Obama-The Wooden Puppet

President Obama face WH photo SC Obama The Wooden Puppet

Barack Hussein Obama as president is as mythological as Zeus, Odin, and other nostalgic god folklore. His tenure serves only to serve those who control his strings, proven by his inactions after Benghazi, his inability to effectually pass gun control legislation because he didn’t have the votes in his own party, and his ineptness in handling the economic recovery. These are just a few spots of evidence that this man doesn’t truly control anything.

Lest I be remiss in my theory regarding the POTUS, let me state emphatically that Obama does have an agenda; but that agenda has nothing to do with changing America from the inside. On the contrary, Obama’s singular and sophomoric vision is to create a New Europe from the outside. A United Nations arms treaty, selling F-16’s to foreign enemies, and pushing U.S. money into developing nations is how Obama plans on destroying us.

Beyond Obama’s simplistic personal agenda lies the liberal zealots who truly control him and are driving the country over the moral and fiscal precipices. David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, two of the president’s closest advisors, seemingly are driving economic and social policy, including the increased taxation diatribe on America’s wealthiest. Their concerted efforts to keep people, or more specifically money, from moving out of urban areas is slowly manifesting itself by way of the “Building One America” group headed by Michael Kruglik, another of Obama’s fellow community organizers. The organization stealthily attempts to move money from more affluent suburbs back to poorer urban areas. This redistribution of wealth is most likely being headed by those closest to the president while he focuses on redistributing America’s collective wealth in a more worldwide manner.

Naturally, Obama shares the community organizing dreams of his puppeteers; but the reality is that they dictate domestic policy. His ability to win votes by appearing to care about the average person is one of his endearing qualities. Once his “advisors” told him the presidential election would likely be very tight, Obama immediately created the image that he cared about union workers, homosexual marriage, and immigration reform. All three of these groups rallied to support a president who, until just before the election, had done nothing to further their own agendas. As a matter of fact, Wisconsin and Michigan both suffered serious blows to organized labor. Obama only backed support of homosexual marriage when gay couples expressed disdain at his lack of support for their cause. Similarly, children of immigrants were unhappy with him after they flocked to the polls in droves in 2008 to vote for the perceived “savior.” It wasn’t until 2012 that Obama moved to “help” bring about a means to citizenship for otherwise illegal immigrants to ensure their vote.

The Obama puppeteers believe that taxation and continued spending will force the population back to city centers. Mass urbanization is Obama’s dream, but more importantly the dream of those who wish to fully control the masses. What better way to create a One World Order than forcing everyone into being urbanites. All of the country’s money would be contained and shared, and the ability of the government to control both cash and populace would be much easier. This is how the puppet masters operate their wooden president.

God Is Dead

bible SC God is Dead

Editor’s note: The views expressed here are solely those of the author.)

God is dead.

Hear me out, my neo-conservative Christian friends.  I grew up in the Bible Belt, Alabama to be specific, and fully understand the importance of personal spirituality and the core faith so many enjoy in the United States.  Since the liberals began their all-out assault on the Republican Party, and more importantly its faithful Christian-based wing during the Vietnam War, our country has moved at a rapid pace leftwards  As a result of this political movement, a secular seed was sown and has taken over the proverbial Garden of Eden.

Americans have eaten the forbidden fruit and continue to return to the tree ridden with evil.  Social issues have now shaped our country and have become the battle cries screamed at any minority willing to take the pitch, rather than economic and fiscal responsibility.  Abortion, birth control, fairness, gay rights, legalized marijuana; these are all terms we have grown overly familiar with during the previous election cycle.  When few of these things mattered to an American populace during arguably the worst recession in our history, we chose to fight rather than deflect.

We sit and complain when the ACLU attacks religion and wants to remove God from our schools, money, and public buildings.  We whine as the courts remove public prayer from our school and sporting events.  Slowly and methodically, our country has stabbed God and allowed him to bleed profusely.  Now the secular portion of the leftist electorate have pushed through some policies long held at bay by the religious right.  The final slash to His heart may have been cast.  Catholics around the country continue to vote for leftist candidates, the very folks who castigate them for their beliefs.  Some protestant groups have flocked to liberal candidates, casting their votes without thought like moths jumping around an open flame.

As a result of turning our backs on God by allowing our elected officials to remove prayer and religion in public settings, and by forcing faith-based institutions to pay for contraception when it flies in the face of their personal religions, we have allowed The Almighty to become what the secular left has wanted: a myth.

Can this trend be reversed?  I am doubtful that we will be able to turn this around, but it may be possible.  Educating the voting base is a must!  The electorate votes for the candidates, so it only stands to reason that an educated electorate will vote for someone with similar beliefs.  African Americans and Latinos are ferocious Christians; yet they have flocked to Barack Obama.  Many will point to race as the primary factor, but a more important factor has been our party’s inability to teach and spread our message.

