WJ Exclusive: Conservative Arizona Rep. Trent Franks Just Announced His 2016 Pick

Under the feckless and dangerous leadership of President Barack Obama, both America and the world truly seem to be on fire. Voters trapped in the midst of those flames are running panicked in every direction. Even conservatives within the Republican Party whose history has been one of reasoned and logical determination seem disoriented.

If we are to save this Republic from the ravages of Barack Obama, and then pass it on intact to our children and future generations, it is vital that we conservatives discipline ourselves to restate and clarify in our minds our actual objective in this Presidential Primary.

Our vital objective is to nominate an articulate, competent candidate who has consistently and unequivocally demonstrated, from the very core of his or her soul, a steadfast belief and commitment to the conservative pillars of national security, family, free-market productivity, and the foundational principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence; and someone who will also prevail in the critical and rapidly approaching General election.

If we look past showmanship, distractions and political ambitions; and into the faces and hearts of each one of these candidates, we all know in our hearts that Mike Huckabee is the man in this race that fulfills that precise description to the letter.

Governor Mike Huckabee (who is without a doubt the most inspirational and Reaganesque speaker in the field) first entered politics as a pro-life activist. There is no one in this race with a greater commitment than Mike Huckabee to protect the “least of these” our little brothers and sisters. On this issue he is eloquent, moving and fearless. This is because it reflects Mike’s deepest conviction that God is supreme and that He created and loves every last one of His children.

From that cornerstone conviction emanates Mike Huckabee’s entire conservative core. Lest we forget, it is the same cornerstone conviction articulated in the Declaration of Independence that launched the United States of America.

In terms of electability in the general election, it is worth noting that Mike Huckabee defeated the Clinton machine in the bluest state in the union and went on as Governor to deftly navigate a conservative agenda through an overwhelmingly Democrat Legislature, and then garnered 49% of the African-American vote in his reelection.

Mike has one of the lowest gender gaps in the field, appeal strongly to the working class. He polls in voters’ minds at the top in likability and trustworthiness in every sector of the electorate and every voter instinctively knows that Mike Huckabee cares about them personally. The Republican base loves him, the middle respects him and the left is terrified at the thought of him being our nominee. If we have the wisdom to nominate him, we will win.

Having been elected to the state legislature more than 30 years ago and now serving for 13 years in the United States Congress, I have learned the difference between a talker and doer. Mike Huckabee is incontrovertibly a “doer.”

Samuel Adams in a letter to the Boston Gazette in 1781 said, “Let each citizen remember, at the moment he is offering his vote, that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual, or at least that he ought not to do so; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society, for which he is accountable to God and his country.”

Hard-working and freedom loving Americans, full-spectrum conservatives, national security conservatives, and deeply committed pro-life, pro-family conservatives all know that Mike Huckabee is truly one of us. If we search our hearts, we know he is the best among us.

Let us remember our objective, let us remember the stakes, and let us remember our solemn trust for which we are accountable to God.

Charlie Sheen: No One Cares

On Tuesday, on the TODAY show, Charlie Sheen put all the rumors to rest, announcing to the world that, yes, he has HIV.

But honestly, I really don’t care.

As a Christian, I hope Charlie remains in good health and fights this deadly disease with every breath in his body.

But, as an American…I have far more important things to worry about than a 50 year old man who lacks the ability to keep it in his pants. For example, last week, Paris was rocked with one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in their country’s history. 129 innocent men and women lost their lives. I don’t know about y’all, but that scared the heck out of me. But, wanna know what scares me even more?

It could happen here.

And instead of being proactive, and demanding our President lay out a plan to degrade and defeat ISIS, we’re sitting here obsessing over the sexual activities of an increasingly irrelevant actor. So that begs the question- what are our priorities?

Right under our noses, President Obama is seeking to accelerate the importation of Syrian refugees into our country. And as I’d like to remind you – this is right after Paris. Have we seriously learned nothing? Have we not learned our lesson? While President Obama seems to think opposition to letting these refugees into our country is uncompassionate or selfish, I’d like to call it self awareness. Or maybe even, I don’t know, common sense. How easy would it be for a terrorist to slip right through disguised as a refugee? Sorry if I don’t trust this administration to know the difference between a refugee and a terrorist….they don’t have the shiniest track record.  And quite frankly, until we get our own house in order, we are in no position to be extra caring. No refugees should be allowed in this country until every homeless vet has a home. Until every hungry child has food on the table.

