The Flag Of Our Fathers Is Falling And Calling Out To Us!

US Flag 3 SC The Flag of our Fathers is Falling and Calling out to us!

I am still numb and dumfounded by the Election 2012 results that saw the re-election of THE most radical BIG Government President in our History. As our Republic dies and democracy-mobocracy grows in America I reflect upon the America my father fought for in World War II.

My Dad, Joe Jacobs was a true “GI Joe.” At 17 he joined the US Navy and fought in the Pacific Theater from 1944-1945. As a kid I use to listen to him talk about what it was like to see the destruction Okinawa, Saipan and Tokyo and his love of P-51′s and B-29′s.

In the mid 1960′s in my neighborhood of Appleton, Wisconsin many times when the “baby boomer boys” would get done playing football we would share our Dad’s WWII stories. I didn’t get it then but our generation was birthed by an amazing generation of Freedom fighters and my Mid-West blue collar neighborhood was full of humble, hard working Audie Murphy’s . Those childhood stories planted in my heart an admiration for our Military, our “Angels of Liberty” who have liberated millions worldwide and preserve freedom in America. That admiration led me to dedicating my life to the teaching of American History at the High School and College level for the past 25 years.

Dare I say in this Lefty politically correct day and age that my Dad and my buddies Dad’s were or are “old white men.” It angers me to even have to say that but I have an angry point to make! I guess that makes me according to the Liberal label pundits an “angry old white man” too.

Since I teach History, Government and Current Events, I read and listen to a variety of News sources from ABC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC to FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, The Guardian etc. etc. The hackneyed, regurgitated, reiterated, hyper-stressed mantra, cliche and talking point by subjective TV reporters, journalists, pundits, political hacks and Lefty Obama worshiper media elites is that Conservative losers are: “angry old white men.” Romney, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partier’s are labeled as antiquated, religious, intolerant, narrow minded, uneducated, sexist, racist and homophobic dinosaurs or “caustic Caucasians” that need to get with the times because “they are a changing.”

They sure are. And not for the better.

“E pluribus unum” is the unofficial National motto which translates “out of many one.” When Lefty writers like Diane Roberts of The Guardian writes:”a few sprinkles of chocolate and carmel don’t change the over all flavour: Republicans are still vanilla” or when Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell call Romney and the Republican Party “angry old white men” their hypocrisy and double standard- double speak, speaks loud and clear:

The color blind “Freedom dream” of most of our Founders or for that matter Reverend Martin Luther King has become a nightmare of divisiveness, intolerance and the veneration of skin color, all but White. As radical feminism, pro death-abortion advocates, homosexual values, ethnic identification politics and university “other than Caucasian” studies explodes government programs at taxpayer expense to appease the promiscuous politically correct powers that be, Life and Liberty diminish and deny the very essence of the one word that made our Republic under God unique and exceptional in World History: Freedom!

Freedom pure and simple is the heart and soul of what being an American is all about.

But Freedom with moral responsibility before our Creator.

Liberals young and old who pride themselves as being tolerant have become militantly intolerant and “angry” at those individuals in America who desire to recapture the inward belief and practice of freedom with moral responsibility before our Creator.

Conservative Americans desire freedom from inane and insane charges of racism every time we voice our opinions on the millions of illegal aliens who violate our laws and demand a free education, entitlements and no ID to vote. Oops there goes my “Carmel” vote. Patriotic Americans are tired of being labeled as angry white men and racist when we analyze and critique our Commander and Chief or his bumbling UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Hypocritically when we critiqued Conservative Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice we were called bold and honest. No sexism or racism then.

Millions of Americans of both genders with many diverse heritages desire Freedom from a irresponsible spending BIG government gone wild off our backs and at our expense. Patriotic Americans want freedom from an unconstitutional Federal Reserve that prints bogus money that destroys the dollar and increasingly burdens working men and women in America with a pocket book that shrinks as government bureaucracies grow.

I could list a thousand examples of double standards and Janus faced double speak that reflect how absolutely Orwellian bizarre and crazy American society and culture has become in 2012. The problem not only emanates from the progressive secular humanistic Left but it has captured the thinking and rhetoric of many of our children, family, friends and church members.

