Kentucky County Clerk Martyred On Marriage Altar

Kim Davis, Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, has been jailed and released by runaway Judge David Bunning. Davis refused Bunning’s repeated orders to issue licenses for same sex couples to marry. Conservatives call her a martyr because she cites religious reservations as motivation. Progressive types call her a hypocrite as she has been married several times and unwittingly issued a license to a transgendered couple. As usual, the progressives have it all wrong–but the conservatives are only half right.

The progressives are out to lunch because Davis’ multiple marriages have no bearing on same sex marriage. They are in accordance with Kentucky law; meanwhile, nothing in the scriptures forbids re-marriage once the divorce is final. (God hates divorce, not marriage.) Her divorces occurred before faith in any case. And she cannot be condemned for what she did not know she did.

Conservatives miss the mark when they make it all about Davis’ religious convictions. She does indeed oppose same sex marriage on faith-based grounds. But this is a question of secular law; Davis was simply upholding the law. The Kentucky legal code states that marriage is between one man and one woman; no alternatives are authorized, and there has been no opportunity to change them. In any case, federal laws and court decisions cannot supersede state laws of this kind under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. Justice Anthony Kennedy admits as much in his majority opinion on same sex marriage issued by the court this past summer.

Kennedy says the Constitution requires a legislative solution to what he calls the injustice of excluding gays from marriage. He then states that this issue is so important that the court changes the laws anyway and unilaterally. His ruling is itself utterly illegal, and state officials have every right to ignore it if they have the courage to do so. Davis has shown that kind of courage.

My question is: why didn’t Kentucky Christians batter down the doors of the jailhouse in order to join Davis behind bars?

Many conservative critics say this is the wrong time and place. Talk show host Michael Medved – whom I greatly admire – is one of the more prominent people wishing Davis would just go away. Perhaps there are people better qualified to be the first martyr sacrificed on the altar of the perversion of marriage. But my understanding has always been that God chooses the unlikely to be heroes so the likely ones will have no reason for boasting.

He chose an uncouth shepherd boy named David – with a proclivity to multiply his wives and eliminate rivals, like their original husbands, by violence. David replaced Saul, who had all the right credentials except the heart after God that God so prizes. He always seems to choose the son (Matthew 21:28-32), who after saying no to his father goes and obeys anyway. He has little use for the son who promises obedience and then finds reasons to delay until it no longer matters. Kim Davis has said yes to the Lord – in the context (perhaps) of limited understanding. But she said yes, and she deserves more support from the rest of us than mere admiration; she certainly deserves more than our clucking tongues and critical words.

There is a lot of crime and a lot of criminals in our land right now. Like so many of the kings of Israel, they care for neither God nor man; they do whatever seems good to them in any given moment. The largest class of criminals in this land right now – posing the most danger to the most people – are in government. Justice Kennedy – and Judge Bunning – are nothing more than criminals. Their distinction is that they break laws under color of authority. They need to be stopped in their tracks by an aroused public.

Yet it is not acceptable to stop them by any means. Their anarchy will only be compounded by citizen anarchy. We do need to recognize and embrace the reality that our mundane responsibilities toward our families and communities are meaningless if those families and communities are crumbling around us. We need to drop the good causes we serve in favor of the cause served by prophets like Nathan, Elijah, and John the Baptist as he announced the arrival of Messiah. We need to join Paul and Silas (Acts 16) in that jail cell and sing the praises of the Lord until He releases all of us. We need to remember He loves judges like Bunning and Kennedy as much as He loves us. We need to rejoice (Matthew 10:32) that when we acknowledge our Christ and King before men, He will surely acknowledge us before His Father.

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Repentance Trifecta A Triumph Of The Spirit

It began with a sense in the heart of many Californians and West Coasters of other states that the drought in which we are mired is of supernatural origin. Where would we get such an idea?

We knew the drought was the product of a natural phenomenon displaying unnatural staying power. We knew as well that our states have abused the gifts God gave in the establishing of our states, and we have likewise abused the people with whom He peopled them. We knew just as well that the Word of God states plainly (2 Chronicles 7:13-14) that when the Heavens are shut up from releasing rain, it is a deliberate, divine act – not to punish but to gain our attention. When we respond to that act by humbling ourselves, praying, and seeking His face – and turning from our evil ways – He will release the life-giving rain along with His own life-giving reign.