Until we play a wiser and more strategic political game, however, God will remain dead in America; and that is the cold, hard truth.

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6 Suggestions For The GOP

639 gop elephant 2 6 Suggestions For The GOP

(Editor’s note: The views expressed here are solely those of the author.)

As conservatives, we have to move past this election and move quickly.  Several lessons have been learned the past four years (and more precisely the previous two presidential election cycles.)  Less we swallow our pride, analyze the results, and build a plan for the future, our belief in a robust America will die. And with that death goes all of our children’s hopes and dreams.

The United States has become a much more racially and culturally diverse country.  The black, Latino, and Asian populations have grown tremendously from the past census to the current.  From 2000 to 2010, the minority growth rate was a resounding 91.7% while white non-Latinos only accounted for 8.3% of total population growth.

Overwhelmingly, minorities voted for President Obama in both the 2008 and the 2012 elections.  In addition to unexpectedly high minority voter turnout, single white females flocked to Obama both times as well.  So what does all this mean for the GOP and the future of our country, whose moral and economic fabric appear on the threshold of being ripped beyond repair?

The Republican Party is in dire need of an overhaul.  First, we must all get over the notion that we are intellectually superior to those on the left.  We are, however, realists; and as realists, we have a certain grasp on reality the academics don’t have.  We are a group of business people, morally grounded and fiscally responsible.  The GOP is a party that crosses all boundaries of business and religion.

Second, the GOP and its followers must overcome the notion that we are a party of “old white men”, and we must do so in a way to make everyone of color want to have an affiliation.  The party does a poor job of pushing its minority members into the spotlight, that is unless it is beneficial to us such as elections or proposing laws.  We need more minorities standing up and declaring the GOP an inclusive party grounded fiscally and morally without sounding sanctimonious.

Third, we must focus efforts on single women and help them understand that when they are successful, everyone is successful.  Obviously, someone in the Obama campaign understood the pulse of social issues through this demographic and played the drum quite well.  We can argue about the scare tactics the left employed all day long, but we must learn to adapt and beat them at their own game.

Fourth, we must come to grips with immigration and offer a plan that discusses more than the perceived isolationist fencing along the Mexican border.  How will we deal with the millions of immigrants already here illegally, and how will we deal with border crossing?  How can we partner with our Latino neighbors in such a way that their own people will want to remain home?

Fifth, we must engage in a sound energy policy that includes some semblance of renewable or solar power.  Our desire is still conservation, but in a balanced way that allows America to be independent of foreign oil suppliers and at the same time protects our environment.

Lastly, the GOP must better relay the message that the United States of America is still the most desirable country in the world.  We are the world’s economic leader; and as a result, our dream is everyone else’s dream.

As an extremely intelligent group, the GOP can do one thing the left can’t: map out a sound business policy and model.  This model will be used to convince the rest of the country that our party is the most desirable and that the leftist policies that are driving us over the fiscal and moral cliffs have no business here.  Our business acumen, applied to those items listed above, will allow our party to thrive and come roaring back to life.  However, if these items aren’t addressed, the GOP will prove itself to be a dinosaur and will go extinct in similar fashion.

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One Plus One Doesn’t Equal Four More Years

Obama Official Portrait SC 752x1024 One Plus One Doesnt Equal Four More Years

Foreign and domestic policies under Obama have been utter failures.  From gun-walking in Mexico to bowing and cow-towing to enemies of the state to apologizing for America’s exceptional position in the world to having the blood of four dead Americans on his hands in Libya, the president has created chaos in an otherwise quasi-stable international scene. Israel no longer has an ally, although America’s citizenry would beg to differ, in the United States.

Domestically, Obama’s unemployment rate is slightly higher than when he took office, proving his financial policies have done nothing to help free enterprise.  The President’s forced Affordable Health Care Act has already resulted in higher premiums and deductibles across the nation.  He told the American public, while chuckling, that his not-ready-for-prime-time-shovel-ready-programs weren’t so shovel-ready.  Obama told people to stop spending money in Las Vegas, and they listened.  Nevada’s unemployment rate as of October 19th is 11.8%, the worst in the United States.  His infrastructure plan did little to excite the job market, and his support of closed-shop labor unions and higher tax rates on the upper and middle classes are on the verge of proving disastrous.

President Obama flip-flopped on his position of gay marriage, having declared a change of heart after Vice President Biden forced his hand.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with an individual changing his position on a given subject, especially a social one, but the timing of Obama’s announcement seemed very strange and circumspect given his previous position.

