Listen: Trump Just Revealed The One Thing IRS Has Done To Him ‘Every Single Year’ For Years

In an appearance on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Donald Trump revealed that — to the best of his knowledge — he has been audited by the IRS every year.

After Hewitt asked Trump whether he would be producing his tax returns any time soon, the billionaire remarked that his tax returns are nearly two feet high and he is audited all the time.

“You know, I have a very, very complex…I have, did you ever see the picture, I tweeted a picture where the returns are like two feet high,” said Trump.

“Which by the way in itself is ridiculous. But my returns are among the largest, I’m audited all the time by government [the IRS]. And I think every single year, I’ve had an audit for years,” Trump went on to say.

“And you know, other people, friends of mine say they never get audited. I say congratulations. I have audits every year. So it’s, you know, one of those things. But we are working, they are very complex papers, but we’re working on it,” Trump said.

Hewitt continued to press Trump on whether they would be able to see those tax returns any time soon, because as he put it, “Mitt Romney got killed on this four years ago and you’ve gotta get them out there as well.”

While Trump didn’t give an exact date we would be seeing his tax returns, he did hint they will be much better than people are expecting.

“Everything is very much, you know, I gave my financials ahead of schedule, much ahead of schedule. I had a long time to give them, and I gave them immediately. And they were very complex, also, and very big, and they turned out to be extremely good, much better, actually, than people thought,” said Trump.

Watch the entire interview below:

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Breaking: After Another Scandal, Cruz Just Made A Drastic Decision About His Campaign

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz informed reporters that he has asked his campaign spokesman, Rick Tyler, to resign. This comes in the wake of another supposed scandal, which involved Tyler pushing an inaccurate video claiming Marco Rubio mocked the Bible.

The video, which was initially posted by student reporters from the University of Pennsylvania’s newspaper, the Daily Pennsylvanian, reported to show Marco Rubio mocking a Cruz staffer for reading the Bible. This video was later shared by Tyler over social media.

According to the on screen text, Rubio tells a Cruz staffer there are “not many answers” in the Scripture he is reading. The only problem is that Rubio said the opposite.

“I know exactly what I said to that young man,” Rubio told reporters in Las Vegas. “I said the answer to every question you’ll ever have is in that book. And then I pointed to the Book of Proverbs which he was reading, and I said particularly that one, which is a Book of Wisdom.”

Rubio said the whole scenario was “incredibly disturbing,” characterizing it as part of a pattern of “deceptive and untrue” tactics, which he claims the Cruz campaign has come to employ.

The Cruz campaign apologized for the video both late Sunday night and early Monday morning. According to Tyler, the video “misquoted a remark the Senator made to the staffer.” On Fox News, Tyler told Martha MacCallum that Rubio made a “light hearted remark” to the Cruz staffer in the video, which was latter misconstrued by the reporting newspaper.

In a statement, Tyler blamed unclear audio for the confusion and deleted his post, which contained the video.

It seems plausible, given that the initial report was the source of the error, that Tyler was indeed genuinely mistaken about what Rubio said. Unfortunately for Tyler, it seems this mistake came with a big consequence.

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Disturbing Revelation About Obama Admin And 90,000 Illegals Who Are ‘Criminal Threats’ Just Made

According to an article published by the Washington Examiner, nearly 90,000 illegal aliens identified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as criminal threats were not processed for deportation in 2015.

Even worse: those individuals who were not deported were eventually released from custody.

While internal ICE figures show that the agency encountered 152,393 illegal aliens identified as criminal threats, many of whom were already in jail, only 64,116 were charged. Meanwhile, the vast majority, nearly 90,000, were not charged.

Shockingly, those numbers are even worse for criminal aliens detained under President Barack Obama’s Priority Enforcement Program.

Under the Priority Enforcement Program, ICE is designated to work with local law enforcement to arrest and deport criminal aliens. When local police or sheriffs arrest a criminal alien, they are asked to hold that individual for 48 hours, at which point ICE will take the suspect.

The reality of the situation is that ICE only seizes the detained aliens 35-40 percent of the time. Most of the time, local law enforcement receives a phone call from ICE asking them to release the criminal alien at the end of the 48 hour period.

In one such case, Sheriff Richard W. Stanek of Hennepin County in Minneapolis had 75 illegals ICE wanted; yet the agency only picked up 35 percent for detainment and deportation. “And these are the people that they want,” said Stanek.