Many deride the conclusion that the drought is a statement of God’s distress over human behavior along the West Coast; when Assembly Member Shannon Grove attributed the drought to God, there were loud calls for her resignation due to mental instability. I hear the same drivel. But when a thing looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like…

Last year, Ginny Caligiuri received a prophetic word and contacted her state’s governor. He declared a day of repentance for Iowa, and several governors followed suit. The Lord gave me a vision – inspired by Ginny – for a California Day of Repentance. Although I approached our governor – he blew me off – I always believed God’s call was for a grassroots event; approaching the governor was just protocol. (We met on an airplane.) After speaking of my vision on visits to multiple western state capitols, I was invited back to Olympia, Washington, last June to pray and plan for what became the Trifecta of Repentance and ultimately included California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska in a rolling series of solemn assemblies. The Lord revealed portions of His plans over several months; each leader contributed concepts and creative applications throughout the fifty-two days of fasting and prayer that preceded the Trifecta this past week. As the concept grew in scope and execution, it became increasingly clear how the leaders stood on each others’ shoulders.

This is the way Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the Jerusalem city wall in the book bearing his name; his revelation was a touchstone for this whole process from the beginning. No step was thought to be the end of the process, including the moment the wall was declared completed. Still to come was the restoration of the Temple itself, the reading of the Law by the prophetic priest Ezra, and the ongoing efforts of the people to live out what they had heard and built. The wall was only the beginning.

When the rolling days arrived, each built on itself. There was worship and integration of the tribes represented in the praise and worship rally from Noon to three in the California Capitol. I was privileged to preach on the nature and privilege of repentance in that meeting and in the one to follow – the Solemn Assembly from three to five. There were prophetic acts of reconciliation in that later meeting between immigrant representatives – read: white European types – and Native Americans, Blacks, and Hispanics. There was deep repentance over the historic sins of shedding innocent blood, covenant breaking, sexual sin, and idolatry. The Lord’s Supper was served and partaken as a kind of commitment service at both meetings.

In Salem, Oregon, the meetings were characterized by worship led by immigrants and First Nations drummers in succession, more teaching about repentance, and shared forgiveness. In Washington, there was break-loose worship, recognition of leaders, extended honoring of the Lord and one another, and more break-loose worship. The Presence of the Spirit increased and intensified in each new location as a cumulative effect of the welcome received. I was not present for the meetings in BC and Alaska, but their leaders confirm the pattern continued.

Has the drought ended this past week? Not to my knowledge. We did not perform or expect magic. We began and continued a process of trusting the Lord and His promises instead of our own stuff. But it is fascinating that the day after Alaska completed the fifth and final solemn assembly, it began to rain in California.

Well, its kinda what He said to do. And He promised we would have no cause to regret our obedience. It looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a…

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Three Repentance Themes — And A Privilege

In my last posting, I said we would focus on four types of sin to repent and three themes of God’s immense privilege in birthing this day of repentance. The master categories of sin – this is to say virtually all sins fall under one of these headings – are shedding of innocent blood, covenant breaking, sexual sin, and idolatry.

The shedding of innocent blood – in California alone – speaks to the millions of abortions performed, many of them funded by taxpayers who could elect pro-life legislators before the next budget cycle if we cared enough – and the historic massacres of First Nations people from Bloody Island to Natural Bridge to Etna and the Oregon border. To this day, our lawless government denies some of these events took place, although I have seen photocopies of contemporary newspaper accounts of the Etna Massacre. Our legislature has adopted – on the Day of Repentance – legalization of murder in what it terms an “assisted suicide” bill. Our God is a God of life; when we serve ourselves instead of Him, we bring death wholesale.

Covenant breaking refers to the many treaties made and subsequently trashed with those same First Nations. But it references as much or more the faithlessness that tears families apart, and the addiction and abuse that destroys so many that remain technically intact. Covenant breaking – by the way – nearly always occurs when we worship our inadequacies. By that, I mean we would like to keep the promises we make, but exigent circumstances force a re-evaluation. We would like to honor the boundaries–but these Indians need to understand there is a gold rush underway, and our wives need to understand we just fell in love with our secretary who understands us better and so forth. Yet our God is a God of covenant; in serving Him, we become like Him. When we serve ourselves, we become victims of circumstance; and we victimize others along the way.