The other night at my annual Thanksgiving Fire-pit evening with family and friends many within our company young and old alike repeated the Lefty Media rhetoric that “Republicans, conservatives and Tea Partiers need to find a way to reach out to Women, Blacks, Latinos, Jews, and Asians to win them over to our side.” And this was expressed by many who voted for Romney. I realized then it is MUCH worse than I write about in my book MOBOCRACY. Much worse. Citizens are being duped and fooled by the culture around them and lack a historical and constitutional perspective to discern the Left’s manipulation, guilt trip and lies.

It was repeated by many that night “Come on Dad, come on Jake you are stuck in ancient times, times of eras gone by, times of Reagan, times of Lincoln, times of Washington.”

My response to them that night and will be until my last night on earth is:

“This Republic’s greatness, uniqueness and exceptionalism is the reality that we declare from a City upon a hill to the whole world in evangelistic form that all men and women are made in the image of God; thus we are equal and free! Nothing else matters.

Our gender, our color, our class or ethnic heritage is NOT relevant to that reality or to the dream and vision of our Founders. Therefore when we succumb to, cater to and cave into the politically correct societal peer pressure of BIG Media, BIG Government, BIG Entertainment and BIG Education we feed the monster of tyranny and suffocates the sacred flames of freedom’s fire!”

When we ignore, denigrate or deny the eternal and profound wisdom of “white men” like George Washington, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Samuel Adams, John Adams, James Madison, John Locke, William Blackstone, Samuel Rutherford, Alfred the Great, William Wilberforce et. al and we venerate the destructive philosophy other “white men” like Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Antonio Gramschi, Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky, John Dewey, Bill Ayers we show how utterly STUPID it is to just as I did to label ideas with skin color. When Frederick Douglas, Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell speak truth it comes from within, from the source of all Truth: GOD.

THAT is the essence of Freedom NOT outward identification.

When the 56 “white” signers of the Declaration of Independence and the 55 “white” signers of our Constitution went to Harvard, Yale, William & Mary, Brown, etc. they studied Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish etc. through their studies they created a Constitutional Republic under God that was a product of great minds from Christian Western Civilization most of whom happen to be from European “Judeo-Christian & Greco-Roman” heritage. Their ideas are not better because they are “white,” European or “Caucasian”(I hate that racist term) their ideas are better because they are self evident TRUTHS that go back to Moses and Aristotle and ultimately GOD.

This is no longer being taught by BIG Education in America as BIG Government K-College schools have been taken over by secular humanists, progressives, socialists and cultural Marxists who have won the textbooks, indoctrinated the union teachers and inverted and perverted the Glory of the American Story!

I leave you were I started. With GI Joe and Appleton, Wisconsin.

1 mile from my home in Appleton is a memorial at Appleton West High School. It shows WWII US Navy veteran John Bradley an Appleton High School graduate raising the American Flag flag with 5 other men at Iwo Jima. Their story, our story is wonderfully told in the book Flags of our Fathers. 3 of the 6 Americans of that famous Iwo Jima picture never came home alive. While those brave Marines and Navy members of our Great Military come from backgrounds as diverse as Quebec, Canada, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, Jarbina, Slovakia and Gila River Indian Community in Arizona they symbolize and represent E pluribus unum “out of many one.” A oneness that sees not skin color or outward identification as the heart of Liberty but a oneness that understands that FREEDOM is the heart and soul, the life blood of the American Republic.

Americans! This is NOT hyperbole!

The Flag of our Republic is falling, the spirit of our Forefathers is calling. Who among us is willing and ready to carry the Flag of our Fathers and our Forefathers up to the top of that City upon a Hill?!

It will cost you dearly, you will be ridiculed, maligned, and called a fool. You may lose your fame, your fortune and your sacred honor but for the sacrifice and memory of Patriots before us and for the preservation of freedom for our children will you carry our Republic’s Flag once again?

By God’s Grace and Power we will be victorious! Amen.

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The Battle For Our Republic!

US Flag 3 SC The Battle for our Republic!

Many of those who enjoy reading my articles have asked why I haven’t been writing lately. The answer is quite simple. After a year and half on the road defending Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and our Republic under God, I ran out of income to sustain my travels, thus my full-time work at a local Academy and part-time work at a local College.

BUT, I have not given up the Battle to stop Obama and his radical progressive, socialist, and Marxist followers from destroying our great Republic! Throughout the week and on weekends, I have been speaking across Wisconsin and the Mid-West proclaiming Liberty to anyone who will listen and take action. While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have re-energized the Republican base and attracted many conservatives and independents, we must taken nothing for granted all the way up to November 6th!