Sheriff Susan Benton of Highlands County in Florida had a similar story. “Mine would be much, much lower,” said Benton, referring to instances where ICE actually followed through.

In Benton’s case, many who actually are seized by ICE are sent to a federal facility in Miami, where they are immediately released; and then they return to her county, making the problem that much worse.

Under the current law, local law enforcement cannot legally hold criminal aliens longer than 48 hours. So when ICE doesn’t participate, the alien must be released.

Benton lamented the circumstances and the disproportionate blame law enforcement officers receive, saying, “We’re the bad guys, we’re the ones CNN is on saying, ‘That sheriff let that killer out.’” But the reality seems to be that local law enforcement have their hands tied.

Sheriff David J. Mahoney of Dan County in Madison, Wis., described it as follows. “It’s kind of a, ‘Do me a favor and hold them for 48 hours or more.’ When in fact there is no legal standing [for us] to do that. ICE says, ‘hold ’em, but we won’t defend you if you get sued.’”

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Wow: People Instantly Noticed What Obama Did At Scalia’s Wake – It Speaks VOLUMES

In a move that many believe is disrespectful and unprecedented, President Obama did not attend the funeral of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, making him the only president in U.S. history to miss the funeral of a sitting supreme court justice.

Instead of attending the funeral, the preisdent and first lady opted to attend Scalia’s wake, stopping by the casket for approximately two minutes before leaving early. While Obama did pay his respects, the brevity of the whole affair has led to questions of Obama’s sincerity.

Furthermore, it has been noted that Obama made great efforts to attend certain funerals, while specifically dodging those of conservative heroes. In addition to Obama missing the funeral of Justice Scalia, he also missed the funerals of Margaret Thatcher and Chris Kyle.

For comparison, Obama has attended several other high-profile funerals, during which he gave lengthy speeches and eulogies. In 2013, Obama traveled to South Africa and delivered a 19-minute speech at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

In the wake of the Charleston shooting in 2015, he delivered a 37-minute long eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pickney, a man he never even met.

In 2010, he even delivered an 11-minute eulogy for Democratic senator and former Klan member Robert Byrd.

While it’s true that President Obama and Justice Scalia were diametrically opposed in terms of their political ideology, it seems proper decorum would dictate that the president should attend the funeral of one of the country’s highest ranking officials, regardless of political rivalry.

Furthermore, as a president who claims to desire unity and an end to partisan politics, this move will likely not sit well amongst conservatives who idolized the late justice.

While Scalia and Obama did not see eye to eye on the issues, there is no doubt Scalia had a profound impact on the country and on the conservative ideology. For this reason, it seems Obama should have been there.

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Watch What Happens When Candace Cameron Bure Drops Major Truth Bomb On ‘View’ Co-Hosts

On Thursday, the University of Texas at Austin announced it would allow students eligible for concealed carry licenses to carry weapons on campus.

The panel on The View expressed outrage over this decision, going so far apparently as to attack the state of Texas as a whole.

“I would rather send my kids to New Zealand than to Texas,” began Joy Behar, presumably criticizing the state of Texas for its gun laws. “That’s how strongly I feel about that, I think it’s the most dangerous state.”

Agreeing with her co-host, Sara Haines continued the attack. “Schools should be little islands of safety. It should be a place where you can express yourself and learn and feel safe. Honestly, I was not my best self during those emotional years, the idea that a bunch of those students who are very impressionable at that age. Those are the last people that we should be putting guns in their hands.”

“There’s a rape culture on campuses,” host Raven Symone added. “And then you’re going to put guns in the hands [of the students]. And then you’re going to put alcohol in the hands [of the students]. And then you’re going to blame them [the students] for something without giving them the right education in the first place. That’s unacceptable.”

But host Candace Cameron Bure reminded her colleagues that the world doesn’t operate on best case scenarios and blind idealism. “I’m okay with it. The reason being is so many of the gun free zones are the places that get attacked. And you do wonder if somebody was armed could less people have been killed in these mass shootings,” she said.

“Also, we have to remember that these ‘children,’ they’re actually adults because they have to be 21 years old to be armed, they are concealed weapons,” Bure continued. “They have to go through the background checks; they have to go through the gun safety to be able to carry them. So this isn’t an 18 year old out of the gate.”


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