Sexual sin occurs when we turn people into objects in our minds. Women become body parts and curves engineered for our gratification, and men become voices that sound like both security and adventure. The pornography industry is centered in Southern California, and Adult Superstores dot the interstates in Oregon. There is ready access in all our states through the internet and such web sites as Ashley Madison – a business dedicated to facilitating adultery. Our spouses – up to their elbows in kids and laundry or the stresses of professional life – cannot compete with the mysterious other who lives only to gratify our fantasies. Our God is a God of giving, but we too often want to be people of receiving; we need to be givers to become authentic persons in His image. The more we receive of false and non-nourishing humanity, the more we need in order to keep on pretending we are alive.

Idolatry functions in much the same way as sexual sin. It is all about gratifying our need to connect with God without sacrificing our prerogatives; we think token gifts will do. The problem is worshiping idols is a lot like eating food with no nutritional value. The more we eat, the hungrier we become; and we eventually starve to death and wonder how that is possible with so much food available. In California, we set up idols in public places – like the Hindu goddess of assassins, Kali, in front of our old city hall in Redding and the Greek and Roman deities that decorate so many state capitols. Our favorite idol in California seems to be our own ingenuity. This leads us to ignore the arrogance and lawlessness in which so many of us live – this is disgusting to God – and address our drought by building larger storage and distribution networks to store and transport the water we do not have. Our God is a God of sacrifice; the world always functioned in this way until we began sacrificing others and their interests in order to have our own. Our way works so well that we have wars, poverty and disease instead of the peace and prosperity that passes understanding and comes only as gift.

What do we do? Repentance is obviously the key from a Biblical point of view, and fasting is a traditional form of repentance. To give up something in order to better focus on God is liberating in many ways if we recognize the essence of the fast as a focus on God instead of on the object we sacrifice. For the Trifecta of Repentance, those who participate have engaged in fifty-two days of fasting and prayer prior to the day(s). Some have come on board later and even at the last minute. Our God honors participation at any point (Matthew 20:1-16) in the process.

Many Christians know – and some practice – a water or juice fast; these are exactly what they seem to be. Others engage a Daniel fast; only vegetables are eaten during the time of fasting. Still others forgo a meal or even two each day. But the essence of fasting is the letting go of something we think we need and God is pretty sure we do not. It becomes a bonus even in the period of deprivation.

I happen to be addicted to the caffeine in diet soda. My excuse is that I make a lot of long drives and I need it to stay alert. The Lord’s view is that addiction is addiction, and it brings only bondage. The same holds for my use of profanity. Of course, I know pastors are not supposed to curse; I excuse myself by rationalizing that I rarely curse out loud but that it is a default in my mind when I am frustrated or stressed. Abba spoke to me as we entered this fast. He said He knew I think I need the soda and the mental catharsis of swearing; He allowed as He was quite sure I did not. I said yes to Him, and my body stopped craving the soda after about three weeks; the profanity has been more of a struggle. Yet He has led me into peace and patience I have not known before.

As this post is published, the fast and the Trifecta have run their course for this year. Some of God’s blessings are manifested and some still awaited. But three things are crystal clear.

This period – we identify it so much with Nehemiah and his city wall – is only the beginning. When Nehemiah completed his wall, the temple had yet to be restored and the Covenant yet to be re-engaged; Ezra had not yet called the Solemn Assembly and read the Torah from the steps of the temple to the people assembled. Leaders of this movement will be praying and sharing in the next few weeks as to where God would lead us from this point on. We know it will be about more than a drought.

Just as important is to recognize the degree to which we stand on each others’ shoulders whenever we approach God in a 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 context. God gave me the original vision for a California Day of Repentance. He gave to others the concept of the Trifecta, the revelation of Nehemiah as a roadmap, and the call to fifty-two days of prayer and fasting. The idea of rebuilding a wall of prayer on the coast and all of the materials for the prayer bulletins that have come weekly came from others in several states, and the leaders in Alaska and British Columbia have added their own invaluable contributions. As I traveled to the Midwest and Uganda, it fell to others to keep the communication and coordination alive through conference calls. We have practiced honor and respect for each other and our God throughout – preferring the other to ourselves. Only good can come from this.