And even if we win, we must continue to educate, promulgate, and disseminate the limited government, conservative, Christian, free enterprise, and limited government values and ideas that are the lifeblood of what makes our Nation the greatest form of government the world has ever seen.

God forbid, but if Obama wins, he will accelerate America’s socialistic slouching to Gomorrah. A Romney-Ryan victory does not mean that the “Cultural and Political War” to destroy our Republic under God is over. Far from it!

Secular-socialistic-progressive Left Wing Statism has so permeated our society that it will be a perpetual battle to stop their pernicious controlling ways from destroying the Liberties we cherish so much.

After traveling Wisconsin defending our Great Governor from the Union Re-Call Mobocrats, anarchists, socialists, spoiled teachers, and other radicals, I have spent my time traveling Wisconsin and the Mid-West with WI Senator Ron Johnson, ex-WI Governor Tommy Thompson and a myriad of other conservative candidates. I have been to Tea Party Rallies too numerous to mention and organizations like Wisconsin Family Council, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, CPAC, Family Research Council, Stand Up for Religious Freedom etc. etc. etc…..

I am tired, very tired.

BUT, like Senator Ron Johnson told the audience at CPAC-Chicago in June and to me last week at our Thunder In the Valley Rally in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: “TOUGH!” He’s right. Tough. We are in WAR!

About the time I think I cannot drive another mile, speak another word, or knock on another door, I see the bloody feet and bodies of our brave soldiers at Valley Forge, the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, etc. I remember the sacrifice made by many Patriots of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor; and I quietly get back in my car and then stand up to the podium encouraging more Patriots to join me in knocking on more doors and speaking to more neighbors “proclaiming Liberty throughout the land and unto the inhabitants thereof!”

Take nothing for granted, stay the course, continue to work hard, and do whatever you can to help save our Nation. Hopefully we can all celebrate on the eve of November 6th and get up the next day still trusting in God to help us restore our Shining Republic upon a Hill. Godspeed to you all!

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Wisconsin Warriors Fight To Save Our Republic

Jake Jacobs Wisconsin Warriors Fight To Save Our Republic

As I travel Wisconsin and America doing my Tea Party and Republic-under-God speeches, I speak with many hardworking Wisconsinites like US Senator Ron Johnson; Wisconsin State Senators Frank Lasee and Glenn Grothman; Representatives Michelle Litjens, Andre Jacque, and Jim Steineke; Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch; and Wisconsin’s great Governor, Scott Walker.

OK, I have to admit as a Wisconsinite Cheesehead I have a bias here, but a bias based in fact and action to save our Republic! I am impressed with my fellow Wisconsinites’ integrity, work ethic, and understanding of our Founders’ vision for our republic and their dedication to fight for limited constitutional republicanism. The same mobocratic big-government battle that was being waged at the state level in Madison, Wisconsin, attempting to destroy Governor Walker’s constitutional republican actions, is being fought at the federal level in Washington, D.C.

Yes, it is true that Socialism in America was entrenched in Wisconsin through German Marxist immigrants who not only gave us great cheese and beer but also gave America its first socialist mayor in Milwaukee. Milwaukee Mayor Emil Seidel (1910-1912) ran for Vice President of the United States on the Socialist Party of America ticket with Eugen V. Debs in 1912. Unfortunately, Wisconsin has a strong socialist and progressive history and tradition that loves Big Government and redistribution of wealth. Fortunately for America and Wisconsin, we also have many Constitutional Republicans who are fighting to make sure European-style socialism does not take over our Great land.

Wisconsin conservative warriors like my high school friend, Congressman Reid Ribble, left his very successful business due to his concern over the explosion of the federal government and its superfluous spending and tyrannical taxing. Reid, along with the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives, is fighting daily for Republican virtue, fiscal responsibility, and traditional values. Another Wisconsin conservative warrior is Congressman (and hopefully the next Vice President of the United States) Paul Ryan. Ryan calls for recapturing the “American Idea.” Ryan was named “Conservative of the Year” by Human Events magazine, and during an interview with its editor-at-large Jason Mattera, he articulated his Founding Fathers’ vision:

[The election] is a referendum on the American idea, not on Barack Obama and his handling of the economy…. It is, Do you want to reclaim the founding principles that made us exceptional and great, an opportunity society with a circumscribed safety net? Or do you want the cradle-to-grave welfare state? It’s really a choice of two futures…. We owe it to the country to let them choose what kind of country they want to be and what kind of people they want to be…the debt crisis can’t be stressed enough. To put in perspective just how much of an anvil this Administration’s polices are to the economy, Obama has tacked on more to the national debt than the first 41 presidents combined (George Washington to George Bush), and he’s done so in a mere 32 months.