We have all witnessed Obama attempting to demean Governor Romney as both a human being and a businessman.  Covertly attacking his Mormon religion and publicly decrying his personal wealth, Obama paints himself as someone who disagrees with the American dream.  Choosing to penalize an individual who makes $200,000 per year, or a family making $250,000 per year, he appears to scream, “You can be comfortable, but only up to a certain amount.”  This dollar amount may have once been considered wealthy, but it is most assuredly middle class wages by today’s accounting.

Taking all of this into account, is there one reasonable person in the United States still willing to vote for Obama?  If we all believe the polls, there are those who will support the President no matter what.  Why anyone supports him or will vote for him is beyond most, but we must all continue to work hard in helping our friends to see the error of their ways.

As we cast our ballots, remember that you, your parents, and your grandparents DID BUILD THIS great nation. The Obama way will debilitate us further.  Is there any reason to think the next four years of our current president will be different or better than the first four?



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Liberalism: Racism And Sexism At Its Core

Occupy Wall Steet sign 2 SC Liberalism: Racism and Sexism At Its Core

If one were to try to define liberalism, phrases such as “government oversight”, “anti-big business”, “environmentalists”, “level playing field”, and “entitlement society” would probably come to mind.  The progressive agenda relies heavily upon the belief that the government should and must drive an economy from a macro level; and in some cases, a micro level should the need arise.  If government serves as the magistrate over business, or actually manages business practices, then fairness and equality is assured for the labor force according to liberal philosophy.  This same mentality drove the original union labor movement in the United States, a movement mostly based upon Marxist theory.

Ironically, a person who attempts to define liberalism doesn’t typically identify specific racial, female, or sexual orientation rights.  One probably wouldn’t associate liberalism with an agenda rife with illegal worker “rights”, forcing privatized businesses to include birth control in its insurance coverage, or repealing “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.”

Why is it then that many of those who fall into one or more of the categories above identify themselves as Democrats?  The Democratic Party has sought to “buy” its way into prominence for generations, having promised easier paths to entitlement programs like food stamps and other forms of public assistance, pandering to any special interest group with a large following promising things like birth control, gun control, the green movement, gay marriage movement, the Occupy Movement and so on.  On the outside, the party appears to be inclusive of anyone with an agenda, but we should take a much deeper look at them to understand what it is that Democrats truly desire.

Large and invasive government oversight of the populace means diminishing key Constitutional rights, including property ownership, thereby forcing and moving the population into cities.  Once the American people are moved into large metropolitan areas, they will and can be easily controlled.  Eminent Domain, or government takeover of private property, has been instituted in various states over the past decade.  Government bailouts of private industry, which puts the government in a position of ownership in the company, and bank bailouts that allow the government to limit the amount of money employees can make are all part of the grand scheme.

Increased printing of currency decreases its value, subsequently creating an economic environment of hyper-inflation.  The devaluation of currency makes it much easier for the government to impose even more power over a population.  We have seen similar events play out in other regions of the world in both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Having demonstrated the goal of the Democrat’s idea of “liberation,” or “liberalism,” one begins to see the painting revealed on the canvass.  Catering to certain minority voting groups, even if they have no desire for larger government intervention, is the worst kind of racism and sexism.  Propagating particular ideologies in order to garner votes is similar to pork barrel spending, or tacking on additional spending measures to specific unrelated bills assuring their passing, but on a human level.  When an individual or group feels slighted and allies itself with an ever-growing support function, in this case a government party, the group grows in size and power.

African-Americans, at heart, are a very conservative group of people.  They believe in traditional marriage, are church-going and largely Christian, and yet align themselves with the Democrats who continue down the avenue of race-baiting and promising rights their group already has thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and desegregation laws passed in the 1960’s.

Laws assuring minority rights, including the same pay for the same job, have been on the books for decades.  Why then do feminists throw themselves at the feet of the leaders of socialists and communists?  Women currently outnumber men in the workplace and in many cases are making more money than their male counterparts.

The Democratic Party has bought votes from minorities, promising much but delivering little over the previous century.  A lack of cohesion with no congruent message from the left side is proof positive they don’t care about their constituents, only their votes and numbers.  Making it easier for groups of people to access government entitlements, especially in large urban areas, is deplorable and racist.  Keeping population centers poor and under-educated is abhorrent behavior and shameful.  When a party involves itself in contraception and “family planning”, it is doing nothing more than labeling itself sexist by purchasing those votes.  If a leftist president invokes a form of amnesty just prior to an election, paving the way to citizenship by a group of folks largely ignored for almost four years, it is engaged in wholly racist actions.  Supporting a group of people who want to bring about “fairness” by increasing taxes and “spreading the wealth around” plays right into the hands of power-grabbing “liberals.”

The work is largely covert and subliminal by the Democrats but has become more and more emboldened by a largely ignorant voting base.  Taking time to educate oneself is essential to freedom; allowing your vote to be purchased based upon a special interest is damning.

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