Finally, we have discovered on a daily basis that we serve a God of More. Who could have known that an idea or vision hatched in early 2014 would gain favor with hundreds and later thousands in first three and then five states? Who could have known how God would orchestrate the fast of exactly fifty-two days stretching from the anniversary of the first manned moon landing to the day an Old Testament prophet completed a building project of Kingdom ramifications? And who could anticipate the creativity of so many groups as they seek God’s face in the way He calls them rather than slavishly following directions issued by leaders who do not know them in all their snowflake diversity?

Small wonder the Psalmist echoes in our ears today: “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.” May God bless those who read this; may He bless even more richly those who have already acted on it; may He bless more richly than that those who say, “My time of repentance and service begins today because my God is a God of new beginnings every day.”

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Boycotting The Bullies

Boycotting the products of a commercial bully that bullies its employees is a time honored way of bringing pressure when power is unavailable to victims. Consumers boycotted grocery stores that refused to recognize the United Farm Workers in the 1960’s. Divestment of invested funds is another way to apply pressure like the many US concerns divested from South Africa over Apartheid. Sanctions are a form of government regulatory actions, like the sanctions against Iran. Sanctions did not work for Britain in the 18th Century but they did pave the way for the American Revolution. Regardless of form, the idea is these pressures are applied to bullies as a means to get them to stop bullying.

What does it mean when the bullies are doing the boycotting?

According to the American Center for Law and Justice, since 2005 the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement has been a “coordinated form of invidious discrimination (based on race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion)…aimed at delegitimizing and vilifying Israel across the globe.”

This movement claims to speak for marginalized people in the so-called “occupied territories” of Palestine. In reality, any movement that operates globally can hardly be considered oppressed; this one is heavily funded and supported by the nations dedicated since 1947 to eradicating Israel.

The ACLJ documents multiple University of California campuses in which the student government has voted to divest from Israeli interests while students celebrate with shouts of “Allahu Akbar,” shouting down and harassing Jewish students. When the so-called victims are suppressing the free speech of the so-called bullies it looks a lot like men calling evil good and good evil.

In other words, when are victims not really victims? When they are the ones doing the bullying.

The Divestment movement represents people who fire rockets into Israeli civilian areas on a regular basis while kidnapping and murdering Israeli children. The Israelis warn civilians to leave the intended target areas. They provide much of the water and all the electricity to their enemies, as well as materials for building homes that Hamas uses to build attack tunnels.

The people calling for boycott, divestment, and sanctions are clearly the bullies. This is especially true when that organization represents hundreds of millions of oil rich militants dedicated to the destruction of less than ten million people trying to survive their first century in a millennium as an independent nation.

These bullies cobbled together an 8-2 vote in the UN Security Council to recognize Palestine as a state even though it fails the internationally accepted criteria for nationhood. Only Australia and the US voted no, with enough cowardly nations such as Britain choosing to abstain. These bullies also convinced the Roman Catholic Church to recognize their claims, despite their history of murder and turning the Temple site in Jerusalem into a slum when it was under their control prior to 1967. They have the US State Department condemning Israel for building settlements on its own land and the UN subsidizing their operations. Make no mistake; they are the bullies.

But the bullies themselves – and their student sympathizers – are not the real problem here. The real villains in this twisted excuse for reality are lukewarm Christians, in America and elsewhere. These are ones Jesus says He will “spew from His mouth”. While these self-proclaimed Christians will not speak up, He gave His life on the Cross for the ones who openly hate Him and His people.

The lukewarm are the pastors who refuse to address volatile issues for fear of losing members. They are the lay people who send e-mails to their friends who stand up for Israel telling them there is nothing to be done for Israel – as it is so far away – exhorting them to focus instead on helping single moms and teenagers with questions about God. The truth is our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach – Jesus Messiah – exhorts us to care for the helpless without neglecting the weightier matters, beginning with His firstborn. We cannot provide lasting benefit to anyone without sharing God’s great love for His first-loved.