Paul Ryan concludes his interview by saying:

The next two years will make it or break it: whether we go back to our limited government [and] economic freedom or a European social democracy.

Freedom or European social democracy!

That is what this cultural and political war to destroy our Republic under God is all about.

What cultural and political philosophy will we leave our children and our children’s children?
Will freedom and constitutional Republicanism continue in America, or will European social democracy and its variant offshoots of big-government socialism, cultural marxism, and secular progressivism prevail in the end? Will we heed the warnings of our Founders, or will we go the way of nations that have come and gone?

America is dying because America’s children are not being taught VERITAS, or the truth, in our classrooms. When America’s culture gives credence to the Whoopi Goldbergs, Sean Penns, Susan Sarandons, Michael Moores, and Matt Damons of the world who think communism is a great concept on paper as they cross their fingers hoping that the “right” leader comes along to implement it properly, you know we are on a slippery slope to socialism. When Americans ignored all the warnings of Barack Obama’s socialist ties and ways, you know our Republic under God is on the precipice of survival. When the favorite symbol in the “Walker is Hitler” and Occupy rallies is the socialist Days of Rage clenched fist, you know it is becoming more and more difficult to keep our republic in peace. When our President’s advisers are card-carrying communists like Van Jones, or admirers of Mao Zedong like Anita Dunn, or red-letter Marxists like Obama’s “spiritual” advisor Jim Wallis, you know our days of trusting in God are diminishing as the people turn to government as their God and Savior. When Paul Ryan mentioned in an interview a few days ago that our Life and Liberty come from our Creator, the elite media went crazy with disdain for Ryan’s articulation of our Founders’ Judeo-Christian worldview.

Back in my college days in Arizona, I once bagged Sandra Day O’Connor’s groceries at the Safeway grocery store where I worked. Ironically, it was the same store where Nancy Reagan’s parents used to shop. When President Reagan appointed Judge O’Connor to be the first woman on the Supreme Court, I was blessed to congratulate her on her historic appointment in the Safeway parking lot.
That was thirty-one years ago, and since then, we have taken a hard-Left turn for the worse as we follow the path of European socialism. As bleak and dismal as it may seem, there is hope!
We are Americans. Freedom is wired in our DNA. Our veins pump with the blood of liberty, and our hearts are willing to fight tyranny in its many manifestations. We must match our hearts with our minds!

Anti-Republicanism can be stopped through knowledge and education on the wonderful, miraculous origin of our great constitutional Republic under God!

O’Connor spoke in late December 2011 to a number of high school students at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. She spoke on how disturbed she is over the “lack of public knowledge” Americans have about American history, civics, and constitutional Republicanism. In 2006, Justice O’Connor launched iCivics, an online program aimed at educating middle-school students on our Republican form of government. Thanks to technology, more and more alternative educational programs, schools, and organizations are available as more and more citizens are frustrated with the direction of politically correct, left-wing indoctrination that is being manifested in America’s public schools and institutions.

John Adams has been called the “voice of the Declaration of Independence.” He was America’s first vice president and second president. He was a great Founding Father who passionately hated slavery of any kind. From African slavery to the slavery of socialism, Adams dedicated his whole life to speaking out against the stealing or coveting of property as we see expressed today by big-government socialism. In 1787, John Adams wrote in his book, A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America, the following:

The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If “Thou shalt not covet” and “Thou shalt not steal” were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free.