On Friday, our President lied to us, saying that ISIS was “contained.” But now, they’re seemingly stronger than ever, just Wednesday making threats to attack New York’s Time Square. Our President’s lack of leadership on the world stage has led to this turmoil around the world, and it is his moral duty to pick up the slack; but he will only do so with the urging of an informed populace. We cannot allow the misguided behavior of Charlie Sheen to distract us from the real issues facing our country.

So, sorry Charlie; no one cares.

We’ve got a country to keep safe.

A Citizens’ Commission On Benghazi Just Released Their Interim Report. These Are The Results

Has the Obama administration switched sides in the War on Terror, providing arms and aid to militants linked to al Qa’eda? This conclusion was strongly hinted at during the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB) conference held last September to uncover the truth behind the Benghazi, Libya attacks of 2012. “Here’s the sentence, here’s the headline, that the Obama administration does not want broadcast anywhere or printed anywhere: ‘Obama Administration Arms Al Qaeda,’” said Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell at the time. Farrell’s words would prove prescient.

In its new Interim Report, the product of months of interviews with sources knowledgeable about what was happening in Libya, the CCB uncovers that, indeed, arms were going to al Qa’eda. “The U.S. facilitated the delivery of weapons and military support to al Qa’eda-linked rebels in Libya,” states one of the key findings of the report. The report also includes a summary of the 85 Freedom of Information Act requests submitted by Accuracy in Media (AIM) and the CCB.

There are also Additional Documents, including relevant articles, that support and clarify points made in the Interim Report.

Accuracy in Media and the CCB held a press briefing on Tuesday, April 22nd at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to release and discuss the Interim Report. Attendees included CNN, The Daily Mail, Fox News, The Washington Free Beacon, World Magazine, WorldNetDaily, and The Daily Caller.

The key findings in the report include that

  • Muammar Qaddafi expressed his willingness to abdicate shortly after the beginning of the 2011 Libyan revolt; but the U.S. ignored his calls for a truce, which led to extensive loss of life (including four Americans), chaos, and detrimental outcomes for U.S. national security objectives across the region.
  • The U.S. facilitated the delivery of weapons and military support to al Qa’eda-linked rebels in Libya.
  • On the day of the attacks in Benghazi, whether or not there was an official order to stand down, the result was the same. There were military assets, for example, at the U.S. base in Sigonella, in Sicily, Italy that could have been brought to bear, and perhaps could have saved the lives of the two men killed at the CIA Annex, the scene of the second attack that night. The failure to attempt to rescue these Americans amounts to a dereliction of duty.
  • Previous investigations have been ineffective as the cover-up of Benghazi continues at all levels of government, prompting the need for a Select Committee with the power of subpoena to investigate this tragedy and compel testimony under oath outside the five-minute rule imposed on Congressional members by the current investigative structure.
  • America needs Congress to form a Select Committee to uncover the facts about Benghazi that remain unavailable to the public, and are obscured by the five-minute rule imposed upon Members of Congress.

Accuracy in Media is pleased to see that some of the news media are choosing to cover this important breaking story. Fox News reported on the press conference, and The Drudge Report linked to The Daily Mail story. A variety of news outlets and alternative media have published articles on the press briefing and the Interim Report, with more to come. Notably absent, though invited, were news organizations such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, and ABC.  Here are some of the websites with links to the articles:

World Magazine

The Daily Mail

Fox News Nation



PJ Media

Mr. Conservative

Hot Air

The Drudge Report



In addition, in the next day or two, the full video of the nearly two-hour press conference will be posted on the CCB website, along with an analysis of the press coverage and, in some instances, corrections. We appreciate your continuing interest in this vitally important story, and your support for the work of AIM and the CCB.

This article originally appeared at AIM.org and is reprinted here with permission. 

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom