and judicial.  But, perhaps a new branch has sprung up while no one was looking. Perhaps a new branch was created over time, with the American people sitting idly by.

We were all told that it was necessary with the growth of the country, that it was necessary with the changing of the times.

The Fourth Branch of Government, the Bureaucracy, has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It’s grown to hold millions of employees.  Billions upon billions are spent yearly on and by this new branch of government.

It harbors a vast array of regulatory powers. This power constrains businesses, impedes economic growth, and crushes entrepreneurs’ dreams of innovating. Ultimately, it limits what individuals may purchase.

The problem with this vast branch of government is simple: it contains way too much power. It wields it quite well too, and I don’t really need to point out much; but here are a few examples of this power:

  • Rain tax
  • Mandatory seat belts
  • Prescription Drugs
  • The NSA (in general)

They might not mean much to you, but it goes back to me saying that this branch contains too much power. If people wanted seat belts in a car, then they’d buy a car with seat belts. If they didn’t want them, then they’d buy cars without them. Same thing with airbags, which a lot of people don’t want.

The Rain Tax was instated in Maryland by the state government after lots of pressure from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so they could get funding for a project used to help reduce run-off to the Chesapeake Bay. So they came up with this, and it passed. The base fee is $100, but fees are mostly to be calculated via the surface area of “properties as the theory is that roofs, driveways, and carparks create more potential for drainage problems and water contamination”. How will they do this? Naturally, of course, by drone.

Then there’s the NSA. This government institution is one hell of a problem for everyone. They know what you do basically most if not all of the time. They say you have nothing to fear, but there’s always something to fear when it involves the government. They say it’s for protecting us against terrorists, and those pesky “anti-government extremists” (which they later defined as basically the majority of conservative, tea party, and libertarian groups, if not all.)

My point is this; we’ve allowed the Federal government to grow too big, gain too much power, and take more control of our daily lives and purchasing power. But, as usual, many still won’t care. Many won’t say it affects them. They’ll simply ignore the issue. The government loves that. The less people awake to realize this all, the more power they can grant themselves.

It’s important to stress the amount of power that’s been taken from the people over time. It’s time to stop this nonsense. It’s time to end crappy departments like the Department of Energy, Education, and the IRS. It’s time to repeal stupid, pointless laws like the ACA, and many more that infringe on the free market.


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Liberal Judge Strikes Down OK’s New Anti-Sharia Law

Sharia SC Liberal Judge Strikes Down OKs New Anti Sharia Law

Of course, she’s a liberal. They’re the only kind of people that would do this out of “Political Correctness”. Recently, Oklahoma (one of the reddest states in the country) passed a new amendment to its Constitution stating that Sharia law (Islamic Law) cannot be used in any way in their courts. Sounds good to me. Only American laws should be applied in American courts.

Now, this judge,Vicki Miles-LaGrange, takes it upon herself to toss this into the trash. According to the Tulsa World:

An Oklahoma constitutional amendment that would bar the state’s courts from considering or using Sharia law was ruled unconstitutional Thursday by a federal judge in Oklahoma City.

In finding the law in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause, U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange issued a permanent injunction prohibiting the certification of the results of the state question that put the Sharia law ban into the state constitution.

“While the public has an interest in the will of the voters being carried out, the Court finds that the public has a more profound and long-term interest in upholding an individual’s constitutional rights,” the judge wrote.

Now, nit-picking this isn’t even necessary. The judge ultimately gives herself the mindset of a person who knows what’s best for everyone. The judge thinks this is violating someone’s rights; but in reality (and not her liberal, nannyist fantasy land), this was meant to protect people’s rights.

Sharia law should not and cannot be used in this land. Our laws are so much different from Sharia. Accepting Sharia law in our courts, US courts, just to please a few Muslims so they can manipulate America into what they envision, is a dangerous thing. Judges are idiots when they consider someone else’s law, especially when it’s not the law of this land.

You can call me a bigot and an islamophobic idiot all you want; but when you start seeing Sharia Law used in our courts more and more often (as if the courts weren’t abused enough), you’ll start whining about the unfairness of it. They won’t care by then. Their transformation of America will be too far along to easily stop it. And they won’t care about it’s “unfairness.”

Just look at all the Islamic countries in the Middle East. Do they care about minority rights? Do they care about what they do to people of another religion? NO! That’s why you see Muslims burning churches in other Islamic countries. That’s why you see Muslims angry when people don’t abide by Sharia Law. That’s why gays are lynched in many of those countries, too. If you’re a pro-homosexuality kind of person, go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and see how long you last. I doubt it’ll be long when you start talking.

I don’t know what this judge was thinking; but in doing this, she opened the door for more court abuse the state of Oklahoma doesn’t need. Oklahoma is still trying to recover from that devastating tornado months ago. They don’t need someone to come to their state and force laws from another country onto them. That’s not what they need. I read this judge’s wiki page, and there was a state senator calling for her impeachment. I fully support you in your endeavors, you brave Senator; and I wish you good luck.

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How America Got To Its Current State

Obama Feeds America SC How America Got To Its Current State

Your huge, bloated government is out of control; and not enough people are willing to actually speak out against it or bring it under control. This is the result of over-regulation from many, many years ago (possibly starting with Wilson and the Progressive Era). We haven’t had many Presidents willing to actually try to reign it it (Coolidge for example), and the results are playing out in reality today.

How did it all happen? Progressives happened. They dreamed up their plan, got together, and decided to act. They took over political offices and have since carried out their agenda in regulating and controlling society. Woodrow Wilson came and basically had a goal to control most (if not all) aspects of society. From there, the Social Gospel was preached and implemented everywhere it touched. Over a few years, some came along and tried to undo the mess of the Social Gospel (for instance, actually having a balanced budget under Calvin Coolidge). But, as time told us, they weren’t done yet.

There once was a man. He, a Progressive, had a lust for something. That thing was control. His name? President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He came and continued the Progressive doctrine, adding more and more regulations, adding new government departments, and making sure nothing was left unchecked. He had help from many people, and Congress simply okayed most moves (they were controlled by the progressives as well).

There was just one problem, though; things weren’t getting better. His policies were failing, and the depression was growing. The people were noticing, and they were getting angry. They wanted answers, but then their concerns were shifted elsewhere. WWII came; and as most Progressives do, they seize onto a tragedy and use it for their agenda.

From there, the size of government kept growing. So did the national debt and the governments deficit. Presidents later tried trimming the deficit, and some did; but no one really has run a surplus. Presidents have come along and promised to cut spending and to lower regulations, but many were unsuccessful at some of those promises.

Today, it continues on, with more and more regulations added every day. The Obama administration passed Obamacare, and we were left wondering many things. Whose gonna implement and run this thing? Do we even have the money for this? Will I still be able to keep my old plan under this? In truth, Obamacare is one of the worst laws I’ve ever seen. Many plans will be invalidated, the IRS is in charge of this thing, and we still don’t have the money to pay for it ourselves. There is no passing the cost along. It’ll just be added to the $17 trillion debt we owe to people, banks, and other countries.

People believe that government is the answer to their problems. People believe that the government is there to help them at all times and to coddle them. It’s not. It’s supposed to be there to protect you from foreign threats and to protect the rule of law. Government has grown too big for it’s own good. Whether it be by overthrowing the old one, or massively reducing the current one, we must find a way to cut it down and allow the people to be more free. Freedom has no ”but” clause; but with government, there are millions (if not more).

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IRS Targets Tea Party, Constitutional Groups With Extra Scrutiny

Obama IRS Troop Buildup SC IRS Targets Tea Party, Constitutional Groups With Extra Scrutiny

Imagine that the IRS decided to begin investigating certain groups who were “tea party” or “patriot” groups? Imagine the outcry that would ensue. Lots of anger being thrown at the IRS. Lots of angry phone calls. Lots of angry people voicing their opinions all over. Now, lets come to reality. In reality, the IRS has investigated “tea party” and “patriot” groups. And it’s not like it’s just being going on for the past few months; it’s been going on for years.

So, what’s the biggest significance of that? Oh, nothing much. Maybe just the fact that it’s not just at a local office and that it’s pretty much been happening through the entire IRS since 2010. And how about the fact that the Obama Administration has to have known about this at one point? It’s his administration. He should know what’s happening within it.

So, why does this matter at all? It’s just some investigating into group expenses. Well, I tell you why. If we just wave this by and give the IRS a pass, then this will allow them to do this whenever they want, to whoever they want, for any reason. It sets a precedent that allows them to intrude more into people’s finances. The reason why this angers people on both sides of the spectrum is that it can now happen to anyone. What says it can’t happen to leftist groups when a Republican is President? Nothing guarantees they’re safe against the IRS then. Nothing.

In short, the IRS needs to be reigned in before this continues on. The IRS is off their leash, and the effects are starting to get on people’s nerves. Obama should have known what they were doing, and claiming their innocence in the matter is not helping them. If Obama didn’t know what was going on in the IRS, then what else is happening in the government that he does not know about?

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