John Adams’ son, John Quincy, was equally a champion of life and liberty, and in his 1839 discourse, The Jubilee of the Constitution, he wrote this:

Fellow-citizens, the ark of your covenant is the Declaration of Independence. Your Mount Ebal is the confederacy of separate state sovereignties, and your Mount Gerizim is the Constitution of the United States. In that scene of tremendous and awful solemnity, narrated in the Holy Scriptures, there is not a curse pronounced against the people, upon Mount Ebal, not a blessing promised them upon Mount Gerizim, which your posterity may not suffer or enjoy, from your and their adherence to, or departure from, the principles of the Declaration of Independence, practically interwoven in the Constitution of the United States. Lay up these principles, then, in your hearts, and in your souls – bind them for signs upon your hands, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes – teach them to your children, speaking of them when sitting in your houses, when walking by the way, when lying down and when rising up – write them upon the doorplates of your houses, and upon your gates – cling to them as to the issues of life – adhere to them as to the cords of your eternal salvation. So may your children’s children at the next return of this day of jubilee, after a full century of experience under your national Constitution, celebrate it again in the full enjoyment of all the blessings recognized by you in the commemoration of this day, and of all the blessings promised to the children of Israel upon Mount Gerizim, as the reward of obedience to the law of God.

John Quincy Adams, like his father, was educated at Harvard when Harvard taught from a Judeo-Christian worldview, unlike today where Obama learned Marxist Critical theory at Harvard Law School. Notice how both Adamses invoke the Judeo-Christian law of God and how our sixth president, John Quincy, with profound biblical symbolism, talks of laying the principles of the Constitution in our hearts and our children’s hearts and souls 24/7/365.

Americans are waking up as they have grown tired of succumbing to the NEA, ACLU, union mobsters, the social Democratic Party, and secular-progressive and socialistic machinations, which with socialist clenched fist held high cry out in defiance of our Republican form of government:

This is what democracy looks like!

We are NOT a democracy! We love not the MOB that demands from the producers free stuff for the lazy, indolent non-producers. We are a Republic under God, and we must never forget that. We must teach that to our children and our grandchildren so they can become responsible citizens who love freedom, work, and all of life!

“A republic, Madame, if you can keep it” (Benjamin Franklin’s departing words at the 1787 Constitutional Convention) echo down the corridors of American history.

Franklin’s words beckon us to go beyond “sunshine Patriotism.” The Greek word Nike means “victory”. Fellow Americans, for us to be victorious, we must get off the couch, put on our running shoes, and “Just do it.” Our republic calls out to all of us who love life, liberty, and limited government under God. It is time to organize, mobilize, and educate across our great land in 2012 and beyond to STOP Obama’s army of cultural and political big-government mobocrats before it is too late.

We need to elect and keep in office in Washington, D.C.— in the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives- and in State Capitols authentic Republicans, authentic conservatives who truly believe in and abide by our constitutional Republic under God.

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Upon This Battle Depends The Survival Of Western Civilization

Tevye If I Were A Rich Man Tax Bill SC Upon This Battle Depends The Survival of Western Civilization

My last article was on the 2012 Olympics and “Socialists sentiments” that were on display in London during the opening ceremonies. One of my all time favorite musicians, Paul McCartney, not only sang Hey Jude during the opening celebration but sang a bit from a song called The End from the famous Abbey Road album released 43 years ago this month. Beatles history and nostalgia has me thinking of the relationship between Western culture and the influence of anti-Western culture as manifested and perpetuated by the various utopic socialistic, progressive, and multicultural voices of years gone by and today. I believe the 1966 Beatles song Taxman expresses the rude awakening one can have when the reality of socialistic machinations are manifested into society in the form of progressive-punitive taxation and Marxian redistribution of wealth as cleverly achieved by England’s Fabian socialists via Harold Wilson and the British Labour Party and by American Fabians and progressives via Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Beatle George Harrison tells us that the song “Taxman was when I first realized that even though we had started earning money, we were actually giving most of it away in taxes. It was and still is typical.” The confiscation of hard-working citizens’ creativity and productivity via inordinate taxation by Big Government Bureaucrats is the typical mode of operation of Socialists worldwide from London to Beijing and from Paris to Washington D.C.

In London, England in 1848, Karl Marx wrote his pernicious treatise The Communist Manifesto where he called for The State to coercively redistribute wealth from the so-called evil and greedy bourgeoisie capitalists to the so-called oppressed, righteous, and needy proletariat. Unfortunately for Marx and his militant minions, his ideas were not working well with Western Culture’s main lynchpins and defenders: Great Britain and the United States of America.  Soon after Marx’s death in 1883, Marxist intellectuals created a clever and sly strategy that was designed to fool English Conservative-Christians into believing that their brand of socialism was not only harmless and innocuous but THE answer to all of England’s socials woes. Slowly but surely, stealth Fabian cultural Marxism has bit-by-bit and piece-by-piece infiltrated English and American culture, society, politics, media, and education on all levels with political correctness, social engineering, the restructuring of the family, the normalization of abnormal and deviant sinful behavior, and a crib-to-crypt culture that turns people away from God and directs them to the State for ultimate security.

Winston Churchill, who in 1945 was replaced as Prime Minister of the UK by the Fabian Socialist Clement Atlee, stirred the people of Great Britain and the world to action in 1940 against the ugly philosophy of the National Socialists, which he called “a new Dark Age made more sinister…by the lights of a perverted science.”  A few years later, Churchill would call Soviet Socialism “an Iron Curtain of oppression and totalitarianism.”

In like manner, Fabian and Obama Socialism is a perverted science and an iron curtain of oppression that is a stealth, so called “scientific socialism” that is a conglomeration of Keynesian economics, cultural Marxism, Harvard critical theory, Marcuse relativism, Gramscian hegemony, and Alinsky tactics that are all hell bent to destroy Western civilization’s heavenly values and liberties. Very cleverly, they are not overtly militant and openly Marxist; for to do so would take the camouflaged wool off their wolf’s lair and reveal the nefarious nature of their anti-Christian worldview. The Fabians, progressives, and socialists of various strips have been patient, steady, and long-suffering in their march through the institutions of Western culture and civilization. The socialists know their season is nigh; they know their time has come as the Christian civilization of England and America is dying and has gone the way of empires of yester year. Soon, the Fabian socialists shall kick in the door of the United Kingdom and the United States, accomplishing through culture what Hitler could never do through his Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht; that is, the capitulation of England and America’s Christian civilization.

The English will probably never again sing the inspiring 1939 World War Two song  “There Always be an England.” No, there will not always be a Christian England as we knew her; she is dying at the hands of cultural Marxism, Fabian, and English apathy and indifference to it’s plight. Winston Churchill in his wonderfully inspiring 1940 speech for the Battle of Britain declared:

Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.’

Unless the English and Americans wake up and brace themselves to their duties, their finest hour shall never be again. The British and American way of life and the long continuity of their Western-Christian institutions shall be no more, and they will succumb to a new dark age of socialism and total government control. Where there is no Christianity, there is no liberty, and where there is no Western-Christian civilization, there is no sacredness of life and marriage as given to us by our Creator.

The flag of the Great Britain is the Union Jack; it comprises 3 Christian Crosses that represent the sacrifice given for the redemption of mankind by Christ and his followers. No such martyrs exist today in England! Where are the Alfred The Great’s? Where are the William Wilberforce’s? Where are the Winston Churchill’s to awaken the soul of Britain that declares, “We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering.” Where are the voices declaring “we have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweet” against those who would destroy our freedoms?

In similar fashion to the 1936 Summer Olympics of Germany, the world is distracted and entertained by the 2012 Summer Olympics of England.  We rightfully enjoy and are enthused by the wonder of Olympic athletic competition and achievement while all along wishing the world was at peace with goodwill towards all. As in 1936, there are sinister forces crawling the earth desiring to devour our children and destroy the life and liberty we hold so dear. Too many in the Western world today cannot be bothered when governments act as God, steal our money, confiscate our property, take our guns, spend what they do not have, stimulate through artificial fabrication and bogus borrowing while destroying free enterprise through central control, collective planning, and bureaucratic balderdash that stifles the entrepreneurial spirit and eliminates millions of creative citizens economic opportunities.

This isn’t just an English or European problem. This is an international problem whose tentacles have creped into American soil, American institutions, American politics, and American values; and they are destroying the very heart and soul of our Republic under God. Where are the Patrick Henry’s who passionately proclaim for Liberty or Death? Where are the Sam and John Adams’s who declare we are Sons of Liberty over tyranny? Where are the Nathan Hale’s who cry out “I regret I have only but one life to give for my country?”

This Battle and this War is in some ways more difficult to detect than during World War II and the Cold War. In those wars, you could readily see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the Socialistic enemy of Germany and Russia. Today, the enemy is within. They are within our schools, within our churches, within our media, within our movies, within our State and Federal Capitols, and within the White House and in far too many homes in America.

The United States like Great Britain is dying, and we must find the courage to stand up to this nefarious enemy and proclaim: “You will NOT succeed on our watch, you will NOT be victorious! Not while we still have breath-to-breath, minds to think and tongues to declare ‘give us Liberty or give us Death!’”

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