The lukewarm are Christians who buy into replacement theology – the notion that God abandoned the Jews. A review of Romans 9:11 will quickly put the kibosh to this perverted doctrine. A fresh look at Zechariah 10:14 will remind readers of how the Lord’s worldwide blessing is filtered through Israel. And a prayerful look at Zechariah 8:23 – ten men grabbing hold of one Jew to be escorted into the Presence – reveals seeking a privilege rather than making a pronouncement. This is good news because the lukewarm need not remain in that condition. Repentance is a clear and present opportunity and only good will come of it.

In the meantime, if we are going to boycott, let’s target the real bullies.

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Planned Parenthood Butchery Revealed; Have We Had Enough Yet?

Americans have been horrified by the new depths of butchery and depravity – at the hands of Planned Parenthood – revealed in the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. At this writing, four of them have been revealed; and at least half a dozen more are on the way. The most recent release was in defiance of a California judge’s order forbidding it. CMP knows it is both illegal and unconstitutional to suppress speech in America before it has been spoken. Instead of wringing their hands or depending on the uncertain future of an appeal, they invoked the doctrine of prior restraint with their own hands. Their exercise of their constitutional rights without awaiting the permission of a contemptible judge dares that judge to hold them in contempt. Yeah!

But what is on those videos should be of far greater concern to decent people – regardless of their belief. It begins with Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical research, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, pricing human baby body parts. She was crass enough to demand enough to support purchasing a luxury car. She is a medical doctor who takes an oath to “do no harm” practicing medicine. Does she think it harmless to harvest human hearts or livers for research once the human has been killed?

PP head Cecile Richards apologized for the uncompassionate tone displayed by Nucatola. Richards went on to complain that the video was heavily edited, even though the unedited three-hour version was posted on the same site at the same time. She decried the secretive recording, even though nobody complained that Mitt Romney’s remarks about the “47% who don’t pay income taxes” were secretly recorded. (Romney is not pro-abortion.) But to turn the old rhetorical dodge on its head, it is not the way she said it, Ms. Richards; it is what she said…and what she admits she does.

A second video featured another PP doctor describing a “less crunchy” method of aborting babies so as to protect the integrity of the organs to be harvested. This one even admits to postponing the abortion as long as possible in order to facilitate greater development of the organs in question. Kristen Powers quotes her colleague, Michael Wear: “It should bother us as a nation that we have use for aborted human organs but not the baby that provides them.”

It should bother us even more – if that be possible – that these butchers receive half a billion taxpayer dollars each year – and that is from the feds alone. Since the revelations contained in the videos, three states – of fifty – have defunded Planned Parenthood. At least three criminal investigations are underway into state and federal laws broken by the trafficking of human body parts. Meanwhile, the US Senate failed to agree with the House on a resolution to defund the behemoth at the federal level, although a majority of senators voted ‘aye.’ It is an irony of Senate rules – at best – that it takes a larger majority to bring a measure to a vote than to merely pass it once brought to a vote.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed as the monster it is more times than I can count on my fingers. Counselors have been filmed advising human traffickers on how to obtain abortions for underage girls and avoid prosecution; avoiding charges for rape and other kinds of violence have been exposed. The reality that two thirds of PP clinics are located in black neighborhoods, coupled with founder Margaret Sanger’s well-known views on eugenics and a society free of minority members, is on the record. None of these revelations have generated sufficient outrage to bring PP down. Is it time at long last for consequences?

One thing is clear. Once again, there is no such thing as a victimless crime. We delude ourselves that abortion – like prostitution – is a voluntary act and so of no real harm. We pretend the baby is not human-like; we pretend the prostitute is not coerced by her handlers. Reality is when we break a natural yet God-given law – like thou shalt do no murder – there are always consequences; and there are always more victims and more broken covenants just down the road. We Americans were placed into history by a God of blessing and not of cursing. We can – led by the Body of Christ – right a wrong foisted on us by a rogue Supreme Court in 1973. That is a blessing from God Himself. Or we can push our heads down a bit further into the sand. But if we do, we curse ourselves with the sand choking us from within our own mouths.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth