Is Michelle Obama A Race Agitating Occupier?

448px Michelle Obama  Is Michelle Obama a Race Agitating Occupier?

A treasure trove of information is coming out regarding Barack Obama’s time in college.  Over at the Breitbart sites, we are learning how Obama inserted himself into a fight to implement hiring on the basis of race at Harvard Law School.  The Obama tapes also seem to show the other Obama – Michelle – occupying the Harvard Law School dean’s office.  The occupiers were agitating for the race-based hiring of Harvard law professors.

The racialist fight at Harvard Law from 1988 to 1991 swirls around Professor Derrick Bell.  As detailed over at Big Government, Professor Bell was a role model to law student Barack Obama.  But he also openly advocated for a variety of racialist views wholly outside the American mainstream.  Some of them are outright crazy.  He deliberately used his position as a professor to teach racially charged theories of structural oppression by whites.  Obama, nevertheless, now famously urged us “to open up our hearts and minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”

Joel Pollack, editor-in-chief at, said on Hannity tonight that WGBH in Boston didn’t even reply to’s request to review the tapes buried in the WGBH archives.  So instead, I went for the Bigs to Boston and reviewed them last month.  More will be coming out about the racially charged fight that Obama participated in at Harvard.  Stay tuned.


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Obama’s Beloved Law Professor: Derrick Bell

President Obama face WH photo SC 300x207 Obamas Beloved Law Professor: Derrick Bell has revealed that while at Harvard Law School, Barack Obama embraced the racially charged cause of professor Derrick Bell.

Both Obama and Bell demanded that Harvard hire professors on the basis of race. Obama and other students rallied to Bell’s side after Bell quit teaching in an attempt to force Harvard to implement race-based hiring policies.

Other archived video tapes I have reviewed reveal that Bell espouses racial ideas deeply at odds with American values–and did so, adamantly, while at Harvard Law School.

The Obama-Bell connection is the latest in a pattern of Barack Obama’s associations with individuals who promoted a racially divisive America.

In 2008, America learned that Obama attended, and had his children baptized, in a church run by the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright. After the Obama campaign launched a successful existential war to have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright remain a household name only to Fox News viewers, Americans dreamed an Obama presidency would usher in a post-racial era.


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